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Poll: HP's done with smartphones, so where do you go from here? 73

by Derek Kessler Fri, 09 Dec 2011 7:30 pm EST

Yesterday was a day of bombshells. HP announced that they were going to open source all of webOS, presumably to the tune of not making hardware themselves. And then HP CEO Meg Whitman came out and said that HP indeed does have plans to make webOS hardware, specifically tablets, but it won’t be anytime soon. She also said that she can’t see HP ever getting back into the smartphones business, which means unless somebody else picks up webOS for smartphones, the likelihood of a new webOS smartphone for the masses is slim to none. That said, we’ve seen webOS 3.0 – the version used on the TouchPad – get hacked onto Android phone hardware, so anything’s possible. Likely is another story, but with webOS going open source, it is in the realm of possibility.

So that leads us to ask the question: what’s a webOS smartphone user to do? Do you stick it out for as long as you can, stockpiling Pre3 boxes in the corner? Or do you make the switch to a slick and deliciously thin Android phone? What about switching to iPhone? Maybe Windows Phone? Or do you hold out for the new BlackBerry 10 devices? Or… do you go the middle route – getting a different platform’s device and forcing webOS onto it?

It's a question we asked back in August, and it's one we have to ask again today: what are you going to do?


Ah, where is the Pre 3 option that many of us have taken (an awesome one I might add).

i just got a new contract in september only for my first (and so far only) WebOS device, and i mwill just use it til it dies as long as its supported enough.

I would say I left webOS, because I bought a new droid 3 on my home account only, I still have a pre 2 on my work account and a 32gb wifi TouchPad, so I really haven't left.

I would love to have a webOS ROM on my D3, or a new webOS phone from someone else...

Well, it's there "They’ll have to pry this Pre/Veer/Pixi from my cold, dead hands" or "Still weighing my options" depending on your point of view.

I love my Pre3, the Touchpad and Pre3 are great when linked.

Move to iPhone.
But that's not for a long while because my Pre3 is full of life. :)

"They’ll have to pry this Pre/Veer/Pixi from my cold, dead hands"

Pre3's not exactly the same category as Pre/Pixi/Pre2/Veer Derek... It deserve a category of its own.

Actually, one of the first things that came to mind was porting webOS onto an iphone 4 or 4s. Now THAT would make me buy an iPhone!

I agree. It's the only way I would buy an iClone and even then I would need to get out the grinder to round off some of those sharp angles - it's too square!

that's awesome no one picked the crapberry.

Already left when the SGSII hit Sprint. No Epocrates is a deal breaker, and the enthusiastic development and rapid progress of Android and interest in the developer community sweeten the pot.

Yup, I'm cold and my hands are tightly closed around my Pre-.
I do wish I could afford to frankenpre tho. But after 20 months or so I still have my original and never been to the dr. I have over 300 apps etc on it too. Granted since being a PROUD owner of a 32 gig Touchpad, I don't use the phone as much now.

Wait for another smartphone company to license WebOS, instead of (or alongside) Android?

I own a Prē, Prē2 and 2x Prē3 and 2 TouchPads so I'll stick around for a while ;-)

Hard to believe some jackass downvoted this post. Congrats, Pre2Ries. If it were me (and a few months back) I would stick with webOS, too.


Between My Girl and myself we own
4 Pre- (1 with no sound) 2 Touchpads (32gig/64gig White)

We enjoy webOS alot and the forma factor.

After seeing a picture of that Blackberry above with vertical slider I would be interested in porting webOS to that phone! (Depending on the details of the phone)

Android? BB? iOS? WP7? No thanks. I stick with webOS as long as possible. Maybe I would consider Meego, Tizen or something like that, but none of the GUI fails mentioned here.

Already left for iOS since the original Pre. webOS is just a side hobby.

I don't see myself buying a tablet that doesn't have a phone that runs the same OS. Unless there is a webOS phone option in the near future I likely will be going with iphone iPad, something I swore I'd never do. I'd guess webOS has about 2 years until my Veer will be replaced.

I just want to comment on my Poll vote. I switched to a Epic 4G on Sprint for daily phone/email use a while back because the battery was dying and there was no word coming out of HP if they'd ever give Sprint another device but I still have and love my Pre (use it regularly to play games, surf on WiFi, and some other things).

