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Poll: Are you planning to switch away from webOS? 161

by Derek Kessler Mon, 22 Aug 2011 11:10 am EDT

With HP’s move to dump webOS hardware and the future of the platform up in the air, there’s a question we have to ask: who is going to stay, and who is going to go? There are plenty of competent competing platforms available on practically every carrier, but we all know there are plenty of ways they just don’t measure up to webOS. Are you willing to tough it out for yet more time and give webOS a chance to flourish, or are you on your way to greener pastures of Android, iOS, BlackBerry, or Windows Phone 7?


Still deciding. I won't need a new phone until next summer so I'll see what happens with webOS through the winter/spring, and what choices I have next year with phones/tablets. I'll be looking closely at WP7, with Android a 2nd consideration.

I'm still deciding, but the Wife and I have 2+ year old phones and we can't wait for webOD hardware now. We will most likely be going to Android short term. Android allows tethering, which is probably going to be one of the differentiators.

If I can get a dev phone, I'll be playing with WP7 for a while. Possibly running it as primary for a while.

We would forgive him! He promises that it was just that one time, he'll never do that again. It was our fault for making him angry, don't blame him!

And, yes, i'm sticking with webOS for my two TPs, but I gotta get a new phone: the Pre- is on its last legs...

So, i'll be in a mixed marriage - just like in real life!

Call HP small biz on the phone. Don't go by the website. They still have stock they will sell. You might have to try a few times before you get a salesman who will say they are in stock, but folks have been doing it all day today. Get a Pre2 to make a FrankenPre with your Pre- for Sprint.

I just got an unlocked Pre2 for $50 off of HP within the last hour. I can now cheaply frankenPre my Sprint phone, avoid paying $10 a month extra for a new phone, and keep going on WebOS at least another year or so. By then, who knows, they may have licensed it to Samsung or HTC and I might get a shiny new WebOS phone to play with.

In the meantime, I've got a new Pre2 and TouchPad on the cheap. I won't be leaving WebOS soon. No reason to.

Well I guess we just like the platform. That leads to hoping it'll survive - somehow - *again*

Let's not forget that last year people also declared the platform dead and gone.
We were in a similar situation last and then HP bought Palm. Now HP turned out to be led by headless chickens - which is sad - but this extra year brought us more apps and some new devices.

There's a chance (far far from sure - but solid enough) that a company like Samsung might pick it up.

I'm going to get a Pre3 (they are - somewhat - available in Germany) and that means I'll be here for another couple of years. Might as well hope that the platform get's a new owner and support.

But - the simple truth is that even without new apps and hardly any future support (I don't expect anything from HP) the Pre3 still beats IPhone and Android for what I prefer.

Where the option to vote on "I'm on multiple OS's including WebOS"? I use Android and WebOS frequently.

Plus 1 to vote for multiple OS's. Android for phone & 7" pocket-able cellular tab & WebOS for the 10" wifi home tabs.

Agreed. I have a Pre2 and an HTC Thunderbolt for phones, and a Touchpad and a Galaxy Tab 10.1 for tablets.

Yep Evo 3d and future tp owner

I dunno now. I've had webos since the beginning. Now I dunno which I'm getting. Do I have a choice but to switch now?

I've already switched to the EVO3D, and I miss WebOS.

I'm holding out hope another phone manufacturer will buy webOS from HP and start making killer phones by next year.

I'm going to hang on for as long as I can, or as long as my phone functions. I've got 2 more pre 2's that I can Frankenstein over to sprint, and as apps are not crucial to me, I'll stick it out as long as I can. I'd love some doc editing, especially on the TP though. Here's to hoping it gets licensed out, although I'm pretty sure it's a long shot.

I bought a Veer and a Touchpad. Consequently, I have some time. Maybe there still is salvation for webOS?!

In a year or so I will have to decide where to go.

How about an I left but I'm coming back?

Once my TouchPad comes, I'll be activating my Sprint Pre+ for a few days to play with the text and call sync. Mr. Nexus S will have to sit in my drawer for a few days.

You'll only get call sync, there is no text sync yet. It was supposed to come on the Pre3 and in the 2.2 upgrade to the Veer/Pre2... but who knows if that's even going to happen now.

In a holding pattern now with my FrankenPre+. More than likely I'll keep swapping my comm board into new devices. Perfectly happy with the performance and form factor.

if i can get a $50 pre 3 i would move to att and hold out for 2 more years (or how ever the phone last).

but if not im probably going mango.

I am so unenthused about the prospect of having to use either Android or iOS that I plan on keeping my Pre Plus alive as long as is humanly possible.

I keep reading about people buying Touchpads in hopes that they can shoehorn Android onto them. How backward! The hardware is not the good part.

I call upon HP to release the webOS source code under some sort of open source license so that webOS may be ported to other hardware. Maybe somebody else will make a nice portrait slider.

Ditto. I had an iPodTouch for a bit before giving it away to my Mom. I also had a Nexus S for exactly 10 days before returning it. I am finding that in day-to-day usages, both iOS and Android just have horrible horrible user experience. And because that's what I do for a living, I just sit there all day cursing them both. So... I'm still hanging on to my Sprint Pre minus.

Similar for me - I just can't stand the pain of having to use an iPhone, let alone an Android with all their home screens and "useful" gadgets... I so love the simple and straightforward concept of webOS!

I even would want to buy a Pre3, but I think it won't happen, what with me being in the wrong country for the european fire sale.... (switzerland)...

Getting a TP to put Android on it (instead of webos) makes 0 sense to me (dual booting could be interesting perhaps - but I wouldn't even do that).

Just get a cheap Android tablet.

webOS for life? All of you that voted for that are awesome! I am not worthy. I'll be trolling like a muther and hoping for the best. Damn you HP! I might be going old school and back to my Centro though.

