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Pre coming to SFR in France 16

by Derek Kessler Thu, 07 Jan 2010 5:42 pm EST

Today at CES, Palm CEO Jon Rubinstein and SFR CEO Jean Marc Tassetto announced that the Palm Pre would be available on the French wireless network. SFR is a GSM network, owned by Vivendi and Vodafone. They were the first 3G provider in France and cover half of France’s population. SFR hopes to get half of their 20 million customers onto smartphones. SFR originally aimed for the iPhone, but ended up with the Pre. Tassetto said, “We go with the best smartphones,” which apparently is French for Palm Pre.

Release date and price are not known at this time.



Good to hear confidence from the French. =)

SFR will distribute le Nexus One mid march...
I'm not shure what I'll do by then if there is still no professionnal software avalaible on WebOs, and PIM's at PalmOs standards

SFR ( ) is the no2 mobile carrier in France. It have 5,9 millions clients 3G in December 2008.

>They were the first 3G provider in France
!!!!!! It is not true !
The first 3G provider in France is Orange
( ).
It have 11 millions clients 3G in December 2008.

Good News : Palm Pre will be available in France.
Bad News : My mobile carrier is Bouygues Telecom ( ). Their price for subscription with no contract (with mobile card) are lower than Orange and SFR.
Maybe I will must switch from Bouygues Telecom to SFR or find a solution to unsimlock the phone.

Note the 'were'...
That means SFR was the first (in term of time) 3G provider in France, not SFR is the first (in term of subcribers).

"SFR originally aimed for the iPhone, but ended up with the Pre"

that sounds like they settled, but itz really an upgrade they should be happy

Yihaaaa. I just hope it will be the palm pre plus, not the original one :)

Le point , one of the main news magazine said here :
Le Palm Pr

The news is strange about Qualcomm processor since Palm uses Texas Instrument OMAPs.

If AFP is right (your latter post), that's great news if SFR get Pre+ and Pixi+!

Here AFP (french news agency)

They talk about Palm Pre Plus and Palm Pixi Plus with SFR and not Palm Pre and Pixi (first version).

They said that SFR will sell Pre+ between 129 and 149 euros, and the Pixi+ between 29 et 49 euros, I think with an one year contract/subscription.

SFR's CEO too : "M. Tassetto a indiqu

will it be available unlocked?

Probably not (but you can ask for free unlock after six months).
And those Palms will probably have Azerty keyboards.

OOps. Comment was incorrect. Deleted by creator. :(

from Wikipedia:

"In France, SIM locks are not prohibited. However, the mobile operator must inform the consumer of the existence of a SIM lock. The subscriber has the right to request that the SIM lock be removed at any time. No later than 6 months prior to the conclusion of the contract, the mobile operator must "systematically and free of charge" provide the subscriber with a procedure to deactivate the SIM lock. Operators may charge a fee for removing the SIM lock prior to the 6-month deadline."

So I guess the Plus can be unlocked for a price, unlike the O2 Pres sold in UK. But the AZERTY keyboard might be a dealbreaker for us importers. I kinda like the QWERTZ keyboard, gives it a bit of that Euro flavour that further distinguishes my phone here in Asia.


Palm Pre + and Palm Pixi + coming to SFR in France in April

Now that a GSM radio is built for the Pre, assuming it can be unlocked (when it's unlocked) the market for Palm should really open up. ..which brings us to; PLEASE- SOMEONE WRITE SOME APPS.!!!

Ok now that Verizon has their new phone, how about a redo for Sprint? Say 128GB of memory, (SUPPORT FOR 802.11 A + N WiFi!!!) and worldphone (EVDO + GSM) capability?