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Poll: What patches do you want Palm to adopt? 161

by Derek Kessler Thu, 28 Jan 2010 11:43 am EST

Gadget Pre We’ve heard it time and time again in the comments and forums: “Why doesn’t Palm incorporate these patches into webOS?” We get it, we dig patches as much as you do. It's cool stuff, there's no getting around that indisputable fact. With more and more patches coming out every week, the question only becomes a louder call - especially when the patch merely turns on something that's already there in webOS (looking at you landscape email and LED notifications).

Even better: WebOS Internals dictates that the patches they help distribute have a software license that makes it easy and legal for Palm to adopt.

While we’re sure there’s some sort of complicated answer involving testing, compatibility, and the like, with more than 200 patches available from WebOS Internals, there’s also the question of what patches should Palm incorporate if they were to chose to do so. With that in mind, we think it’s megapoll time, and we’ve picked out thirty popular patches for your multiple-choice (up to five) voting pleasure.




ALL! lol

Only if they are optional.

I don't necessarily agree with that. There's a few that can be included w/out making them optional at all:

4x4/5x5 Icons (Launcher)
The 4x4v3, at least. That one still has good spacing and the icons are still far enough apart to not really effect usability. 5x5 makes the icons small enough that it shouldn't be default (though it's the one I personally use).

Character Counter (Messaging)
Small and unobtrusive, yet highly useful... especially for SMS with 160char breaking point.

Close Slider to End Calls/Except Headset
Opening the slider answers a call, why shouldn't closing it end the call. I would add the caveat that they should add a few second delay after hitting the send button if you were using the keyboard to search for the person to call.

Enable LED Notifications
That was is an option... the patch just enables the UI item for it.

SMS Tone per Contact
Or at least the functionality. I haven't tested the patch to know if it's bug free... but if you don't want each contact to have their own SMS tone, just don't configure it.

There's others that they can add and have minimal impact.

Oh, and that was not the 5 I voted for... some are, but not all.

I don't think all of those don't need to be optional. I do not want closing the slider to always end calls (as for why: for the same reason that opening the slider turns the Pre on and closing doesn't turn it off). Also, there should be an exception for speakerphone too if there isn't one already.

I dunno about the closing slider one... Maybe it's been updated since the last time I used it, but I hit a bad usability problem.

Phone was closed when I answered. I opened slider to look up a phone number. Then I closed it again. Sure enough, as I jumped realizing "OH $#!@" watching it close, it hung up on the call.

Just couldn't get used to remembering that keyboard had to stay open on a call. Much prefer just using the huge, red hang up button.

lol, same thing happend to me, I would open the slider to search a number, press the touch screen to dial it and without thinkng I would close the slider and hang up the call.
I like the "power button to end calls" patch.

alpinejag is right. All of them should be included, and all of them should be optional. Period! End users should be able to easily customize their device to the way they want it with no restrictions or requirements.

I love my Pre, and webos is phenominal, but right now, there is less customability in a stock pre than there is on my 2 year old MotoQ running WM 6.1. That's a shame!

im glad they didn't make us pick only one, id be here all day trying to decide lol

yes I would like to see all of them

There are about 20 on that list that I currently use. Palm should really consider adopting them.

Hare are 2 out of a ton
LED Notifications and Delete email from Notifications

when u get a webOS phone u should get an option to choose what patches (that are included (hopefully) with WebOS) u want installed and leave the code for the rest there, but dormant.

That's pretty much what we have now ;)

Now everyone will get all excited, only to find none of them are added to webOS. ;-(

there are 10 I'd like to see added, but I'm not holding my breath. (or, getting my hopes up.)

Hmmmm...... Didn't webOS internals just solve the update problem? (via aupt)

How about Palm implementing Preware into the app catalogue?

... And they should add a PreCentral (cough app cough) icon on every Pre. You know.. Silent partner/supporter....

Yeah, why not all?
And then Palm should give credit where credit is due.
These 3rd party volunteers may have kept Palm afloat with all their fixes.
Alot of ppl would've left a long time ago if it wasn't for homebrew, tweaks and patches.


all of them. But maybe it palm made preware default on all devices it would be just as good. I like having choices,

preware as an official as would be a great answer

...uhhh.. What does that second line say in the picture of this article? I don't have that many options in my Preware... Hmmm....?

