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Poll: What should HP do with webOS? 101

by Derek Kessler Fri, 19 Aug 2011 10:15 am EDT

If there was one thing made clear in yesterday’s conference call, HP isn’t sure what they’re going to do with webOS. They’re certainly not going to start making webOS devices again, so the question on everybody’s minds (literally, everybody on the planet is thinking about this right now): what will HP do with webOS?

There are a number of options, including licensing it out to other manufactures, or selling it. They could open source webOS. Or they could just give up, call it a write-down on their next financial statement, and throw in the cards (pun alert). While it’s pretty obvious HP wasn’t into taking advice from their loyal customer base about how best to execute with webOS, maybe now they’ll be open to taking some suggestions. Even if they aren’t we want to see what you think HP should do. So here’s a poll:



HP should create a model where users can build their own smartphone with their choice of hardware!!!

Wouldn't that be revolutionary in smartphone industry? Look at Dell -- Why can't this be true for smartphones now?

I picturing it co-located with a Build-A-Bear franchise :)

Well HP already has that for computers in its web store. Of course they're giving up on their computer business too.

Open source it.

Yup, let us put it on android devices finally. A Nexus S with webOS 3.0 last December would have won. Now 3.0 still isnt on phones and webOS's death warrant was signed the minute Leo jumped on board but it would have made it harder for him kill webOS.

Exactly. Make things right, just one single time: Open source it!

I just don't see what a manufacturer like Samsung or HTC would do with a product like Webos. Are they known for their software prowess? Nope. They make hardware. So how can they be excpeted to take on an ongoing software development project, which is outside their area of expertise. It is killing me to say this, as I cannot imagine using a non-multitasking android or iphone device, but I think webos is dead. This sucks. It was nearly there, just needed a little more dev time. I just might go back to my damn treo.

Presumably they would be buying the expertise, along with the patents. The problem with webOS has never been the software, per se. Certainly a savvy manufacturer would be able to look to numerous individuals to help integrate webOS onto a new line of devices.

Imagine if Google bought webOS to get all the patents and put the best ideas like Cards, etc. into Android.

Android is already adding almost all of the webOS features. This way they could have the patents to protect themselves.

Imagine the best of the webOS UI on top of Android. Google already has Matias Duarte who designed the webOS user interface in the first place. This way they could have his Palm patents as well.

Uh... I hate to break it to you but Android /is/ multitasking....

Aside from that, I agree with you on your assessment of selling. I'm all for Open Sourcing and letting the community put it on unlocked devices.

Android does a great job of multitasking. It arguably multitasks better than webOS. But there is no good way to manage running apps on Android and this is where the brilliance of the webOS cards comes in and why people like me are constantly whining about how we wish we had webOS running on Android hardware.

HTC just professed their love for Android and WP, Samsung isnt going anywhere.

Looks like its Leveno then..

HTC for all intents and purposes had a gun pointed at its head in the form of its licensing agreements with Google and Microsoft when it made that pronouncement. That ardor is going to cool off pretty fast if it catches wind of Google and Motorola hanky panky. The bottom line is that HTC is already in bed with two companies. There's no reason they can't add a third or drop an existing relationship if there's a profit in it.

Sell it to Amazon. Make it the OS for the Kindle.

They are already committed to Android. And their Android tablet is already in the works. And they have an Android App Store. It's not very likely.

seriously just kill it already, atleast we pre- users got more then 1 update before we go screwed. I feel sorry for touchpad owners not only did they get 1 update but there 2month old device is obsolete, that has to be a record.

webOS Internals deserves webOS to be open-sourced - they owned it, loved it and worked to develop it more than HP ever did. Consider it a consolation prize, and open source it, HP! Show some class for once in this whole debacle.

I agree whole heartedly. I believe this community deserves much better treatment than what we have been getting since the beginning. We have been teased with great ideas and an extremely bright future, but received a fraction of following through (and by NO means in a timely manner). What would your boss do if you told him “I have this great gizmo, which works awesomely with these other smaller and larger gizmos that blow all the other competitors out of the water. I will have all of this for you soon.” And then not give him anything for nearly a year, after you had previously promised “When I say soon, I mean it will be ready ship within two weeks.” I would probably get a raise/promotion, but that is only because I work in the public sector where we reward incompitance (thus why I am stuck in a lower job to make all the bosses look good, but I digress).. No wonder the top executives of HP decided to pull the plug of devices, it was making them look bad.

