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Poll: Would you take Bing for webOS? 49

by Dieter Bohn Mon, 21 Mar 2011 2:29 pm EDT

Pretty much everybody familiar with webOS knows that Google Maps is in dire, dire need up an update. The UI feels glommed-on, the feature-set is woefully behind other platforms, and the various location-issues continue to be a thorn in our collective side. Which has me wondering: when will it get upgraded?

It also has me wondering something else: HP has been adamant that they continue to have an excellent relationship with Microsoft. However, there's no denying that there is probably a bit of tension when it comes to HP's choice of webOS to power virtually every consumer product they make that isn't powered by Windows (and, yes, to even live alongside Windows later this year). It seems that one way to help mend that fence might be to give Microsoft a stake in webOS' success. 

Sure, it's simple for HP to add Bing as a default search option for Just Type - but we're wondering if perhaps HP might be looking to go a little deeper and include an app for Bing Maps on future versions of webOS. Bing has come quite a long way in the past few years. They've especially impressive progress in HTML5 and mobile-related search - so it might be a more natural fit than it might appear at first blush.

Anybody who's used Bing Maps on Windows Phone 7 also knows it's pretty great - but then, it doesn't take much to impress when you compare it to the current Google Maps on webOS. What do you think - would you be happy if HP 'Binged' webOS?



can't we have both?

True true..two options is better than one!

To be on place of HP, I would rather support OpenStreetMap platform or fairly enhance the MappingTool app at least. It's a great piece of software (I'm using the PRO version)

Choice is good. I personally probably wouldn't use bing, but there is no reason not to have it available.

Doesn't matter to me as long as we can get vector maps.

I want whatever is the most functional. If Microsoft wants to step to the plate with a Bing maps app, I would gladly use it.

I have no issue with Bing Maps, as good or better than Google on the desktop. I use Bing for shopping as well as Google and it often saves me money.

I just use ypmobile which uses bing maps instead of google maps.

I prefer Google over Microsoft for all of their services (except Windows). I guess having more feature wouldn't be bad, even though I'm fine with the google maps app on WebOS.

As mentionned, the more the better. We can decide the default app to open when we select a link... we could have both.

Google will be updating their maps for WebOS once the new hw hits the market. Nothing wrong with having choices though. :)

One way or the other, they have to improve the maps app to make it a similar experience of other platforms. Why they have not made this a bigger priority is beyond me. It is flat out embarrassing how bad google maps is for webos. They need a native maps app and they need it now whether it's Bing or Google. I think those are the best options to appeal to a wider consumer base. Other map options while good might be a turn off to the average consumer.

I use both... Just hate the fact that I can't change google from default... Option is better!

I would take Bing. The more choices the better.

A good move on a number of levels. As the market develops, alliances with content providers like Microsoft can only help the cause. And when they finally give up on WP7 or look to augment their place in the mobile market, it's a good relationship to be in.

What am I missing I dont really have any reference point but I dont have any problems with the google maps app on my phone.

The problem with Google Maps on webOS is the abnormally long load times, lack of street view, lack of 3D buildings, lack of efficient integration with navigation services. Use the Android or iOS versions and you will see the difference immediately.

So Microsoft can half-bake a solution also? Why doesn't HP buy Mapquest and then refine their own mapping program? If not they will always be someone else's after thought.

What ever map app is the best I will use. Wheter is is Google, Bing or Ovi. Whatever gives my the best experience

So what's Google official stance on future updates for webOS? Not enough resources or webOS is to small of an platform. Maybe its just a conflict of interests!

Maybe I use Google Maps more than most, but I am surprised to see so little 'hate' on this subject. Google Maps on WebOS is atrocious, primarily due to the slow load speed, and the times when it fails to load altogether, but the lack of features only compounds the problem. I have been on a Pre since Day 1 and really want to stick with WebOS, but if HP/Palm don't improve Google Maps for the Pre 3, or provide a comparable alternative, that would seriously tilt the scales toward me looking to switch platforms.

I rarely use it. If I need turn by turn I use sprint telenav. And if I need a map app, BFG is where it's at. But ifihad to choose, I'd probably want bing.

I totally agree with rlbrooks, why don't HP buy their own mapping solution? They have the money and if they are to compete in the high end smartphone market, these are the basics they must have instaed of waiting for another company to decide when webOS is worth an update!!

Your title make it seem like you want to sell webOS for Bing Maps. HAHA. I'll definitely take Bing Maps on webOS over the current version of Gmaps on webOS


No one claimed about the absence of StreetView in WebOS ? o_O

I believe I did mention just that.

I'd rather have NO maps than use bing for anything at all.

Just defected to the Arrive yesterday. Bing maps is awesome.

I'm not sure why I would need either when I have Sprint Nav. Am I missing something?

To be honest, I like the simplicity of the google maps app. But, mostly for performance issues, it is in dire need of an update. Whenever I see Bing mentioned I hear a chorus of "meh" in my head... I'm fine with whoever wants to provide a maps app and support it with regular updates. As long as it's not crammed with ads or gimmicky features.

Maybe I'm alone in this, but why not work an alliance with Yahoo!. Neither Google, nor MS, should be expected to go out of their way to support webOS since they have competing platforms. Let's work with a solution provider that doesn't currently have a dog in the mobile OS fight.


Not just an updated Google maps app but updated google maps that is a native app.

I wouldn't be surprised to eventually hear that Bing Maps' days are numbered. The alliance that Microsoft has with Nokia may have Bing Maps replaced by Ovi Maps.