You probably don't have all of the feeds enabled. Look in the Preware menu under 'Manage Feeds'.

got all the feeds and some.

the menu options available in this picture is above consumer version options....

This is an awesome poll. I think we're probably going to get the commenter somewhere here that says "Who cares? We have them as patches!" The point for me is that, while we have these as patches, I always have that nagging thought in the back of my mind: "are any of patches causing memory leaks or affecting other functionality?" So it would be nice to have Palm just start working on all of these so that we can trust more that they are sanctioned in-house.

agree, sometimes I wonder if my numerous patchs affect memory or battery life.

also I wish I could pick more than 5

would patches or themes installed cause the too many cards problem?

Here's a thot: What about a TweakUI-type checkbox app, similar to the tweek page on WebOSQI, then you either OTA patch the phone from Palm-approved tweaks or just turn on/off features on the phone similar to turning on/off GPS/WiFI/BT.

We should not be talking about these needed patches. They should all have had come with version 1.0.0 and I dont know why is talking so long for Palm to include them in an update, Seriously man

I don't think that all of the above need to be implemented. LED is an obvious one. 4x4 icons and Add/Delete pages are good ones. Landscape email and Character counter are also basic ones that other phones have.

I'm surprised at the VK requests. I've used it on the Pre and I don't think it's that great? If I really wanted a VK, I guess I'd have an iphone. Lol.

The majority of the patches listed above, I already have (thanks to Jason R. for his WebOS QI and the devs over at Preware).

I'd be more interested in functionality that still doesn't exist (even through patches) such as being able to lock your pics app, access to the mic and allowing GPU access for daily use of the normal apps. I've seen what the GPU can do with 3D games (NSFU & Asphalt 5) and wow, our GPU has some muscle to it. It's like a new phone with the GPU enabled. Makes me wonder how much quicker/snappier everyday, routine rendering would be if the GPU were enabled. Maybe that will come with the improved battery performance tweak in 1.4 (crosses fingers)? :)

I remember having a lock on the pictures app loooong time ago in an old samsung phone I had and I loved it. afterall many times that's the only thing many of us really need to lock plus it gets kind of anoying having to enter a pin everytime to unlock the phone just to protect the pics.

oooooooooomg i love this idea.
so serious i hate pinning everytime but i want my pix locked up!
so crispr... wtf kinda pix u got in ur album? bahaha

IMO I like it the way it is now. That is what is so great about the phone and WebOS (and of course the developers). That you get the phone add preware and then make the phone the way you want it! Each persons phone is different because they have it tweaked/patched to what they want.

Very few people hombrew/patch, (yes, most here do, but that is a tiny minority of total users), so, built in options are always welcome.

There are so many more... that just seem obvious standards.

One patch I really love that wasn't on the list is:
Close Phone App on any Hang-up/Ended Call

The issue with those that say we have patches, is that not everyone takes on the (while almost non-existent) risk of patching... so they are left with a stock configuration... which I would find almost unusuable.

I use quite a few of the patches listed above. Would be great to have them incorporated into webOS in some way. Not sure I want them all forced into webOS but would love the ability to turn them on/off.

why doesn't Palm just add these patches to the App Catalog or at least give the devs the option to do that? Then they can be easily downloaded and added to the Pres of users who don't know or can't mod their Pre.

Here is MY wish list:

SMS Tone per Contact 3% (29 votes)
Enable LED Notifications 12% (112 votes)
Enable Landscape Email/Messaging/PDF 7% (64 votes)
4x4/5x5 Icons (Launcher) 10% (99 votes)
Call Duration in Call Log 6% (56 votes)
Enable Add/Delete Pages (Launcher) 7% (64 votes)
Character Counter (Messaging) 4% (37 votes)
Close Slider to End Calls/Except Headset 2% (24 votes)
No Auto-Off While Charging 1% (7 votes)

Why do we only get to vote for 5?

I agree, I'd like to have more than 5 choices.

