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Pre 3 catches itself in the wild 131

by Riz Parvez Sat, 07 May 2011 8:30 pm EDT

It's a time honored tradition in the smartphone world, that blurry, on-the-fly photograph of gorgeous pre-release hardware galavanting around in public in the hands of someone far luckier than you or I. Well, Richard Kerris over at HP is well aware of this tradition and has taken it upon himself to remind the webOS faithful that thier hotly anticipated flagship phone will soon be making it's own grand debut. Sure, we've seen plenty of detailed coverage of the Pre 3 already, and we know it's been showing up in the device logs of webOS developers for a while now as well, but there's just something extra enticing about catching a glipmse of the hardware in the wild, isn't there? (even if it is in the reflection of a bass drum head). And shooting it with it's own camera? Why that's the icing on the cake. Just be careful dangling such a tantalizing treat in front of this pack of hungry dogs, Mr. Kerris. webOS fans have a reputation for being rabid.



Man too bad they just can't release these damn phones. They are already outdated as we all predicted.

webOS is always getting shafted. Poor OS...such poor management.

@scorpeo88 I guess you didn't understand what I have posted. webOS is the best software, I am saying it is poorly managed.

And for you to say the Pre 3 won't be outdated by release date is crazy, look at all the dual core phones with all those crazy specs. We're talking about screen resolution, cpu, camera quality, and even material itself. By the time the Pre 3 releases it will be far surpassed in hardware specifications.

The OS is the only thing keeping itself alive. NOTHING ELSE.

And elite smartphone class? Even HP/Palm stated it was a business phone.

youre dumb. if you knew anything about business, they just merged with palm a year ago, it takes time to establish a solid connection between hp and palm, not only by providing your eager mcbeaver self, but making sure they provide the best service with the product so people, typically like yourself, arnt complaining. once they release the product, it will be running at all cylinders (unlike how palm released the pre minus), and it will be AMAZING.

its not outdated and wont be in 2 months...its in the elite smartphone class, which means its better than most phones in the market. its better than any android phone, and a direct competition to the iphone 4. iphone 5, yes, it will probably outdate the pre3, but not by such a big margin that it will make the pre3 a paper weight, it will still be extremely competitive with the iphone.

poor os??? do you know anything about good technology??? its been a proven fact that people from everywhere say that webos is the best mobile os, it is just shipped with poor hardware (hp will and is changing this). it has also been said that google wishes they thought of webos before palm did due to its interconnectivity with the internet.

the phone release is lagging, but that is simply due to the business m&a process. once the pre3 is released, pre4 and on will be released on par with other elites. and once webos is released on every hp computer- watch out.

patience young grasshopper, patience

i agree with you yet i do believe nyczwillz didn't mean "poor os" as in webos is bad but "poor os" as in feeling bad for the os. it makes more sense for the "......" to separate the two statements like "poor os i feel bad for it because of the poor management its under"

So, at first it was "They've only merged a couple of months ago. These things take time." The it was "Look, it's only been 6 months. You can't expect a miracle in such a short time period." Now you're saying "If you knew anything about business, they just merged with palm a year ago, it takes time to establish a solid connection between hp and palm." Get off it. It is becoming increasingly obvious that when HP purchased Palm, there was not a solid integration plan in place. Which makes sense, as it isn't like the sale was in the works for longer than a few months.
However, the big hype here when HP bought them up was that Palm was just going to continue on, except with unlimited resources compared to where they were at. Remember? That is obviously not happening either.

"the phone release is lagging, but that is simply due to the business m&a process. once the pre3 is released, pre4 and on will be released on par with other elites."

Wat? Give me a break. This has nothing to do with the M&A process. And what evidence has Palm or HP given you that you are confident that the pre4 will be "released on par" with other phone update schedules? I love webOS as much as any other member here, but you seem to be drinking just a bit too much

At least the phones coming. Thank you HP. I know you didn't have to keep making the phones. I'm thankful to have been a part of the Palm experience over the years, and that you are allowing me to keep being a part of that experience hopefully for a lot more years to come.

I just watched a Blackberry Playbook commercial advertising true multi-tasking demonstrating throwing cards away and switching back and forth between apps! Wow what freaking rip offs! U know whats messed up is that by the time the Touchpad comes out most consumers will think that hp is stealing from aggravating...ughhhhh

I might point out that having a slower multi-core processor (such as that found in a 1 GHz Tegra 2 chipset) will be very much outperformed by a faster clocked single-core processor (like the 1.4 GHz Qualcomm chip in the Pre 3) if the operating system is not optimized for multi-core processors.

Not really an issue as Android games are already being tailored to Tegra 2. A good many, in fact.

I am sick of Precentral kissing Kerris' A**! What has this guy done? Where are any apps anyone wants? Our apps are a joke. Kerris, why don't you take a picture of yourself working your A** off to get WebOS up to par with everyone else.

