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Pre 2 drops to $50 on contract in US, absolutely nothing in UK (and Canada) [update: Make that $30] 47

by Derek Kessler Sun, 06 Mar 2011 10:57 pm EST

HP’s online phone depot HP Wireless Central has long been selling Palm devices at a nice discount, and even had the new Verizon Palm Pre 2 running for $50 less at release than the carrier itself. Now they’ve gone and cut the price a bit more (quite a bit more) to just $49.99 on contract. If you’re looking to buy off-contract, you’d be better off going through Verizon, as Big Red will charge ‘ya $409.99 compared to HP’s $429.99.

If you happen to be across the pond, the only way you’re going to get your hands on a Palm Pre 2 is by living in France and going with SFR, or by buying one unlocked direct from HP. Online retailed wants to make things a bit easier for you, and is offering the Palm Pre 2 (still unlocked) subsidized in combination with a few dozen different plans from O2, Orange, and Vodafone. In this case, you’d also be better off going with for the contract-free variet, as they want £336.95 versus HP’s £399.00. Both are ridiculous mark-ups from their Yankee coin counterparts: US$547.50 and US$648.31 (eek), respectively.

Update: protofa chimed in early and fast in the comments to let us know that HP's Verizon Pre 2 contract price has change - it's now $29.99 on a new or renewed contract. Get one while it's hot!

Update 2: wt has chimed in to let us know that the Pre 2 is also available for free in Canada, both after a special $100 discount with a 3-year contract on Rogers (for all smartphones) and for straight-up free with a contract from reseller Wireless Wave. Neither deal seems to be available online, though.

Source: HP Wireless Central,; Via: webOSroundup; Thanks to everybody that sent this in!


hp has it for 29.99 with new 2yr verizon contract

Same price the Pre 3 will be a few weeks after *it's* release.


Sell through issue? Or preparation for Pre 3 and Touchpad?

SO just got an iPhone, and I am really happy I have my Pre! Much more intuitive. If HP can solve the apps issue, then they will succeed.

Apple lowers the prices on its products in preparation for a new release. This looks like HP doing the same, but probably preparation for the Veer which should be coming out earlier.

This is a pretty optimistic view of the events here. The Pre 3 isn't due for months yet (possibly 5-6), and typically Apple reduces prices after the other product is released. I think what we're seeing here is that the Pre2 had little to no orders on Verizon, and unfortunately, if you bought one, you're probably in trouble. HP has shown that they will drop support for legacy devices shortly after their release. I would hold off this 'deal', since we haven't heard one way or the other on webOS 3.0 and the pre2.

Drops support for their legacy devices shortly after release? Are you on crack or do you just think you're at Android Central?

My contract is for 2 years years, shouldn't my phone get updates throughout the two years?

here in the uk you can get it for £347 with a free touchstone from Just not sure its worth spending the cash with pre 3 on the way.

Of course who isn't locked into a contract that has a pre plus....hp could make it right by working with verizon to give us a free upgrade to get that phone...I would pay $50 to tide me over till the pre 3..
I just went to webos 2.0....has flaws but it works fine on the phone...

I would bet those flaws disappear when you upgrade to the Pre 2.

Why should HP or Verizon give you a free phone?

I don't want a free phone...just the ability to use an upgrade discount now....I would pay $100 even...

So tempted, but I know pre-3 is coming out soon and most patches dont work for webOS 2.0. Definitely if my phone breaks down, I will get a pre-2 instead of replacing it with another pre plus

Just drop it on the ground a few times and it'll break.

You don't really need a lot of the patches that don't work.

In the Great White North Rogers has a promo going on right now that is $100 off smartphones, so the Pre 2 is actually $0 on a 3 year deal.. I caved yesterday and picked one up since it didn't cost me anything.. This way I can just buy the Pre 3 outright when it's released.

I just went to and it's listing the Pre 2 for $149 with a 2-year contract. Also it says they're out of stock. Where are you seeing $29.99?

Did you click the link at the bottom of the article?

Plus, it stands to reason that HP would have more in stock than Verizon...

It's on hp's website

It's free on Rogers if you get it from the Telephone Booth or Wireless Wave.

It wouldn't surprise me if it's totally discontinued in a month or so (if it's not already).

What would they replace it with? The Veer isn't coming to non-gsm carriers?

Replace it? I'm sure they're way overstocked with them as it is. Hence, the price drop after a few weeks. UK are doing the Pre 2 for free on a Vodafone 18-24 month contracts.

I would like to see them put this phone on some of the prepaid services like Boost, Virgin, or Wal-Mart. Its way better than most of the phones you can currently get with those services and I think it would sell very well.

It's the data requirements of smartphones that prevent them from selling on prepaid services.

That is untrue. There are actually cheap Android smartphones on some of those prepaid carriers already.

I don't know about those prepaids but I've heard PagePlus can use any non-BB Verizon phone on their service. I've also heard that Kitty Wireless is the best authorized dealer to go through for PagePlus service.

i just bought pre2 on the 3rd for 100.00 which angers me alitte, think I can get half refund?

well called in to hp an no discount or refund but did get free 50.00 bluetooth to make up for buying my pre2 few days earlier. which makes me even happier with my pre2 purchase for 100.00,, GO HP!

