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Pre 2 looks to be a lock for November, $100 rebate in tow 43

by Dieter Bohn Fri, 29 Oct 2010 2:05 pm EDT


Engadget has come across the details for Verizon's phone rebates for November and reports that the Pre 2 is listed there, complete with the same rebate as most other smartphones on big V, $100 bucks. Sadly, that doesn't give us a good indication of what the actual price may be, but it certainly does make it look like the "coming months" we keep referencing actually means "coming month." It's on its way, folks.

Source: Engadget; Thanks Phenoum!



Great! Now leak a super-webOS-phone for sprint please!!!!



abso-freakin-lutely right



HPalm comon... many people jumped ship to the EVO not because of Android but because of its hardware. This should tell you that people don't care much for this form.

I have personally gotten 3 people to buy the pre. All 3 returned it within 30 days to get an android phone because it had a better form factor.

I hear you. I got my buddy to switch out of BlackBerry to a Palm Pre Plus. He spent 2 weeks, was frustrated with the phone features, and then switched out to Samsung Fascinate. This was before I could HomeBrew patch his phone with all the goodies. I just couldn't sway him when the other hardware is just that much more sexier.

I know right! WebOS 2.0 is going to tide me over....for now. But we want new hardware!

Save yourself the hassel and buy it from Best Buy... no rebates! :D

Does this mean the next Pixi will have a $150 rebate? lol

Im hoping this will be priced $99-$150.

If it is priced at $99 then Vzn is paying you to get the Pre2?

Now if only VZW HP Palm or whoever would offer a free or discounted early upgrade to existing Pre owners. I would happily pay $99 for this device assuming it doesn't change my upgrade date.... It would be a nice benefit for those of us who stuck it out.


+ 1

I wouldn't be surprised if it costs $199 after rebate. That would be consistent with other high-end smartphones. Pricing it below that value draws into question the commitment VZW has for this device.

While specwise it plays with the big boys, it is still a form factor that is not well received. And with no big changes from the Pre/+ appearance wise, it will be a very hard sell at 199 for VZW, and HP in the end.

It really needs to compete on price here to get out the door. Not to mention leave room for HP's first wave of webOS devices.

What will likely happen is 199 off the bat, get in the early adopters, and quickly drop to 99.

Well if this is in fact the first of other devices to come, I couldn't see why they wouldn't lower the price on this one and charge more for the next devices that come out. If thats the case though, Its pretty messed up to get people into a contract with this phone and then release something better afterwards. I dont know, Im confuuuuusssed.

I can't remember the last phone that was "the best phone" available for as long as a 2 year contract lasts. Ah tech lust, what an addiction.

They will come out with a newer phone but release it on a different network. My bet is they show a new flagship phone at CES in January and it will come out on AT&T soon after since Verizon is getting the palm pre 2.

@jsgraphicart - That is exactly the game VZW plays with its Android devices. Both the Eris and the Droid were EOLd less than a year from release. Although VZW has an annual upgrade program, customers purchasing these devices would find themselves out of luck. Early takers of the Pre 2 have to be willing to sell their Pre 2s to offset the cost of purchasing subsequent models.

Well My contract isnt up til May anyway. The only way I can get the Pre 2 is to pay full price. As long as we all get 2.0 once this is released, I can definitly hold off til next year when we will hopefully have a newer phone.

who would buy one of these things? I mean really

Obviously quite a few people. Don't be so stupid.

sure, then get all the people that aren't fans of WebOS or Palm in a group and break to em that the camera isn't autofocus and is WAY behind in tech, and you just lost em to the 30 other offerings of Verizon phones with better hardware.

so, it's more like a 'few' people. Not quite a few. Not me for sure, but I'm waiting till CES anyway,being on Sprint and all.

how is this phone WAY behind in tech? please explain this to me. the only note worthy thing this phone lacks compared to other high-end smart phones is a super large/ high rez screen. other than that it is pretty packed full of tech. i mean iv taken pictures with my pre minus and uploaded them to facebook and people comment saying WOW that looks super high def; the camera just got even better... unfortunetly though, the screen can b a big seller these days. its the first thing u really noticed. its actually what got me to look at the pre. when i first saw it in the store i was like wow. the screens on phones now are way better though... we will have our super ridic webos phones soon though. im waiting

It's not for me, but if you want the smartphone bells and whistles in a small form factor, the Pre is really it (the new Blackberry doesn't count, it's still the sucky BBOS).

