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Playboy outs pricing for TouchPad and Pre3? 75

by Derek Kessler Sun, 15 May 2011 11:58 am EDT

Looking forward to getting yourself an HP TouchPad and Pre3 smartphone, no matter the cost? Thanks to Playboy magazine (we read it for the articles, people), we might have a better idea of what these upcoming webOS devices are going to cost. According to a feature on new and upcoming technology bits, Playboy states the price of the Pre3 as being $200 with a contract, and the TouchPad sitting pretty at $500. They even go so far as to call webOS underrated when talking about the TouchPad – in fact in both entries they talk about how awesome webOS is instead of having to rely on pesky things like specs (ignore the "11.5-inch display" at the start, that's talking about something else, probably a laptop).

Of course, it’s possible that Playboy is just speculating here, but the prices are in line with what we’re expecting for both devices. Naked women and new gadgets; it’s like Playboy knows their target audience or something.

Source: Playboy (pages 90 and 91); Thanks to Rob for the tip and photos!

Update: Playboy editor Jason Buhrmester pinged us on Twitter to let us know that the prices published by Playboy, were, as we mused, just estimates on their part, and not actual confirmed pricing. Still, we're glad to see the TouchPad and Pre3 getting coverage outside the tech media, and we don't think those prices are far off at all. In fact, we'd say they're probably only off by a single penny.



I read it for the articles too.

what happened to more pics after the break

You mean there are pictures in Playboy! What of?

My 1978 collection of Screw, Gallery and Oui don't seem to have a technology section - funny how times change - - :)

There're articles?

that's the sweet spot right there

Here's to hoping Best Buy, Amazon and other retailers come in at $150 or $100.

well thats one way to get peoples attention...

now lets just hope someone throws a date out to us instead of planned availability being summer...

well gosh darnit, now I'm going to have to go out and buy a copy of playboy just to check the facts for myself...

Which facts? :D Whether there are actually articles? Or of the phone?

I am sure thats his way of creating an excuse in a funny/joking way to view playboy. It made me chuckle, since I am sure many others here might be thinking it, mainly us married folks.

So I chuckled too, and made a comment expecting to lighten things up, and got marked down for it? Sheesh, and I'm married too, just for your info. SMDFH. This is getting effing ridiculous now.

Wow this commenting thing really means a lot to you doesn't it?

lol...thanks rsanchez1...

Didn't mean anything bad by it but... It's usually best not to care about comments too much.

All this gave me a reason to go buy a playboy. It will be my first one and I will be sure to inform my lady friend of my actions

Make sure to tell her you are only doing it for the articles (unless she's into *that* sort of thing).

Imho it looks as if HP is starting marketing. Yesterday one member found a text on the internet about the Pre3, stating it will be pushed by T-Mobile, Orange and Vodafone.

(Mind that they probably don't mean T-Mobile USA.)

Jokes aside, playboy does have some pretty good articles. In fact, one of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s best interviews was printed in that publication.

Check this out

$500 for the Touchpad makes it DOA in the consumer market.
People will need a pretty good reason to give up the all the games and apps of iOS and Android, and WebOS's interface isn't enough of a reason. Cash would be. $300 or less would make people pay attention, at least until the Android mass market goes below that.

Haha, 300 or less. What are you smoking and can I have some? :D 499 is indeed a little bit much, seeing the iPad 2 is lighter and has tons of Apps. Oh, and it's made by Apple which counts for something for many.

However, I expected 499 Dollar but I don't expect it to stay at that price for long. Keep in mind that the Playbook debuted at 499 Dollars as well...

I don't expect the Touchpad to be $300, I'm just saying that it will fail if it costs any more than that.

HP is already deep in the financial hole with thier purchase of Palm. They are starting in 4th or 5th place at best in the mobile OS battle. Their only hope is to get as many devices into the consumer's hands as possible and get some mindshare with developers. This will mean selling tablets for $300 or less.

Pretending their tablet is worth as much as an iPad will guarantee failure and make their acquisition of Palm a waste of money.

hp is deep in the financial hole?

I meant their WebOS investmest.

with the purchase of palm not only did they get webos but they got the patents that palm had, for the price they paid they are still sitting pretty especially with all the other things they do and what they can do with those newly acquired patents.

Actually, $300 feels pretty reasonable for an aggressively priced Wi-fi only tablet with a small amount of storage. Charge an extra $100 for 3G or 4G and more storage and another $100 for more storage still and you have an ecosystem similar to that of the iPad which undercuts the iPad in terms of pricing. It sounds a lot like the typical PC v Mac pricing structure to me.

The only tablets I've seen priced at $300 are cheap Android tablets running Android 2.2, nowhere near the quality of the Touchpad.