I feel if WebOS is to live, it should be open source. The developers in this community alone would make the OS work extremely well, and more than likely figure out a way for us to put it on any device we want. The only question I would ask is who/how would a palm profile be maintained, but I have faith in the WebOS faithful, to figure that out also. I am a day 1 Pre- owner, and was proud of it until yesterday. I used to felt like a puppy dog being teased with a squeaky chew toy with bells and bright colors and everything I could want dangling over head, excited and happy and couldn’t wait to play with it. I bought my new touchpad, threw in a couple of patches and I was one happy puppy, only to look up from it and get whacked with a newspaper and be told it is probably the last squeaky chew toy I will ever see again, so I better make it last and/or choose a plain chew toy.

I don't get this call to 'open source it'. Do you even know what open-source means? It does NOT mean that anyone else can just put it on any device without licensing.

Well, people can compile the source-code onto any device they like. Perhaps HP could take a model like RHL and to a lesser-degree Android where the source code is available to everyone but for support and the official use of the name it needs to be licensed.

You still need drivers for the hardware you want to run it on. Those don't write themselves or are freely available.

Take it out back, tie it to a tree and shoot it in the head once and for all.

That is the only way us faithful will ever fully let go, it is the humane thing to do.

Oh... and just tell the kids that WebOS ran away...

>>Oh... and just tell the kids that WebOS ran away...

Okay, that was plain hilarious.

AT this point your delusional to think that someone would buy this cursed platform or even want to license it. The best thing too do now is to Open source it and let let Webos internals take over. The only problem now would be hardware but I guess you still have the touchpad and this would be an easy way to sale off alot of unlocked pre 3's. couple that in with getting it to work with other phones and tabs through hacking and we you have a nice movement going on.

If its open source... 100% I don't think carriers would take tooo kindly of it!

Like they care for it now.

I suspect they will license Enyo as a cross platform app development framework.

My idea. A large Air Gun, powerful enough to fire the TP sideways up Layho's *S*!

Selling it off would be ideal but I have a feeling they won't because of the patent portfolio.

Regardless of what happens to WebOS -- there are a few things I'm certain of:

1. The platform we grew to love is dead. In hindsight, it was heavily wounded a year ago when a lot of Palm's braintrust left HP.

2. There won't be a relevant WebOS Smartphone in the industry for a long time if ever again.

3. If some part of WebOS lives past 2011, it will be a sad, disfigured trace of the WebOS we know and love. To a small degree, the touchpad is an example of that (think gestures).

This week brought-in a lot of firsts.

GlennBeck: I have to agree 100% with you.

Dell should buy the entire consumer products division from HP.

Dell is already set to gain if HP abandons the PC market, they are clearly interested in being in the phone/tablet space but really have no offerings to differentiate themselves.

I would buy a WebOS based phone and tablet from Dell.

I like the Idea of HP selling WebOS to Dell. Dell can’t seem th decide if it wants Windows® Phone 7 or Android™ 2.2 on their mobile equipment. Can you imagine the Dell Venue Smartphone or the Streak or Inspiron™ duo tablets running WebOS 3, it would be awesome! Dell may also be one of the few companies with enough capital to acquire the HP PC division should they decide to spin it off.

So, explain this logic to me because I am completely missing. Everyone around these parts claimed the with HP behind webOS there was NO WAY it would fail -- HP is the largest tech company in the world you all said.

Now, here we are. HP purchased webOS, gave it a run with phones and a tablet and could not make this fly. What makes ANYONE think that someone else is going to try to pick this up and run with it? Why would any company want that albatross around their neck?

That is why I voted to open source it. This way HP can still use it internally on printers, toasters and such. While others could grab it and make it work on other hardware. If someone wants to sell it they pay a small licensing fee back to HP and here we go with webOS again!