Congrats, you have a Pre3, I have an original pre with no update in 1.5 years! You can take a picture of a snare drum, great! Give me your email so I can take a picture of my A** and send it to you! Kerris is the new Obama, he has done nothing, yet gets crazy respect. I don't get it.

Word. This is closer to a cruel tease than anything else.

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This is so cool. I love my Pre 2, it's so underrated as a phone it's not even funny. It's the greatest piece of mobile hardware I've ever owned.

It should be obvious that the Pre 3 can only be better.

It's a good piece of hardware, but is obviously behind the curve in many aspects (considering when it was launched).

if the screen was higher res and it had a front facing camera, the pre2 would have been an extremely compelling device. Shame really.

Unfortunately, it takes more than just a device these days. People want a stable OS, apps, and new audio/video/game content. HP has to provide compelling offerings in these areas to complement the devices.

Yeah... if only HP can now release it already to carriers people want it on.
I know there are currently many patient pre minus owners on Sprint, whom do not want to leave Sprint service... not even for a webOS phone.
So if HP is smart about this, they will release the pre 3 on Sprint, and hopefully other carriers also, on launch date.

i sure hope they release to sprint. however, if they dont i can see why not. i have a very good friend who works in a sprint store. he tells me how much they HATE palm after having to deal with the pre. by this i mean people constantly having to come it to get them fixed or replaced... being that the sales people get a bad taste in their mouth when they just hearing the word "pre," HP might not b inclined to want to sell on sprint because winning over the sales people is a huge step in trying to get your to sell. sprint sales people are ALLLLLL about android. you guys know as well as i do how serious people take their phone OS's. for an android person to push webos to a new costumer is like a jew preaching catholicism... only time will tell

Enough with the teases already.. we already know the hardware exists, just tell us who the **** is going to carry the damn thing and when! I need to know whether I should spend the $ on a pre2 for a Sprint conversion or if I should try to continue to limp along with my pre-, waiting for the pre3.


Same here.. I'm limping along with my pre minus waiting to see if the pre 3 will be available for Sprint or not.
I'm also curious to know how many people currently on Sprint will not switch carriers for the pre 3 if it's not released on Sprint.
I currently pay Sprint $60 a month for an unlimited plan (except 450 minutes to land lines mon-fri 7am-7pm)
I can't justify switching to Verizon or AT&T for the pre 3. My monthly bill would jump up to at least $90, so i'd be paying $30 more a month just to have a pre 3. F that.

I jumped to Verizon in order to get the Pre Plus, so I'm already feeling the pain. I'm paying about $30 more a month to get the equivalent service. Love the phone, but I'm so jumping to Sprint if HP can get a phone on them (excluding the Veer)...

If not on Sprint, I'm jumping to an Android phone on Sprint.

Give that to me!

Can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

I'd rather have an actual device. The leaks have gotten tiresome. I can only hope that the Veer is a step in the right direction and will be followed by a June release of the Pre 3 -- on Sprint!

Don't expect a June release. The touchpad comes out first, then the Pre3. Unless HP/Palm manages to release two devices in June, which is very unlikely.

I hope you're wrong.
I will not buy the touch pad without the pre 3, or a web os slate phone. They showed off the tablet and the phone to work together and now that's what I want.
My whole reasoning for wanting a webos tablet was mostly for the gestures, but since the tablet doesn't have gestures what wowed me is how the phone and the tablet work together, so if I don't have the phone to go along with the touchpad then why don't i just get the ipad2 on the launch date of the touchpad?

well they are constantly talking about how they work so very well together. why would they not want to release them at the same time? perhaps the strategy was to release them simultaneously, making it the reason why we are waiting so long for the pre3, its the TP thats is taking so long to get to market.


Two years later, webOS feels like its still on square one.

I couldn't wait for the Pre 3 to come to Sprint. I went ahead and did the Pre 2 conversion a few weeks ago and I am very happy I did. It makes waiting for the Pre 3 or whatever Sprint gets a little easier.

I hope that in between jaunts to the park, they are working at hitting that 10,000 app mark.

They need to release the Pre3 at under $100 (end cost after carrier rebates) and the TouchPad at $299 AND have at least 10,000 apps before the 4th of July or this game is over for them.

And they better be working on the Pre4, TouchPad2, and a sideslider (called the Castle) as well...

I agree on everything except a side slider. Veer needs to $99 OFF contract. Pre 3 $199 OFF contract. Apps at least 10k TP $299 and just MAYBE HP WebOS can hang in there for a little while longer.

I don't think either of you realize how much money HP would be pissing away if they sold it for that little. No company is that insane. webOS can and will hang on whether or not the hardware is there. Pre3 will be $199 on contract (most likely exclusively Verizon for a while) and the TouchPad will most likely be starting at $499.