It would easily take a year for Palm to incorporate all of these. I only see LED notifications (since it has been in webOS for months) coming any time soon.

YES!!! I'm on call every 4 weeks,and a single bing then nothing just doesn't cut it to wake me up. I have some patches that play longer stuff but then I can't turn it off.

No NO the most important IS A ALERT REPEATING Sound or Buzz UNTIL RECIEVED. Not no LED silent blink Woop-t-dooo=useless.
This should of been fixed ages ago. And that's my rant. lol

I find people who enable a repeating alert to be annoying as sh!t. They leave their phone at their desks for an hour long meeting and someone has to stop what they're doing to turn it off. I'm glad Palm didn't include this feature and I wish ALL phone manufacturers wouldn't include it.

+1 totally agree

If you need a non-stop alert, you should be placing your phone in a more visible location.

repeating alerts are as annoying as shit. The LED is perfect, if you miss that you are probably blind and not using the pre anyway.

99% of the time my phone is either on vibrate or silent and sitting on my desk or on the dash console. It is easy enough to spot the light.

I for one am glad palm left it off.

Ok the biggest thing I think that would solve this issue is for Palm to allow Preware into the app catalog...that would allow for full customization of the Pre...

This IS what makes the Pre so attractive really...the fact that we can customize it. Implementing the patches is great and all...but unless there is an option to turn that particular patch off...some people don't like what other people like...so we might end up getting some people who are very happy and others who are really mad...

Again, this would be solved if Palm just let Preware into the app catalog. Once that happens....WAM...total user customization. If they wanted to do it themselves, just make a patch program like WebOS internals...but I think, why do that when they have one already made...IE>Preware!

Ok the biggest thing I think that would solve this issue is for Palm to allow Preware into the app catalog...that would allow for full customization of the Pre..

Is that possible? Can/Could Preware be installed as easily as downloading an app from the catalog?

If it was possible, and allowed by Palm, well, ...wow.

Yeah... why on Earth isn't PreWare at least available via the AppScoop application? Palm doesn't even care about those ones... Right?

doesn't it require rooting?

i couldn't get preware to install on my phone myself. then again i didn't bother to trouble shoot when it failed to install.

No preware shouldn't come standard or be added to the app catalog. Preware helps us tweak/mod our phones with patches/apps/themes that haven't been fully tested and approved as being bug free. What I think palm should and will probably eventually do is take HTC's approach and add a setting option where we can check/uncheck the things we want active such as led notifications and repeated alerts...

.... And everything in the app catalogue is bug free, right?

I would like to see digital zoom on the camera. My 5+ year old Nextel phones have digital zoom...

you have zoom...after you take the picture...you can zoom in on the picture...

Yes, I know that... but that doesn't help the person that is getting the MMS from me. I would like to zoom *before* taking the picture =)

New Card per Convo is one that I really hope gets into the base code. The reason I hope Palm adds it is the patch doesn't integrate well with notifications. To me it's the best idea for a patch but the poorest, though tolerable, execution. All the more reason for Palm to take it over!

Why doesn't someone at Palm or any smart person out there come up with something akin to firefox and chrome's "extensions or addons". Just go to the new and updated Preware or whatever they want to call it, discover and learn about new ways to customize your pre, install and enjoy. Preware is too cool to keep to ourselves.

I know you could do all this with apps or just wait for Palm but I believe this way is more fun and would be something I don't think you can get anywhere else but on a Webos device. That "There's a Patch for that" thing everyone keeps talking about could really take off then. Just my 2 cents.

I love my Pre and glad to be a part of the PreCentral community.

I voted for several, but the patches not listed I would like to see include: (1) Enable vibrate on calculator, (2) Hide quick launch bar, (3) Open to alarm list & (4) Power button to end calls.

OH so many choices!! Where do I begin... Wait, I can only pick 5? How dare you dangle this in front of me and then slap my hand away when I try to grab more than 5. Palm Please please make these happen. We are so capable of big things, now take them and run. Go PreFans!!

the only thing I think the pre lacks is voice memo and the option for an alarm to go off on a specified date instead of days of the week.

isn't that basically what the calendar does? It reminds you of a specific event on a specific day/time of your choosing.

so why do we have an alarm???

