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Pre 2 to come in a German flavor too? 45

by Dieter Bohn Fri, 12 Nov 2010 8:34 pm EST


The Pre 2 is coming to the UK SIM-Free (and, sadly, free of carrier support) on November 15th. It will come to to Verizon any week now. HP will also be selling an unlocked version to developers and even consumers. So while it's not getting wide carrier support, we expect it to be readily available to people who want to try to find it.

One such person, PreCentral forum member meauxritz, who was poking around Palm Germany's store and found and "accessory," which in this case looks quite a lot like the Pre 2, with the model number 1075EU-UMTS and a price tag of 499 Euro. Looks like it's available for purchase right now to ship in one to two business days for anybody who's jonesing hard enough for some QWERTZ action to give it a shot.

Source: Palm Germany; via PreCentral Forums; Thanks meauxritz!



some QWERTZ action to give it a shot, and a little sprint love

$600 for an unlocked piece of shit?

wow. Not that crazy. I'll wait for CES.

if you think its a piece of crap, why are you here reading and commenting? haha on a serious note fear not the palm sprint hasn't totally disappeared , its on hp's site itself under smart phones and hand helds. anyone want to explain why it costs $579 for the pre and $539 for the preplus with double ram and storage for verizon and $439 for att though? very strange

lol. Probably because it's a free country, and because I love webos, but compared to what's out now in the phone tech world, yeah.... it's a piece of shit.

You can't possibly think that making spec bumps on a phone, modeling the iPhone's upgrade strategy..... LITERALLY to a T from a year ago should be acceptable! Give me a break. Be a fan of webos,but don't forgive Palm's shortcomings and get all defensive when someone else points out that they came out with a phone that's a year behind and are saying it's new, just cause it's only now coming out.

That's just laughable. I'm crying with laughter.

I do love WebOS though. Woulda left a long time ago if it wasn't for that. Can't wait for WebOS 2.0.

I agree that the hardware is not enough for compite to the top range phones, but from there to a "piece of crap" is a VERY BIG difference

sorry. A 'polished' piece of crap. That shoots out of my ass faster than the previous piece of crap.


look, I'm just referring to hardware here. I love the Gorilla Glass screen, but that won't overcome the same plastic body that housed it in. Yes, I know it has the matte finish, but it's still crap. It still has the curved bezel, which no amount of tightening and refinement will totally eliminate the oreo.

And the camera..... Gotta be the most dissapointing part of the phone, by far.

whoa sparky , i am getting defensive and upset? fyi the name of the site around here is pre central dot net not webos lovers unite , ok no more feeding the troll for me sorry peeps


I'm just having fun. Chill.

"You can't possibly think that making spec bumps on a phone, modeling the iPhone's upgrade strategy..... LITERALLY to a T from a year ago should be acceptable!."

Palm has been doing upgrades like this for years and years before iphone came to life.

Now iPhone has been doing upgrades like this
All android phones are doing upgrades like this.

The difference is... When the Pre came out it was a HUGE change in everything that we Palm people were use to. Now we have a lot of "new people" or "forgetful people" with Palm that think the typical tech upgrades are gonna continue to be HUGE. Lets face it...
Android has big slabs/slabs with slide keyboard (small tech bumps if any. (name change does not count as an upgrade))
iPhone has smaller version of a Slab (small tech bumps)

and what does every one of these phones have in common besides what i just said above? Riiight, the newest phone gets the highest price and the older gets a slight reduced price.

I dont understand your arguement.

what makes it a piece of shit? Lol

What makes it a "piece of shit" is that it is more or less the same phone released 2 years too late. And charging 500 Euro for it is (in my opinion) entirely unjustifiable. The Pre 2 is what the Pre should have been. I'm sorry to say that webOS 2.0 is not nearly enough for Palm to compete against Android or the iPhone. They needed KILLER hardware and it isn't coming until at least January. As a developer I'm sad to say that I will be abandoning Palm for either Android or the iPhone come March if they have nothing good to offer. I simply can't be using my original Pre until anything after March because, well, I can't be using a phone in 2011 with hardware that would have wow-ed in 2008. Plus, I think webOS has entirely too many bugs and too many freeze-ups to make it usable to me. All that and webOS doesn't provide nearly enough revenue because of it's minuscule market share. That's the single biggest reason why it doesn't have all the great apps that Android and iOS have.