I also have a 32g TouchPad I use daily.

If the WebOS community manages to get WebOS working on my Epic, it'll be goodbye Android and right to WebOS again. When it comes upgrade time, I will probably specifically be looking for a device that it looks like you guys'll be able to get WebOS running on.

Despite the lack of apps, it is still by far the best mobile OS I have ever used, even today.

I'm sporting the Epic Touch (SGSII on Sprint) right now and I would most like to see a dual boot option to run webOS & Android. There are some app benefits to Android at the moment that make it hard to leave but I still love webOS.

Wish there was an option for "jumped to WP7 ... but kept my Pre3 active in my other hand." Best of both worlds, for me. Expensive but worth it.

iPhone, as I currently am using. I got rid of my Pre+ and Veer. But, I always hope that webOS comes into my life in one way or another again...

The lack of a smooth launch for Android ICS may give webOS a bit of an edge over Android... I mean, manufacturer's are kind-of mulling around, nobody really knows when they MIGHT get it on their devices, (unless they have a Sony,) apps aren't being updated for these 720p displays, and it's not going to end fragmentation. Not. One. Bit. Among endless other things...

So there's a definite future in webOS if those who are skilled enough can group together and make something amazing out of it... I can't wait for that to come. :)

"They’ll have to pry this Pre/Veer/Pixi from my cold, dead hands"

And if my sprintified Pre2 fails, and there are no more replacements, I still have the pre plus, and pre minus that pre ceded it, and would rather backtrack than jump ship right now.

I heard from a reliable source that HP is playing a deep game, and that Sprint is just about ready to announce the 4" slab…

Someone else will have to pick up the story from here. Oh, boy am I going to miss this stuff. :)

My smartphone after my Treo 755 was the Sprint Palm Pre. WebOS was revolutionary in design and function. I expected it to be number 3 but I was quite shocked that it did not get the press the Windows Phone 7 did/does. And although the hardware specs of the first Pre was lacking, I must say that the form factor of the Palm Pre was very usable, simple, but elegant. It is still a nice looking mobile device.

I say all of that to say that I moved to Android on the HTC EVO 4G and now the HTC EVO 3D out shear necessity. It wasn't about the number of apps or hardware performance. I simply needed a mobile device that I could use for work and play. I am hopeful that a company with take up the mantle and run with WebOS putting it on a great and well designed hardware.

I'm running Android 4.0 on my Galaxy S (which narrowly edged out a Pre+ when I was picking out a phone last year) and it's really fantastic.

After using webOS on my Touchpad I found it tough to go back to Android 2.3, but 4.0 is a huge improvement.

I just got an iPhone 4S, but I selected "still weighing my options" above, because I'm thinking of returning it.

I needed a new phone, but the lack of any Facebook integration in iOS 5 (contact syncing), the terrible multitasking interface, and the sub-par notifications are driving me crazy. Windows Phone has a really nice UI and something akin to Synergy, but the HTC Trophy is dated and rather ugly. Also, there won't be a Lumia 800 on Verizon for a while (if it ever comes). BBOS 7 is a complete mess, and the Torch 9850 doesn't have an upgrade path to BB 10. I don't like Android at all (though I will admit that 4 is a huge step in the right direction).

I'm wondering if I should stick with the iPhone and sell it later (buying something else at full price), get a Trophy, or get a Pre 2.

It sounds like you're on sprint or ATT. I'm on verizon and the droid3 [the one I have] and Droid razer are good choices. If I had a pre3 I would probably get rid of the D3, but It's too expensive to buy, and hard to find.

We still got Pixis in our family and they work well enough for the people who use them, so "collectively" we're going nowhere. For basic smartphoning, it's fine, just like firesale Touchpads do great for basic tablet stuff. Good price, better value.

But I like the idea of WebOS being a hobbyist OS that you tinker with in your spare time. It's fun and now the expectations for it are WAAAAYY more realistically set instead of the constant "It would be a goldmine if Amazon/Facebook/HTC/Sony woke up and realized how badly they need this to succeed, and..." nonsense.