Remember 10 years ago when WorldCom, the biggest telecom in the world - too big to fail - failed and filed the largest bankruptcy in world history? I've just had "too big to fail" removed from my notions. (Let us now worry about the U.S., eh?)

But the thing is: HP DID NOT "give it a run"! They drug butt the whole time after they had purchased Palm! Releasing 2 products in 18 months is not giving it a run!! If they would have "flooded the market" with products like they said they would have, and released the Veer, Pre3, a Slate, and the TouchPad within the first couple of months after the Feb event, we would be having a different conversation!! HP sucked balls on this! It's NOT WEBOS' FAULT!!!!!

The only way to seriously compete now in the mobile space with Apple (or everyone else now for that matter) is to produce a phone that is better than the iPhone - that jumps ahead of it a generation. (It's been that way for the last two years.)

If they concentrated the effort and resources to that one objective, they could then get the foot back in the door. Then they could realize the whole bigger ecosystem.

HP's idea of building and controlling the whole ecosystem is good and smart - it's a key to Apple's success. BUT a phone that can actually compete and win against the iPhone is the key to the door for HP - an absolute necessity. They do have the resources to do it and win.

(I don't expect them to. Months ago, before all their hardware investment, Rahul Sood pushed hard for them to just license webOS for free to a phone manufacturer. That would have worked beautifully. Picture HTC making webOS phones. Now HP's gone so far down the hardware road - and the wrong hardware road, they should have been concentrating on beating the iPhone FIRST - with webOS phones in everyone's hands, Touchpads would FLY off the shelves.)

Perhaps there is room for compromise? Open Source webOS so people can develop it and implement it on other phones. I feel if HP is going to basically abandon it they should at least do this.

If they will still develop it, but perhaps not put tons of resources behind it, then they should open-source it but require a license for HP support and the webOS name-sake. This would ideally be similar to how a lot of enterprise and commercial Linux distros work. Perhaps there can be an Open-webOS and the official webOS. If this works then it will allow the webOS community and adoption to grow in the open-source world allowing the value, mind-share, and development to increase for webOS. The official webOS would have HP's full backing and they would have more to leverage when trying to sell webOS licenses. Sure, people could get the open-source webOS and use it, but HP would become a mobile partner and help optimize and trailer webOS for their partners.

Maybe this could introduce "fragmentation" and a mixed-user experience, but I think if HP holds on to the webOS name for only the official supported builds they can use that to distinguish and define the webOS experience.

makes sense to me at least. I feel if HP keeps webOS closed they shot themselves in the foot by not finding hardware partners before letting go of their own mobile hardware group. If they can't get webOS on some new hardware in one way or another soon they will continue to lose adoption and developers looking to make money on the platform will lose incentive to develop for WebOS (if they haven't already).

Without the support of a big company this will just draw out the death of webOS a little longer.

Definitely do not sell it to Dell. They failed on their attempts on a smartphone already and tablet.

Best solution for the users is to open source it.
Best solution for HP to get money out of it is to sell the division to Google or Apple and hope that they will incorporate the great features like the cards view, finger gestures, multitasking, Synergy into their functionality.

If they do that, I'm sure I'll buy one of their phones.

Of course if they sell it to a Chinese company and have them give it away for cheap, then the platform will definitely have some good following. The challenge is that it will be in chinese. LOL!

Of what possible benefit is it to HP to open source it? give it away?

None, none whatsoever.

Licensing is a dead-end. Why would any licensee trust HP to support it?

Sell it to Samsung to free them from Apple's lawsuits and turn them into a powerhouse to compete with Google and Microsoft. WebOS on Galaxy IIS would be great...

Open Sourcing Enyo is the ONLY way that developers will ever come back. Then beautiful Enyo apps can live on any phone that supports HTML5.

Enyo apps are all about the panes. Panes panes panes.

Should be a combination.

License it to other manufacturers, while open-sourcing the Enyo framework. This gives developers a reason to make apps that are compatible with webOS.

And what incentive is there for the licensing to other manufacturers while developers take a year to build and develop apps? There is no return, especially on an OS that people have heard about and seen fail publicly. Mindshare is negative, marketshare is 0. That's a pretty big deficit even without iOS and Android continuing to go strong with webos.

