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Power sharing: Evo 4G modded for Touchstone compatibility [video] 51

by Jonathan I Ezor#IM Tue, 15 Jun 2010 9:02 am EDT

Our colleagues at sister site AndroidCentral stumbled across an intrepid and daring Evo 4G owner who has modified his phone to work with Palm’s award-winning Touchstone power puck, and even provided a video as proof.

Similar to the Seidio 2600 back mod done by sburlbaw and discussed in our forum, the Evo 4G mod (as discussed here in the AndroidCentral forum) requires taking the induction contacts from a donor Touchstone back and connecting them (along with some magnets for grip) to a Evo 4G back, along with appropriate wires to route to the Evo 4G’s charging points. While the magnets do interfere with the Evo 4G’s built-in compass (not a problem, of course, for compass-less Pres and Pixis) and raise the profile of the battery cover a little, some Evo 4G users may find the ability to charge on a Touchstone worth the sacrifice.

Video after the break, with instructions/tutorials promised for a later date.

UPDATE: That later date has come as promised, here's the relatively painless but still warranty-voiding how-to.


Via: AndroidCentral
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prretty cool.... So what's next? Wipe and load with webos!!!

+1 lol




Pretty impressive, would miss the touchstone if i had an evo.

I would miss to many things I switched to anything else ;-)

I have to stop pressing browser back button...tripel post!

Nice mod, but do we want to encourage anyone to swap (not that this would be NEAR enough reason)...

That actually would something that might push someone on the fence towards the Evo. At least for me, the touchstone is a huge part of my daily routine. From my car to my desk I use it almost all day. The funny thing is, when the Evo came out, my first thought was that it didn't have the touchstone, so I would rather wait for the Pre 2.
Also, this is news that involves Palm and the Pre. It is not encouraging people to switch phones. This article is there because it is "Precentral" so anything that has to do with the phone or the company is worth posting. If people switch because of an article, so be it.

Not till they have a mod to make the UI of Android suck less. I believe that WebOS performance will catch Android faster than Android will catch WebOS UI level. Part of that is the fact that Google ALWAYS SUCKS AT UI.

I saw this on AndroidCentral. Good to know they completed rhe mod! Prettyt slick. Only problem is that the EVO just dwarfs the touchstone, making it look very out of place. Awesome work though!

people comment on how they will switch ...then maybe comeback. That loyalty to a company is not improtant. When things were getting gloomy for palm... I started to get worried. Not because those that work @ palm would lose their jobs and profits...which would suck... But that the next webos phone I am anticipated would never be released. If anyoje thinks that a ton of users dropping pre will not affect hp palms precence/importance in the eys of carriers like sprint... I think they are wrong. At the least, it hurts their negotiating position. Palm looks like they survived... So I can relax and look forward to a new release. I think supporting webos is important.... Not to show loyalty to palm, but to ensure the survival of webos.

+ 1

Pretty amazing work. Quite impressive indeed :)

Wouldn't it be easier and a hell of a lot better to just buy a Pre? Apparentaly the EVO is actually more expensive than the Pre on sprint lol? Basically pay more for a worse phone then screw it up by modding it to work with another phones accessories, well done...

Here's an interesting question. Any chance someone would produce a back plate for the EVO (or any other phone) that would work with the Touchstone?

Sounds like a good business venture. Not much competition to deal with.

Would likely have to license from HP/Palm.

Would it? Just wondering aloud. Palm didn't invent inductive charging. So if someone sells a device with a back that "happens to work with" the Touchstone, would they have to license anything?

Isn't this the logic used by Palm in the iTunes synching drama?

Well, if they commercially advertise it as "happens to work with the Touchstone" then there is at least a trademark issue. If on the other hand they sold their own inductive charging base and backs for other devices and it did "happen" to work with the touchstone but they didn't advertise it.... well there will still probably be lawyers involved.

With the popularity of the EVO, don't you think POWERMAT will solve this problem soon enough??

PowerMat = powerFAT, those cases are huge

Impressive & sad all at the same time. I almost never need to physically plug my Pre into anything - which is really good. Goes hand-in-hand with all the WebOS 'awesomeness'.

Three things that are sad about this:
-It's inevitable that induction charging will become available for other phones (this is the first, certainly not the last)
-Even though the Palm touchstone was the 'first' --> I can see the Droid or iPhone making induction charging for smartphones famous (with little to no reference to the Pre).
-Since the initial announcement (and delivery) of such innovations --> there hasn't been much else to keep people looking at Palm. Try as I might to convince people that the Pre/WebOS is better than iPhone -- it's an uphill battle. It's one thing to demonstrate superiority to the 3GS, but, with the iPhone4 dangling out there as the 'next best thing' / hard to counter with year-old technology (despite the fact that I *still* think the Pre+ is the best).

After one year (of horrible marketing, bad decisions, etc..), it's amazing how virtually unknown the Pre, Pixi and Touchstone are to the average smartphone consumer.