Not going anywhere for the time being... As long as my Sprint Pre minus is still alive, I'm staying put. Between my Pre, my MacBook Air and my TouchPad (soon) I'm all set. :-)

I bought an HTC Arrive over the weekend :( It hasn't showed up in the mail yet, but I'll be trying WP7 for about a month. If I miss webOS too much (like I did when trying Android out for 3 months last year), I'll be returning the phone and coming back. My 2 year old Pre is on it's last leg though, and I haven't been able to get a good enough deal on a Pre 2 to justify the franken-option.

However, we do have 2 TouchPad's in my household to keep regular doses of webOS flowing :)

This was tweeted by the Developer Relations Team of WP7 -> @BrandonWatson: Oops...@winrumors runs another article...@engadget too...email flood begins anew for Monday. Closing in on 1K #webOS dev emails.

Went out yesterday and purchased me a brand new Nexus S 4g and as of this morning I am glad I did - I hate that I waited so long just to be told to F-Off by HP. New Epson printer was purchased as well.

Before you judge me - I was living on a Spring Launch Day Pre- that was beat.

*New Epson printer was purchased as well

Love it ! LOL. I covered all our HP Printers logos up in our office, can't look at them.

i left when i updated my pre plus to the Inspire 4G. Getting a touchpad though, and def not going to install android on it :)

I am sticking with my Pre Plus and ordered a TouchPad today. I am also trying to get a Pre 2 from Verizon. WebOS until it does't work any more!

I ordered a Pre 2 the day they said they were discontinuing. It looks like the Pre 3 was never going to come. Hopefully I don't regret the 2-year contract later, but if it dies I'll buy a new one on Ebay. WebOS until I can't find a working phone.

Still have the original Sprint Pre. Been due for a new phone for a few months, and was hoping to get the Pre3 (even if I had to switch carriers to do so). That's obviously not going to happen now, so I guess I'll be switching to Android.

Not sure what I'll miss most: cards, just type, or being able to use the handful of touchstones I have sitting around.

One thing I won't miss is all the uncertainty.

Same here.

I have an original Sprint Pre. Wanted a Sprint Pre 3, but alas, that isn't going to happen now.

Getting an HTC EVO 4G on friday. From what I know about android already I know its going to really make me miss WebOS.

Another one here. Still on my original Sprint Pre and sorely wanted a Sprint Pre 3. Guess I'll hang onto it for a while longer; it works (for now) and I'm happy enough with it (for now.) Maybe I'll check out the Samsung Galaxy S II when it arrives on Sprint. I'm sure there will be UI features I'll miss -- after all, I love WebOS -- but it will be nice to be on a live, supported, thriving platform for a change.

If you can afford a 3d I would HIGHLY recommend you buy that.

Meego -- Nokia N9. Check it out...

It makes me sick just thinking about an alternative. Having used webOS for over 2 years, anything else seems like a downgrade. I'll go on with what I have (Pre-/Pre2/Touchpad) until webOS stagnates to the point something else will work better for me.

Just got a Pre3. Will stay till it no longer work if there's still no new webOS phone available.

are you in the u.s.?

TELL ME HOW TO OBTAIN ONE OF THESE!!! (Yes, I am shouting so I can make sure you can hear me)

don't go iOS you will regret it.

I'm heading to Android, reluctantly. Ordered a brand new HTC EVO 3D on Sunday. I will get it in the mail later this week. *sigh*

One of the mantras among webOS adopters has always been that webOS has lots of "potential". So, now that all webOS hardware has been discontinued has it lost its potential? Can a platform proceed with no new hardware?

Let's say that Samsung or whatever does buy webOS. Will they feel any obligation to maintain backwards compatibility with hardware that they had nothing to do with? Are you really wanting to wait through yet another webOS reboot?

"Are you really wanting to wait through yet another webOS reboot?"

I've been a Palm user since the Handspring Visor days. I've also owned three Treos, a T/X, a Centro, Pre, Pre+, and a TouchPad.

No webOS/PalmOS fan would ever have to ask this question.

I see. You are used to crappy hardware and poor support from failing companies so this is nothing new.

I love webOS but I'm with you, I won't jump at the first webOS device a new hardware manufacturer makes. They will have to demonstrate their commitment to me by having at least a couple of iterations of their new hardware before I will consider buying a webOS device from them.

Unwillingly, I've decided I will lower my expectations and go with an Android tablet. I've decided to make another early adopter leap again though...going with the Lenovo Thinkpad Tablet. Maybe this time it will work out.

Forgot to add...I look forward to returning to webOS when that mythical hardware manufacturer becomes real and established.

"Are you really wanting to wait through yet another webOS reboot?"

Why not?

I'll get the Pre3 now.
So I'm covered for 2 years. Plenty enough time to reboot the platform with fresh hardware in time for my next phone.
And a company like Samsung can probably do in 6-9 months what took a year for HP.

Sadly this doesn't seem to be an option in the US atm. Only Veer an Pre2 available over there it seems. But I would get a Pre2 over an Iphone or Android device.

Unfortunately, I will be going to Android. Gonna return my Touchpad and get a Galaxy Tab. Considering I got the Touchpad for work and productivity, I need something a bit more stable and will have a growing ecosystem. I am hoping the HP finds a suitable partner that will make WebOS awesome and that the platform grows.

I had the TP since launch and got the Galaxy Tab 10.1 on Saturday. It's a very nice device hardware wise, and Android is ok, but I do miss WebOS already. I have to say the Galaxy Tab has everything we have been asking for, Doc Editing, Netflix (installing a phone PDK), and other things. I will miss most I think the Touchstone dock which I don't think was advertised enough, though at $80 it was expensive.

Just ordered 2 pre2 from HP small business for $100... I'm going to sprintified a pre2 and roll with it until it dies.

I'm with you. My existing Sprint Frankenpre2 works great, I pay $69/month for everything, and can tether it to my touchpad.

I may eventually move my phone, but I will stick with webos on the touchpad for years.

