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Pre 2: unlocked in the UK, but not from any carriers 23

by Derek Kessler Fri, 12 Nov 2010 11:43 am EST

Palm Pre 2

We’re pumped to see the Palm Pre 2 made available in the United Kingdom in a delicious unlocked flavor, but that’s only from Palm. Even in GSM-friendly unlocked-happy Europe, most customers still get their phones direct from the carrier, complete with hefty subsidizations. The carrier is where you won’t be able to get the Palm Pre 2 in England, Scotland, Wales, or anywhere else in the British Isles. Pocket-lint has confirmed with UK cellular carriers Orange, Three, Vodafone, and O2 that none of them have plans to carry the Palm Pre 2. We can’t say we’re stunned - support for the phone from carriers has been weak at best. In fact, the only announced carriers are Verizon and SFR, and they were known at launch. Here’s hoping their all holding out for something new, maybe in January...

Source: Pocket-lint; Thanks to Ben for the tip!


Hope they dont lose to much money from just sitting on devices that no carrier wants... Bring on the Super Device!!

what does that means?

what does that means?

who knows... think they will actually surprise us and drop a BOMB saying DURING CES that here are the new phones... GET THEM IN 2 WEEKS!! and ship/advertise new phones in Jan?.

Or make everyone wait another 3-6 months for new uberphones?

either way its fine for me since I am not upgrading until March anyways... Bring on CES!

I have to agree! my contract runs out with O2 in April, i think

Looks like no one wants the little black turd (Pre 2) so I think it should just jump off the Tower bridge. The Pre 2 was a failure before it was announced.

They should have a strategy for selling these phones. The carriers don't risk losing money buying inventory, but if someone chooses to buy from HP/Palm, they can choose to sign up with a carrier and their phones will be subsidized with whatever amount of time is typically required by European carriers for service contracts.

Who in Europe is clamoring for a Pre2 in the face of Android and iPhone? The Pre2 is nothing more than unloading inventory to make some money. Whatever they announce at CES and deploy in the first six months of 2011, will determine if I remain with the platform or bounce.

I'm going to buy this on monday. You never know if the superphone comes before july as you say. We just think they'll announce it in january.

Drop the price and let the fans buy one if none of the carriers will sell it....At least be smart and make some money from it !!!!

I have a business contract for the next two years (O2) so it will be goodbye Palm for now. I am not going to fork out for a Pre 2 direct from Palm and lose out on things like next day handset replacement from O2. Palm are going to struggle going down this route as most people are locked into a contract and I do not see many willing to pay for an unsubsidised phone.

From a contract and support perspective business users are out and from a consumer perspective the lack of carrier subsidy will kill it.

Hey, its coming on Rogers in Canada too!!!

Can we finally put to rest the notion that HP has leverage?

I buy all of my phones unlocked, as contracts are a rip off, so I was actually thinking of buying one until the said

seriously thought that price was a joke. good luck pre 2

The Pre 2 is a flop once again.

i wandered into the local Bell store the other day, and frankly got an earful about just how bad Palm pre was as far as the staff were concerned. Now i live in a small town, older population, something like web os is lost on the majoritiy of them. Saying that, the local shop sold 10 or so according to them, I put most this down to the fact none of the staff knew how to even work the damn thing, and really lousy in store advertising, the claim was the pre hardware build was so bad that 9 of the ten came back, most several times. Seems mine was the only one that did not have a real hardware or software issue. They are really hoping that they have seen the last of these phones, they dont care if there is a new build with glass or not. the kids words were, "the hardware is crap, and the software continually froze up on the users.".
now with a 399 british pound cost for a new phone, I have to really think hard about staying with this product. I am a huge palm fan, have been since the palm pilot, but thats a lot of money on top of what I have already spent.

Pre Plus for

pre2 is doa. sad

Palm apparently wasted all that money. WebOS IS in the wrong hands.

now available for order on Palm UK site

In the Netherlands and Belgium we are happy to be able to finally purchase a webOS device without importing from abroad. A lot of people only got a Pre minus and a few a Pre+ or Pixie+ from the UK or Germany, while the rest of europe were able to buy a subsidised one.
I extended my contract, got a HTC Android device for free and gave it away and bought myself a unsubsidized Pre. With the Pre2 I will do it again and buy one without a contract. That's what almost every Dutch webOS fan would do.
We shall see what CES brings, but for now I'll be more than sattisfied with a Pre2.