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Pre 2 to launch on Verizon on November 11? [rumor] 50

by Derek Kessler Thu, 21 Oct 2010 10:24 am EDT

Verizon Palm Pre 2 There’s not much to go on, but it lines up nicely with some of the whispers we’ve been hearing around the virtual watercooler: according to Droid Life, the Palm Pre 2 will be launching on Verizon on November 11th. At least, that’s what their source indicates. The follow-up to the Pre and Pre Plus will be launching for the holiday season rush alongside a slew of new Android handsets, including the Motorola Droid 2 Global, Droid Pro, and Citrus.

Sure, that’s a lot of Android, but we’d be pleased as punch to see Palm's statement that the Pre 2 would be on Verizon Wireless in "coming months," cut down to less than one. Here's hoping that we'll be seeing a Verizon Wireless Pre 2 without the GPS crippling with which VZW burdened the Pre Plus.

Source: Droid Life; Via: Boy Genius Report; Thanks to all!


As a Sprint customer, I really feel sad.

As a Sprint customer, I feel like I'll be leaving when my contract is up.

It's mindboggling that a company would get so many people on an OS then not immediately jump on the 2nd version.

While I share in your disappointment as a Sprint customer longing for a new WebOS device, I can't say I will be joining your ship abandonment. Sprint's prices are too good; all we can do is hope Sprint announces they are going to release Pre2

My Sprint bill has repeatedly went up every month. They are limmiting discounts and its realy making me mad. Now they are not going to carry the Pre 2. Mine died and im stck with my old BB. I can update in January. If Sprint hasnt said somthing by then, im gone.

It's not "mindboggling," because the Pre was not a big winner for Sprint.

It's *frustrating*, though, because Sprint was part of the reason the Pre wasn't as big a hit as it deserved. (Early build (lack of) quality and Palm's own advertising input sure as hell didn't help.)

And it's *especially* frustrating, because when I contacted Sprint to ask that they carry the Pre 2, the response was, "Since we don't carry the Pre 2, I cannot respond to your question." Super, guys. Thanks.

I'd kinda hoped Sprint was beyond the customer service stupidity of a few years back, but I guess not.

(BTW, "Pre 2" is a *stupid* name. Even stupider than "Pre." Great device ... stupid, stupid name.)

Wise man say: He who picks device over carrier gets raped by big red or big blue.

Hmm, what do I want, a fancy new phone along with a more expensive plan that will end up costing me hundreds of dollars more over two years, or a proven phone with a bargain data plan? (Hint: I want the cheaper option)

I agree, but there is an actual physical limit. My original Pre started showing the very first signs of oreo-effect last month. And I baby my phone.

Sorry, should I have included in that statement that I don't have to worry about money? Because I don't. It's not a concern.


as a Sprint customer I'm a little peaved too.. I mean there's only 3 features of this phone that remotely interest me.. 1ghz processor(imagine overclocking that? Whew),, bigger memory(no TMC errors) and lastly the thing I thought it should of had from day one... A flippin glass screen!!! Damn!

it's cool cause this morning I finally got 3stars in all levels of Angry Birds and I saved alot on my car insurance.. Hahahaha

My guess is they will use this for Verizon launch and Sprint will get a Plus version/4G later.

this is what I'm thinking (hoping) for myself as a Sprint customer. Gimmie a phone that crushes the iphone and androids with hardware as well as software (given)

I just want 2.0 for my pre plus.
what is the upgrade date for that?

Supposedly November.

I just want 2.0 for my pre plus.
what is the upgrade date for that?

Of course there is a slew of Android phones coming out. That stupid OS is on everything. Well my Verizon contract isnt up til next year anyway so hopefully when it is up, there will be another phone out by then.

...and does that mean Pre Plus owners can see an OS update to 2.0 that day as well?

Day 1 Sprint Pre user. I will wait to see what HP Superphones are announced at CES. In the meantime - will current Pre owners have to wait until after the Verizon launch to get webOS 2.0?