I checked the HP SMB website and the Pre 2 is listed for $409.99. Do you have a link to the $50 fire sale?

Also On FireSale - Unlocked Pre2 for $50 on HP.com bit.ly/ohx0FX #webOS

well if we are talking about phones I don't see how many of us can stay on webOS, at&t canceled the pre3 and I'm sure so so will Verizon. There are many here and are sputtering and limping along with launch day pres and most are stuck on version 1.4.5 we have been waiting way to long for new devices, and even if someone steps up to make new webOS devices its going to be longer than a year to wait at best.

I have decided for my phone needs I will move on to IOS, once the new iphone is announced. it offers the simplicity and sleekness of webos . Iphone now has some kind of universal search, a decent multitasking system, new notification system similar to webos.

This was a difficult decision because I did not want to leave webOS , however being able to get a fire sale touchpad this weekend makes a litt,e easier because I will still be able to have a webOS device to use. And damn I fell in love with webOS all over again on the touchpad, webOS seems like it was made for a tablet.

I had already moved my main phine to a iphone but I still have a veer.

I picked up a HTC Sensation (4G - branded in Canada) on the weekend to checkout the alternatives. There are definitely nice things about it, lots of apps that webOS simply couldn't have [yet] (proper Barcode scanning, Shazam, etc), *lots* of apps, nice hardware, etc but also so many things which I'm not liking, horrible multitasking, the OS feels clunky to navigate, although there are lots of apps there are also tons of really terrible apps (ugly UI, etc).

I plan to return this phone next weekend, I might try out Windows Phone 7 but I think when my hardware upgrade comes I will probably be moving to iOS. I do find WP7 looks really promising but I have 2 issues against it, I have a personal aversion to Microsoft and why would I want to root for the underdog again when I just saw my previous underdog get shot and then run-over a couple times for good measure?

I have same aversion to Microsoft, but I pretend its like a spinoff, and isn't really controlled by Microsoft (in my mind) and that makes me feel better at night. Its a really nice OS.

Microsoft isn't HP, they won't be giving up on it quite so easily.

A few months ago I would have said the same thing about Nokia & Meego and/or Symbian.

had to leave webOS when epocrates dumped it, saw it as a sign that the major companies weren't going to be supporting the OS. I was a day 1 adopter and have been active in the precentral community. I just needed something that had the apps I need and had the support of its company. On android with evo 3d now. Have wanted a touchpad from the moment it came out, and now I have one off HPs SMB website for $128. So, i'm a hybrid.

I'll take the survey when I stop being so pissed off.

I'm working through the "security check" for my purchase of a pair of new Pre 3s from clove.co.uk over the weekend. That should last me a while.

If HP has a fire sale on those in the US I will pick up more.

My only concern is battery availability in the coming years.

Assuming HP doesn't cancel any orders I'll have 3 TPs to last me a while too. It's been a good device for me.

Trying to decide. My mid-June 2009 Sprint Pre is about on its last legs. I might pay the unsubsidized price for a Samsung Within (Galaxy S II). Then again, I might put the Sprint radio board in a Pre2 to carry me over.

I'll stick it out for as long as I can since webOS suits my needs perfectly at the moment.

I wont switch now cause my Pre- is still good enough for me, so there's no need to buy a new cell yet.

Currently carrying an EVO 4G and a HTC Arrive.

When my pre broke I had no choice but to get android however I didn't leave webOS I still continue to work the development side. If I can get one of these touchpads, so far all attempts failed scalpers ruined things out my way, I will be able to continue as a user once again. I was going to get one of the 7" touchpads but that doesn't look like will happen since they aren't a part of this firesale they weren't in production as bloggers have said. I am hopefully that we will here with the news HP is supposed to provide in a few weeks or less that they already have lined up a 3rd party to make devices so that I can get one of those. So right now it is wait and see from all sides: the webOS staff, 3rd party developers, and the users. As long as all remain strong there is hope for the platform.

There's a limit to how much one can take with the continual flow of bad news. Does ANYONE remember the last good news (firesale Touchpads don't count). I think the firesale will cause a short lived bumped in WebOS activity but it will quickly die out with no hardware available. HP failed to get any decent apps at the Touchpad launch. That tells me that HP doesn't have the mojo (pun intended!) to attract developers. I started with a Treo 700p, checked this site 100 times a day from the lead-up to the January 2009 Pre announcement and have been checking it 100 times a day for the past 2.5 years. My HPalm knowledge is DEEP. I'm extremely familiar with the writers here, the tweeters at HPalm, and so on. I've got a massive investment in knowing everything I can possibly know about HPalm, and everything you could possible do with a Pre. BUT - Leo chose a direction last Thursday. It hurts me a lot to have to walk away but Leo has given me no choice. I love WebOS, but my launch day Pre- is a **** and there won't be a replacement until at least a year from now (that's *IF* HPalm can find a hardware sucker willing to try their OS - after having bad mouthed how much cash it will take to get the OS/ecosystem to the point they want it to be at). I think the only logical choice now is to move on. Sucks - bad, but HPalm and Leo have given me no reason to stick around.

Nothing quite rolls out the welcome mat for the huge influx of HPTP buyers than a poll asking if they are leaving.

I'm pretty sure the poll was meant for those old-school webOS users that use webOS phones. To be honest I highly doubt that the huge influx of touchpad buyers will even visit premenstrual cause face it most of them don't even know what a pre is, or what webOS is for that matter

i still love webOS, but since sprint is definitely not getting any new webOS hardware and I needed a new phone I grabbed a Nexus S 4g for free a couple weeks ago and it really is pretty good. Android is actually pretty easy to use. Also, I was so mad last week about the "big" announcement that i returned my Touchpad to Wal-Mart that day and exchanged it for an iPad 2. I don't like it as much as my Touchpad, but it plays my DRM protected music and it works with my iMac and my Apple TV2 really well. If webOS ever gets licensed or HP does a 180, it will be far enough in the future that I can commit that kind of money to a platform again. I want it to succeed, but I want devices that I can have full confidence in, and I just don't see that. Plus, I've lost all respect for HP and they don't deserve the business.