Dell Venue Pro with webOS. Yes, please.


I think the best case scenario would be to spin Palm back off into its own company again.

Since I don't think that happens, Dell would probably be next, though I don't think they would be any better of an owner than HP was.

Intel might have an interest and would be the most intriguing buyer of Palm, to me. HP's work to adapt it to x86 hardware (for their webOS on all laptops plan) would make it even more attractive. They might even open source it once they get it and either integrate it into Meego, making that OS more attractive, or replace Meego with it.

Apple should buy it. If they will be the only tablet manufacturer, they might as well have the best OS.

they already do have the best OS, it's called iOS. The best OS doesn't fail.

WebOS hasn’t failed! HP is dumping webOS hardware but they are “not walking away from webOS,” If Apple got it they would plagiarize it and close it and claim they thought of it first.

they don´t have the best OS, they have a good one, but it´s not the best... if it were the best nothing would keep us here

Please no. Apple has enough patent happy lawyers. As long as they don't sell to Apple or Microsoft, I'd be happy.

First of all, to all you who think WebOs is dead, you are uterly blind! With yesterdays press release and the responce from media, WebOs is more popular today than it has ever been. It just needs a company with a brain and cash.

There is a company, unfortunately I think their mutal hatred for HP may bar them from being able to purchase WebOs. But they have the best programers money can buy and are already working on tablet.

ORACLE!!!!!!!!!!!! (unfortunately the last Packard at HP would shoot himself first)

Yesterday was as much news as webos has received since February. Today there will be little news about webos, and tomorrow there will be none.

And today HP stock is down almost 20%. That isn't because they dumped a failed OS, it's because they failed to have true vision for their entire company and the market recognized it. HP can't create anything, they can only get investors and buy other companies who can and in the end, kill those also. Long term HP is dead!

True WebOs is most likely dead, but only because from here HP is going to hold it, do nothing until it is worthless. Then they will sell it for pennies on the dollar strictly for the patent rights.

At this moment a good company could buy it, develop it and licence it and make it very successful.

They should take the 200,000 units that Best Buy couldn't sell and turn them into a giant gundam unit in the HP Car-park.

Someone is going to buy it for roughly 2.5 billion, take the patents, and that's it.

You guys don't understand, there is no one on webos. Do you think developers want to develop for webos now?

Say HTC/Samsung gets a hold of it. Takes a YEAR minimum to get things situated, makes sure the software is perfect before releasing it (Leo's words), then what? Can you imagine where iOS and Android will be a year from now? How many apps they will have? How many new features they will have? How many new devices they will have? How many carriers they will be on? How many countries they will be in?

It's the same tired story. Let webOS be an after-school project for homebrew, commercially it's not viable. Let me put it this way: there is no money to be had in webos for anyone, including HTC/Samsung. Yes, it will give them their own OS and they don't have to bother Android, but it's not that easy. It took HP, as 'big' as it is, six months to create a decent tablet Facebook app.

I hate to say it, but a lot of you are delusional just because you think it's cool to flick cards away. Let's get real here. And if you didn't forget, there will be roughly 250,000 TouchPads floating around that HP doesn't know what to do with them besides sell them for $200 each. Maybe that will sell.

I voted to OpenSource it, but that just means it's as good as dead.
Remember OpenEmbedded? Didn't think so.
HP really screwed this and us up with all of this complete nonsense.
I agree, the most humane thing to do would be to kill it.
Then cremate all back-up copies of it, forever erasing it from existence.
We've all done reasonably ok with lacking OSes for all of our computing lives... think of the many iterations of Windows...
Best to just move on. I'm speaking from long experience in using failed technology... Apple Newton, Sharp Zaurus, Palm WebOS.
so long

Open sourcing didn't help Symbian one bit. It would help webOS even less.

Opensource it - it will make the carriers angry, but HP is getting out of the phone business, so why should they care?

Opensource it, and then get the Classic code, tweak it to run on tablets and accept accelerometer input, and then have something really, really cool - WebOS and PalmOS tablet.


Will never happen.