Wait, has Palm's site always said "Coming soon?" Or is it just me that thinks that's changed?

I'd buy one. I've got a couple of 'old school' pre's now. I'll prolly get a couple of these new ones. Why? You don't like em? Then why are you posting?

Just hope that Sprint releases webOS 2.0 around the same time the VZW Pre 2 drops.


I wouldn't get a Pre 2 even if Sprint offered it. But I want webOS 2.0 yesterday.

I would. I'm tired of my Oreo.

took the poll sprint....i want the new pre...i know you have my number call me

i know it was about OS but i need new hardware too

Anyone think our masked spokesman should do a video for us Sprint peoples!

We want them to take us seriously, not laugh us away.

Great, but where is webOS 2.0 for my Sprint Pre?

According to an email I received from Palm today, it says:

"This month, HP unveiled its Palm Pre 2 smartphone. The new device will be the first to run webOS 2.0, currently available through our Early Access program. SFR in France is the first to carry the Palm Pre 2, and it is scheduled to be available in the coming months in the United States from Verizon Wireless and in Canada. To get in on the ground floor of webOS 2.0 development for the Palm Pre 2, request approval for our Early Access Program at"

This means that webOS 2.0 will launch with Pre2 and after that Sprint users will get it, how soon after? that's anyone's guess.

January 30th.

Cause Sprint will put it in a drawer with the junkmail.

just wait after a month and this phone will be free w/contract

For $99 on Verizon, I may consider picking one up. The glass screen, better camera, faster processor, and the 2.0 software make it appealing. Although I heard they are bringing webOS 2.0 to the older Pre and Pre+ devices correct?

why would anyone buy this hp palm needs to wake up fast give us something new not the same thing again but with better specs where is the bigger screen one with out a keyboard one with 4g utter fail if you ask me mass market wont buy only palm fanboys will. oh well i guess we will see next year if anything good comes from hp palm

Maybe to existing Pre owners the hardware of the Pre 2 is a disappointment, but I think the phone is really an improvement for new Palm users, with the flat screen, better charging port, better slider, and other improvements. The Pre 2 can also get some good publicity and advertising for Palm, which is always welcome. I hope they come out with some sort of Pixi 2 with some better specs. I have a Pixi and I'm disappointed about it not supporting Flash. I knew it wouldn't have as many features before I bought it, but I just liked the form factor more. It would be nice if Palm created more variety and equality with form factors. WebOS is great and you can customize it with homebrew, but it would be nice to be able to pick a suitable hardware without making sacrifices. At least one type of touch screen would be nice as well, preferably a large one for people who like large screens, similar to the Droid X, and one the size of a Pixi but all touch screen.

they should make a pixi with the pre's screen. just a thought

Sprint needs to get the Pre 2 in the line up - stat.

I agree on the Sprint front. I've been a Palm LOYAL user for many years (since the Pilot). I was all about the Pre - waited in the Sprint line on launch day (which I've never done for anything before). I bought two more Pre's for my daughters. I brewed mine and left theirs alone. We have all had at least 2 replacements and I'm about to take theirs in again for power button. I'm all over WebOS. I'm looking forward to 2.0. But us Sprint folks more then deserve new hardware. We were the one's that were the guinea pigs for hardware and the new WebOS when it launched and this is the thanks we get - no new hardware after a year and a half!! Com'n Sprint. I think they should buck up and give us a discount on a new Pre2 just for field testing their Pre minuses all this time. I've been with Sprint for 11 years. I don't want frickin free ring tones as a thank-you. Start offering Pre2's!!