This also finally frees the fans who felt like "I don't need apps/an ecosystem/I just wanna browse and flick cards". Good to go.

You can plunk your money for a nice recent Android device (because they're never going to be able to buy and convert the latest ones in a timely fashion while getting LTE radios working, etc.) at a reduced price. Everything works. When you have time, you can mess with WebOS. Everybody wins. Naysayers don't have much to naysay.

I love webOS, but I still want an ecosystem. I can't imagine why anyone wouldn't want the option of one. It just makes it better.

I'm using an HTC Titan with Windows Phone 7 now. The speed and current hardware are fantastic but I just keep going back to, "but my pre didn't have problems with that..."

I just can't live without WebOS, I always have a Pre-, a Pre2 and sure a beautiful TP.

I don't even see how can I replace this gadgets, I still use my T|X, all of them are present in my life.

Sooner or later the WebOS smarthphones will go on!!

My choice: I stay with my Pre3 and TouchPad until somebody brings a better device with webOS - that's an obvious solution. :)

My Pre- bit the dust so I moved to Android this week. It continues to be a difficult (and reluctant adjustment). Hardware is nice, yes. But it's doesn't make up for the shortcomings in the functionality. I'm very happy to have my TP to keep my ties to WebOS and am keeping my fingers crossed that our awesome developers can figure out how to get WebOS running on an android phone.

I've got my Pre 3 and with HP opensourcing webOS, it shouldn't be long now before updates come to the Pre 3 (it's a great piece of hardware). This I'm practically sure of.

All I need to do now is wait for another company (Samsung? HTC?) to come out with their own webOS smartphone and when the Pre 3 hardware becomes insufficient for my needs, I'll move to that one.

I'm seriously dissapointet that they don't plan on making more smartphones, as i think WebOS does even better on phone than on tablet... and i was really looking forward to a Pre 4 sometime... But for now I'm satisfied with my Pre 3, which should be good for several more years before getting too outdated... and i bought a spare one, just in case :D

I'm looking to the guys in our developer community to port the open sourced webos onto other popular devices much like the guys at xda-developers do with Android ROMs and phones. I'd love to see a dual boot option on the Samsung Galaxy S II (EPIC TOUCH, Sprint).

I am taking very good care of my pre 3 . Really love it but im going Blackberry Milan soon after its available I think. Someone will get a very nice Pre 3 on ebay next year!

Everyone should jump to wp7. I did months ago after years of webOS and wish I did sooner!

I'm really curious as to how many people who are switching to Android/iOS/BB/WinPhone realize how easy it will probably be not too far off in the future to install webOS on all sorts of new, shiny hardware now that its open. A big part of the reason developers didn't try and do that before was because it WASN'T open source and they didn't want to rock the boat with HP or Palm...which was using webOS to sell their OWN hardware.

If it becomes as easy as Linux to install on a PC, which is probably still as easy or easier to install than most versions of Windows, then you won't need a whole lot of technical know-how at all to do it.

A couple of weeks after Leo killed webOS my 3rd and final Pre- died. I had bought it from ebay and it lasted only about 6 weeks. Since HP abandoned the phones then it seemed like the perfect time to move on.

I wanted to go WP7 but right now all Sprint has is the Arrive. Mango is awesome but I din't like the hardware. Right next to the Arrive in the Sprint store was the iPhone 4S. Wasn't even close what the better hardware is. They also had the new Galaxy but I've never like Android that much.

So for another 20 months I'll be using an iPhone. In that time if Apple improves the god awful iOS UI then I'll consider staying. Otherwise I'll most likely go with Windows Phone as I'm SURE Sprint will have decent hardware by then.

I was hesitant to get the arrive because of the hardware but just wanted a wp7 so bad I jumped for it. Ended up really loving it. Its slide is more solid than a pre and I liked the flip at the end. I'll be jumping to whatever carrier gets the lumia 800 though.

Well, I finally gave up my lovingly cracked Pre minus for a Motorola Admiral -- I was wooed by the qwerty, BB-like keyboard. So far it's been great. Added bonus? A 32 gig micro sd card.