I'd love 2.0 for my 1 Ghz Sprint Pre. I guess I won't have to make a decision on whether or not to upgrade to the Pre 2 or wait for another device until Sprint actually announces that it will carry the Pre 2. Here's hoping for a new phone(s) announcement at CES.

Dunno that anything Palm or VZW does will fix the GPS crippling short of something systematic by VZ. From how thid seems to effect devices across the board from them, it seems to be something in the fundamental way tower assist works for VZW.

so.... When's the Sprint launch? ;-)

F*** Verizon (with their high prices and hobbled gps)

Any rumblings of the AT & T launch date?

as a long time Sprint/Palm user, started with a Treo 300, I feel slighted. Sprint could at least make some form of announcement. HP has placed the ball in their court and they have dropped it.

"Here's hoping that we'll be seeing a Verizon Wireless Pre 2 without the GPS crippling with which VZW burdened the Pre Plus."


I have been absolutely loyal to webOS, but as someone who is also loyal to Sprint, I've become a bit disenchanted in general with this situation. Here's hoping HP releases a slew of webOS products so more devs will release more apps (and more ports). Otherwise it's going to become more and more difficult to stay faithful and not just go ahead and jump ship for a lesser OS with better hardware and more apps like Android.

Also, for what it's worth, I've been impressed with webOS roundup this week. They've been posting some interesting stuff about the lack of Sprint and O2 love for Pre 2. They even reported about this Nov. 11 rumor two days ago.

Any chance P|C will get the VZW Pre 2 to test prior to the release? I'd like to know if the keyboard is finally working and if they have fixed the GPS issue.

If the GPS problem is software based, they should be able to fix it in webOS 2. So, a working GPS shouldn't require a new phone. But, I like the design changes to the Pre 2 and I'm not really interested in the potential slab design, so the Pre 2 could work for me for a couple years.

It's well known and confirmed by Palm that the GPS behavior on the Verizon Pre+ is due to purposeful crippling by Verizon. Palm can't do anything other than pressure Verizon to stop.

As a sprint customer and Pre user since July '09, I'm really not impressed with the Pre2. I'd rather wait for a better WebOS phone than be stuck with a minor hardware improvement for 2 years.

I have one question though. I keep seeing people posting/salivating for the Roadrunner & Mansion rumored devices. If or when these become a reality, what will become of PreCentral? Assuming people move on to better & newer WebOS devices will there be corresponding www.** sites?

I agree. This site should have been called a long time ago - ever since they introduced the pixi.

webOS| What a great problem to have.

They guys themselves got rumors of a domain name switch in the works a long time ago. It seems to have quietly died though.

No longer! What's the plan, Dieter?!

So, for those of us bought a Pre Plus from Verizon last January when they finally rolled them out, we can't upgrade to a Pre 2 for at least a year and a half?

Interestingly, they just sent me an ad saying I could switch to a Droid now.

And frankly, you'd think they'd be happy to have us switch, since those of us with original Pre Pluses get the unlimited data and free Mobile Hotspot. Dilemma - lose the hotspot for the hot phone?

I don't think you would automatically lose the free mobile hotspot if you got a Pre2, and I don't think the tiered data plans are out yet (or are they?). For example, when I got my Pre+ and completely changed my whole calling plan, they said I could still keep an old low-cost texting plan they don't offer any more.

That is something you'd have to be careful of though; stuff like this is why I always do all my phone upgrades/plan changes directly with Verizon customer service.

I could actually switch to a Pre 2 now, as I've got another NE2 upgrade available from my wife's phone and she has no interest in a upgrade (yes, Verizon does let you transfer the NE2 upgrades around with no hassle). And I'm kind of tempted too, even though my Uberkernel'd Pre+ w/WebOS 2 will be 95% as good as a Pre2. I guess I just have 'new toy' desire.

I love webOS and the Pre Plus but I didn't like that the GPS was crippled so I went to a DROID. WebOS 2.0 looks great and I love the form factor of the Pre 2 so I'm definitely thinking about getting a Pre 2. Just hope the GPS actually works VERIZON!

I will wait for the pre 2 review.. If Pre 2 don't suffer keyboard lag & heat problem.. I will surely upgrade.. 1ghz cpu & web os 2 & flash already gave me enough reasons to upgrade.

