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Pre commercial filming with super-sized Facebook page 43

by Derek Kessler Wed, 06 May 2009 9:32 am EDT

Facebook Set

Jamie Gonzalez, photographer and film maker, and one of those few people who has an idea of what’s going on with the Palm Pre. According to his twitter feed (Edit: since removed), Mr. Gonzalez yesterday evening was at Warner Bros. film studio, with the following remark:

Back at Warner Bros! Palm Pre in the house... It's the iPhone for chicks! LOL

We’ll forget the comment about the Pre being the iPhone for chicks, unless he’s saying that the Pre is for the more discerning half of the population, but then that calls into question my own judgment, so we won’t go there. Gonzalez redeems himself, however, he took a picture! From all appearances, that’s a giant extruded version of the desktop browser version of Facebook. How that’s going to feature into the commercial their filming, and why it couldn’t be a giant CGI extruded version of Facebook, I don’t know. Any ideas?

Thanks to miles4000 for the tip!


Fist guess, he has to interact with the set. Which might be harder to do in CGI?

I dont have my paintshop loaded, but it would be interesting if someone could clear up the text on the mock-facebook. You see 2 pictures strung up in the back, which only seem like a type of art.

The other thing, is whats with the Stonewall and desert landscape on the bottom?

also notice the light strategically placed above a button.

my guess on the stone wall and desert landscape is that someone will be "in the desert", but because of their Pre and its facebook abilities, they are still connected to everyone - even in the desert... I can see the camera starting off close in on the person, then panning out and up?? ...or something like that. (why am I even thinking about this??!!)

this is rockin' good news to feed the masses who want the Pre. I can't waint to see the first all Pre commerical : )

I have hear this "iphone for chicks" comment about 20 times now mostly from people associated with Palm's PR.

It looks like they are making the Facebook set to look like the front of a house. You can see how they have a door and an awning.

If the Pre is for chicks, send me one and I promise to wear a tutu the first week I use it :)

Sorry, the "What would you do for a Pre" is in another thread...

I think he means (on the twitter text) that Chicks would refer to it as an IPhone.(not knowing the difference) maybe?

So at this point, they're _STILL_ shooting the video? I guess the launch really won't happen anytime soon...


What this means is, this particular commercial is still in production. I am sure there were other commercials produced prior to this one. There will more commercials after this. The Pre has already made a cameo appearance in Sprints Now campaign.

It looks very Sprint NOW themed, but you're right why couldn't/wasn't this created with CGI, maybe it was cheaper?!?

Wow. The Pre is certainly a business machine while the iPhone is a toy. Facebook? That's what you got? Facebook is a website.

Facebook is fast becoming a popular method for Corporate social networking. Facebook has a website, I would not label it solely a website. Primarily Facebook is a messaging/networking medium.

You are confusing linked in with facebook.

I am not confusing anything, I reiterate what I posted...

Sure Facebook is a website but it is a very recognizable website that will appeal to the masses. I would imagine they will have one marketing campaign geared to business users and another campaign that is geared more towards the current iPhone user crowd.

Oh come on people, I can't believe no one has said nailed this yet.

Chicks tweet... ;) They're about to market the pre as THE twitter phone.

Wow, good call.
That's the best explanation I've heard thus far! :)

Maybe, but the only problem with that theory is that it doesn't fit Facebook. Tweets/Chicks are a Twitter thing.

why is it "the twitter phone" any more than iphone or windows mobile? Or are you new to smartphones?

Just RELEASE the phone already or im gonna have to be put on medicine!! The anticipation is driving me insane

I thought his name was Jaime Gonzalez, not Jamie Wilson.

I think Sprint is going about it the right way. Push their company as being SUPER smartphone friendly. They already have at least 2 commercials I can think of touting the benefits of their Now Network

1). In one, Dan Hesse talks about the power of smartphones, and says how you can come into a Sprint store to learn how to use it.

2). Dan Hesse specifically mentions being able to update your Facebook status from your phone.

And now this supposed Sprint commercial featuring Facebook. I think they're going about it the right way.

Raza Imam
"a die-hard Blackberry user with a soft spot for the new Palm Pre"

And you can't update your facebook status from the iPhone, WM, or Android phones?

I didn't know the Palm Pre and Sprint were the only ones that have access to facebook from a mobile phone.

Of course you can, but this site is filling with comments from idiots who keep parroting spin that applications already on iphone, windows and android are somehow new and invented with pre. Either they are idiots or pretty poorly infomred hacks.

So the Pre is going to be the ultimate Twitter phone. It'll be interesting to see Apple's response after they complete their purchase of Twitter.

No the Pre is not going to be "the ultimate twitter phone", twitter is one feature of the Pre. Apple is not buying twitter, that is nothing more than an internet rumor. Apple is all about profit, twitter does not fit their business model. Besides, Apple is in hot water with the FTC, due to the fact that Apple and Google share board members. That is a violation of the law.

As to the rumor:

It is already a feature of every smartphone.

Noooo, REALLY??

I see WAY more girls with iphones then guys.

Anecdotal evidence is anecdotal. :) I know at least seven guys with an iPhone, but only one girl. Would be interesting to see some hard data on this.

The concept of hard data is an interesting one; I'm a physicist/law student/skeptic.

I would say I haven't seen a gender correlation with iPhone ownership, anecdotally (see esp. defition (2)).

The expression anecdotal evidence has two distinct meanings.

(1) Evidence in the form of an anecdote or hearsay is called anecdotal if there is doubt about its veracity: the evidence itself is considered untrustworthy or untrue.

(2) Evidence, which may itself be true and verifiable, used to deduce a conclusion which does not follow from it, usually by generalizing from an insufficient amount of evidence. For example "my grandfather smoked like a chimney and died healthy in a car crash at the age of 99" does not disprove the proposition that "smoking markedly increases the probability of cancer and heart disease at a relatively early age". In this case, the evidence may itself be true, but does not warrant the conclusion.

by the way, the definitions are from today's wikipedia

perhaps the commercial is comparing the outlook of Facebook to the Pre and letting consumers know the Pre UI will not change every other month and cause you to want to swith to something better . Only for you to come to realize that Facebook is still better than anyone else even with crappy changes!

I think CGI is more expensive than a foam facebook page.

Spend more time on making more Pre's and less on the foam mockup board.. I think we all know it's coming by now. LOL

As far as the debate about the use of facebook to promote the Pre... well, correct me if I'm wrong, but the Pre WILL interface with facebook a way that other phones do not-- a la synergy / cloud computing. No? Meaning, it won't merely have a "facebook app" or connect to facebook mobile, but that the Pre itself will be more integrated with facebook (contacts, etc).

I know I'm a jerk for saying this, but "their" should be "they're"; sorry, bugging me.

How cathartic was that, right?

Its funny how this story made the rounds to alot of tech\blog sites. I think my forum post and your story was the first one on the net regarding this.

Welcome Derek and thanks!

Forgot to add this is from Miles4000.

I just saw this commercial on the WB and it was pretty well made. Looking for a link online now.