I'll let you all know what aesthetically pleasing, video-chatting and truly great free apps are like.

TWO years too late??? LOL keep smokin my friend...

You're right, I should've clarified. ALMOST two years two late. The Pre was unveiled January 2009. Of course, their first mistake was not releasing it until 6 months later. But January 2011 is only 2 months away. I figured I'd round up.

"The Pre was unveiled January 2009. Of course, their first mistake was not releasing it until 6 months later."

Now we complain about phones not being unvieled at all.
Go Firgure...

Bingo, BdotR.

Could not have said it better.

This phone is a joke at $499 Euro, it took little to no R&D compared to most other smartphones and basically brings nothing new to the table for WebOS users. It's just faster, and don't mention build quality to me, that should just be a given. It has no digital compass, accelerometer, front facing camera, and little to no available apps of consequence. Not to mention a low quality screen despite the gorilla glass.

I really hope HP and Palm read this site, I don't see how they couldn't, considering there is only a few other WebOS sites out there. I hope they understand how important their CES 2011 presentation is, because good hardware goes a long way, but platform improvement is another big part of it. Palm has been really slow at updating the WebOS platform. I don't want to talk about patches since they did little to nothing except fix bugs for the end user. We don't want more 3D games thrown at us, we want quality first party applications and refinements. Better calendar, notes, tasks, etc.

We want a best in class virtual keyboard, a front facing camera and a regular camera with autofocus so it's actually useful. We want a battery that lasts all day, or at least competes with it's android counterparts. For the love of god give us a 3.5in screen.

Ultimately you need to start doing something that gives fans a reason to not jump ship, even if it seems hasty, -buy Swype, or get mobile firefox, or something!

There's an accelerometer in the Pre 2

You're right of course, in my rant I meant to say gyroscope.

Man, I couldn't agree more.

Freakin A. I would definitely say that if the new phone doesnt come out with what you said then I'd be dissapointed.

I think this is being put out as a developer phone by Palm, just to prime the pump for the tablet and new phones.

The carriers know new hardware should be around the bend, plus this phone is too much like the Pre, which did not sell very well. The hardware and operating system are improved, but to a casual phone user who does not know the ins-and-outs of WebOS, it has no WOW factor.

Another Palm Pre isn't going to pump anyone. I swear Palm is losing more than gaining at this point.

I don't think the Pre 2 is going to make any big waves...but it isn't fair to say that it is outrageously priced or a lousy smartphone.

It's specs are higher than EVERY single Blackberry. Aside from the screen rez, its specs are higher than or equal too ALL the WP7 handsets i've seen (Focus, HD7 etc). Probably they are equal or even better than most Android phones.

The real problem for Palm is no advertising, and the lack of crucial API access like the Mic and Camera which many apps need (not to mention they could still use some more apps).



Post Winner!

(In additon of matching SPECS with ALL WP7 phones, webOS also has MORE apps, by quite a bit (quiality or not) so anyone looking at WP7 has a definite choice against webOS. RIM may have 10K apps but they are G-A-R-B-A-G-E to use, I have a Curve for the Mrs. and a Bold at Work (rarely used) and BBOS5.x is useless AND the screen is smaller than the Pre.)

Of the 17 Pres I've "sold", 11 of them have been to BB users.

WP7 has something like 1800 (I think) apps and it's been out for pretty much a week. webOS has around 4500 (in US) and the App Catalog has been out for probably around 1 and a half years. WP7 has Microsoft behind it. See why WP7 is going to win? I feel bad for HP because they're going to have to throw more money than they bought Palm for to make webOS successful. But of course you can say they paid around 1.2 billion for Palm's patent portfolio which alone is probably worth that much and webOS second.

Sure, but what use is a camera API when it has no autofocus?

@bradleyj. Thank you very much. I hear all this ranting and raving which is now the norm at precentral. Iwant a front facing camera, I want this, I want that. Obviously we need better hardware. The average phone user isn't tech geeks like us. He gets great advertising and mic and things like talk to dial, and something that won't explode when you drop it. That alone is enough to keep him/her happy. Average Joe typically doesn't play angry birds. He wants to keep in touch with his social group.