So you can have an alarm that goes off every day at a specific time? LOL

I want like 15 or 20, and I run about 10, landscape email, date on top, call duration. these I all use.

A question, what does 'enable add/delete pages (launcher)' do?

The Pre/Pixi by default are limited to only three pages in Launcher - you know, the big scrollable icons pages that have all of your apps? This patch gives you the ability to add more - I don't know the limit, but I use four: games, fun apps, productivity apps, and system apps.

I use five pages and added a patch that always launches to the center page where I have my most used apps. Everything else is no more than two swipes away.

Thanks! thats a pretty neat patch! Definitely would be a nice add to webOS. I would use one page for webpages alone, much faster to open launcher and start a webpage, than using the browser.

ohh, this is a great feature, especially if you also add the name your launcher page patch. It allows more than 3 or is it 4 launcher pages. I have about 6 and each is dedicated to certain things, ie: games, System utilities, weather and travel, etc. Addd it and open up the possibilities! Sorry, I love this phone!

No apologies required, totally understand! :) I'm obsessed with this phone as well. I think I cannot go 5 minutes without doing something on it! haha

Now that we have AUPT, this really shouldn't be an issue for anyone anymore.

The only thing i really want is the Tether

the tethering is a sprint no no...so you can expect that our Pre's and Pixi's (Ours=Sprint customers)will never see tethering unless Sprint allows it.

i'm skeptical sprint people will want to pay the 20-30/month extra for tethering that verizon people get too.

best to leave it as a homebrew thing so not too many people use it so sprint doesn't try to shut it down. :)

You can't tether in the U.S...and we can't play NFS and Brothers in Arms in Europe :-) That's fair IMO :-)

It was difficult to pick only five. I have 31 patches and really find at least 15 of them essential. I am surprised not to see more representation for Hide Quick launch bar. It gives such a clean look to the phone.

I agree, Hide the launch bar is a great patch

I am the author of Universal Search Command Line. While I'm certain anything similar to its present implementation will never see the light of day in stock webOS [I'm not heartbroken :)], I certainly think that with a little fleshing out, most of the concepts could work very well:

The ability to add more sites to Universal Search. Something like this *could* be made easy for Normal Users by way of adding this feature to the web browser [in addition to uscl.json].

The ability to enter notes, tasks, etc. from Universal Search. Let's face it, good old PalmOS is *much* faster at this than webOS.

Come to think of it, a standard within the launch API (and an additional appinfo.json property) by which Universal Search would communicate with apps (for searching, adding new entries, etc.) would just kick SO much ass. Universal Search could *truly* be closer to universal.

For Sprint users, we'll never see the "Call Duration in Call Log" patch implemented. The hiding of the call duration is part of the Sprint customization of the phone - it has nothing to do with Palm.

Where did you see this?

I think he's right about this. I was pretty sure my Treo didn't originally have call durations in the call log. In fact, I just confirmed that on this website: http://www.wirelessinfo.com/content/palm-Treo-700p-Cell-Phone-Review/Mak... in the Call Management section of the review. As I recall, I downloaded a program that added this functionality, but I can't remember what program it was, since it's been probably 3 years ago that I downloaded it. But call duration definitely didn't come native with the Sprint Treo 700p. I didn't know this was a Sprint decision, but since the Pre doesn't have call duration either, that certainly makes sense.

Sprint and their conspiracies...

I think Sprint made the chem-trails...

I'm using 23 of these patches plus many others already. I too wish more of existed as options in the webOS feature set. Maybe we'll see a lot of them in 2.0 this summer and the launch of a new hardware device.

support for external displays and bluetooth keyboards. Add a digital compass, bigger battery, usb-host support, increased storage, Pre-Plus type memory and the ability to edit office docs. Ahhh! My new webOS device is now almost-everything in one. In my pocket or docked with my big screen, mouse and keyboard; it's my new primary computing device.