I went with the Motorola Photon - but the news that Sprint is getting the 4g iPhone 5 with magnetic induction charging, this Fall, changes everything.

My two year old Pre is on it's final days. It's lived a good life and I need to find something else.

I'm trying to get a Pre2 and take to my lab to convert into FrankenPre for my Sprint service. I really enjoy the webOS experience and I'm not ready to leave while my TPad and phone still function.

Hopefully there's a good future for webOS and I can stay. Otherwise, I'll most likely have to migrate over to something else like the rest of us.... sometime.

Thanks to the firesale, I'll be running with a $49 Frankenpre 2 on my $40 unlimited data/text Sprint SERO plan. When I need a large screen mobile wireless experience I'll be free-tethering to my $149 32GB touchpad. It's a cheapskate tech's dream and I'll be here until somebody pulls the plug on it.

Going Android until we can get some better hardware. Pre+ just isn't cutting it. Pre2 is too similar to Pre+. WebOS is still the BEST OS.

What, no Symbian options on the poll?

And no Veer--or TouchPad--in the pic? Talk about LIFO (last in, first out)!

I recently had to switch to iPhone (iPOS) because I started a new job and was their corporate standard. It really sucked compared to the Pre/WebOS. When I left the company after only 3 months, I switched to Nexus S running Gingerbread and it sucks less than the iPhone. Wish I could be using a Pre3.

Sprint Frankenpre 2 for the foreseeable future! What a great investment to Frankenpre! And now that you can expect a price drop on Pre 2, go for it! It's totally worth it!

Dude, I'm still using a launch week Pre. Seriously. Overclocked and tricked out with homebrew, it handles just about every task I'd need out of it and I only pay Sprint's data plan. For the bigger tasks, I use it as a wifi access point (thanks, freeTether) and connect my TouchPad up to it. Works like a charm.

But...for safety's sake, I bought an unboxed Pre on eBay as a backup. Considering that my first Pre is still going strong at 2+ years, I'm good for another 3 years. Heck, I might even FrankenPre one of them. In the meantime, I won't switch to another platform, buy a bunch of apps, only to find that some company came along and licensed webOS and released some kickbutt hardware...and I would be stuck in some contract with some phone I wouldn't even want anymore. With this setup, I can walk away whenever I feel like and buy whatever I want. And I want to hold out and see if HP will license the OS, because HP's mobile hardware quality has always sucked, but there are licensees out there that DO make solid mobile hardware. Nice stuff. Stuff that makes me happy to drop 500 bucks for...but I'd rather wait for something that runs the OS that I prefer. I've tried iPhones, Android...I've developed for both even. Whenever I use them on friend's phones, I get so irritated with how clunky they are that I end up pissing off my friend by ragging on their (often very expensive) phones.

can anyone tell me where i can be first in the for the Pre3?

I left webOS the day webOS left me. I played the games, hoped the hope, called and harassed Sprint customer service, researched other (AT&T) providers and I'm done.

I bought a Photon 4G and am glad I did. Unlike webOS, Android will be around for a long time and phones and applications galore.

Palm and HP after them didn't have what it took. It's over. What's the point in hanging on at this point? Seriously.

I used to think that some of the people that had moved on were a little too quick to move and I still believe that's true; but it's not true any more. If you're still hanging on at this point, you're just too darn stubborn and you need to work on that.

It's over.

" If you're still hanging on at this point, you're just too darn stubborn and you need to work on that."

I don't need much apps - and what I need I have.

I like webos and for my preferences it's far better than the alternatives.

Please explain how it makes sense for me to get an Android phone that I like less?

You're free to get and use whatever makes you happy. Why do you feel the need to tell others what they should like?

I already made the switch to Android with a Thunderbolt. I bought it about two hours after HP made their announcement. I was holding out for the Pre 3, but even if someone does license the OS, it's almost impossible to conceive of it catching on to the point that it will be able to compete with iOS or Android in the app department. I think HP has just stuck the knife in too deep this time. I thought about getting one of the fire sale Touchpads, but in the end I decided that I just wasn't interested in helping HP liquidate. In fact, I'm not inclined to help HP with anything from here on out.
So far, I'm loving the Thunderbolt. It's running the wrong OS, but it's rock solid, every app I could possibly want is available, and it's FAST.

WebOS = Amiga = DOA

I have until summer of 2012 to make a decision. Hopefully, WebOS will still be an option since I have tried Windows, and Android and neither compared to WebOS.

I just swithced to WP7. My Pre- was in bad shape, I needed a new phone.
The HTC Arrive from Sprint is an awesome piece of hardware. Large solid keyboard with arrow keys(!). The slide&tilt screen makes it look like a mini-netbook.
WP7 has its own issues, just like WebOS did. Some should be fixed or at least addressed with the Mango update. Once you get used with those you'll learn to enjoy the polished experience that WP offers.
You'll probably miss the notifications for a while but you'll get used to the "active tiles". Once you set it up to your liking it is quite nice. Click and hold (for dragging and dropping tiles) requires a longer hold than on Pre so you may not discover it on your own, luckily Microsoft included this in the "top 5" tricks they text you after activation.
It will take some time to stop doing "up" flicks - there's no such action on WP. Ironically, there is a "down" flick at the top of the screen to display the battery status & other symbols - I ran into it by accident.
Don't let the in-store experience guide your decision. My Sprint salespeople had no clue how to use the phone. When you play on your own you'll just run into brick walls because most features require real accounts to work. Once you get your phone and connect to your accounts and you see your own data on the screen it will start to make sense.

Not necessarily for life, but I'm definitely staying on for now. I just got my Veer, no point of getting rid of a phone I just got 3 months ago.

