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Pre 2 passes through FCC in American CDMA and GSM flavors 44

by Derek Kessler Tue, 19 Oct 2010 10:38 pm EDT

P102EWW and P102UNA FCC labels

Right on cue the Palm Pre 2 has passed through the testing labs of the FCC, sporting fresh “this won’t boil your brains” certifications. The newly certified phones don’t come with any further surprises from what we already knew about the Pre 2 from all of the leaks and the announcements that came this morning, but it’s at least nice to see them making a courtesy stop for certification, opening the door to sales. Let’s just hope that this means the phones will become available sooner rather than later in the undefined “coming months” ahead.

For the record, the phones certified are the P102UNA (UMTS GSM, sporting AT&T-compatible 3G bands) and the P102EWW (EVDO CDMA for Verizon and Sprint). The GSM version will initially be available as the unlocked developer phone, while the CDMA phones will be available on Verizon. Unknown is whether or not the CDMA or GSM version will launch on the unspecified Canadian carrier, though if we had to guess we’d put our money on GSM (Bell and Telus are busy transitioning from CDMA to GSM, the last thing they want to do is launch a phone they’re working to be incompatible with).

Source: FCC (P102EWW, P102UNA); Via: Engadget; Thanks to Arthur on Twitter for the heads up!


Thanks Derek, now go to bed.

not going to sprint i dont care! >:(

Sprint better get a 4G webOS phone or else I'm gonna kill myself!

You think that'll get Palm's attention

better go to sprint! just check out their facebook page! we didn't even need the masked defender to steer us this time :)

ya it's almost 24 hours later and sprints facebook is STILL getting hammered by WebOS faithful. Wonder what their email box or Dans email box has been looking like... I also wonder if they ever had this kind of response for ANY device they have ever carried? Lol

If it came to Sprint I still wouldn't get it. Sorry. It's a Pre. I'm tired of the small screen and awkward design. Give me a slab phone with a 4.0" screen.

I got my pre late (jan 10), and a 3 year contract, so I think I'm waiting for the palm superphone. I just hope it (pre2) does well in Canada, because after two 'not so hot' phone sales, the superphone might not come to Canada. I can only dream...

Is there any way this phone can do "well" anywhere? I mean the only people who would even consider it are die hard webos fans. Even the die hard webos fans unimpressed what do you think general public will think?

It sucks, but the pre2 is just a giant waste of time and money. Don't get me wrong I'd love to get my hands on, but I can't really see myself justifying the upgrade.

Fortunately for us, Palm has some serious money backing them this time. Because if they didn't have HP's support I would seriously question putting the Pre 2 out there. It just looks like a last ditch effort to generate sales on some already severely flawed hardware.

Honestly, the general public just may take this in. If they look at the specs they will see it is just as powerful as the other phones.

I think the difference will be whether or not a person will want a "Slab" or a device that looks and feel like a phone.

As far as the capabilities, we all know the Pre can do just about anything you want it to. guys have been a tad busy today.

I honestly think that Sprint is holding out for a newer phone come CES. But I think it shows ill-will not to carry the Pre2.

I am overclocked to 1ghz and my Pre is fast and no more too many cards. No oreo and only a few nicks. So I can wait for the Super Device. And WebOs 2 in between I hope.

I think Palm is trying to pull a iphone with keep the form factor. I personally don't have a problem with it but I think they should have a added a bigger screen.I'm upset we have no word of a sprint release.

I hate double post.

did you just let slip that they are coming on Bell and Telus?

Or did you just forget about Rogers and Wind Mobile in Canada as well?

no, Rogers and Wind are already GSM. They were just saying that any phone released in Canada is likely to be GSM because the 2 CDMA providers are phasing out CDMA.

Yeah good one hp, release the pre 2 on verizon right before the iphone launch.... They better release it in enough time for people to buy it, and then run out of time to return it for an iphone.

P.S. No sprint phone = epic or evo... Which should I get?