It seems like a long wait for those of us that bought a PRE+ a years ago. I thought Verizon was going to do something so that people could early upgrade from one Pre to another. I'll pay the $50, or even $100 if I could upgrade.

For $29 I had to jump in at this price - even with the three months remaining on my Sprint contract and a $50 ETF it's still pretty cheap at $79 total... My original Sprint Pre- also has the dreaded cracked screen and the vibrate/mute function is no longer working so it was barely hanging on/not sure I'd make it to "Summer" anyway... Hopefully my "Pre1" Otterbox case will also fit the new Pre2 which is another $25 I won't have to spend again...

It's a bit of a bummer going from Sprint "$69 Everything" to a $89 Verizon plan but I'm also expecting better coverage with Verizon where I live and if that turns out to be true then I'd consider it worth it...

Also have to add $35 for the switch to Verizon account setup fee but that may have been likely even if I'd waited for a Pre3 as Sprint has been more or less Pre-abandoned since the original model/I'm doubting that Sprint will be Pre-anything from here on out...

Sorry Capndan3 but I totally disagree,

As long as you're happy that's all that counts but if you break it down.....

$29 for Pre2
$50 for ETF
$480 more for new contract (verizon $20 more per month over sprint times 24 months)
$35 Verizon account setup fee

Total: $594 dollars for a Pre2

Agreed that the additional $20/month on Verizon does add up but I was expecting to have to leave Sprint anyway since their coverage has been very erratic/poor reception at my house (and I'm in the middle of a sizable city, Raleigh, NC) so I must just be in an unfortunate "dead spot" and I'm losing faith that Sprint is going to get ANY new WebOS device this year (and the $29 Pre2 w/16GB is certainly going to beat any Veer/Pre3 price by a good amount - especially the upper teer Pre3 with 16GB memory instead of the "base" 8GB model...). The odds of Sprint getting a Pre2 are virtually nil - no doubt that the Pre2 production run is done, Verizon is just selling off the existing inventory, Veer is going to be the replacement Pre "entry model" come April or so... And I'm not interested in a Veer at any price - just too small and it has that awkward magnetic external audio jack which is going to be a pain...

And although the Pre3 larger screen would be nice it's just not that significant to me on a phone - from pictures of the devices the text size appears to be essentially the same so the same readability to me. I'd much rather browse the web on a tablet than any cellphone anyway and not interested in the video call front-facing camera at all... The Pre2 will solve my three biggest complaints of my Pre-: WebOS2/faster processor/operation, better build quality/gorilla glass screen, and hopefully on Verizon better reception where I need it to work...

I like what HP is doing, but what I don't understand is what is the purpose of the veer? The Pre 2 couldve been the counterpart to the Pre verizon lowered the price of the pre 2 to prepar to sale the veer...which will most likely sell less than the pre 2...then they release the Pre 3...which many people may not buy due to them being tied to contracts with the Pre 2 and the veer..either the veer couldve been high end...or they shouldn't have made it at all...this is crazy

i just bought pre2 on the 3rd for 100.00 which angers me alitte, think I can get half refund?

well called in to hp an no discount or refund but did get free 50.00 bluetooth to make up for buying my pre2 few days earlier. which makes me even happier with my pre2 purchase for 100.00,, GO HP!

o, i will buy the pre3 also pre2 be a sweet backup phone when it comes out, even tho i just bought the pre2!

The phone has only been out for a couple of weeks (on Verizon) and it's already $30 from $150? I guess I should wait a couple of weeks if I get a Pre3 when it's out.

just wait lil bit longer get the pre2 for 30 or free in a few days\weeks then go buy pre3 get 2 phone for price of one, that is a deal pre2 30.00 or free in a month or so, later get pre3 200 to 400 with no upgrade or new acct still worth it in my book, thats 2 phone for 200.00 to 400.00 well worth in if you love webos like alot say. not like u cant sell pre2 to a friend for recoop...

It seems to me that the Veer (if a CDMA v. ever gets built...) would be a WAY better complement to the TouchPad's features than the Pre2. Clearly, many questions remain to be answered, particularly OS updates... OTA or otherwise. I suppose I'm fortunate to have an intact Pre+ and no reason to re-contract until December. I can wait (KoW).

This has me feeling a little more optimistic for Palm's future mindshare because it shows shows they are willing to compete on price if things don't initially sell as well as they'd hoped. I'm looking at you, TouchPad/Veer.

I'm on Sprint. Should I switch carriers? Should I leave our beloved WebOS for android cr*p? Should I keep waiting around with my Pre- for another couple months?(Not Happening!)
Does anyone have any answers??

i 2 am on sprint have 3lines on it, but started a verison acct an got a pre2 got my foot in verison a sprint doors ready to get the pre3 on either carrier!

It's pretty clear VZ is just moving stock. Pre 2 will probably hit Sprint soon. Pre 3 is clearly going to VZ, Veer to AT&T.

It's been fun Palm, but I need a new phone. Last week my USB crack finally did in my touch screen and now I'm on a crappy refurb with a flickery/yellow screen.

I had such high hopes. :( But Sprint is cheap. Can't afford to leave em'.

Hit EBay. I just bought a great-working Spring Pre for $29+$6 shipping. That experience has me wondering if I'll ever buy a "new" phone again.

the key in tech world is to be 2 years behind and you'll always get goos deals.