And how are those cheap $300 tablets selling? Not so well, because people don't see the value in them. Just like the $800 Android tablets.

You need quality and a low price to compete with the iPad, which no one has tried yet. That is why no one is competing with Apple yet.

The Touchpad has quality. I have not seen anybody complaining about its quality. Unlike those $300 Android tablets, the Touchpad will be running a tablet OS, which looks like it is more suited to the tablet form factor than the other OS's.

You have one then?

How can anyone complain about its quality unless they have one already?

What am I missing?

A lot of people have used one already, and reports from people who used it on February 9th and used it later on show that HP is improving the quality of webOS on the Touchpad. Hardware-wise it is of nice quality.

I accept that the Touchpad has quality. But it also needs a low price to compete with Apple.

If the TouchPad is priced the same, but without the apps, the brand and all your friends' recommendations, it will lose.

i think they can do it at $400...

They can, but I don't think they will.

Derek I like how you claim it's from a tipster yet know the exact pages. It's ok, **** isn't all evil

Or the tipster told us the page numbers?

Yes, I agree $499 may be too much for the TouchPad 16GB, but keep in mind that that's probably suggested retail price. Unlike, oh, Apple, HP does not prohibit stores from discounting its products, so consumers may well pay less. {Jonathan}

All this talk about price but was there anything on what carriers it's gonna be on?

It's Playboy, not Wired.

I don't understand why. everyone says if it cost more than the IPad it will fail. As long as it priced in line with the IPad it will do well. The user experience is far better than the IPad. It will just need to be marketed properly. If you don't know about it, you wont buy it. HP has done a terrible job of creating any buzz. If it wasn't for sites like this, no one would even know it was coming.

I am sure we all will here from HP soon enough. they have a plan to do all the things many here rightfully complain about at times.

Remember all the complaints about not being at CES, then they hit it BIG on Feb 9 and got all the attention, buzz they desired.....I am sure something of this nature is around the corner with the release of the Touchpad and Pre 3. I think they will begin the advertising of the Veer within the next week or so.

The Veer launched today, with no mention on AT&T. And 2/9; Really? It is 5/15 and I still have a mod'ed Pre+ half of which came from a replacement Pre on 6/5/10. But yeah all is good...

"The user experience is far better than the Ipad." wait so you have used and/or own a touch pad.

"As long as it priced in line with the IPad it will do well"

No, it really won't. I know a lot of people who bought iPads, and not one of them would have bought a touchpad instead if it was priced the same without the apps.

The only way the public will take a chance with the TouchPad is if it is both high-quality and much less expensive than Apple. Otherwise, HP might as well give up now.

Maybe they only say that because you're telling them it won't have apps. Actually, it already has apps, and it will probably launch with a nice selection of tablet apps.

I hope HP is paying lots of developers to make apps. They have to do things like that if they are serious. They will have to lose a lot of money in the short term to be competitive.

I have a Pixi and a cheap Nokia S60 Symbian phone. I love WebOS but I carry my S60 phone instead because it has many more useful apps than the Pixi. Some examples:

Remote Desktop (RDP, not VNC)
Modern Google Maps with streetview, voice search, latitude, etc.
Free GPS and navigation with traffic
Word, Excel and Powerpoint viewer and editor.
Opera Mobile and Mini (great for low-data plans or EDGE network areas)

These apps make a pretty clunky phone/OS into something very useful.

If you don't mind me asking, why carry a Pixi at all then? I mean without any apps.

fully agree! we want apps! that's the only thing making me regret my pre+. and if it's the same thing with touchpad, i will not buy one.

One thing this phone doesn't do: go on sale. HP?

well played, sir. well played, indeed.

You thank Rob for "photos," plural. Where is the TouchPad photo?

What makes you suspect the other photo is of the Touchpad? ôÔ

I'm seeing a whole new side of Derek Kessler...

Where do you think Derek got the $500 price from?

$499? I can live with that. That's pretty much what I was expecting it to cost anyway. Just release the thing and you've got my money. XD

Yep, I was expecting that price, and I'll pay that price. If it sells for more than that, I'll think twice about buying, but at $500 I will buy.

It's not DOA if there is a market for it. And there is. I really don't think HP is expecting people to drop their ipads, but I do think they're counting on the market for people who hate apple's closed ecosystem. We are aplenty, trust.

I know a few people waiting for the Touchpad just because it's not made by Apple.

And EXACTLY how is HP's ecosystem any more "open" than Apple's?

Single source for OS and hardware -- sounds EXACTLY the same to me!

For one, it's not a walled garden. You will never ever see an emulator in the app store. Oh, and you don't need to "jailbreak" your webOS devices.