While reading an article today on inductive charging, the reason occurred to me why a digital compass isn't an option on WebOS devices: The Touchstone dock system uses strong magnets. This eliminates the ability to put a compass chip in any Touchstone-capable device. The only way I could see that happening is if the chip could actually compensate for the relatively strong local magnetic field, which is doubtful.

4x4/5x4 icons and add/delete launcher pages is freaking huge to me. Before I got those patches I really didn't enjoy my phone. Because how am I supposed to have a bunch of apps on only three screens? I now have an iPhone-like setup of several pages, roughly arranged by category. It makes it so much easier to know that my most used apps are on the first page, games are all on another, news/feeds are on another. Sooooo much easier than having to scroll for ten minutes trying to find an app on one of three pages.

It has made the whole experience a lot easier. When I showed a couple of my non-patched Pre using friends, that was the thing that they made them say 'yeah I really like that.' Everything else, like the brightness in device menu, on screen keyboard, timestamp/character counter in messaging, etc, they weren't too interested in.

Wow. This was a surprisingly tough poll. It's hard to select only 5 patches that I find essential. I could probably pick at least 10 that I use regularly.

Palm would do well to offer these options in some sort of master PowerTweaks app. That way all of the tweaks are available, yet casual users wouldn't be overwhelmed by the options.

I would like to see a Calendar option added when picking the due date for Tasks. I submitted the idea to Palm last night as a suggestion, and I know it won't be in 1.4, but maybe in the next update? If anybody wants to write a patch in the meantime I'd be very grateful.

Basically right now when you choose "Other" for the due date on tasks you get a Month/Day/Year option. I'd like one more button to be a Calendar that pulls up a calendar that you can scroll through and pick the date from there. I don't always know the exact date of the second saturday two months from now. =)

Seriously? Only 5 items to vote. I guess that makes it more meaningful but palm obviously needs to implement more than 5. Probably preaching to the choir here.

It would also be nice to delete unwanted programs like Nascar and NFL. Let me load my phone with junk not Palm or Sprint after all it is my phone, I did pay for it.

I really like the SR 500 patch and have been using it since Nov, but they probably never allow the SR patches.

wait, im confused. Me and 3 of my palm pre wielding friends all have LED notifications and two of them have never installed a patch in their life. Am I missing something?

I was expecting Virtual Keyboard to be #1 - but it is a close #2 or #3 - so thats good - hope Palm notices this and makes patches for the top few at least - my top 3 or 4 matches the poll - virtual keyboard, landscape email and 4X4, 5X5 icons.

One card per convo (Messaging)
Enable haptic feedback on dial pad.

We have an extremely reliable and viable patch system, (especially now), so as a matter of priority and limited dev resource, I would rather see basic business functionality and bugs worked on first. As an example, not being able to compose a meeting request. Also, setting a calendar event on the Pre not synching to outlook, etc. I am 50% business user and 100% casual user (yes, 150% !) and I am sure there are more folks out there like me that need the business stuff fixed soon and leave patches to the really smart people who help us today.

My 2 cents...

I had the problem with the exchange/outlook calendar, also. But once I changed my phone time zone from "sprint service" to my actual time zone, this problem was fixed. Did you try this already? Of course, if you travel frequently this might not be a good solution. I rarely leave my timezone, and have yet to take my Pre on vacation out of my timezone. Later this year I will get to find out!

I saw that you can vote for call duration in call log. I must say in my European Version of the actual WebOS, it's actual integrated.

Does any of this really matter? Yeah its nice to already have it all. But wont we all just load patches anyway? How else are we even aware of most of these features!


I want them all!

yes this list looks like webOS needs them all

Do we have to vote for the ones we know are in 1.4? :)

I have one simple patch that I would love. I had a old Windows phone that let me listen to podcasts and streaming audio through a mono Bluetooth earpiece and I really miss that feature. I dont want to wear stereo headphones all the time and it also helps with listening to streaming radio when Im driving instead of terrestrial radio. What you guys think?

the is no bluetooth headset working with the pre ?

What you need is a Bluetooth headset that is A2DP compliant.

How about a patch option to make the device actually work?

