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Pre 2 for sale in US for $449.99 direct from HP 107

by Jonathan I Ezor#IM Thu, 18 Nov 2010 7:42 am EST

For those of us in the U.S. who wanted to get a Pre 2, but balked at the UK pricing and radio bands, the (short) wait was worth it: this morning, the unlocked, GSM version of the Pre 2 went on sale in HP's official Home and Home Office and Small & Medium Business online stores for $449.99.

Who's buying?!

Source: HP Home & Home Office and Small & Medium Business stores (Thanks to TopTongueBarry in our forum for the heads-up!)



Isn't Sprint a non-GSM-carrier?
That means for all Sprint users this is no solution?

Nevertheless: Congrats to US!

No news about the update of webOS 2.0?


It looks like if you use the Small & Medium Business link, the Pre 2 is still available. At least that's what it looks like.

if i could buy this today unlocked and use it with sprint, I'd prob throw $450 at it just to hold me over till the next wave comes out

but i guess it's less desireable considering I'd still have to pay some ETF and then grab an AT&T sim

I wonder if one of my kidneys would sell for $449.99

(plus tax of course)

I was going to sell some spare computer parts and a netbook, but your right. Kidneys are a much quicker solution. Good luck with that :P

A new phone selling for only $450, and allows you to get into a negotiable contract for service without the carrier having to cover a subisidy and the owner isn't bound by contract? This is a pretty good deal. I don't like ATT, but the math is pretty nice.

that's good maybe web os internals could get one thanks.

This is good for Att and maybe Tmobile users since those are GSM networks. It's a start!

T-Mobile not so much, the 3G won't work for them since they use a different band.

A crap!!! Doesn't work on T-Mobile? Well, I guess I won't be getting one to prep for my move to T-Mobile next year. Too bad.

it will, you will just get 2G speeds

They don't even list what 3G bands this thing runs on. ATT or tmobile. Nice marketing department. If your selling a unlocked version you would think this info is necessary.

Any "upgrade" deals for us poor ol' Palm Pre 1 owners? Remember us? We're the ones who saved Palm's butt so there'd be enough left for HP to buy.

No. Besides, it won't work on Sprint due to it being GSM. Trust me, you don't want to move to AT&T just to get a Pre Plus +.

Just 450$, that is 333


Yep, that's the price of being "First!". LOL

Well, we did have to wait a few weeks longer than you...

Its the cost of the taxes as well as the more expensive GSM radio you guys need in Europe combined with the fact that there were probably less made and thus lower volume.


Early adopter tax. (Or as I prefer, Beat-the-Jones Tax)

Is it theoretically possible to have such a thing as an unlocked CDMA phone?

Not really, no.

Au contraire--theoretically, it is possible. Not a snowball's chance in the Sahara that we'll see one, though, especially with carriers transitioning away from CDMA.

Part of it is that few if any CDMA carriers use anything like a SIM card. Those are out there (RUIM, I think, is the designation); it's just that no one's ever gotten the CDMA carriers to standardize on them. And without that, the phone itself has to be programmed with the number and carrier information, making it much easier for the phone to be tied to the carrier more closely.

You are right. There are references to both GSM and CDMA depending upon which page you view. Strange.

Yes, the very title says "unlocked" in both cases, for the GSM version as well as the CDMA version (though the battery section does specify Verizon).

In addition, not to be nitpicky, but the fine print is absolute crap, referring to Intel numbering, windows 7, all PC references... I mean come on, how are we supposed to take fine print seriously when HP is copying and pasting any old crap in the fine print? So sloppy and unprofessional.

this link:

does not mention GSM, and in the battery section it mentions Verizon Wireless CDMA. So are they selling both versions, CDMA and GSM?

I noticed that also in the home/home office site. The SMB site doesn't specify carrier or wireless bands.

Nevertheless, I'm still going to take a deep breath and keep waiting. If this is what was in the pipeline when the sale to HP went down (and, assuming it was lack of operating capital that kept Palm from making this the Pre Plus originally), I'm going to keep waiting for the next big thing running HP webOS.... It will probably be worth the wait, whatever your carrier. (jus sayin)

I'm beginning to think HP is messing with us.I've had sprint for 6 yrs,but if there is no webOS 2.0 accessible for us soon.I'm jumping ship

same here

Jumping ship from Sprint or from webOS?