If my phone dies and there is no suitable replacement with webOS then I'll reconsider. I still have my Pre Plus and Pre in my arsenal.

switched to the veer for 30 days... loved loved loved it. but ATT just too expensive for me and I went back to my original sprint pre until I can figure things out.

everything else seems so huge!

I'm sticking with my Touchpad. My Sprint Pre is on its last legs and since there is no Pre3 available, I'll be switching to an Android phone on Sprint. I already have some Android experience (had a Galaxy Tab for a bit which I gave to my Mother) and would still be able to access the apps I purchased previously.

If webOS gets licensed to another phone manufacturer, I'll be all over it. :)

I think WebOS may be better than my Pre+ hardware....but I'm counting the days until my Verizon contract will let me go to an iPhone.

Examples: A bit over a week ago, GPS crashed on me when I was in a hurry to find a location. So...I rebooted the Pre+, took the usual 8 minutes or so for reboot.

iOS is much more stable and better designed. Will be sorry in some ways to see WebOS going the way of the dodo. But at times, it's doo-doo.

Do we have a choice?

I'd love to see a Samsung WebOS slate in the next year, but I'm not holding my breath.

switched to the evo last night. Not sure if I'll stick with it. Giving it the 30 days. It just isn't webOS. But if I ditch the evo I'll Franken pre a pre2.

gonna rock my pre2 and backup until they die then we'll see.

I'm also in the hybrid camp. Love my FrankenPre 2 as the primary phone. Replaced my Treo755 as my secondary phone which I used mainly for Slingbox with a Photon 4G. Can't imagine having to use it as my sole phone, but there are some pretty cool features I'd love to see incorporated into WebOS. The voice recognition for dictating text messages is extremely cool. The 4G tethering speeds are also pretty impressive. Rooting the Android phone was a bit trickier than I had expected, but eventually got it done.
I had hoped to be able to pair back down to one device at some point, and it looks like that day remains off in the future. But for now this combo is working for me quite nicely.

I'm mixing and matching. I had already left webOS because of the lack of phones on Sprint. Virgin Mobile's Android phones have a better future at a much lower price point.

If Virgin Mobile gets the Pre2 or even Pre3 though (a great way to spread the platform), I'm back in the webOS phone game.

In the meantime, I'm keeping my webOS roots with the Touchpad.

Sadly, I was probably going to be switching (phone wise, at least) to Android purely for storage issues. I want to ditch my iPod, but I need something that I can get at least 40GB out of, and that wasn't going to happen with the Pre 3.

What really sucks is the only other OS that I was as excited about as WebOS was.... Meego. :( If the new batch of WP7 devices have heftier internal storage, I'd probably go that, but my new phone choice will strongly depend on what Sprint gets. I'm on AT&T now, and even WebOS wouldn't keep me with this horrendous company.

still in a quandry... I still have a pre- on sprint. I might go to verizon and get the Pre since my wife wants an iphone. The veer on att is another consideration but i'm not a fan of att. At least i'm typing this post on my brand new touchpad which I stood in line at 5am in front of best buy.

What am I going to do? That's largely up to HP at this point.

I'd love to stick with WebOS, but no amount of personal loyalty is going to mean anything if HP doesn't bother licensing it to third-parties or selling it off to someone willing to continue the platform.

Eventually my Pre+ is going to die, and I'm going to have to replace it with something.

I don't want to franken pre2 because I'm sick of not having an auto focus camera and a small fat phone.
The pre 3 is not coming to sprint.
So i'm SOL.

My options for a webos phone are pretty much nil

I've been pretty close to jumping ship a few times, but Android just doesn't do it for me. Sure it has a ton of apps and has the latest n greatest hardware, but it's still a clunky cumbersome OS to use. I'm so used to the buttery smoothness of WebOS...haha

As of late, I've been on the "Iphone is coming to Sprint" train...but we don't know when (or if) that's going to happen.

While the demise of HP and WebOS (devices) is a downer, I was able to order (just received my order confirmation from HP today...WOO HOO!) a 16gb Touchpad. I'm really thinking "You know what. I'm good"....Well, for at least 2yrs.

I might just bust my Pre minus one more time just to get a hardware refresh before Sprint stops carrying replacements...haha

Been there. Done that. Half of the replacements don't even work. The ones they do may still have problems. They're either "refurbished" devices or ones that failed quality checks yet they did not throw them away.

True. I've got through about 6 units. Half of those returns were of my own doing (ie..dropped)

Ok, back on the iphone train..haha

Here's as good a place as any to dump the following thoughts...

HP came out with hardware that was always a generation out of date but priced the same as the leading edge--with no software. They've been horrible at consumer devices since the beginning of time (this was clear to me as far back as 1984).

They may have been stuck with the mess they bought from Palm (Sony made better Palms than Palm anyway) but it was pretty clear that there needed to be a generational leapfrog and that jump never happened. That has to be just an obvious and epic fail by a *lot* of people. That said I know of many organizations that are always in flux and where a lot of things fall through the cracks, it's just that this one is more annoying to me, personally.

Looking at the economy in general (which is heading off a cliff) and computing electronics in particular there is basically no money in hardware, which is comepletely commoditized. It is now only a leverage point to sell software, services, and advertising. That didn't seem to be HP's bailiwick as opposed to the content plays that Google and Apple have leveraged (and what Sony tried/tries to).

I also wonder if the WebOS is actually flawed from the ground up in some way. I never got into developing for it but I have the impression that they never really got the balance of web/generality and hardware access/specificity nailed down so they could really move forward. Don't get me wrong, it could well be just a general management and planning foul-up, but if there's some burr in the OS itself that they couldn't work out then that could explain a lot. The counterargument is that the homebrew community fixed more almost without even trying than the vendor ever did...