If you want a hardware keyboard, the Epic 4G. If you don't, the EVO. Otherwise, HDMI out available on the EVO is pretty sweet IMHO.

How do you load WebOS on the Evo so the interface doesn't suck?

When you figure that out, post explicit instructions. lol


Here's my take. I don't care if there is a new webOS top tier phone "Roadrunner" coming out in January. The Pre/Pre 2 fill a niche in the middle, and there are a lot of people out there who don't want to pay $200 or $300 for a phone with a full contract or don't want a really large device, etc. Really, Sprint should be offering BOTH the Pre 2 and the "Roadrunner" when/if it's released.

Sprint didn't bring in the Pre Plus, even though it was a nice improvement over the Pre with the extra RAM and storage. To hold out again on webOS just invites the masses to defect.

This is the roadrunner:

Pre's FCC ID was O8F-CASC (codenamed CASTLE) -- also had CASG and CASY
Pre2's FCC IS is O8F-ROAE (implied codename ROADRUNNER) -- also has ROAU and ROAY

It might fit a niche, and I'm cool with the form factor and keyboard, but I can't understand why they didn't add a front facing camera, and a higher-res display, and 720p video recording. The original Pre was quite innovative, but this one is a bit behind the times.

Having said that, I hope the Roadrunner addresses these complains, but it needs a real keyboard. RIM has demonstrated that you can make a great slider with a great keyboard, don't go the mediocre way.

Read my comment directly above yours: this IS the roadrunner.

I think EvilKell meant Roadrunner HD.

Which mysteriously appeared only after the roadrunner did. I don't believe it will come, because I doubt Palm (or HP) would call any phone an "HD" version of another.

Just something someone decided to make up. I don't put any stock in rumors.

I have a Pre+ on AT&T. Picked it up on release day in May. Someone is going to have to explain to me why I need this?

I do believe (or have convinced myself) that there is another phone coming but it may not be for 4 or 5 more months. I'm hoping it does the following:

1) enlarges screen to 3.5"-3.7"
2) gives me a BB typing experience with a better keyboard
3) shoots HD video
4) improves battery life

At least this means we don't have to worry about palm NOT being on AT&T. This has brought me some comfort with the rah rah about Verizon. I do feel your pain however having got a pre plus in June and I will be waiting to see what Mansion is before upgrading (if WebOS 2.0 updates in timely manner).

You probably don't. The people who need it the most are on a carrier that aren't getting it, sounds like. Guess we will have to deal with our Pre Minus.

I got my Pre Plus on AT&T in May too and I agree with you on the Pre 2. I've got my Pre Plus OC'd to 800MHz, so I'm not impressed with the 1GHz, storage, 5mp camera with no zoom, or the same size/too small screen. I hope HP doesn't plan on continuing this form factor and joins the rest of the world with a bigger screen, front facing camera with zoom, and more, or my next phone upgrade will not be an HP Pre.

funny how palm just makes a phone that is exactly what we didn't ask for, this should have been the orgional pre. Does palm listen to what people actually want? Wow another pre, that s fnially fixed, who cares. I was happy wth webos but now my phone is falling apart, and webos is sooo buggy. Iphone here I come after my contract is up with sprint.

Just because it's not what YOU want doesn't mean it's not what anyone wanted. Many of us love the Pre's size and form factor. There are many people who are very excited for this phone. Go iTroll someplace else.

If your move to device is an iPhone from a WebOS phone, you are taking a huge step backwards. Enjoy your mobile prison.

I fail to understand how launching another Pre on Verizon would be beneficial to Palm. Didn't they learn already that VZ employees and agents only speak Droid?

Just how are they going to break through this time? Considering that the new Pre 2 shows specs very similar to the Pre Plus, how can Palm convince previous Pre Plus owners that this is the upgrade they were waiting for?