Hmmm, I wonder how much sweet talking it would take to get Sprint to add an ESN when the Verizon CDMA version hits the street?

it doesnt work that way. It wont work sadly :/ sorry not because they wont do it, but because the phone runs on a different band.

If I were on AT&T or T-Mobile, this would be on its way to my house TODAY!

I'm on AT&T, it's tempting but hell I've only had my pre + since August. Think I'll pass until next October (eligible for upgrade then).

I'm on AT&T, had my Pre Plus since March, not due for an upgrade until next October, and I'm bouncing to T-Mobile likely before then. If it won't work on T-Mobile then I won't be getting a Pre Plus +.

I have a Pre Plus on AT&T that replaced an iPhone and I'm seriously thinking about getting this phone. Why did i have to become an early adaptor? I can see myself spending $1000 on HP webOS gear in the next 12 months easily... ::sigh::

You came to Pre Plus from an iPhone? which version of the iPhone? What was the attraction? The keyboard? It couldn't have been the thousands of apps that don't exist.

The iPhone is a horrible Enterprise Road Warrior phone. I have the Pre minus on Sprint so i just bought an AT&T Pre Plus and a Micro SIM adaptor card, created a new Palm Profile, and was much happier using webOS over iOS. The only thing I miss from the iPhone is the screen.

no thank you there are better phones for less

Not that run WebOS...

And not contract free

If it helps, "Unlocked (UMTS)" is listed on .

Oh ok, someone was just an idiot and directly copied the palm page into the HP page. Even that little "6" for on phone storage.

If it helps, "Unlocked (UMTS)" is listed on .

I live in Spain... Can I get one of these US pre 2 and use it in Spain? I mean with paid apps and everything

Yes, although you will only be able to get 2G Edge data in Europe with this model.


AT&T pre plus is 3G

AT&T uses 850/1900 MHz
European carriers use 900/1800/2100 MHz

So when I go on tour in Europe with my Pre Plus, it won't work there? Great. T-Mobile, HERE I COME!!!

All you will get in Europe with either AT&T or T-Mobile GSM is 2G Edge. You have to get a European GSM version to get 3G while there.

T-Mobile says I can get a local SIM in Europe to give me 3G there. If they're lying and I have to live with 2G data speed, I don't care. AT&T would rape my wallet with roaming charges in Europe. T-Mobile is owned by Deutshe Telecom, and won't.

Yes, and for those who are confused, as I was (maybe still am, correct me if I'm wrong), European 3G works on the 2100 Mhz frequency, which sadly is unlikely to be present in the Pre 2, since the Pre+ on AT&T worked with 850/900/1800/1900 Mhz, but not 2100 Mhz (as seems to usually be the case with US GSM phones); thus permitting European voice usage and 2G (?) but not 3G.

However, it should work fine with T-mobile, since they primarily use the 1900 Mhz frequency, and since the GSM Pre+ included this frequency, then one would assume so does the Pre2.

Edit: my bad, T-mobile uses 1700/2100 Mhz for 3G, so no 3G on T-mobile either most likely.

i wouldn't even bother... sooo sloow

thats a fair price. the price of the UK-Pre2 is way too high.

ok.....does this mean that WebOS 2.0 will be released in the US soon if they are selling the US version?

As we've seen in the past, that will depend on Sprint, VZW and ATT. They probably have 2.0 by now. How quickly they're reviewing it is anyone's guess.

Is it possible for HP to put out a CDMA version of the phone that I could buy and then get activated on Sprint?

That'w worded funny. I know they could put out a cdma version (ala buy the Pre 1 and take it to Sprint to activate) but if they did that for Pre2 doo you think Sprint Would activate it even though they don't carry it?

It is extremely rare that a CDMA phone is sold without any branding. You'll have to wait for Sprint to sell the device. If I look into a crystal ball though, i can see that sprint turned down the Pre 2 because it was not 4G. I hope Palm is making a super phone for Sprint and Verizon that has a much larger screen and 4G as well as some other bells and whistles.