Yeah but palm has angry birds and none of that other stuff, see the problem?

Are you kidding???
In Europe you can buy an unlocked HTC Desire + 16GB SD for 480

Ever thought that the smaller screen is an advantage for other people? I don't want a bigger display, i want a nice small and handy mobile phone like the Pre is. The form factor is just perfect.

If you like the Desire buy one. Probably you then will complain about the missing hardware keyboard.

Your right with some other points, battery life has to be improved and a MicroSD slot would be nice. The price is the show stopper for me, i would buy the Pre 2 (because thats the phone i expected the first Pre to be), but i will not pay 500 bucks.

If you sell a phone with a 500+

Looks like I was right they were going to release it in Germany next. The pre 2 is just a lame almost worthless upgrade of the original pre. Palm's sales just going down the smartphone evolution ladder just like Palm themselves. Anyway this better be a rumor.

1075EU-UMTS is the same model number available at the UK site and that says "Slide-out physical QWERTY keyboard".


I paid 480eur for the sim-free O2 pre 1 on day one of german release. This price was stable for some month, so if you like that formfactor and this OS it is not way over priced compared to prices for sim-free other max 1Ghz modells (well with better displays) here in germany:

HTC desire HD is 559Eur
Samsung galaxy S I9000 is 549Eur
Black berry bold 9700

You mustn't compare to other phones. In France they sell it for 399 Euro. Additionally, HP/Palm have to push their phones into the market. Not to cheap not to expensive. So 399 Euro would be a decent price for this phone.

Desire HD and Galaxy S can demand those prices though because they aren't JUST a 1GHz phone. Higher res, Android (marketplace), better battery, better display altogether. In my opinion the only phone that can't command that price is the BB. I feel like HP is charging mostly for webOS 2.0, and they really can't do that (nor will they be able to get away with it) in the position they're currently in. (That position is absolutely NO MARKET SHARE!!!)

The HTC Desire HD (4.3" screen) costs around 560


All I know, if Palm goes to CES 2011 with a badass tablet and bunch of new features that they stripped from WebOS 2.0 to not give it away, all is forgiven. But if it's a talk about printer integration and 'the future' it's over.

Don't forget that european prices include VAT which is around 20% (Germany is 17% if they didn't raise it in the meantime).

In Germany the VAT is 19%, in France it is 19,6% (TVA).

I recently upgrded on O2 to the pre plus, my wife has the iphone 4 and my son the htc desire. I know the specs on the pre plus aren't as good as the other two devices, but it is not below par.Combined with webos the pre runs rings around apple and android, and is far more advanced. I can honestly say this as I have used all three phones, apples ios is childish and boring and android which is better than ios is rough around the edges. Webos is years ahead of anything, I mean this sincerely.


I am still on my 1st Sprint Pre, I am trying to hold out for CES and something that will be great. I am holding my upgrade to see what HP/Palm will have to offer, if it isn't up to par I am gone. I love WebOs and would miss it greatly but I want a bigger screen, great hardware keyboard, fast lag free OS and that's about it. I don't need but a couple of games, don't need front facing cam (would be nice but don't need it) and a way to sync to a HP/Palm desktop app. Please bring it in early early 2011.

I'd also love a desktop app. I'm kind of disappointed that they have yet to release one. From what I can tell (from just being an active user in the Palm Dev Forums) Palm has been entirely too understaffed to have an entire mobile OS to work on. If HP provides them with double the workforce they should be able to patch up all the holes and add all the features it needs to succeed.

As for the front facing camera, it'll be useless if the only video chatting app is the Skype app seeing as it would be Verizon only. They need to throw money at Fring and Qik to develop a webOS app and they NEED to make it interoperable with Android.

Sadly, most of us are in demand of a slab type of device (myself included) but ONLY if they get the VKB right. If not I will leave webOS. Opening my Pre every time to do something makes me want to throw it against the wall, and having actual conversations with people on that keyboard tires my hands out after a minute or two of heavy typing.

Palm needs an Ultimatum because their most popular consumers are their existing customers. Sadly, loyalty plays no part in this for me anymore because of the neglect that they've showed to fix obvious issues.

As expected, it's a UK-QWERTY model no real german QWERTZ, but it's available in the german store: