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Pre appears in Canadian ad circulars 14

by Derek Kessler Mon, 24 Aug 2009 9:42 am EDT

Future Shop Palm Pre Ad Circular

This is the week, my friends. The Palm Pre launches on Bell Mobility this Thursday, August 27th, and unlike Sprint's launch, Bell is actually going to do something crazy: advertising. We've already seen the television ads and online series that Bell is running, but in case you happen to miss those, the Friday ad circulars came with two spots touting the Pre, one for Future Shop and the other for Best Buy Mobile (after the break).

Thanks to our man Rene of The iPhone Blog for sending these in!

Best Buy  Mobile Palm Pre Ad Circular


I swear that if the "bell pre" has text complete, ima be soooooo F%?kin mad its not even funny!

Now the question for the rest of us in the US is:

Will Palm release any updates at the same time?

I also wonder if the phone will have 1.1 or perhaps a 1.2 firmware... Have there been any leaks/checks yet?

Either way, it is good new for all of us, as our "pool" of users should grow nicely.

I had just got out the sprint store and the rep (my homie) said that we should be expecting a nice update in september and a 16gig pre is coming out too! Lets keep our fingers crossed people!

Wow... a three year contract. And I thought two was a bit much!


Three years??? :P

This is not fidelity... is enslavement!! 8-O

Well, let's gonna prepare the flesh to the whip... hehehehehe

Best Regards... B-)

Yeah, 3 years was the first thing I noticed. I wonder if that's the norm there.

Yes, Yes it is. And it sucks.

They must have bats in their BelPre.

"They must have bats in their BelPre."

Laughing my Arse off!!!

Pre-release models are running 1.1.0

3 year contract DAMN and i though 2 here was evil damn American and Canadian cell phone providers.... when i lived in Tokyo i started phone service with a kick ass PDA was $100 no contract and had unlimited talk data and text for about $35 a month what gives here this sucks the big one...

Service plans, whether for voice or data, are always cheaper outside of North America. Look at the EU, specifically at France, where the local telecoms had minitels [electronic directory assistance] in homes in the 90s, and the cost of high-speed data services to the home is about 1/5th the cost of the same US services - and they're more dependable and significantly FASTER!

Corporate GREED is what happened to North America. After Judge Green broke up ATT, Richard Whittaker (sp?), former President of Ameritech of Illinois - formerly Illinois Bell, put it all back together again - purchasing all of the Baby Bells to recreate a monster. Fortunately, both the Justice Department and FCC are looking closely at some of the pricing structure and, in the case of the iPhone and Apple's relationship with ATT, the restrictions placed on consumers.

Ultimately, I believe we will see the sales of phones unbundled completely from service providers. Purchase a phone, choose a service provider. No more contracts, much better customer service because the providers will actually have to work to keep the customers because they won't be locked into a contract for 2 or 3 years, and a much better wireless product overall.

JMHO - if anyone cares . . .

While there is hope, it's still a long way off.

If you want to learn more information about the Palm Pre in Canada, you can read this ( in french ) :