What was the point of buying Palm?! I had the feeling they were going to do this. The released the veer and I was like what the **** ! Hp sucks,and it`s a shame they can`t get the job done. It`s not webOS fault as an operating system. It`s HP`s fault. I said this was goimg to happen and there was even a editorial about my thread.

Palm was bought by the former CEO and a top management that still wanted to succeed in consumer hardware.

Leo obviously want HP to be another IBM (a bit late in the game for that IMHO) and get rid of the low margin PC consumer biz.
IMHO HP is going to fail with that strategy - but they are now accustomed to this after a decade of Strategy Of The Year management.

If they kill it, they should at least propose an update to android for current touchpad users...

The only real future is to open source the software so that it is available to all smart phone manufacturers. This community has been so abused by HP that I don't see any of us trusting another single corporate owner.

A foundation to keep development going would be nice. HP should consider it a stupid tax for the way they have mishandled a great OS and an aircraft carrier full of shareholder money. It's the only way I would ever consider purchasing another hardware product from them (or whomever they spin the hardware side off as ... Compaq??? :-)

I refuse to believe in a mobile future that leaves the world subject to Steve Jobs' health or Google data mining everything but our bowel movements (aw heck, it will probably be coming to Google Apps soon.) WebOS is too good for that ... set it free!

At this point, I am convinced that the whole thing will be bought by some big company, either Apple or Google.

If you think about it, the whole card metaphor is really an extension of iOS's mobile Safari, so using the webOS interface on iOS wouldn't be such a big problem.

If Google buys it, they can give it back to Matias Duarte, and make some beautiful Motorola devices with the amazing webOS interface and Android ecosystem.

Microsoft doesn't need webOS, because wp7 has an amazing interface already, perhaps as nice as webOS (or even better? Wish I had used one day to day to be able to evaluate that.)

Right now I'm voting for Google. iOS is already quite nice and usable and WP7 is amazing as it is already. Putting the webOS interface on top of Android would finally make it a beautiful OS as well. (Because let's face it, Android has absolutely no taste, and looks like a total geekfest compared to webOS.)

So we'd have three nice OSes to choose from, and the webOS interface wouldn't die. When they make Android more like Chrome OS, then it's be like having webOS back.

Who's with me?

To hard to make it work through licensing without serious long term commitment. $10 per license X 10 million units per year is 100 million a year in revenue even with a 10% annual growth rate it would take nearly a decade to get your money back if you paid a billion for it. For 250 million it would be a deal. For a billion it is just out of the question. The numbers say webos is dead and that makes me sad. webOS will RIP berried in the HP intellectual property war chest.


Selling to Amazon makes a lot of sense from the tablet perspective. Not as much phone wise.

Amazon has plenty of software development experience and tablet experience with the Kindle, S3, and existing cloud offerings. Plus they have the infrastructure to actually offer an ecosystem for purchasing apps, music, books, and movies. The problem would be, switching gears after their recent adoption of Android.

If they could sell/license to Amazon and Samsung in some sort of partnership that could be huge. Samsung produces phones and tablets and leverages Amazon's ecosystem for apps, music, books, and movies. Win-win. Amazon and Samsung don't really compete with each other and they both gain.

I think that's what HP should look to enabling. Instead of looking for a single silver-bullet licensee, identify partnerships that make sense to push the platform forward.

I was thkng if you can't beat em' why not join them. How about Apple either buys the patent or license to WebOS, then integrate with iOS. Nothing would be able to touch that device, at least IMO.

Apple won't be interested - unless they can get it for a small enough sum to shut it down.

Most of the differences in functionality are on *purpose*.

Apple doesn't want flash included or a more open architecture. Quite the opposite.

HP should just split into two separate companies, basically just spin of the Personal Systems Group into one company and the rest of HP which deals with enterprise solutions into another.

Personal systems group would sell PC, Laptops, Netbooks, and include the Webos global business unit, (which essentially is palm).

That would be almost exact same thing Motorola did.

split company into two, one for business and enterprise, and the other for consumers.

The horrible thing HP did was announce this before coming up with a plan for webos, now webos is even more unattractive to developers and mainstream consumers than it ever was.