My biggest complaint is that the email client doesn't work properly. It randomly does not sync mail to either my Exchange or my IMAP account. I have to manually sync them every time I open the mail client, even though they are set to automatically sync. Numerous times, I have had to delete an account a re-add it because it wouldn't sync at all. Also, if I receive an HTML email via Exchange, the Pre displays the HTML code, rather than the rendered message. Even if there is a text version of the message. The iPhone displays the HTML properly. Even worse: many times it is impossible to reply to an email. Hitting the reply button does nothing. I have had serious issues with trying to reply to a customer. This appears to be because the original message had hidden recipients. Because of this, the Pre doesn't show the to: *or* the from:, so there is nothing to reply to. Major inexcusable bug.

Also, I have had numerous times, that I go to wake up the phone, and find it frozen at the "palm" boot screen. How useful is that ?!

Some of these patches listed would be nice, but I would much rather have Palm concentrate on making what they have now actually work. Too many companies concentrate and what is next, and not what is now.

this sounds bad

Are you sure it is not a problem with your exchange server? I have had my Pre synchronized with my small company's 2003 Exchange Server for almost a month now, with no problems except on the calendar, where I had to change the time zone on the Pre from sprint service to an actual time zone. HTML emails render perfectly, the best I have ever seen in a phone. Everything setup flawlessly once I gave the Pre my exchange certificate. No one can tell if I am answering emails from my desk or phone (except for the signature "Palm Pre" tag line), and it syncs almost instantly. One thing to note though, I have not installed any Preware or patches yet.

I think they should all be standard lol

I must be the only one that can not spell.
I understand that is processor intensive but it could be offloaded to the internet. Why they are at it voice to text would be great too. And why not txt to voice. How about a voice memo. Hmm guess I would like a few things. Who would a thunk it.

Ok, I know this is the internet and I tried to ignore it... but it's not "Why they are at it", the phrase is "WHILE they are at it".
I'm very sorry to be That Guy. I'll hang my head in shame now (but at least my brain isn't twitching about it being wrong).

Not only does the thing desperately need voice recording (I suppose you could use video but that's overkill) but it needs to be keyed to a physical button (possibly after the app is started in the new UI but the CLIE approach with the spring splider was great) as well as in the UI. Moreover, the iPod's implementation, requiring multiple steps is so clunky as to make it unusable. The switch or button just needs two functions: start recording and stop recording.

Seriously, my CLIE NX-60 and NX-80 implemented this superbly, better than any other device out there--and is a main reason why that phenomenal device stayed with me for six years until the Pre finally got me into the land of smartphone.

The key is to be able to use the thing closed and just hit the button, see the recording indicator, start talking, then hit the button again to stop the recording and turn off the indicator.

I would LOVE to see 'swipe left' to mark an email as read. Keep the swipe right to delete an email.

I would also like the 'leave messages on server' option to be checked. I know there is the 'don't delete on server' option, but that is not the same I don't believe.

I think they should just look at the most downloaded patched from Preware and start there.

One thing I DO NOT get, is the 'end call by closing the slider'. I talk on my phone all the time with the slider closed. I use the corded headset and often open up the slider to type in another application or take notes while on the phone. If they add it, make it an option that can be turned off.

I agree with implementing all the homebrew greatness into the official catalog somehow...but if so i really hope they do pay dues where they are deserved!! I too was excited about the pre when it came out but was disappointed with some of the lacking features and the reality that I would have to wait who knows how long...but thanks to precentral and webos internalz I quickly became a new and "rebirthed" avid Palm fan even though Palm was directly responsible for this newfound fondness of the company. I mean yeah if it wasnt for WebOS all this wouldnt be possible but then again if it werent for the homebrew community where would WebOS be today????

Since its obvious not everyone wants every patch.. I think palm should have a section "Customize"
where it has all the patches and people can apply them as they want for added customization.

And for the ones like LED notification, they should just enable the slide to on button like the patch does.

I think i know why they havent added it, it prob results in even less lasting battery life.. if someone doesnt notice it blinking in their pocket or in a different room.

has anyone tested the amount it drains if blink is left on for extended periods of time?

optional I would take all of them too - I like to have the choice.
The LED-notification patch doesn't work on my (and other European GSM) phone(s) - messes up the display settings - maybe that is the reason it is still not in the release.