The idea of going to a new platform, either iOS or Android, is just deflating. Android is nice but none of the hardware makers are making any money while their attempted differentiations are splitting and diluting that market. Android is about Google, not about the hardware (which, incidentally, is what killed the CLIEs, along with Palm's ineptitude). I'll probably suck it up and go with iOS for now just because they have PRODUCTS THAT WORK with GAZILLIONS OF APPS. At some level there is just no arguing with that. I really just want to be able to run Excel spreadsheets on my phone. That ain't happening in WebOS in the near future.

All of this mucking around has been tremendous suppressive fire for my electronics expenditures. That is, there haven't been many in the phone/mobile space for YEARS, so in some perverse way I guess I should be grateful.

I currently am grandfathered in to free tethering and unlimited data on Verizon, so that may (MAY) induce me to hang on to my VZW launch day Pre+ for a while, but all it takes is one hour of frustration, anger, boredom, or techno-lust to be on my way down the road.

If WebOS rises from the ashes then I look forward to giving it another try. In the meantime I have to get some work done.

I only stopped using my US Robotics Palm Pilot cause it won't stay running anymore, burns through batteries in a half hour. I still use my Apple Messagepad 2000.

My launch time Pre is still working great. I even went through the process to upgrade to WebOS 2.1. I'm certain I'll be using it until the day it either dies, or will no longer work on Sprint's network.

I am moving on, will hang with my sprint pre until the galaxy S 2 or nexus prime are available.

I have a HTC Arrive and a iPad 2 but I miss my Palm Pre. I have been a fan and consumer since 1998 and I can only wish WebOS makes a big comeback. Also ordered 5 Touch Pads cause you can never have enough of the WebOS.

Id pay the price for a pre 3 and stay on it for awhile with ATT. Other than that I might go to BB9860 or Sony S2 if it can make phone calls. If the S2 cant make phone calls I am going to dread android and may get a Galaxy s2 when they come down in price. Thats only if I find I cant stomach going back to Blackberry and the S2 cant make calls. One review said the thing can make phone calls. Not enough info on it yet/

With hope of a Verizon Pre 3 fading, I just ordered a cheap Pre 2 to replace my Pre Plus. Maybe that will buy me some time before having to go iOS or Mango or Android. Maybe I can get an HTC or Samsung WebOS phone next?

What do I know? I bought a Suzuki Samurai just weeks before Consumer Reports ruined them. I used an Atari 1040 ST years after they went out of the PC business. That's my track record.

Would that be that I always support the Under-Dog... or a Dead-Dog?

Sorry if this has been addressed already, but is there going to be any ongoing support for the touchpad? I am manily hoping that Homebrew will still create apps, but as far as HP? Just snagged a 16GB from B&M last night for $114...

tech support and 1-year warranty still applies

I recently switched to htc evo 4g because my pre broke and my contract was up with sprint, I'm thinking about buying pre2 because i miss the webOS. I will be sticking with webOS hope someone buys and starts making hardware though.

I had to switch to a Motorola Proton when my Pre- finally died. Had it a few weeks and while it does have some features I really like, it has started to slow down and freeze alot. Looks like it going back to Sprint for an Epic Touch once it gets released. I will be back if webOS ever gets a new breath of life from another manufaturer.

I don't want to leave but what else can I do? I can't hold on to my Pre minus forever. I'm already on refurb # 8... Multi-tasking forever.

i am 99% out the door. Just haven't decided what platform to go to. So much hardware coming out this fall-except for no web OS, it will be exciting. Looked at mango review and it looked like a nice easy transition from webOS. Also like the way they are reaching out to our devs. I have waited this long w/my pre-, that another month or 2 won't matter.

I love WebOS, but my Pre Plus is on its last leg. I was holding out for the Pre 3, but now I'll have to get something else. I'm not eligible for an upgrade until Nov 2012, so I'm going to have to pay full price for a new phone and therefore I want something solid with good software support which will last me at least another year.

If WebOS comes back to life, I'll definitely consider switching back to it later.

Poo! HP.com sold out of Verizon Pre2's! I'll hold on for/with a cheap pre 2. I've still got untill Dec B4 I can get a new subsidize phone. But a cheap Pre2 will keep me going beyond that...

I'm getting my Pre 2 from Verizon as a discounted upgrade for $4.99 with free 2-day Fedex shipping on Wednesday (8/24/2011). I just like Pre form factor and webOS, specially the freedom to change the user interface to my likings. I hope webOS survives with homebrews and internals, etc.

I am webOS to stay, if one day I can no longer purchase decent Pre's 3rd party and our phones **** out, I might be forced to reconsider, but I won't leave until the supply of hardware is gone, and the way I hunt and pick up Pre's to have on hand, don't see that happening any time soon.

I am excited to get my 32 gigger in a few days!

Using PalmOS/WebOS and Android devices both from the beginning, there is my way : Android is professional and WebOS is personal. I just bought a Veer for the fun. Hope he is not too buggy.

The answer for me is preware... Following the directions to improve TouchPad performance ...muffled logging, block adware, overclock kernel, speedup card animations, touch sensitivity, etc. ...the thing fits for me. Best of all is the promise of ubuntu apps available via x-windows in webOS cards. ....gets me tons of freeware and provides a common environment between my TP and Windows and ubuntu PCs ... Wife and I have Palm Pre+ phones and the WiFi media sync app uploads pics videos easily to my media center PC and down to my TP. Contacts, calendars email sync with exchange interface to hotmail from all. The model of ubuntu linux and html5 in webOS is ideal for the future regardless since all of the vendors are going in that direction. As a retired programmer, I have no problem working the web for all the software support I need... And increasingly the hardware is becoming generic and standards based.

The way I see it is similar to Rod W's comment the other day. When I bought my Pre+, it was based on how it and the options for it (ie: available S/W, etc..) looked at that time.

The setup I have with my Pre+ (full PIM sync for business plus a personal calendar & addr. book & lots of other goodies) is pretty sweet: I'm in no rush to change anything.