How much you got!!!!!

How much you GOT!!!!

lets pool some dough and buy this BIOCH and donate it to webosinternals :)

Turn webos over to webosinternals now!

HP should make service like iTunes.

HP fully refunding both Touchpads.

I would love to see Google buy webOS and and the associated patents. I would like to see them take some of the really intuitive UI elements and touch "magic" and incorporate them into android and also use the patent portfolio to protect the companies that use their software from litigation. If not Google, then one of the hardware manufacturers could buy it up and incorporate some of the same intuitive UI elements into their skins (Sense or Blur). I think its been proven that webOS as a stand alone mobile OS will never be successful since it is just to sluggish of an OS. However utilizing some of the really novel components with an already successful mobile OS would be great in my opinion.

I voted "sell".

Only chance I see for webos to survive is to be bought by (mostly likely) Samsung.
Samsung is obviously motivated and interested in having a viable alternative to Android.
Optimum scenario: Samsung and HP quickly agree to a deal where Samsung takes over webos (and licenses it back to HP for printers etc...), not paying that much but freeing HP from any obligations they likely have.
That would involve patents to defend webos.

Samsung - unlike HP - is already well established selling smartphone hardware and also has size and connections. Plus they likely have lower costs developing and producing the devices - so it would be easier for them to make a profit from aggressive prices.
I see Samsung as likely to be interested - it would depend a lot on how much HP would ask for it (after damaging the brand a bit more they won't get 1.2 bn for it)

Samsung would then probably need to rebrand it under a different name. The "webos" name could have survived 1 firesale - but not a second after a year. Wouldn't matter - the fans here would recognize it under any name - and the rest of the world doesn't care about it.

I'm a big open source fan. But just open sourcing it won't save it. Unlike PC hardware the mobile device hardware is way too diverse and locked down by carriers that open source (by itself) could be a success in this area (IMHO).

Now if somebody buys it, puts it on good hardware, market it right, get carriers involved and in addition open sources it - that'd be perfect.
Sizable parts of it are open source already after all.

Next poll idea: "which OS will the webOS loyalists switch too?"

Give us Open Source, or give us Death!

If not, I can settle for a company like HTC or Samsung buying WebOS outright. But I still prefer the former option. Internals needs to get their hands on the Source!

Actually, the company that should be looking into picking up webOS is Cisco. They have been trying to get into the tablet and mobile space for a while with Android but having their own OS would make them a strong player in the market. When VoIP was gaining momentum, Avaya was number one. Cisco decided to enter that market strong and today are number 1. Same goes for the wireless networking space. They have the money and tools to do something good with webOS. They also own WebEx which is big in the teleconferencing world. Their IOS apps for telephony and messaging are very popular and probably easy to port to webOS.

Cisco Cius

Not going to happen.. there too busy losing money and cutting their own losses (Flip anyone?)

Yeah, IF Samsung has interest and a growing passion for webOS, sell it all to them. Then put webOS on hardware at least as good as the Nexus S, Captivate, and Droid Charge. Even though we are down, the phrase "if you build it, they will come," still applies. Build high quality devices with optimized software, and people will buy it. Just like we have seen the last 3 weeks with the TouchPad, as sales were continuing to climb... so much for that... the trigger was pointed at our own foot.

This post could get me banned =),

3rd option, could someone over at "Anonymous" leake the sourcecode for WebOs?

Sell it to SE. That way we´ll have webOS in phones, TVs, PS and Vaios

Sell the whole thing to Sony, including Palm´s HQ building.... All Palm´s former workers should be hired too, and everybody from webOSinternals... Man, I wish Sony would buy this thing

Samsumg wouldn´t be a bad choice either, but I prefer Sony, it´s like comparing Kia to Honda, although they keep getting closer by the hour

HTC would be a worst choice since they only make phones and tablets.