For those on verizon that are interested in upgrading their pre plus to the pre 2, see the following precentral forum link.

I'm with you guys. I moved to the EVO but have been waiting for a flagship Palm device to land on Sprint before coming back to webOS. I couldn't stand the lack of build quality, as well as less than admirable hardware specs. I'm in the tech industry and feel the need to have the best of the best when it comes to my phone, and sadly, the Pre being "best of the best" was very short-lived. The Pre2 is already lacking spec-wise when compared to the competition.

Maybe sprint is doing the same thing I am... waiting for something worth selling (or in my case, buying)? I mean, why dump resources into a product that can't come close to the competition, speaking only to the hardware...

Lacking spec wise? With the SAME 1ghz, 512MB, 16GB as ALL Smartphones on the market *including* the TEN 3-week old WP7 phones...


Yep, Palm was supposed to release a device with specs from the future that don't even exist yet...

(and no, the OMAP4400, QC9900, or DC Humming bird are not in production yet)


Come on man, you can't seriously say that by duplicating what has already been out for MONTHS is innovative...

How about dual cameras?
How about more than a 5mp camera?
How about screen resolution and type?

It's called innovation, not releasing specs from the future that don't exist...

Some of you guys are so hard-headed about your Palm... sheesh. I'm a fan too, relax!

Really disappointed not to see the evolution take place on Sprint, however, I don't think the "2" is enough of a bump to warrant blowing my upgrade anyway. I don't see the Pre 2 doing very well on Verizon either. The design change will not be apparent to the casual user & the VZ reps will be pushing Droid to the masses. Also, this release seems a little "half-assed" and could create an even more negative perception of webOS. Not sure what HP/ Palm is doing ... and I don't think they do either. Hope they have more planned than what they are revealing now.

Im gonna laugh when you all continue to bi*** and then you guys get some killer device that VZW and AT&T dont get. This is not the killer device that will be announced at CES. just hold onto your briches for one more minute and wait and see what you guys get.

Good points all...especially the one about the possibility of Sprint waiting for something worth selling. Truth be told, I like my Sprint Pre minus. It's overclocked and patched out and once it has 2.0 I'll be even happier. Pre 2 really isn't different enough to merit an upgrade, and it's definitely not enough to merit breaking contract to switch carriers. I'll be waiting for something next level.

I agree, Pre2 ain't worth spending my yearly upgrade. (Unless I don't have a choice, when my old Pre falls apart.)

I gotta admit, though, if HP/Palm had slightly embiggened the screen, and significantly increased the resolution, I'd be pretty happy.

"embiggened" the screen?! My good fellow, I believe you meant to say, "increasificated". No need to thank me, I am an English major, after all.

why would sprint want this old pre for? i agree with sprint when hp/palm bring a new hardware to the table then we talk.

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PRE 2 ??? WHAT ARE YOU GUYS TALKING ABOUT??? IT IS NOT A PRE 2 ! It's the same palm pre plus! HP soon will release really different and completely new phone that will be considered as real pre 2. And about this upcoming one which people call pre 2 - think logically - Palm in hope to sell Palm pres a lot manufactured them so many, but their expectations failed
so now in order to get rid of what they did manufacture before, not just dump these phones they did following little upgrade - changed camera from 3 to 5 MP, changed processor and screen cover! PALM PRE 2! LOL. I love pre, but don't make me laugh Palm and don't call salt as sugar!

I think TMobile should get the Pre 2 since they were the only major US carrier that didn't get this device. Current Pre or Pre Plus owners probably won't upgrade and all others will more than likely buy a better phone offered by their carrier. I'm going wait for webOS 2.0 but I'm soooo close to upgrading to Sprint's HTC Evo. A friend mine always get the same phone as me, she just bought an Evo and said it does everything the Pre does (but better) and more. There is even a webOS app you can download in the Android Market. Tempting... But I've been faithful to Palm for years since the early days of the Treo, always upgrading to Palms next best thing (Pre 2 not included ewww). So we will see...