Patches are nice but palm really needs to take a look at the foundation of the OS and radically change things in some places where patches are not even made or not possible today. For example multi-select/multi-delete photos, emails, attachments, videos, etc. And patches like virtual keyboard for example need a ton of work before they become officially part of the OS. So although I agree in concept with this poll, it's a little bit misguided.

I just installed Preware last night after having used this phone since launch day. Here are my choices so far:

3000 Autoreplace words
Add Date - MM/DD/YY
Change Number of Bookmarks on Startpage
Close Slider to End Calls
Disable Landscape Gesture Scroll
Slide Answers to Speaker
Unhide Dev Mode Icon
Unthrottle Download Manager
Terminal (application)

Well for 1 id say audio and video attachments will be incorporated. This is a no brainer due to video coming out. Im sure they wont not let us send video.

But id like to see the option to change icons, add launcher pages, disable various sounds and how about juice up the alarm clock and the freakin music player.. thats all. the rest aren't too critical for me.

Never mind all that, no disrespect to the patches cos i think they're awesome but why have I got a smartphone with no proxy support. 8 hours of the day at work I could be connected via wireless. Absolutely ridiculous. My last 2 phones were capable of this as is even the iphone. Sort it out Palm.

no proxy support is bad

Is the pic of C40? The ALL NEW Insp. Gadget PRE?

I'd say the ones that palm should do are ones that are UNIVERSALLY useable by people. So I voted for:

- message notification LED Blink
- delete all email

The rest are too personal/specialized, IMHO.

Now a patch I haven't seen yet, and a feature that really needs to be implemented is for the email app to check and report status for ALL (favorite) IMAP folders, not just inbox. Not much point in using IMAP if my centralized folder filtering means I miss messages on my phone.

Here's a feature that I'd LOVE to see and I can't believe someone hasn't already implement it! Maybe they have and I just don't know about it.

Have you ever typed out a text or email message just to realize that you have the orange key locked so that you've ended up with nothing but symbols? Is there not a way to cycle ALL the already typed characters (or maybe just the selected text - or maybe both) back to the letters associated to those particular keys that were pressed so that you wouldn't have to wipe out all the symbols, turn off the symbol lock, and then retype all those same keys again?

Does this feature already exist and I just don't know about it? It seems like something someone would have thought of already. Or maybe there's just no way to implement it.

I'd love to see that for Caps lock too actually. Heck, I'd love that on my home and work computer. I use Caps lock in a lot of my professonal work, then I end up typing up an email that's in all caps and have to retype it.

Just Charge By Default. I go crazy when that patch isn't installed.

Five Choices is too little! I would have selected more!



Like others have said... I want OPTIONS not changes!
Don't force things on me; let me choose!

C'mon people, choose the patches you think it would make sense for Palm to actually incorporate in an update, not just the ones you like the most. For example:
Ones I like the most: reset to center menu and 4x4 layout
One I voted for because it would make sense for Palm to use it: Brightness in the menu

Agreed! I like to keep my inbox at zero. If I could delete or mark as read from the notification that would be great.

My idea was to be able to swipe an email to the left to 'mark as read' and swipe to the right to 'delete' (OR make it so you could configure it however you wanted).

I am absolutely floored... FLOORED that "Delete from Notifications" has not made it bigger in the patching community! As it stands right now, our discreet notifications are quite basic. If I get ten emails, I can only view the top one, and have only two options: 1) tap it to open the email app for viewing it, or 2) Swipe it (and every other email behind it!!!) away...

Delete from Notifications allows you to delete emails you're not interested in reading and then see the next email without needing to open the app.

I actually suggest that this patch be taken a step further... not just DELETE from notification, but another option for MARK AS READ. I would essentially be able to handle my emails, as they come, totally on the fly. I also would love to see this applied to the SMS application.

Five is way to hard to choose.

Where's the luv for the "Power Button to End Calls" patch, probably one of my most used app, can hang up the phone call without even looking at my phone.

hi people! Does any one know if there is any partch to permit to see power point presentations document, because all the time I tried to see one on mi pre; I can't do it.