Made-up-on-the-spot rumor of the day: Hugh Hefner to join Manny Pacquiao in the webOS celebrity stable?

Good one! How about Hugh Hefner and a bevy of his girls?

To bad it didn't say witch carrier it was gonna hit. Still very exciting though!

Well, now I know Precentral will do anything for pageviews. I'm surprised I didn't get a full page popup ad of a centerfold's picture fullscreen on a Playbook.

The author of the article told Engadget that it's just estimates.

DrewT3 - I respect your opinion, but it is just an opinion. I am an example that contradicts your opinion: they want to give me an iPad at work, but I have been holding out until the TouchPad is released, because I strongly prefer that option as far more useful and functional. The reason I feel that way is because of the cloud/device/pc integration I expect before the end of the year. With all the behind the scenes investment in cloud storage and computing by HP, and WebOS going to the desktop by years end, I expect that I will be able to store my data in the cloud and access it all from phone, touchpad and desktop seamlessly. And besides I really, really do not like iOS' UI, and far prefer WebOS'. Even if the iPad was $200 and the Touchpad was $600, I'd prefer the Touchpad. (In other words, it's not about the price point or the 300,000 apps I would never use, it's about WebOS, it's UI and the functionality that HP is building.)
My 4 cents.

pbgiv - I hear you. I hate Apple. I haven't bought an Apple product in over 10 years. If I get a tablet, it won't be an iPad.

But most people don't feel the way I do. Most people love Apple and it is the product to beat. One of the most important things are the apps.

Imagine if Apple came out with a budget iPad that couldn't run any apps. What would the price have to be before it started to sell as well as the $500 model? My guess is somewhere around $300.

I know a lot of people who bought iPads in the last few months. None of them care about how open the app store is, or how well it multitasks. They just know it is easy, everyone else loves it, and there are a lot of shiny and fun applications.

ios is feature poor thats probably why it needs so many apps to fix the empty hole left the UI standalone.

I really hope it's not $200. This phone has to compete with the HTC Evo 3D. If I have to pay $200 for a phone i'm going for the one with a good reputation.
If HP will give a good discount to those with a pre minus, then they will gain my interest.

I don't understand the whole tablet/ price thing, for 500 bucks id rather have a tablet pc (laptop with swivel monitor/touchscreen) they've been out for years, run ubuntu with unity and be set.... What good is a tablet? Sits on the coffee table good to stumble the net (and without an actual stumbleupon add on) or waste time playing angry birds...

so if playboy praises webos - where are their webos-playboy apps :) ?

btw. carrier-free pricing of Pre3 in germany is to found here in precentral forum:

I'm not really concerned about the price. I'm concerned about the distinction.

I went into Staples this weekend, and the front of the store was "Tablets! Tablets! Tablets!", with an endcap display EACH devoted to the Playbook, Xoom, and the Acer Iconia Tab whatever (Honeycomb like the Xoom).

Each one couldn't access the Internet immediately because you needed to sign on to the store's WIFI page (which you wouldn't know if you were trying the tablet's YouTube app or Facebook app, for example). Even if you stumbled upon this on the browser, the page kept logging you out. Using the QNX UI on the Playbook was fun enough, but not enough to interest me without way more apps and web access. I gave up, then noticed how boring and similar each of these black slabs was.

If the HP Touchpad is merely another separate endcap at these stores, it will go nowhere. Part of what sells iPads is the Apple store experience, where every device is LOADED with a variety of third party apps and internet access is never off or metered.

The Asus EeePad Tranformer TF101 is a 10.1" Android 3.0 Honeycomb tablet with Flash, 16-hour battery life, USB, SD and microSD expansion, premium sound, nVidia Tegra 2 1.0GHz dual-core CPU, front and rear cameras (1.2 and 5MP), HDMI output, etc and it's ONLY $399. Plus for $117 more you can get the external docking station with touchpad and keyboard that turns it into a netbook.

So with that in mind, I think anything over $399 for the HP TouchPad is too much and it won't sell.

With regard to the Pre3, since you can buy several very high-end Android phones for $99 and an iPhone 3GS for $49, I don't think they can price the Pre3 any higher than $99.

If HP wants to attract developers to WebOS, they've got to get the devices in people's hands and that means they need to be much more aggressive on pricing when compared to iOS and Android devices that have an order of magnitude more apps for them already.

I think HP is banking on being able to push WebOS to corporate users but I don't think that strategy is going to work.

I honestly want HP/Palm to succeed and I'm willing to buy the new devices at the prices I mentioned but I can't help but feel the Palm GBU has one foot in the grave already. As much as I want them to "do right", I feel they're on the verge of an epic failure.