I realize how much they will lose at those prices, but that is what it will take to sell them. Or the alternative is to price them at the same typical price points and not sell any, which once again is "pissing away" money. So you can either lose money and have people with your products, or lose money and you have failed once again. We need to be real, it does not matter how good the TP or Pre3 are, no one is going to buy them (relatively). They could be light years ahead of the competition and people are still going to buy iPhones and Andoid.

But I definitely agree that they should throw in the touchstone and the keyboard and not make them seperate products. If they included them and advertised it properly that it came with it people would understand that they're getting a great deal. The touchstone is the most under the radar product to come out of Palm.

Once consumers (once again not us loyal fans) realize what the Touchstone actually is and what it's capable of then they will start realizing the innovation of webOS.

if they don't include the touchstone with the phone they are shooting themselves in the foot. plain and simple.

If they price the TouchPad at $499, I think most people would just buy an original iPad for the $350 or whatever it can be had for now refurbished.

I think for the TouchPad to come in at $499, they need to bundle in a bunch of extras such as the TouchStone, and a $50 app store voucher, maybe a case. Then it has to advertise this deal correctly, so people can see all that they'd get.

At this point, it makes sense for HP to sell at a breakeven price, which I think can be below $399 or even the $350 mark.

It wouldn't be pissin away money, it is called investing on a sure bet return. They have to get the Apps going - the only way to do that at this point is to get market share and create demand (or put an android emulator in a card). Apple makes very little on the hardware - they make billions on Apps. The only way HP can get this back on track is to almost give away the phones on these first versions (they are more than free to gouge us on the 2nd gens). Their product is better but so was Beta and so was SACD - better didn't get those products anywhere. Better does not equal win. It is a combo of Market Share, customer loyalty, what your friends have, a dash of what the industry press thinks (for free advertising and buzz), price of entry, innovation, taking care of your base (us who got you here) and a touch of luck.

Ok now you guys are just being silly. There is a 0% chance of a $299 TouchPad or a $199 off contract Pre3. If that's what it takes for HP to "hang in there for a little while longer" then game over.

Of course there is zero percent chance. Same reason there is a %100 chance these devices are still not going to sell. Only us "fans" will buy them. And the dev support will remain terrible, and the hardware will remain laggin,and the competition will always outsell. Just my opinion though.

As a dev, it pains me to admit but yes the dev support is really not picking up. HP is shelling out a LOT of money to bring the big names to webOS though. By the time the TouchPad launches, I'm sure we'll have Shazam along with those Magazine subscription services. We also need software like Kindle, we need BankAm to make a REAL mobile app for us on par with WP7, Android and iOS, walgreens etc. Once we start getting these quality apps then consumers (not us loyal fans) will start noticing it. I think by the time the TouchPad launches it will be a nice alternative to the Android 3.0 tablets. You're right though, it won't sell compared to an iPad. I've used the android tablets and I think they're terrible!

perhaps they wont sell... but i have been showing the pre3 to people and many of them want it (some want it just because it's something different). even my Apple-toting brother wants one for his work phone. it is a compelling phone. not everyone cares about benchmarks yuh know.

What you smokin', Willis??

'Showing' the Pre 3?? How about show us your Pre 3.

If they sold it as a $100 phone it would be the death for WebOS..

New phone at $100 = **** in the eyes of consumers..

Make it the $200 after INSTANT REBATES (or better yet no rebates, so we don't have to pay tax on $400-600..

BUT they should throw in a touchstone! Every webos owner should have at least one! Touchstone is one of the MANY key differentiators that NO ONE KNOWS ABOUT!
Also, chances are they'll end up buying 1-3 more (I have 3, 1 for work, 1 for night stand, and 1 for my home computer area).

This is a great idea. Throw in the app store voucher that I mentioned above and perhaps some free music from whatever the music product is going to be, and you've got something.

As you mentioned, they need to keep the price of the device high so that it plays in the world of other premium devices.

So your theory is that a cheaper device is **** in the eyes of consumers???

Tell that to Nintendo! They undercut the competition customer out of pocket requirement by 2/3rds with a cheesier/less functional product and they kicked the existing market leaders in the nuts.

As for the accessories, I would rather them price them reasonable than give one away. I too would buy at least 3 of each extra if they are accessible to my wallet. I didn't purchase extra touchstones for the Pre until I could get them for $25 each (then I bought 4).

You can't put Nintendo into this. They are one the biggest game companies in the world! People were going to buy their products because they know the brand AND because it was cheaper. What they are saying is that no one trusts the H/Palm brand in phones anymore. The consumer is blinded by the light of Apple/Android.