Well thought comment. But you may have forgotten how Palm likes to patent everything and their momma. ;). But this is THE reason I didnt go to the EVO because the TS is so integrated in my life and what I do. I even wrote a DIY on how to properly install one in your car on the everythingpre.com forum.

Man, how much money could Palm have made licensing Touchstone back plates? HP/Palm could still do it...

The only problem with the Powermat it just that; it's a mat. It lies flat. Not that that is a total deal breaker, but if the phone is going to lay flat, why not just plug it in?

Does anyone other than myself seems to think that it's a little odd that we have little to no actual Palm\WebOS related news to read about? Is Palm working on anything new or interesting?

I assume they are working on something. If they've given up, why would they still be trying to encourage devs to port their apps?

I would say things will be very quiet leading up to the June 25th shareholders vote on the HP buyout.

Until the shareholders vote to accept HP's offer, I doubt there will be ANY Palm announcements of any kind.

The only question I have is how soon after the announcement of a successful vote do they start announcing anything (if indeed they have anything to announce to us)?

They've kind of got that whole sale thing on their plates. While I'm sure the Palm devs are still plugging away, HP is going to want a big hand in any major announcements and until the sale, that can't really happen.

I do hope all phone makers start making accessories like the Touchstone. Let's face it, it would be a win for the consumer. Consider what it would be like if only Apple could use multi-touch technology. Choice is good. I hope they figure a way around the magnet + compass issues.

I folded.... and on Sunday I went and placed an order for my EVO. I believe WebOS will survive... but for another calling. With as few people that own the Pre, they have sights on the masses in corporate america who need WebOS cloud technology. I think this is EVO using touchstone is just a small step toward what HP will do to Palm anyway, chop it up and take what you need. Android will be closer to WebOS in due time...heck they probably have about 20% of the developers already...

Bye Pre. Hope to see WebOS again soon. Someone needs to rename this site to "WebOSCentral". That's all that really matters now, cuz the Pre .........doesn't

Good call putting a goodbye message here instead of in the forums ;-)


I wonder if this heats the EVO to 1 zillion degrees like it does to the Pre.

can't believe we only discussing other phones now ...is there any news off flash ?

now if only someone could please release a back for the extended batteries that works with the touchstone. I'd buy that in a heart beat

There is a guy in the forums that will mod one for you. I think it's like 50 bucks tho. I haven't heard any complaints about his work. He even has a webpage, if I recall correctly.


he'll do that for you.

and the page is all written in html5 so you could order it from your pre ;)

I have an EVO and a PRE now. I find myself using the EVO over the PRE, but I miss the multitasking of webos and the touchstone. I would put webos on my EVO in a heartbeat and will upgrade my PRE as soon as we get some updated EVOish hardware for webos, but until then the EVO works better for me.

Hope his Touchstone mod helps compensate for his new superphone's screen coming off...LOL!

What? I thought only Pre's had "hardware issues"? Nothing would suck more than your screen popping out of the frame. Wonder if the heating up of the phone will cause the Evo's glue to weaken faster?

I hope once the deal with HP goes through, they start getting serious on making more Touchstone products. Touchstone was never supposed to be only a charging dock, it is an entire line of products utilizing the charging technology.

I imagine a stereo/alarm clock with the magnetic dock that when the phone is placed on it will automatically switch to the speakers for music or even phone calls using bluetooth. That is the only thing I come up with at the moment, but I imagine Palm has thought of other devices already.

I too picked up the EVO about 5 days ago. I can say that I love the hardware. No question about it. I am also impress by the wealth of good apps that makes me a more productive and overall helps my life go better.

The best way I could explain it is like this: remember when the Mac was the underdog...? yet has the best interface, programs and it was fun to do things just because... and windows was no where there... yet mainstream took the windows and we all know the rest of the history... Mac faithful suffer for a long time.

So, today, I am thinking do I want to go thru that again? wait for things to get better at my expense...

the truth is that the Palm Pre IS A BETTER SMART PHONE than many..if not most, if we can only have decent hardware and just a bit bigger form factor and blazing fast processor and really good apps... well... I will stop so that you do not have to hear what we already know.

So, i am 50/50 at this point, I have really learn how good of a phone I already have - how great it can be... but at $275.00 the EVO may not be that good for me... may be at $100 or so...

so I will return my "concrete lab" soon but in the next 3 months there have better be something from Palm to keep me from the EVO at a lower price - and we are not talking about an upgrade software version but a hardware too..



The Evo is $199, same as the Pre was when it came out.

It would be around $275 if you are not a premier customer and only qualify for the 1 year discount ($75 instead of $150).

LOL, i did this a long time ago with a LG Viewty Smart. Works like a charm. See my post in the forum: http://forums.precentral.net/2400774-post4.html

can them live without palm and webOS?