That functionality should be built in. I've viewed PPT files no problem. (Okay, they didn't render perfectly, but enough for me to review before a meeting.) The built in Doc View app supports them.

Maybe there's something about PPTX files? I still use Office 2000, so can't speak to that.

Not what you asked, but I've wondered why Palm hasn't taken advantage of the free development offered by the community. Frankly, I think the Apple mentality has taken over the new Palm, now that ex-Apple people are running the oompany.


Palm's got the same cocksure attitude that Jobs brought to Apple: we know best, and what others do can't possibly important because if it was we would have already thought of it.

I woulda thought landscape messaging would have more votes, since the only way to effectively use the virtual keyboard while typing a mesage (for me) is in landscape mode..

Either way big ups to all the developers @ precentral. It is because of you I still have this pre (others can agree to that.) Homebrew, patches, themes are wat makes the phone wat it is.. And Palm should give all the credit thats due.. PLEASE keep up the good work..

Dont know if there is a patch for this but I would like that my the details of my SMS msg's would stay (as in date and time) regardless of how old they are.. Cause once a day passes all it says it Yesterday but I would like to know the time as well.. I would also like to have the ability to rotate my photo ;)

Search Preware for the Timestamps patch. There are even some slightly different choices available!

It's insane that LED notifications and notification repeaters aren't available out of box. This thing is my communication and scheduling machine.

If I miss a message or reminder because I wasn't looking at/listening to/touching it the first time a notification goes off, that's bad design. And I don't like having to check my device compulsively to make sure I haven't missed anything.

Come to think of it, if it weren't for our fine homebrewers, I wouldn't have bought a Pre yet. I'd be waiting for Palm to fix that glaring hole.

The Patch I want to see the most would give you the option of turning off the #@$#@# lock screen, or at leaat being able to bypass it.

Not only do I not want or need the lock screen, it really messes up a lot of apps such as alarms (have to unclock before can hit snooze) notifications, "today" type pages and the like

I 2nd the motion.

I could swear I commented on this. Hmm.

It may be more than a patch, but I would like an option for the wallpaper screen to display my next 3-4 appointments. My Blackberry did this, and I'm pretty sure it was an option on my Treo too.

As a business person it would really make my life easier to be able to check appointments without having to go to the calendar.

Here's my added options:

- Enable the calendar app to add attendees - currently you can only create an appointment for yourself with no one else
- when I charge my phone, how about the front screen goes completely black?
- fix the scrolling in contacts and other applications. I have a ton of contacts and it can't even come close to scrolling them. It just skips and hangs.

By far the most important patch:

Notification Repeat (Calendar, Email, Messaging, and/or Phone)

Without it, my Pre is pretty much useless most of the time. I need to know when I miss things. LED blink is cute, but mostly ineffective.

For Me.. Its all. 5 is very less.

Why let Palm bulk the updates, leave patching to devs and preware.

I like it the way it is. A little more compatibility is all I would like to see. I don't mind the patches not being default. Either way.. we're going to patch the hell out of it. Either to add a feature or get rid of annoying one so.. leave it as is. Everyone can tailor fit the Pre to their liking.

Man, look at all the comments and how far afield they all go with their personal choices. Isn't it obvious thay everyone has different needs and desires for what we want our phones to look like and behave? That's why I have _always_ said that _all_ of the patches need to be included in the o.s. as user options. Let me decide how my pre looks and works, and you can do the same for yours, and then we can _all_ be happy with our phone. Yeah, that's a lot of options, and making it all easy to get to in a logical way will be a challenge, but that's just the way it _should_ be.

and fwiw, I just logged into 6 computers so I could vote for all of the above. :p

arggggh! led notifications is in 1st place. What a useless patch for me. Palm better not make that default without a way to turn it off...PLEASE!

The LED notification is already built into WebOS - Palm has simply commented out the code that allows for it. All the patch does is uncomment that portion of the code so it's active. And yes, you can turn blink notifications on or off in the Screen and Lock settings. So if Palm finally uncomments the code themselves, you will indeed be able to choose whether you want this or not.