I agree that HP should have their prices lower though than the competition, it will be much easier for the salesman in the stores to make a pitch to the consumer. Don't make it ridiculously cheaper, because I do agree that people want to spend more money (makes it feel better quality).

simma down now - - the best things come to those who are patient.


So go shout at Sprint instead. There ARE new devices. The Pre2, and 1st thing next week the Veer.

So HP has a magical way to convince Sprint to sell their phones, last I checked what phones the carrier sold was their choice. SO maybe you should take that up with Sprint of get on the two Carriers that have a future with HP/Palm. The bridge has been burned with Sprint, Palm claims they didn't deliver on sales and the exclusivity was a mistake and Sprint Claims Palm didn't offer a device they could sell. Plus last time I was in a Sprint repair center they were telling users having issue with their Pre they should switch to a better phone. HP is not sailing on Sprint anytime soon, until it can show itself on other carriers to be a profitable choice.

Simmer comes before a boil...we are ready to pop the top. If they don't get this moving the faithful will have no choice but to bail.

Don't get me wrong...I'm in for whatever they get out there whenever they get it out. But I can't keep telling people who ask for my advise to wait...wait....wait...wait...I can't recommended a product that isn't available.

They mirror on the back only WOW's them once.

tell me about it... i get lots of questions regarding what phone someone should buy next and i want to tell them about this. i stopped promoting this phone because of the one question EVERYONE asks... "what carriers will it b on?". "i don't know." "oh, that sucks"

How is it that other manufacturers release phones better than their last fairly quickly and we're still waiting for a phone that would be considered as mid-range by the time it comes out? An improvement to be sure, but not as if the release but to WebOS fans will be a waterfall moment - where the world stops and admires its beauty or capabilities. Yes, WebOS is good and even almost elegant in some way....but, not as if over the last few months they couldn't have figured out how to add WiMax for Sprint or dual-cored (and optimized it).

Honestly, I'm getting so sick of people calling the Pre 3 mid-range. It's got a 1.4 Ghz processor -- something I haven't seen in any current or future phone. All reports have said the hardware is very high quality with a very capable keyboard. My only complaint would be the screen resolution, but even at 800 x 480 it's still quite capable.

I couldn't be more excited about the phone, which is making this release that much more unbearable to wait for.

I agree with you for the most part. The only thing that I am disappointed about is that it won't be 4g. I feel like at this point it is worthless to release a phone that isn't 4g.

Yes, but 480x800 at 3.5' isn't so bad. It's still a pretty high ppi.

t mobile is about to release a mid range 1.4gz samsung exhibit. and its coming out b4 the pre 3

How would the Samsung Exhibit be classified as mid-range then? Is there a high range phone with a 1.6Ghz or 1.8Ghz processor in it?

Pre 3

Screen size - midrange
Screen resolution - midrange
Camera - midrange
RAM - midrange

The processor speed is great, but it'll be smoked by dual cores at slightly lower clock speeds. All in's a midrange device. Nothing wrong with saying so.

It seems to have the same screen size as the iPhone 4. This is just a preference. For some the Veer's screen size is high-end. For others the Evo's is. If by "midrange" when referring to screen size you mean, "Sweet spot that is likely to appeal to the widest audience", then I'd agree with you.

The other features you mention are all "midrange." I'd argue that the DPI of the screen is very much towards the high-end with 249.84 DPI. It's below the iPhone 4, but it compares well with the Evo 3D (256.15) and the Motorola Droid (264.77).

It also has a high-end keyboard and a high-end processor.

I don't know what people would do with more RAM, run 100 applications at a time instead of 50?

So we are really stuck with the mid-range camera. I will need to see pictures before placing judgment on that. My point and shoot is 5MP from years ago and my photos come out as good as someone else's much newer 10MP camera. The number MP start meaning less after 3 unless you need that more detail for greater ability to zoom into parts of the picture.

There is NO ONE who considers a 320x400 2.6-inch screen high end. As for the Pre 3, it's a midrange display. The iPhone screen size is also midrange these days. The iPhone screen quality is NOT. The Pre 3 screen quality IS.

You can justify specs all you like, but comparatively's midrange. Again, nothing wrong with that, but let's not pretend that this is a high end phone. It's not, and it's not going to be marketed as such. That's a good thing. The iPhone - display aside - is not a spec king either. It offers an incredible user experience and very tight ecosystem to compensate. HP needs to offer something to compensate too. Cards aint it.

I don't think an individual can classify a screen size as "mid-range" or even "high end". Screen size is completely up to the individual user. Most people prefer the screen size of the iPhone compared to the EVO. I know about 20 people with EVO's and countless with iPhone's and about a third think the EVO's screen is too annoyingly big. Only about 2-3 think the iPhone's is too small.

Well, if your anecdotal evidence says that something is the case, I guess that settles it. All I have is the explosive growth of 3.7-inch and higher Android handsets that have propelled it to outsell iPhone in America.

Individual preference does matter, but no one considers 2.6 and 3.58-inch screens to be high end. The high-end parts of the iPhone display are the resolution and glass feel. Apple is widely reported to be moving to a larger display for iPhone 5 or 6.

I dont understand how they plan on selling phone with no ad campaign...yeah they have celebrity endorsments but who knows about them outside of precentral faithful? Ummmm nobody...i have never seen a pre plus commercial, a pre 2 commercial, or a veer commercial! Guess what thats what sells phones...Droid and Iphone commercial air all day..thats why they sell period! the time the pre 3 is released those others will already be avaliable cpo and retail cheaper than the pre 3...i very seriously doubt any major carrier will even pick up the pre 3...the ones that do offer palm devices dont sell...why would the average consumer want to buy a phone they havent even heard of? There will be no tv the mean time android and apple will have spent millions pushing their phones which have superior apps and better and more mainstream hardware.

@ KingNoso11
"Don't expect a June release. The touchpad comes out first, then the Pre3. Unless HP/Palm manages to release two devices in June, it's very unlikely."

You mean that would be too difficult for little old HP, like how HTC launches new handsets and tablets every 15 mins...?

HTC has a realistic business plan. HTC makes their own gear. HTC collaborates with carriers and o/s providers.

HP has a complicated business plan and has spread all of their "big company" resources very thinly over many products and services. HP is so complicated, they get in their own way. HP does not have a culture of innovation. HP is not aligned with major resources within the industry.

HTC releases hq phones with one eye closed and a finger up their nose....HPalm? nah...

More and more android just sounds like a better option to me. Even when the pre3 drops the apps are just not there. Sad day for a webos fan :( need some soul searching... lol

Aside from the battery life the evo4g looks like a damn fine piece, i normally walk around with two batteries anyway. I'm due for my upgrade from Sprint so i'm weighing the options. May come back to webos in another 2 years. They may just get it right then...sarcasm. Gonna go peek at Android Central and see what's good.

Feel free to talk me out of it please!! lol

I'll talk you out of it by mentioning the EVO 3D. Myself? I'm waiting to find out if the Pre3 will be on Sprint or not before my next phone purchase. If Sprint doesn't carry the Pre3, I'll go either EVO 3D or Nexus S 4G.

the Galaxy S 2 is the best choice i think.

I'm pretty much feeling the same way. My 2 y/o Pre is on it's deathbed. I'm becoming disillusioned with Palm/HP's apparent lack of results.

There no longer appears to be much difference in the hardware between the Pre 3 and some of the Droid phones. Other manufacturers seem to be moving with much greater speed to develop and release hardware.

As for the apps, I at least need to have a warm fuzzy feeling that good WebOS apps are coming. More importantly, that developers which don't hesitate to develop for iOS and Droid will want to include WebOS as well -- oh yeah, without raising the price for WebOS compared to others.

Oh, I'll be forced to jump ship if Sprint won't carry them.

Over the course of the weekend, I found more examples of apps people have developed for Droid/iOS and no mention of WebOS without even trying. For instance - my cable company, banks, airline, hotels, a game called Word with Friends... and the list goes on.

I'm getting tired of feeling like the lonely little kid standing outside looking through the big window wishing I could be inside with all the cool people.

I'll be at the point pretty soon where unless there's a solid reason to stay with WebOS, I'll be shopping for a Droid phone & pad on Sprint. It's going to be a matter of weeks, not months for me.

I have an Evo and had it for the last 6 months...I would personally wait for the EVO3D or Nexus 4g when it comes out as both are leaps and bounds better imo. Though for me I just cant compare WebOS to android. I love the cards of webOS and the only knock from me is the lack of apps. So I am hoping for a pre3 on sprint :P

For android to me I hardly use the multitasking on it because its not really that good. Don't waste the upgrade on the original Evo unless you REALLY need a new phone immediately. Also 4G really badly sucks down the battery, so much so that I switched to the MIUI rom which only has 3g at least currently...but I LOVE IT!!!