That said, at some point, one of two things will happen:

- My Pre+ will die


-I'll get excited about Mobile technology again. Whether that excitement comes in the form of Windows Mobile, Android, QNX (BB), WebOS or IOS (put in the order of suspected probability) is merely a guess.

Folks: My $0.01 here: enjoy your WebOS experience with your current device while we still have a community to enjoy it with. Personally, I have no burning need to fork-over more $$ (including signing a multi-year contract) to my carrier: I plan to enjoy my Pre+ while I can.

That said, in 3-6 months time, PreCentral might feel more like TreoCentral (no offense to that site, but, how often do you see people posting there?)

I'm used to this: I stuck-out with my T|X until 2010 -- speaking from experience: it gets a bit frustrating as you watch various services shut-down (ie: Avantgo) or features become obsolete (ie: Blazer).

Despite the best efforts on the part of WebOS internals & the rest of the Homebrew community, unless Derek's prediction comes true, I just don't see how WebOS can live to see another day (how many other Smartphone handsets do you know of with a gesture bar)?

It was a lot of fun.... too bad the party ended so soon!

As much as I hate to say it, I just don't see any light at the end of this tunnel. As a first-in-line launch day Pre owner, not to mention a Palm user since the original USRobotics Pilot 1000, Palm Vx, Samsung i500, Treo 650, and lastly Palm Pre, it's time. I simply do not see any other manufacturers picking up webOS as a license.

Looking to getting a Samsung Galaxy S II when it comes out on Sprint. The only other choices right now are the EVO 3D (the 3D part of which totally turns me off), and the Motorola Photon (which has a HORRIBLE screen).

I'm agree entirely, having likewise been an early Palm(Professional)/first day Pre- adopter. Was hoping HP would take WebOS to the cross-platform solution (same system on computer/pad/phone) so that it would "just work."

But...no use in cryin'.

I'm also an early Apple guy, and laptop is still Apple, so despite the shortcomings of the iPhone/iPad as business devices (is there a calendar worse than iCal?) it's probably where I'll wind up.

And even at $99, adopting a system that has no future seems futile. Like buying a Yugo at a great price.

I'd stay if the gps worked reliably. Since it doesn't, I'm checking out my Android options ... I'm going to miss webOS though.

Yes, I will be leaving for sure. I'm interested to see what Microsoft delivers next year, so may hold out until then. Else I'll probably finally become an Apple dog - have never owned a device besides an iPod, but it seems to be the big dog for a reason. Interested to seen the next gen iPhone and iPad.

What happened to the guys who wanted to port webOS to another phone? Now is the time to try that with version 3.0, since HP took out the gesture area, it should be much easier to port it to a phone with better specs, but on the same chipset. Also, since HP mentioned maybe rewriting webOS for other chipsets, that would allow more opportunities to port to other phones, maybe iPhone? How about it webOS internals? Think it's possible?

And now that webOS tablets have finally made it to the masses, many who have no clue what webOS is, this is when the Homebrew community can really shine. I think we need to have a telethon to support our guys!!!

Any guess on whether existing Pre3s will ever see the light of day?

I was waiting for the Pre 3 to come out / to be available in Switzerland.
The company, which imported (and sold) the Pre and Pre Plus in Switzerland, has the Pre 3 on the webshop for a while, with availability in early September.
After all this fire-sale going on, I contacted them to see what is happening here, and if they will get the Pre 3 at all and at what price.

If I can get hand on a Pre 3, I will.

I strongly believe in the webOS community to find a way to support those webOS devices beyond the HP "effort".

If there is a way to survive with webOS, I will prefer this path rather than going to another OS.

I was with Palm since the early Palm III.
Always was the best mobile OS (first PalmOS, then webOS).
Simply the best in terms of user experience regarding simplicity and ease of use. (The ZEN-of-Palm.)

i doubt the pre 3 will say the light a day. they are currently exploring gifting it or selling it at a steep discount for developers for obvious reasons but not for the general public.(thats coming from the hp development forums) as for me staying with webos, i am pretty fed up with my day one pre-. if i can find a pre 2 for a really good price then ill franken pre my phone and stay a little longer. as for right now my wife is sick of her pre as well. she is mostlikely going to the evo 3d here shortly. we did just buy 2 hp touchpads so if that counts then we will be sticking around for a while but due to the lack of new phones we are forced to go elsewhere for our phone needs.

I am going to use the $450 Price Match rebate from BB to pick up a scalper Veer on Ebay. I would prefer a Pre3 but I am not confident that HP will firesell them. I am a first week Pre- owner in Canada and I fell in love with WebOS the moment I picked it up. It is so simple my son who was 3 at the time was able to work it instantly. I have dropped it too many times and the Wifi and bluetooth no longer work so I am need of a new phone. Hopefully my new Veer will last long enough that I will be able to get a new HTC WebOS phone when they are available.

i doubt the pre 3 will say the light a day. they are currently exploring gifting it or selling it at a steep discount for developers for obvious reasons but not for the general public.(thats coming from the hp development forums) as for me staying with webos, i am pretty fed up with my day one pre-. if i can find a pre 2 for a really good price then ill franken pre my phone and stay a little longer. as for right now my wife is sick of her pre as well. she is mostlikely going to the evo 3d here shortly. we did just buy 2 hp touchpads so if that counts then we will be sticking around for a while but due to the lack of new phones we are forced to go elsewhere for our phone needs.

I left for the Nexus S and I missed true multitasking, cards, screenshots and so much more. I will keep using webOS as long as I can get my hands on a phone on Ebay if my current phone breaks.

I guess we'll never get that toaster. ***sigh***

It's a damned shame. Because if there's one place that cries out for a touchscreen, it's the side of a hot toaster.

Unless I can get a cheap PRE3 , I am eyeing going back to Samsung with the White Galaxy SII so android :P Perfect timing with my contract ending and hoping that Samsung then pickup webOS but if not I've moved on already :p

I switch from my Pre- to an HTC EVO about 2 weeks ago. There's a learning curve but i'm getting to the point that I miss WebOS less and less. It is better, but the market is not going to support Apple, Android, Windows and another major player.

