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Plancastic! SecuStore and more: On sale 10

by Mark Jensen Mon, 20 Dec 2010 9:43 pm EST

The good folks at MakleSoft are celebrating the holiday season and the release of their new app Plancastic! by offering both of their webOS apps on sale for a limited time.

  • Plancastic!  $0.99  (first 1,000 paid downloads)
  • SecuStore  $4.49  (50% off the regular $8.99)

Plancastic! is a new Plancast client for webOS.  Plancast is a free web based service that allows you to share your upcoming calendar and events with friends and family. SecuStore is a highly polished, full featured password and data encryption app.  Both are on sale now in the official Palm App Catalog.

While you’re at it download the free On Sale app from the App Catalog for a full list of apps currently on sale.  Go ahead, get yourself and your webOS device some new and shiny coding this holiday season.  Your Pre 2, Pixi 2, Pre or Pixi (Plus or Minus… this is getting confusing) will thank you for it.


I had the beta version of Plancastic. It worked well for what it was, but I haven't been able to discern the actual use case for Plancast.

The Plancastic developer has apparently disabled the beta version, as it no longer launches (just a blank screen). Just as well. Uninstalled.

Thanks for the tip on the "On Sale" app though.

On Sale is a great app. Totally agree. I'm going to pay for the SecuStore at this price. I had it as a beta but when I switched from a Pre Minus on Sprint to Pre Plus on Verizon I had to redownload my beta apps. Lost SecuStore in the process. At this price it's worth it.

Yeah, as soon as I doctor my phone I am saying hello to SecuStore once again. Have made due without it since it left beta, but I will love to have it back. May try Plantastic just for the hell of it, I think it is a very good (attractive, well designed) looking app if anything.

Does secustore autofill username/password fields in the browser?

Yes it does! Check out the this youtube video for a demonstration:

If you haven't heard already, there won't be anything to see at CES from Palm, it's official... Now would be a good time to jump ship, it's obvious that their last go at smartphones was the pre 2. the rest of the new models that have been rumored all this time will be different iterations of the palmpad, which will probably be announced later.

you're going to post this misinformation in every article?

time to check the exhibitors list.

here, let me help: N246.

another app I have to pay for that should be part of the OS....