Go big, but go smart also

nothing to see here.. move along.. move along.. (bout sums it up) - time for whoever is left in the WebOS community to go out and get an Android device and start making your own roms, hacks, apps, etc to bring what you loved about WebOS to a platform that has a real company backing it and continues to purchase more assets to improve it even more (SageTV, Moto, etc.).. Everyone else in the industry is too concerned about selling more apps that only will run on Their OS/device, or more ink cartridges/software licenses, etc. At least google will continues to release their apps/products for all platforms.. Their agenda is not for domination of their platform, but for their services to be used on all devices/everywhere.. That is the difference, and its a HUGE one.

Why is everybody hating on HP? Didn't they give you $50 worth of apps and $50 discount? Some people just want too much

I voted sell, because I think it's the best option *for HP*, but I would rather see it go to an organization that could manage and develop it going forward. Like WebOS Internals.

Would be awesome to be able to install it on Android phones and devices, replacing the Android OS.

With Google purchasing Motorola I have seen articles that other mobile hardware manufacturers may be looking for alternative OS's aside from Android. Couldn't this be a viable licensing opportunity? New reliable hardware, and a renewed effort to bring in developers. Probably unlikely, but I voted to license it, assuming they could find any partners interested.

It's done.

I'm glad I didn't invest in a tp.

Time to move on people.

HP should come out and say "JK, April Fools! We've been slow getting everything out - LOL. BTW, here's awesome new hardware, and here's our development plans showing even more awesomeness and how committed we are to dominating this market! Oh, and also BTW even though we thought yesterday's announcement would be in the interests of the shareholders, it turns out they tore us a new one last night, and suggested we get some balls and get the job done!"

What HP should have done, while they still had the chance, is license it to Nokia. If they had given the right deal then we wouldn't have had Windows 7 mobile on their devices and I'm sure that both companies would be doing a whole lot better at this moment. The other thing that HP should have done is to have made a much larger effort to make WebOS be THE place that app developers wanted to have their apps on. Now that they haven't done either of those things I think it is time for HP to make their OS open source and allow any manufacturer or end user to install the OS onto their hardware. They could allow any user to get it for free, but charge a small fee to hardware manufacturers. They could gain lots of fans if they came up with simple solutions to the fragmentation issue such as:
Having system requirements that are needed in order to install and run the OS (android does not have this and so you get WAY too many hardware configurations, some which would cost the manufacturing company to bother and update ASAP) so that when HP comes out with the next OS update everybody gets it that very day.
Either requiring that hardware manufacturers adhear to strict guidelines when customizing the OS (if you are going to put a webOS version of motoblur or HTC Sense or Touchwiz, then you need to meet the requirements or HP has the option of not allowing you to use the software without a HUGE penalty), or perhaps not allowing companies to customize the OS. Either way that would make it possible for HP to upgrade ALL compatible phones when they feel it necessary, and not risk having the OS break something in the customization. If every computer that can run XP from day 1, then they should be able to run XP service pack 3. Some computers may be able to upgrade to vista or windows 7 if they have the specs. If they were following the Android model then you'd see a different theme for all manufacturers of computers, you'd see several very cool features on lots of PCs but because of that you'd have some PCs that wouldn't EVER get OS upgrades, some that would only get 1 or two, and others which wouldn't even get the latest upgrade. And even if your computer might be able to run windows 7 just fine, the manufacturer could just say something along the lines of "we don't want to upgrade this computer anymore for no particular reason, or because we don't want to spend the time doing it", and thus you'd never get the latest OS even though you should be able to run it.
The last thing that HP can do is to is to do way better advertising. They need to get the word out that the underlying philosophy of using webOS is doing things BETTER. Make people realize that webOS isn't just a cellphone OS but the future of the smartphone OS. For example: instead of saying "Web OS is coo! You can multitask with this cool feature known as cards, you get a slick interface, you get an awesome web browser, and it's super easy for developers to develop apps for it. Therefore we see it as the future of the smartphone OS! Buy our phone!", they should be saying something along the lines of "We here at HP believe that there is a better way of making a smartphone OS. An OS which will pave the way for the future of smartphones. To do this we redesigned the idea of multitasking by creating a system known as cards that allows you to manage your running applications in a more intuitive way then ever before. We also designed a full featured web browser that is extremely simple to use, and because the OS uses web technologies at it's core, it naturally outperforms the rest. Lastly, we realized that there can be an easier way to create smartphone apps, which means that the user gets a larger selection of apps, and the developers will find that it takes less time and money to create an app. Come experience the future of the smartphone and choose WebOS".