I loved my Touchpad, and was looking forward to the synergy (no pun intended) using devices on the same operating system.

I returned my Touchpad to BB and my accessories to Amazon and bought an ASUS Transformer.

Now I have the synergy I wanted, more app than I every need and am very happy.

It's not the solution I would have preferred but it gets the job done, which is more than I can say for Palm, HP and WebOS. It's now an arena for hobbyists.

now that I ordered my touchpad I'm waiting for the Pre3..really what are they going to do with all the phones..leave them on a shelf in a box? Woule be nice to the 250,000 + people who purchased a touchpad over the weekend have an opportunity to experience the pre3 and TTS and really be amazed and leave them wondering why they didn't look at webOS before.

btw of course I selected webOS for life but the real choice should have been palm for life because to me it'll always be palm. Has anyone come up with a way to change touchpad to palmpad yet?

Waiting to see. If the Pre3 actually comes out, I will take it on whatever carrier it is on, and be happy with that for a year or two. If not, I'll have to take another look at WP7 or maybe Android (though I really don't want to put all my info through Google). I still have an original Sprint Pre, which works fine, but I could use more speed (though I did overclock it of course) and a bigger screen. FrankenPre doesn't address that latter issue.

I did get a Touchpad, so I'm not completely out of WebOS either way.

I do think long term prospects for WebOS are looking pretty bleak, but maybe the alternatives will be better in a year or two.

I am waiting for the SGSII or Nexus 3 (Prime?).

I was thinking of getting the $99 TP, but I can't do it to myself. I've been through enough trauma wanting webOS to succeed.

Ice Cream Sandwich is going to take Android to the next level, and the ecosystem will be very tight.

As someone above said, I'll be trolling and keeping an eye on what is going on, but I wont be buying HP or webOS again.

You've been showing hthe latest developments and then suddenly believe some one that their turning their backs on it?

Just too up and down. The Pre 3 will release much like the Pre 2 did. It may be limited but it will be out on some network.

Wow. There is a lot of craziness going on here. HP cancelled the hardware. This is beginning to sound like the Japanese soldiers holed up on some island somewhere refusing to believe that the war was over.

There is no lack of development at this point.

Baseball applications and calender
Direct TV
(at least 10-25 descent games.

It just needs the hardware and some updates. Voice dialing, a better version of visual voice-mail.

The only thing I'm pissed about that this point is how ZUMBI's baseball application removed itself from 1.4.5 and moved to 2.1. I like that their upgrading but you have to make sure the phones are available.

I am still using my Pixi+. Now there are no viable webOS options. Now there is no way to get updated hardware. I love webOS but at some point I have to move on from my outdated Pixi+. What choice do I have but to switch platforms? Unless something happens quickly, I am WP7 bound.

I picked up the Pre in Oct 2009. Will be out of contract with Sprint in October - so at least I have some time to figure out where and what to go with. Back then I gave thought to going with iPhone for ease of synch with my Apple laptop and desktop, but I was eager to get away from AT&T (plus data service in the area I would be spending lots of my time sucked). Now? May make the move to iPhone on Verizon, but I'm not really thrilled about that possibility.

i am officially off contract today!!! now i can switch to whatever i want!!!!

I already have a Evo 4G and my pre- as a secondary device. My experience with Android has not been a good one I have honestly never hated a peace of tech like I hate my Evo. If you are trying to do anything on the Evo on 3G it is slow as he'll my overclocking pre kills it every time. WiFi speeds are fine but its supposed to be a portable device for Christ sake. As for the battery on the Evo forget about it I thought my pre was bad my Evo will kill itself in a matter of 3-4 hours just sitting in my pocket. At the gym I use my pre for music because the Evo is to big for one, the Pandora app rarely plays one song all the way threw and it has audible adds. As far as I know webOS is the only OS that dose not have audible adds on the Pandora app. So long story short I am holding my breath that HP sells the OS to a company that will appreciate it and really put everything they've got into it. Actually I am hopping Samsung buys them I would love to see webOS on Galaxy hardware. I am really not rooting for HTC because I am not impressed with their hardware at all!

Without a device to switch to, I don't know how I can stay.

I don't want to go, but kinda have no choice. HP needs to hook up with a hardware manufacturer for new devices ASAP, and announce it.

I left on friday. I returned my touchpad and bought a galaxy tab. I was so mad I even went and got a nexus s. To all planning on leaving webOS for some android junk after being here for 2.5 years, don't do it. I hate this platform more and more all the time. I still have my Pre activated on another line and have to keep going back to it when I want anything to work. I so miss the touchpad, but now I can say it was the best on the market without everyone saying "Oh, you just don't know". I only wish they were right!

Over the weekend, I reluctantly bought a Nexus S. My Sprint Pre was getting worse for wear and I also was having pretty serious coverage problems with Sprint (I couldn't get a signal at all in my office). I decided that the odds seemed nil that the Pre 3 was ever going to come out, the Veer doesn't really fit my needs, and I don't know that I really want to keep dealing with a basically unsupported phone anyway.

I do still have my TouchPad and will continue to use it as my primary tablet for the foreseeable future. I spent a little time looking at alternatives over the weekend and decided that none really are a good fit for me. I'm disappointed that it will probably never get the updates or app support that I had hoped for, but it still works rather well even as-is. Certainly since the price dropped by nearly $500 over what I expected to pay, I feel I got a bargain.

As for the phone, I'm lukewarm on Android at this point, but do see some advantages as well. I definitely feel that webOS has the better UI by far, but I do admit it was pretty nice downloading apps such as Kindle, Netflix, Audible, etc.

On the other hand, I also admit that I was surprised by how emotional I felt as I shut down my Pre last night and moved the Touchstone on my bedside table to a drawer. It really is possible to get pretty attached to these devices.