I for one don't think that this will go well for them. No matter what marketing scheme. The Android phones on VZ have much better specs than what we know of the Pre2 thus far, which means that very few folks are going to be swayed by the Pre2 as we know it.

It saddens me a bit, considering that now RIM has taken to the airwaves to portray the BB Torch as their innovation when all they did was take the Pre's form factor and duplicate just about everything that the Pre already did (albeit, with better battery life of course) and call it "new."

Thus, with the Torch out there in evil blue and orange land, why would the average Maria's want to buy another smartphone with a touchscreen and a portrait slider?

I'm gonna go ahead and guess that HP's marketing and sales people have a slightly better idea of how this phone will do than anyone conjecturing here. I'm also going to guess that HP noticed VZW's gaffes on the Pre+'s launch and extracted some guarantees about sales pushing and support before giving them exclusivity in the U.S.

and perhaps HP didn't give anyone exclusivity, it's just that Verizon is the only US carrier that took it to date, so they have the de facto exclusive. Time will tell on this.

Funny you should mention the Blackberry Torch. I thought they copied the Pre too. Similar form factor, sliding keyboard (probably better than ours), Slightly larger screen size (3.2") Slightly higher rez (480X360),camera is better (5mp, image stabilization, Continuous auto-focus,2X digital zoom) and so on. Those who really like a smaller screen, similar form factor and are "excited" about this Pre 2 can have it. Don't expect lines around the building when this launches.

I think we can all agree that this is not the HP designed super phone, but rather, the phone Palm had in the pipes all along, AND wanted to release 6 months ago.

I think we can agree that HP merger delayed the release, and as opposed to simply NOT releasing it, HP did, cuz, if it fails, who cares?

I think we can all agree that Verizon jacked the launch of the pre plus and really has all their eggs in the droid basket anyhow. And it's obvious. I think Sprint looked at their vision of all 4g and simply said no to the pre 2. January is not that far off, CES announces mansion, buzz generates, boom, lands on sprint. HP knows verizon will not push the pre 2, nor will ATT, so they know they wil still get that "rebirth" feeling when they release the 4g mansion in early 2011. Make some cash now to cover some of the R&D of palms pre 2, go apeshit in 2011 with a fixed webos 2.0 and multiple form factors.

"webOS 2.0 will be available in the coming months" confirms my beliefs.

Good news... Lets hope for some better news from Sprint. :-D

Here is something that is being missed.

Our dear twitterHPants, Rahul Sood has states his 'excitement' for the future devices.

Do you think this 'Pre2' has him excited? Doubtful. I may be reading to 'deep' into that but... He has seen the serious hardware in his time. A tablet no doubt will amaze him, but, a Pre2? Nah, I think there is more behind door # 2, and 3. Which will be displayed with our new bluetooth wristwatch & 'ILoveBoobies' band. (inside joke for parents... Do your kids have them too??)

I was just wondering myself where Mr. Sood has been recently. We haven't heard anything from him since the "no new hardware coming soon" debacle. I wonder if HP tightened the leash and told him to stop talking to blogs. I agree, though, I don't think this is the form factor that had him excited. That would either be the PalmPad or the Mansion. Good thing my Sprint upgrade isn't until the end of January.

With 82% of the US public not owning a smartphone and I being one of them I will gladly buy a Pre 2 once Sprint offers. I don't need bleeding-edge tech plus I'm not in 4G territory

I'm right there with you.

I agree too. Epic and Evo are great devices fron a hardware standpoint that the Pre original / Plus / 2 can't compete with.

However, I would love to upgrade my Pre to the Pre 2 on Sprint. The Pre 2 makes webos snappier, improves battery life, has a glass screen, has the rubbery case, greate features on webOS 2.0 .. all things I wish the Pre was.

For a sprint user OR a new smartphone user who wants a great non 4G phone (read: don't want to pay $10 more per month), this is perfect.

The Pre 2 will not be a flagship phone,it'll be a great 3G phone for webOS diehards and new smartphone users.