Either way, it's not a big deal for me since I use Sprint Nav. And with the compass in the Pre3 it will get even better, that is, if Sprint will get the Pre3...

FYI, I'd guess that Bing Maps is coming. If you watch the developer presentation from last month, for an example of Enyo, they use a map widget on the PC and on phone.

The maps that are displayed are clearly Bing Maps, not Google.

I LOVE the bird's eye view on Bing Maps. I lvoe to see that make its way to webOS. No bird's eye, no care.

Why do we expect 2 companies that offer their own phones, to update an app for webOS??? A company not tied to their phone is the best option and BFG Maps is really good start.

I would not use anything coming from MS.

I really hope there is some news at CTIA for HP and the US carriers, these news postings on precentral are like trying to keep a dying fish alive with droplets of water. I find myself getting more excited reading engadget these days. Hopefully one of the 3 pieced of Hardware Sprint showed will get released already. I reaaly am a Palm WebOS fan but it's like voting for and independent in a presidential race, you know they'll never win, but you do it anyway.

FWIW, The Weather Channel app already uses bing for maps.

Maybe have an option in BFG maps to switch between the bing, google, or some other mapping service?

Is there any reason at all we can't have both? I don't really care what the "Just Type" search engine defaults to at factory settings, as long as you can change the default to the search engine of your choice. And then have 2 map apps, Google and Bing. 2 options are better than 1.

I brought this up as an idea a couple weeks ago.
This question is much too general. Would you take? Imagine there was no webOS yet. If you said would we take google search and maps people would be jumping up and down with joy. It really comes down to how much are they support from each brand. Bing Maps is great so is Google Maps. Google Maps is actually one of the best available. When you mention Bing, especially in comparison to another, your really saying How about "Bing Earth" . Only with WebOS do we have to ask are the going to eventually support Microsoft Earth 3D? Most companies its an obvious yes and just a matter of when. Until we see some commitment to a something more that's already available switching search engine providers and map API is nothing more then more of a lack of commitment. Bing is name brand, but whats next? BGI Maps(aka generic) as your sole source for maps. That might be a bit extreme but you get the point. Go forward with whats on the phone.

The answer is actually no. Assuming Microsoft is going to brand Bing and all of its capabilities to its own phones. Google is a generally available to any and all and provides a superior product in this case. Again why hasn't HP supported further integration is kind of not good. Though I do see what their trying to accomplish more serious application with divisional lines, Google latitude assistant for instance. May allow for further development though it will cost much more money and at this point I have to say no, as Android developers would likely provide this kind of development at a better level.

I must mention here as well. The coding for applications such as pandora. Time lapse bars, and buttons, independent running could be neat until their able to bounce on a phone that already is short on resources. The issue here is really adopting a new form of programming standard, as we also see on the Facebook application, which I'm sure runs better on the pre 2, as it does overclocked on the pre. But some of the cheap quick ways used for opening drop boxes is nothing more then kind of a cheap quick way they noticeably doesn't fit the rest of the programming. Either your going to set real standards or its someone elses job. There just is no deviation on this matter.

The point really comes down something such as Apple is kind of inadvertent beating something that's trying too difficult to be what it is. There pretty much 5 regulation for Apples AppStore and normal software for all developers. Were getting one or two crazy things , that really aren't that ridiculous in this day an age, and zero development. Sparks for a ton of ideas that won't ever be fulfilled besides at RIM headquarters or by Apple developers. Whats wrong with this is, the WebOS can arguably potentially be the best OS, as can most OS's argue, but as we can see it obviously lacks and is the only brand not to actually be competing within its own structure or any real known structure. Blatantly if Apple, Microsoft or Blackberry own Palm and uphold how they operate their company through Palms Ideals and values we have a significant winner.

I'm still available for hire.

I would love to have Bing on the device. It is a far better search engine than google and the mapping is great. People should have a choice in the end, but why continue to support Google.

The most important option in the poll was missing: "Before I use crappy Bing, I rather stick with what we have now."

I just tried the current Bing maps via the web. I like it better than Google Maps

- It was faster
- Directions were the same
- It worked in landscape
- It's easier to read when driving
- Simpler interface

Neither drops and drags, but at least it's an improvement.

I'm looking for a choice that says, "Six months from now, they could both be completely different, so who cares? Just pick whichever one will help get new webOS devices back on Sprint ASAP!"

I love Bing on IE 9! If they brought that experience to WebOS I would pay for it.

Google has left us cold, they don't deserve any love from the WebOS community.

Good idea and timing for HP to grab a map developer and put him on the payroll...in fact grab a bunch of em that have class apps and make the Pre3 and Tab launch worth the wait!!!

to Bing or not to Bing, now that's the question, this would make a lot of sense for MS since they are still tryin to grab back everything from Google.


The full Bing app that I used to have on my WinMo 6 phone was pretty handy -- it would do maps/directions as well as gas prices, movie times and nearby restaurants.

While a lot of these are available in various Palm apps, it was also nice to have it in one place. That all being said, I wouldn't mind having the full Bing suite on my Pre.

Normally I just use Google, but the lack of update is quite a let down.

I had started working on another map source that is much faster than my BFG Maps implementation, and had tile caching and was going to combine it with the best/fastest parts of each map service I could get my hands on.

Here is my issue at this point, I do not have a webOS device at the moment to do development on, I need to get something that will run webOS 3 when released as I also have started work on an Enyo version of BFG Maps. so if anyone knows someone at Palm that can respond to my Pre2 for developers application I would appreciate to at least hear a yes or no from the fine folks at Palm.