I left webOS for an evo and constantly went back....as much as I liked the big screen and the apps, Android frustrated me to no end....when I got it up and running the way I wanted, I ran against low internal space errors and had to pick and choose what I could install and what I couldn't..a problem the pre solved early. Then I bought a Nexus 4g that freezes at least once a day. My touchpad makes me want to close my apps by swiping up in the gesture area it doesn't have. Android is driving me to ios which will drive me to John's phone if webOS doesn't return to somebody's phone...

When my Pre 3 dies, I'll go back to my Veer. And when that dies, I'll go back to my Pre Plus. And when that dies, I'll go back to my Pre Classic...

I am keeping my Treo 680 in a safe place just in case...

Still weighing my options. Got a Pre 2 back in March, so my device still has a year of decent use left.

In the short term, I'm looking at Android or iOS. I've been burned too much by Windows Mobile 6's change over to 7 to give MS any consideration. (Fragmentation? **** it was abandonment... WM 6.5 should never have been made.)

I like Ice Cream Sandwich, but I'd rather get a device that has it at release rather than upgrade to it on Verizon. Since having a Samsung Moment, if I'm getting an Android, I have no interest in waiting for updates coming next week, only to have them 6 months later with the announcement of "Enjoy it, we're not making anything else for this device again."

iOS obviously has a far better support record, but Apple's all about lock-in. Their devices, their software (I ****ing hate iTunes), their way. Jailbreaks last as long as the next update. Customization is almost always watered down to two options. Background or pattern. Loud or quiet. On or off. And the price isn't welcoming.

But I don't see a middle ground, which is why I loved webOS in the first place. Low price of entry, but good update methodology. For a supposed dead OS, I've gotten more updates on my Pre 2 than I ever did with Android. I just hope one year is a long enough wait to find it again.

I had to move on from WebOS only because my trusty Pre+ took a dive. Windows Mango is quite nice, but I still prefer WebOS and have put a lot of miles on my TP. I'd really like a new WebOS phone when my ATT contract renews next spring

edit - I hate that I can't homebrew my Samsung focus!

If there's any new webOS hardware from other brands such as HTC or Samsung within a year or so of open-sourcing, I'll be the first one on the bandwagon. However, if that's it for webOS phones, I'll see if it can be ported to any decent Droids, like it has been to the Evo. If it can't, I'll pick up the new BB10 slider. I like how it uses the cards system for multitasking like the webOS devices, and it has all the gestures and inventiveness that I love. It seems very webOS "inspired", so to speak.

But for now, the Pre 3 still has another year or so! Long live webOS!

Had to go to the Sprint SGSII for work, so my path? Hope that the WebOSInternals guys and the Cyanogen guys sit down, have a drink or three and work out how to make my Samsung phone give me that sweet, sweet webOS love that I've been missing.

The CyanogenMod Team has no interest in webOS; they've always been Android, and always will be.

I'm living with a buggy FrankenPre2 since my original Pre died this Summer. I'm not sure if its worth leaving Sprint if I can find a Pre3. I will probably go try a Droid phone since it will most likely be awhile, if we do get webOS phones.

Very recently ditched my Veer (AT&T sucked for me. The phenomenal battery life really endeared me to the gear despite its shortcomings) for a Nexus S 4G (onto which I almost immediately installed ICS). Left my touchpad untouched. Never understood why so many wanted to ruin it with android.

I'm a tinkerer by nature, so I am ecstatic about the possibilities. I am looking forward to installing webOS on anything I get my hands on and look forward to the contributions of an already awesome -but now fully unleashed- community. I would even like to see some "best of both worlds" mash-ups of the things people love about webOS and Android. At least dual-boot, if not outright hybridization.

Would love to install webOS on an iphone 4. It's not my favorite piece of hardware, but I have a bit of contempt for its fanboys...

Well I plan on using my Pre3 for quite a while yet. It does what I need it to do, web, email, phone, and some games to boot.

In the future, if there are no more webOS phones then I may take a good hard look at QNX. Its basically webOS and has potential as long as RIM doesnt send more drunk execs on plane rides.

I will stay with my Pre3 and Touchpad, which by the way are awesome as a pair, and see what happens for now. I think WEBOS is the best for sure but if it doesn't keep up with the times I will be forced to move on and after the HP debacle it will be nothing but Microsoft for me. Even at this point I quite like the look and sound of the 'Dell Venue Pro'.

Im looking fwd to the open source of webOS but knowing that it will take some time for any of the open source to come to fruition and me needing a device now (I still ROCK the Pre MINUS), I'll have to switch platforms for the time being.

I've played with a friends android phone (not sure if it was ICS), my brothers iphone (iOS 5) and went to the store to play with a WP (Mango). I wanted a platform that was as close to webOS as possible and I just felt that the WP7.5/Mango was it....although webOS still beats em all IMO.

Wanna know how addicting webOS is, based on the poll, 514 people, as of now, have already left webOS but yet they still come to this site, hahahaha, that's pretty awesome. Even though the webOS news has been dead for sometime, I even came to it on a daily basis; just hoping and wishing for anything new with respect to hardware. I guess open source is as good as it can get for webOS so hopefully it'll turn out well. Until then, onto Mango.

Where's the choice "Whoever gives me my GESTURE BAR!" Out of everything webOS has done, I think three things sum it up fully for me. Cards, gesture bar, homebrew. Whoever gets those three is the winner.

I plan to keep my Pre3 for another year or two. By then the options will look entirely different from what they are now. If there is a new WebOS option by then, great. If not, that will be the time to assess. Right now, this phone is great and I feel no need to jump ship.

Although webOS is the best, the battery of my Pre Minus was not op to its task. And I missed Whatsapp. As a European user I went back for Symbian (Nokia N8). I don't trust Apple, Google or Microsoft with my data. I hope there will be new hardware and development of new apps. In the meantime I wil my real last Palm now and then.

They’ll have to pry this Pre/Veer/Pixi from my cold, dead hands 22.09% (1,140 votes)

With that kind of following there will be no one interested in making WEBOS phones.

Notice total response is about 5000 votes the WEBOS is for all practical purpose dead.

If they can make it boot able in another existing hardware it might have a chance.....

I am keeping my Pre3 and Touchpad for another year or two. By then I´ll look the different options availables. If there any good WebOS device by then great and I´ll be waiting for the new HP tablet. If not, that will be the time to decide. At the moment this is a wonderful OS, it is a great phone, it is unique and I feel no need to see anywhere else.
Congratulations webOS Nation!

I thought there'd be more blackberry votes seeming how they ripped off webOS!

Ideally I would love to see HTC and/or Samsung handsets with webOS!

i never had the chance to own a webOS phone. because they didnt had it here officialy.

Pre3 until it die... should be go for another 2 yrs. Try not to think what is going to happen after two years instead of worrying the bill is going to due today.

Option I choose was not listed.
Buy Pre3 - switch over to unlimited on AT&T with the iPhone 3 loophole.
Buy spare Pre3 just in case.

Seriously, how legit is buying an unlocked Pre 3 on eBay, and having it added to my Big Red account in the U.S.? I've never bought an unlocked phone. What are the risks when getting one of these? I'd rather pay a little more (but not $500!) to do it right.

And how can any of the Pre 3 units out there be "Verizon" if Verizon doesn't carry them?

As far as I know the unlocked GSM Pre3 phones won't work on Verizon. They only work on Sprint or T-Mobile (I forgot which). So if you want a to use a Pre3 on Verizon you need to buy a Verizon Pre3 phone. I bought a Pre2 because I couldn't afore the Pre3.

I bought a Pre2 because I couldn't afford to buy the Pre3. I fell in love with WebOS when I bought my touchpad. So I will say that I'm sticking with my phone until it dies. I used to be a bit bummed out that I couldn't get a Pre3 but now with the release of 2.2.4 which contains some of the features of the Pre3 I'll wait patiently for the update to come to the U.S.

"I already left"

Took a while but I got rid of the Pre minus for the iphone 4s just last week. I'll keep an eye on developments but i don't see myself ever returning. Or at least not any time soon.

DAMN YOU HP! BECAUSE OF YOU I'M STUCK WITH AN EFFIN ANDROID! once i get my hands on webos i will force it onto android hardware. and the android gesture buttons suck. been stuck on this evo 4g for a while already. ugh. =/