I'll have to agree with you bigredgpk. Right now Sprint is really trying to Roll out the 4G. Business sense here.. If they plan on making more cities 4G and doing a slow conversions of smartphones to the 4G network it would make little sense to roll out a new smartphone that ran on a 3G network seeing as most smartphones stay in the system for close to 2years (the average non premeir plan upgrade time)

if Sprint plans on having over half their network switched to 4G in under 2years then that would make picking up a 3G only WebOS device a waste of money on their ends. Lets face it sometimes Sprint is good at keeping secrets on devices and obviously so is HP & Palm. So it would be of no surprise to me if when CES came around there was an announcement of a 4G Sprint WebOS device...

especially if the PalmPad is announced and there was a WiFi version and a carrier version. I could see HP saying to carriers "hey if you want the Palm Pad on your network then you also have to carry a Palm smartphone device in your line up also."

that right there is called business politics... I see it all the time at my job and in other industries I'm tied into. Sucks.... But that's life.

Well presented, you are probably correct

Evo and Epic have picked the low hanging Wimax fruit. I dont think Sprint can deliver enough Palm/Wimax customers to justify making a Wimax unit while HP needs to introduce updated handsets, PalmPad and probably LTE phones. Wimax falls in behind those projects. The Pre2 is just what the doctor ordered when Premier customers can upgrade in 12 months.

I think that hits the nail squarely on the head. What does this mean? Many 'round these parts see the Pre2 as a spec bump and want to stay away (although probably just as many go the other way).

Also since Sprint is not picking up the Pre 2, and they most likely can not deliver enough customers to a 4G phone from Palm, that means that Sprint is out of the webOS business.

My point? HPalm missed their mark, they waited too long to deliver a 4G device to Sprint. If they would have delivered in the time frame as the EVO/Epic so there was a third option I think they would have been just fine.

Obviously, I understand the financial woes of Palm and then the acquisition, precluded this ... but that is just too bad -- the time to market is now gone.

No,its a clearly upgraded phone from what we have now and ready to run an improved WebOS quickly. Specwise, its pretty even with both droids, for core horsepower. But Sprint is a small provider, getting smaller every day. And Wimax buildout is incomplete and slowing. And two other devices have already sucked the Wimax hungry, so that leaves very little buyers for a Wimax phone. And Clear, the network for Wimax is close to bankrupty. Palm will chase the bigger crowds first, get LTE phones out which are faster and will appease more customers and then, maybe they'll take some time and spend some money to handle the small crowd of Wimax hungry Palm fans, if such a crowd exists. If Sprint doesn't want Pre2, its time for their customers to decide whether they want to go cheap, or go elsewhere.

I agree, I doubt Sprint will put out any advanced smartphone at this point that isn't 4G. At $10/month/line, that's a whole lot of revenue they don't want to lose by putting out a phone that would compete with their 4G offerings. They know many customers would gladly settle for EVDO for now, since most of us still don't even get 4G anyhow. I know I would prefer an EVDO Pre 2 than a 4G Pre 2 right now. That being said, I would take a 4G Pre if that's all that's available...

3G, 4G... its all a bunch of bullshit marketing nonsense. Wimax is a joke. i hear people arnt really getting much faster internet speeds... i read like 2 months ago that T-moble wasnt going to go to "4G", but just make improvements to their 3G network which is HSPA+. it is pretty fast to say the least. i just starting seeing T-Mobile commercials saying they now have the biggest 4G network. are you fucking kidding me?! marketing bullshit. people will eat that right up... so $10 for the 4G upgrade Sprint? Which i dont even get an i hear isnt much difference. You can suck my left ball to make the right one jealous

I agree with you 100%.


I just placed my order on HP's site, but called first to see if it was GSM or CDMA. The HP Customer service did not know so they connected me with Palm Support. Palm support after a long wait said THIS IS THE LOCKED VERIZON CDMA VERSION. So I have one on the way with next business day delivery. I also took a screen shot of my order confirmation with receipt showing it as "unlocked". We shall see....

its a mistake on their end. :/ the cdma version is carrier locked to verizon. The gsm version found is unlocked but only runs on certain radio bands to make sure that where ever you live, ur carrier supposrt that frequency.

Yes, I understand that there isn't a "lock" for CDMA phones, but ESN's are carrier specific. That is all she meant when she said locked. Sprint could choose to activate the ESN on their network or not.

Has anyone contacted online support. I chatted with an hp chat service for pre-sales assistance and the he just directed me to a toll free number.

Anyone who can call this number:

You can contact them through (Toll-Free)1800-1441-6688 / (Non Toll-Free)632-867-3557.

I'm from outside the US and don't have access to a phone right now.

See my post above yours.

I'd say make this thingy available for 300 EUR max and you'll sell a few, HP. 500 EUR is a ridiculous price. Really. Always has been. Hell, o2 slashed the price for my pre plus when I briefly mentioned that my pre minus "burned" 240 bucks within 6 months.

At 300 EUR, the switch to the pre2 is a no brainer. At roughly 500, palm will lose even more customers. Just have a look how many palm users are left at German forums. You guessed it: they are a minority now. Jumped ship. Frustrated, bored. And all Ruby has to say is "stay tuned"...

It's now or never, HP: you either want people embracing webOS, or you don't. I think you don't. Otherwise we'd see ads, have decent pricing, decent customer support and all.

It's not now or never chicken little. This is not the phone they want to push. Rubinstein promised us great webOS devices next year. That will make Palm. That will make people embrace webOS.

it will go down in price after like a month. they just want to charge that for the people who want it right now. when the iphone first came out it was $600 on contract, thats insane. like a month later it dropped to half that

So the big question: how easy will it be to "2" our Sprint Pre's? As easy as it was to "plus" them?

If Sprint won't give it to me I want to see if I can take matters into my own hands.

I am not going to get one even if it did work on sprint. I am looking for something at least 50% more impressive than my current pre and this is not it. $500 is too much for a mid-range phone even if it is not locked.

As far as sprint reviewing 2.0 I am not holding my breath. They obviously have more important things to do than support the 2000 customers remaining with a palm pre.

My pre is being replaced under warranty and I am curious to know if they even have any pres left.

The reality is that my Palm Pre is still fine, if it was not I would simply get another phone. I have been eligible for an upgrade since around June.

Same pricing politics as Apple... They charge same amount in Europe and US but with the currency

looks like Canadians still have to wait:

Only with 2G Edge data... but yes, it will work.


No thanks. I wouldn't even waste my Sprint upgrade on this device (if a CDMA version was available), much less pay the unlocked price.

I just purchased it. I'm currently on Verizon so I'm hoping it's CDMA but if it's GSM, I'll switch to At&t for the global coverage.

I just purchased it. I'm currently on Verizon so I'm hoping it's CDMA but if it's GSM, I'll switch to At&t for the global coverage.

Had a Chat Session with HP. They said that Palm Pre 2 does not support 3G on AT&T. They also did not know that HP makes Pre and did not know what the World Phone is. Have a copy of the chat to prove it.