I still use my webOS phone because of one app that I havent found anything close to on android and thats the flashcards app :)...The ability to download flashcards and use it is very helpful imo :)

I seriously wish I could but we know how good iOS and Android are and Windows Phone is going to be caught up with them when the mango update comes out. I think webOS is on its death bed :(

By the time this hardware is released it will be ancient...there are already android phones out with specs that are far better than the pre3s will be.....great os, but another EPIC FAIL! Its a shame that Hp cant keep its promises to its customers, thats y i swithched, they do not advertise at all...who has seen a pre 2 ad on tv? Ummmm nobody...Who has seen a Veer ad ummm nobody...attention HP word of mouth is not going to sell phones....and whether u wud like to admit it or not u all know im right!! I had a Preplus which i loved but after the webos 2.0 'in the coming months 'fiasco i left and got a Droid pro,which i love...full qwerty 1ghz navigation, acurate gps,free music apps, even a task manager that mimics webos ability to keep multiple apps open...y be loyal to a this company? If they even invested in a few tv ads they might be able to conjure up some interest from developers and actually provide competitve applications....btw small isnt the new big....o and the already released ipad two is going to be thinner ,lighter, and faster than the touchpad which wont even be released for another few months! Wtf are yall thinking the touchpad should have already been released and hp should be working on the TP 2......this isnt 1911 and this website isnt going to sell u enough phones to be competitive..i mean for god sakes the carriers, i mean carrier, who was willing to sell the latest pre dont even sell them in the vzw stores,well most of them dont...i mean if consumers cud see the phone on tv it wud raise interest and force them to carry it cuz people wud actually want it!!! DUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

"ancient" lol. You love your Droid Pro with a 1ghz processor.

edit: Pre 3 will have a 1.4ghz processor.

Yeah i literally performs twice as fast as my plus turn by turn full music downloads....accurate gps....10,000 free games...and i was simply stating that the pre 3 specs would be outdated by the time its improvement for the pre series but far behind the do they expect to get people to buy their phone when they would have to downgrade their hardware just to switch?? I freaking guarantee those damn cards are not worth it alone! Just invest some freakin money in your own product HP and get them devices released in a timely manner. Otherwise Webos fans will be doing alot of thinking beyond, beyond hp phones all together, or beyond to the next decade waiting for a software upgrade! Lmmfao

ummm...which phone currently has a better processor?

Ask that again when this phone actually comes out. I would argue a dual core 1.2+ is a better cpu in general though.

While you wait for impressive numbers lots will be enjoying the webOS experience because it doesn't need those numbers to be lovely. Or perhaps you haven't seen the Veer's performance with just 800MHz?

@ nyalig Are u asking if the Pre 3 has a faster processor than the Droid Pro? The Pre 3 WILL have a 1.4 ghz...The Pro HAS a 1ghz keywords will and has! How are u going to compare two phones when 1 hasnt been released and wont be released for another four months??? Thats like me asking if the Pre 2 is faster than the Pro 3!

I just moved to a Pre2, and I really enjoy it. I decided that the phone is more important to me than the carrier. I am using Verizon now, but I think I will switch to AT&T.

I got to see a Veer in person, and I felt it was much cooler than a photo might suggest. People argue over having larger phones, but it seems like it was only a couple years ago that we were clamoring over smaller thinner, lighter designs. Remember the RAZR? Feels like a joke now. I have an Android phone as well, but the majority of the apps are throw aways, and especially as a developer, it reminds me how much I appreciate webOS.

I have a feeling that the TouchPad may be a catalyst for generating more excitement on the platform. Playing with Enyo has been a good experience, and C++ on webOS is dramatically better than I have experienced with other platforms, especially Android.

Apple has had success by changing the discussion in computers into a two horse race -- Apple, and every other computer manufacturer. As smartphones blend with tablets, and tablets blend with notebooks, and the space becomes filled with more players, I think that the smartphone market may become less of a two horse race as well, and I think people may begin to think more about the merits of each platform rather than assuming there aren't any choices.

I am excited about the Pre 3, and the TouchPad seems to be positioned to be #2 in the tablet space. You need to be #2 before you can be #1.

It is true that hardware makes a difference. I suppose that UberKernel, converting a Pre Plus to Sprint and now using a Pre 2 have all made it easier to wait. I'm excited to try using a Veer when I can. It seems like it could be a great business phone.

Uh, number 2? Is that 3rd grade humor or are you really suggesting that any WebOS device (or group) will ever be in 2nd place? For a now "me-too" device with one too few cameras, you'll be picking up wifi versions at half off in 8 months from launch. HP will try and use their dominance to force retailers to continue to carry them and this will result in simply losing shelf space for HP. Not even Bill Gates would be allowed to be Bill Gates in 2011. Retailers will be calling the shots, not manufacturers. The world has passed your dreams by.

I love my Pre 2. I'm dying to get my hands on a Pre 3. I'm very very curious about the no keyboard Pre 4.

First world problems here I come...

I would guess that if there's going to be a no keyboard version of webOS, it wouldn't be named the Pre 4. It would have its own branding like the Veer.

This way they can continue the Pre form factor with an update and not confuse the **** out of people with a Pre 5 that has a keyboard re-introduced.

Picture quality doesn't seem too great, but hey, all we can do is wait to test it ourselves.

Man, after all the Veer excitement, that phone just looks HUGE!

I have a friend at school who's dad works at Palm. Apparently he (my friend's dad) has a Pre 3, along with other prototype hardware. This includes a translucent Veer.


Not yet. I'll try and get some when possible.

I'm a little skeptical on this, I just can't think of any reason why they would make a translucent Veer. Actually, if it's aimed at pre-teens they might think the color option is cool?

If this is true though, I wonder what else he has access to.

Well, the translucent Veer is apparently one of four.

If it is a prototype, possible it could be translucent'ish. Having worked in manufacturing where some plastic prototypes are, not unusual at all. Of course, the type we used were somewhat toxic in that we had to wash our hands immediately after touching. Really wouldn't want that for a test phone. But, probably not the same material. Other manufacturers also ugly up their test phones released in the wild as to not allow for easy identification.

Well thats just slightly annoying. Nice to see its still in the "works" but it doesn't make the wait any more bearable when we already know the specs and have product shots of the Pre 3. Get it in our hands.

"...hotly anticipated flagship phone will soon be making it's own grand debut..."

Come on, you know you want to finish the quote... all together now... "In the coming months!"

We want dates not photos...

Pls release on Verizon, my TP will need company. Android lovers go android love, Apple lovers go apple love. I love Web OS.

Am I the only one who sees this picture, with the guy showing his face, as an implication that HP is ok with it, and that, perhaps, we are closer to a Pre 3 launch than we might have thought?

Perhaps Im just over-optimistic..


You must be new or you do not follow HPalm much.

I've got a feeling you're right. After all, most devices usually pass through FCC very close to release date. I mean, the Veer only went through the other day, right?

what carrier is he using?

I am only checking this site regularly to find out if "do right" promise ever gets fulfilled. If so, I might get the next Pre, but one of the major reasons I bought the phone was free MIFI on Verizon. I like WebOS, but I am tired of the limited app catalog and weak promises, and I am 7 months from a Android device at this point.

I swithed to android and have no regrets...the apps enable a phone to do what it does and my Pro can do everything...imagine gps that actually works....and u can even get a task manager that mimics webos u get the positives from webos plus better hardware plus around 40,000 free apps...

What is the "card like" task manager called, I'm really curious to try it out.

Its called Visual Task Switcher free version in the Android Market...after installation u just tap the home button a a card style image of the running apps pop up..switch back and forth as u please they continue running..u do not have to close any app down to switch to another..unfortunantly u cant ''throw' the cards away but i'll live.

do i see a Sprint branding in that pic? *crosses fingers and holds breath*

Looking at his Twitpic timeline it looks like he has been using this phone since Mobile World Congress.

I think the problem with them taking too long to release the new products is that Qualcomm has not begun to mass produce the chip(Snapdragon 1.4ghz in the Pre3) and webOS is not ready yet for the TouchPad.
I've been noticing that other phone manufacturers are going to carry that same 1.4ghz chip and will release their phones next month or so. Besides, Jon Rubenstein and others are going to speak at Uplinq 2011 which is a Qualcomm event on June 1st.

Also, they are really working their tails off to get webOS 3.0, apps and whatever phone webOS version ready before launching any new devices.

"All devices and profiles must integrate seamlessly from day 1!!!!!"

PC with webOS can come later on and the Veer, well they are just releasing that one earlier for no reason at all. They should of just released all three together so people can get a feel of all the products.

I agree with you, this is probably the reason the TouchPad has taken so long to come out. They're probably sending teams of developers out to publishers to help them build their apps. HP is trying to bring the content that webOS so desperately needs to survive with the TouchPad.

I think this idea was debunked. It started out as the rumor that HP would be porting your app for you and ended up being, perhaps, five people that were available to help out big developers.

The Palm Pre 3, yes i said PALM. Will be a solid phone when it comes out. Solid may not be good enough. The only thing I ask for is more apps. The 3.7 screen is not huge but itll do. The OS is by far the best in the business. I mean absolutely stellar. I have owned a Palm since the 600 but I will say that I might be stepping out to try another type of phone but I am going to keep my bookmark on precentral because if they do what i know they can do.......I'll be back

HP won't even give us a release date they don't respect the fact that alot of us had the Pre since june 6 2009. They don't care about that at all. So they force my hand to get the Nexus S 4G tomorrow 5-9-2011. I don't even won't an Android phone. I tried to hang in there but 3 years is long enough. WEBOS is the best. I love Sprint & webOS combo. to make a long point short F YOU HP/Palm for shiting on the Pre- faithful/loyal owners!!!!!!!!!!!
shout out to Deiter & Derek for all your hard work at


Doesn't HP realize that this device is completely uncompetitive? Without a 128-bit, 3D 2096 x 1024 eight inch screen, eight-core QuadraSPARC, 5G hybrid EVDO-WiMAX, LED-projection, and at *least* 2 terrabytes of storage, this device doesn't stand a CHANCE!

/android-style FUD

Nice try, but the point people are making is that it's gotta be competitive on SOME level. it's not on apps. It's not on ecosystem. It's not on carrier availability. It's not on developer interest.

So why have it be NOT competitive on specs as well? It's got a 1.4-ghz chip? Great. But almost every other spec is midrange.

If you want world-busting specs with a four hour battery life and crash-prone re-skinned Android loaded up with crapware, by all means, get the Android handset.

If you want perfectly acceptable specs with the best smartphone OS on the planet, the Pre3 is more than competitive.

It's got all the apps one could need -- 6,000 of them. I have yet to encounter a serious smartphone need that isn't covered by the App Catalog at this point. And I'd much rather have useful multitasking, productivity, and usability than a 5 inch screen, or "4G" with 4 hours of battery life ala EVO or Thunderbolt.

YMMV, which is why you're welcome to pick up the Android sizzle-without-substance handset and crow about your quad-core processor and 3D screen (while glossing over the fact that the software that runs on it is a barely-usable, crash-prone mess).

U are stupid...i just switched from far as apps go where is the turn by turn navigation apps? Or the FREE FULL MUSIC DOWNLOADS APPS? Or the other 96,000 apps that the Android market has that webos doesnt? I have an Android smartphone that isnt crash prone...the os is fine...who are u to critique the Androqid OS? How can u generalize all android phones...theres a reason they outperform HP phones in every aspect of the market!

I've got numerous Android handsets, so I'd consider myself well-versed-enough to compare them.

As I said before, if tens of thousands of **** apps, celebrity gossip apps, and video games are your thing, webOS isn't your thing (and Android is a good choice).

But the UI sucks, the OS crashes constantly (especially if you're using an HTC or Samsung or Motorola device with one of their abominable UI overlays), the quality of the apps themselves is HIGHLY variable, and the battery life sucks.

The software has "graduated" from being execrable to merely abysmal. But it's still horrible, inconsistent from handset to handset, forked to **** and with an uncertain future on each handset (i.e. where's my Gingerbread update for Samsung Galaxy S?!? Hell, where's Froyo for my Epic?)

If you value hardware specs and "lots of apps" over user experience, Android is great. However, I insist on a usable, stable device, and I have yet to see an Android handset that delivers on that to an acceptable degree (though Samsung's Galaxy S 4G comes closer than any other I've owned/used, despite falling short of the mark).

I hope the picture quality on the pre 3 camera isn't as bad as the photo used in this article.

Seems like more and more people are reading so they can stick around and comment about how much better giant Android devices are. I wish there was some website somewhere that the on-screen keyboard loving friends could sate their spec lust.

I don't think any device is "better" than another device. There are devices "better" for individual people, and some obviously "better" for the mainstream, hence their popularity and healthy sales. But that is not a permanent state and tastes change.

That being said, it's kind of odd that people want to hang on to "Love it or leave it" as a rallying cry around here. Especially, when lots have taken them (and also HP as evidenced by rapidly declining marketshare) on that offer.

The marketshare decline that HP (and Apple) are experiencing isn't due to a loss of users -- it's due to the fact that the market is growing much larger than HP and Apple are growing.

If your sales increase 10% but the market doubles, your share is declining. That doesn't mean legions are leaving, however.

Alas, there are no Android web sites, so they must come here to blither.

People, please read the following article on HP's approach to cloud computing and how webOS and Windows based devices will fit in there, at least security wise, and others wont.

If this phone wants to get sold, it better come out on all 3, close together and be a $99 dollar phone, otherwise it's not going to sell.

WebOS is better than any mobile OS out there. I support andriod and IphoneOS (can't said IOS, cause i'm a cisco guy, just feels wrong), and they just don't compare. Though the lack of apps, poor poor hardware on original pre, and no sales support are going to kill it.

if a pre3 isn't on sprint by summer i'll be sporting android, my phone just can't last must longer and i'm not paying 75 bucks for a used broke **** phone from ebay.

I would go "boi-oi-oi-oi-oi-oi-oing" if the Pre 3 was only $99.

I don't think thats a Pre3 in the photo - do you?
It could be his iPhone!
Common Richard Kerris - if you're going to tease, then you'll have to try harder at that as well!

Got my first Android device when the 'waiting' finally got too much, must say I wasn't blown away with the first hands on moment, but only because I felt a pang of remorse as I removed the SIM my Pre. Glad to say that a week on the droid experience is fast becoming the WoW factor I expected...but then I suppose I'm a bit spoilt with the Samsung Galaxy 2.

The only 2 things I can say hand on heart I miss are;

Touchstone charging and the Precentral Website.

I would start a discourse on the demise of WebOS and the mistreatment it and its loyal fanbase has received but you all know its only a matter of time now...unless a miracle occurs.