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Pre 2 finally almost available on Verizon -- on sale Feb. 10 37

by Phil Nickinson Wed, 09 Feb 2011 3:18 pm EST

Yeah, so the Pre 3 was just announced, and that means it's time for Verizon to finally start selling the Pre 2. (Go ahead, read it again.)

Jon Rubenstein at this morning's "Think Beyond" event said that Big Red will finally offer up the Pre 2 tomorrow -- as in Thursday, Feb. 10. As for the Pre 3? You're still going to have to wait until "early spring."

So, uh, who's going to rush out and snap up one of these newly outdated Pre 2s?



Underwhelmed at best...

It better be free or super cheap with contract if Verizon expects to sell any... WTF were they thinking?

Look, I just want 2.0, or 2.2 on my Pre Plus until I'm able to get the Pre 3.

Here here!!

Uh, about that....

how can a company as big as HP, and people as smart as they are in Palm be so so stupid? who's going to buy the Pre2, when they're announcing Pre3 today? It's already outdated!!! jeez, i'm so disappointed today, it's unbelievable! I'm such a fanboy, but today is just depressing!

Not to mention - the iPhone 4 on Verizon goes live for in-store purchase tomorrow. Why would you even choose to compete? That is almost comical.

I might pick up a Pre2 when I can get one cheap and off contract on Ebay.

When HP says "early Spring" for the Pre3, does that mean early Spring 2011 or 2012?

It's Summer not Spring...I'd say late August which I suppose I may as well wait another 4 months when my contract is up and see what other phones become available. If Palm (I mean HP) doesn't upgrade my WebOS to 2 by then, I will lose all confidence in them and never purchase another product by them since they don't seem to care about their current customers.

HP should show a software upgrade path. For example, what new webOS features that will also show up in Pre 2.

My gut tells me, HP does not care about Pre 2 any more. They probably already built a bunch of them, so may as well sell them and get more people to use webOS.

I think if anything is going to kill Pre 2 sale, it would be Veer. Because I assume Veer would support the touch share, which does not look like it would be possible with Pre 2.

veer will not support touch to share function

I'll get one as a trade for my Pre+ :)

You've got to be kidding!!!

Yeah this will totally sell against the Verizon iPhone 4. They shouldn't even bother at this point. I really hope Sprint picks up the Pre 3, otherwise I'm gone. My contract is up in September.

ill pick a Pre2 up from craigslist.. patiently waiting.

Didn't HP's CEO just say they weren't going to announce stuff until it was ready to ship?

Did Rubenstein really say 'finally'?

I'm pretty sure the Pre 3 wasn't available until SUMMER. The tiny phone was the spring garbage.

No prices, and no solid date on anything except the device that they already released?

Sounds like S.O.S. vaporware to me. By the time this stuff comes out it will all be outdated, once again.

so we're back to "coming months"....Pre2 doesn't sound too bad now. As long as it still comes with free Verizon HotSpot, it's a great device -- and it's the only way to get webOS 2 in my hands for the next several months.

This looks great! I can't wait for the new phone, I'll stay up all night if I need to.

And by the way, you whiners who want a new form fractor or slab phone: Get and iphone and go away! Palm has always had a physical keyboard and I hope always will. Jees, you can download any number of virtual keyboards if you like and never open it up. Go away, and don't rain on our parade!

.... back to where I was; oh yeah, the pre 3 looks great! Hp is really getting serious about the cloud and I think this phone reflects that. How fast is 1.4 gh if you overclock? We'll see, but for today I'm really happy. I think they hit a home run and will soon be ahead of apple instead of pulling even.

again, another stupid play by hp. really, what are they thinking????

Disappointed on the Pre2's release. Competing with the iPhone4 is crazy talk. They could've gotten some buzz ANY OTHER DAY OF THE YEAR.

I'm getting it! my Pre plus is on its last legs. I have a warranty plan though that comes with an upgrade if the old phone was discontinued. i have a "feeling" my pre plus might just conveniently break in the next few days. hehe i thought ahead! :)

I'm buying one, my Pre+ is working fine, but I don't want to wait for the Pre 3, it is CDMA, but who knows if Verizon will get it or Sprint (hopefully HP will do like Samsung did with the Galaxy S and get it everywhere), but I'd rather wait with the Pre2.

If it's not too bad in price, I'll probably pick one up to make the wait for the Pre 3 a bit less painful. My Pre + is pretty much on its last legs so this would be a nice upgrade until then.

I just talked to our local Verizon store 6pm EST and they had not heard anything about the Pre 2 launching tomorrow. This launch is a total joke.

this is a mistake, right?

As for the Pre 3? You're still going to have to wait until "early spring."

This sucks, I dont care about VZ Im on Sprint. BUT WTF!!! Is H/Palm crazy????? The Pre 3 should be out tomorrow to compete with the iphone4. By the time the damn Pre 3 hits shelves it will already be behind. I had MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH higher hopes for todays reveals. =( x10

If you all think that Verizon will have the Pre 3 this summer, look how long we have waited for the Pre 2. I'm going to get a Pre 2 until Verizon will get their heads in the game.

I will be getting the Pre 2! I have been wanting it for months. Just because something better will be coming out in the summer does not bother me. There will always be something newer, faster. Can't wait. Come on Verizon open up.

Just more Palm lies. It's Feb.10th, where's the Verizon Pre 2?

Edit: oh I see that Palm has added it to their website as an advance order. I guess that's what they mean by "available."

I will likely pick one up - off contract, mind you, so I'll be paying full price. I'll be in the same boat for Pre3 - I won't get upgrade rights for a good long time. I need to ditch this Pixi Plus ASAP, though. It's painfully slow.

On a side note, Pre3+Touchpad WiFi could be gadget nerdvana for me.

if you view the tech of the 2 and 3 there not to different...well the 3 blows me away but the price and availblity is here for the 2....hmmm.....tough very tough....

Went to Verizon today and they didn't even hear of the pre 2 being released.

It isn't listed on the Verizon webiste!!!!

They are pushing the iphone 4...

At 700.00 no upgrade discounts....

None of the 3 Verizon stores/booths at my local mall had the Palm Pre 2 on display. I really wanna check out 2.0 while I am stuck with the Sprint Pre till September, but no one seems to have it.