11/18/2010 08:03:59AM Session Started with Agent (Alice L)
11/18/2010 08:03:59AM BK: "I have a question about Palm Pre 2 (FB324AA#ABA). Will it work with AT&T (3G included)? Also, is it a World Phone?"
11/18/2010 08:04:11AM Agent (Alice L): "Thank you for contacting the HP Home & Home Office Sales Center. My name is Alice. Let me assist you with your concern today."
11/18/2010 08:04:24AM BK: "Thanks"
11/18/2010 08:04:39AM Agent (Alice L): "B, I see that you are inquiring if the Palm Pre 2 will work with an AT&T."
11/18/2010 08:04:49AM BK: "correct"
11/18/2010 08:05:00AM BK: "as well as it's use as a World Phone"
11/18/2010 08:05:43AM Agent (Alice L): "Thank you for your interest in HP products. I would be happy to provide you the information to ensure that you get the right solution."
11/18/2010 08:05:55AM Agent (Alice L): "I need to check my resources first in order to answer your question. May I place you on hold for 1-2 minutes while I check my resources?"
11/18/2010 08:06:02AM BK: "sure"
11/18/2010 08:06:05AM BK: "thanks"
11/18/2010 08:06:54AM Agent (Alice L): "Thank you."
11/18/2010 08:08:19AM Agent (Alice L): "Thank you for your patience."
11/18/2010 08:08:29AM Agent (Alice L): "The Palm Pre 2 will work with AT&T."
11/18/2010 08:08:46AM BK: "3G Included?"
11/18/2010 08:09:41AM Agent (Alice L): "It does not include 3G, though."
11/18/2010 08:10:05AM BK: "What about world phone part or the question?"
11/18/2010 08:10:34AM Agent (Alice L): "I am sorry, but what do you mean by World Phone?"
11/18/2010 08:11:24AM BK: "If I take it outside of US, buy a sim card and put it in Palm Pre 2, will it work there? What GSM frequencies it supports?"
11/18/2010 08:12:18AM Agent (Alice L): "I see."
11/18/2010 08:12:40AM Agent (Alice L): "This will only work within the US."
11/18/2010 08:13:49AM BK: "OK, strange, but OK. If you could tell me the GSM frequencies it supports it would be great as the product listing does not do that."
11/18/2010 08:15:21AM Agent (Alice L): "I am sorry, but we do not have that information."
11/18/2010 08:15:31AM Agent (Alice L): "You may want to contact the manufacturer."
11/18/2010 08:16:06AM BK: "Thanks you... BTW. HP is the manufacturer. So whom do I contact?"
11/18/2010 08:16:52AM Agent (Alice L): "You may contact Palm Support."
11/18/2010 08:17:02AM BK: "Thanks."
11/18/2010 08:17:18AM Session Ended

my question is... does this mean the u.s. webOS doctor should appear soon? and if so, would this make the frankendoctor project "easier?"

Just got off the support call with Palm. They are basically selling the UK version of the phone here. So it will probably work with 3G T-Mobile and not 3G AT&T

Pretty sure USA T-Mobile 3G is an island, so to speak. No other carrier in the world (at least no major one) is on the same bands they are.


According to Palm the Pre 2 is an unlocked GSM version. The phone supports 850/1900 3G bands for 3G coverage.
If you buy the phone from that link it will direct you to the small and medium business store where the phone is currently in stock.

Yes... but the Home & Home Office site show it as out of stock.

How much is this worth over a Pre Plus? ... only $50 more outright. That doesnt say much or does it? If I was going to buy one outright it makes sense to pay the $50. But is the Pre 2 underpriced or the Pre Plus overpriced?

This phone could just cost me 249.00 for unbranded so even I just use wifi on it we get the good news from Sprint is still worth it for unbranded phones do sell high even after being aged.

A side-note / benefit for any of you sitting on the fence re: the Pre 2. Not only does the Unlocked nature of the phone allow you to negotiate better contracts with your service provider, but, if you travel a lot, you can *completely* bypass roaming charges by purchasing local pay-as-you-go SIM cards.

Since I
a) Travel a decent amount
b) Have been charged insane roaming charges by my carrier ($4.00 / minute) in the past

I personally refuse to purchase any phone unless it's GSM and unlockable.

To answer the post question: Since I have an unlocked Pre+ (AT&T) that works well for me (and cost $450.00 to get / unlocked device), I'm sitting this one out & waiting for CES. Of course, it's still nice to know there's an option to buy a Pre2 on North American soil

Does this mean that webOS 2.0 will soon be available as an update???

I am passing on this.

atleased it's in the U.S Now. ball we need now is the update. Hurry up sprint!!

Seems out of stock to me...

I'd get it... BUT, I am on a grandfathered plan... would at&t force me to upgrade??? anyone?

Ordered yesterday and is to be delivered later today. Palm support assured me that it will work on AT&T and on 3G.

*sigh* As the Owner of a Palm TX who has watched the support of her Palm devises disappear when they fall out of favor more than once, I'll be leaving Palm and going to another OS when I decide to replace my faith PDA with a Cell Phone with PDA features.
This is NOT what I wanted to do, I like have the two functions separate, but even Palm doesn't admit to having sold anything put Phones any more.
I am going with Android. Good bye Palm.