Yep. Sell it to Apple. If you can't beat them, join them.

I'll tell you exactly what they should do with webOS. They should save all the webOS files they have onto an external hard disk, and shove it up Leo's ****

I am more sad than angry. I watched the slow wither of Palm OS even before the dead zone during transition to webOS. I almost jumped from Verizon to Sprint but waited patiently for a Pre Plus. This is a beautiful phone and webOS is so elegant and natural. But the promise was never fulfilled. Docs2go was a no show, and despite the beautiful browser and the excellent social networking apps the document editing functionality that I had on my Treo was never available.

I bought my 32GB TouchPad on July 31 to capture the early adopter's credit and fell in love with it immediately. Still no document editing but it was on it's way this time, right? A week later Best Buy forked over the price match for the TP. Really nice apps were showing up and it looked like webOS was finally here to stay. Then the bomb dropped. It is clear that webOS is dead, HP didn't even try to find a home for it before they stabbed it in the heart.

I have to give credit again to Best Buy. They refunded my full purchase amount including the case, TouchStone, and keyboard. It grieved me to return it after just 19 days. All the hope of showing off a really distinctive pad in front of all the mundane competition will never happen. I bought a Samsung Galaxy 10.1. There is no point in making a comparison with the TouchPad. The TouchPad won't be around after the next few weeks. I'll have to live with Android for better or worse.

As to who to blame, well, Palm's launch of the Pre was pathetic. Remember the repetition of the stupid commercial for each episode of "The Prisoner"? The Pre never took off and then webOS languished under HP. There is enough blame to go around. All I know is that I have had a Palm product beside me for 15 years. At least I know exactly the day that will end - the day my Verizon contract comes up for renewal in January 2012.

Palm, rest in peace.

Palm Vx, Treo 650, 700p, 755, Pre Plus, TouchPad, Samsung Galaxy 10.1

The page about HP having no brain has so many comments I am unable to comment from my TouchPad. I voted license it but why have they not got this already lined up. Were just going to work on software even with no solid future hardware plan. This makes no sense to me.

sigh. They should give webOS to the open source community and sell the Pre3. Seriously... They didn't even try...

And here I was thinking that with the price drop that they would start making some progress, and the EU Pre3 launches. Guess we know why there was no announcement and they wanted to blow out the remaining stock with discounts.

I now feel dirty when I look at my 2 HP laptops and printers. Guess I won't have to worry about not buying HP hardware again as they don't sound like they will be making any...

How about they fire whoever made this insane decision, tell everyone it was a mistake, and push out the Pre3 next week.

I'm seriously just dumbfounded... Might be time for an EVO3d but I really don't like my 2nd line Epic very much and do have a spare Pre- lying around that I could switch to should my active one stop working. Just Flabbergasted... sobs.

Maybe they can just donate the whole ball of wax to a schizophrenic homeless drug addicted blind def mute who will no doubt do a better job than they have...

How about releasing the Pre 3 before we ask. Their purchase doesn't even make sense. I'm quite certain whom ever this business deals the have been nothing more then a ruse. You could only purchase or invest into a company. Why isn't Palm still their. Now every one though HP Palm was they way to go.

Secondly, why ask these kind of questions before anything has been completed. I know no one with a touch pad or its many benefits. The hardware was already made in the US. Texas instruments. gorilla glass. These are all small companies manufactured for product manufacturing. If they want to save some time and put me on the pay roll. I could gladly make the phone calls to each vendor, meet on square ground and watch them build this.

lol I'm kidding but they already have the product we want.

Oh and use fitTrack, I cant get over how good it is.

I was just thinking today as I went through app catalog how humbled I was. Now the issue with slow processing is one but for a first generation webOS. It smokes just about anything else out there.

But it needs alot, voice dial, better navigation, etc. I'm going to wait this one out, but we all just need this company to be a bit more of a straight shooter. Hard dates need to be made and met. Let hope something gets done. If their scratching the whole thing how about keeping the black and orange key board and the pearl?