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Pre gets 1Ghz overclock; Custom kernels possible on Pixi 72

by Dieter Bohn Mon, 28 Jun 2010 10:00 am EDT

  1GHZ Pre

A couple of big pieces of homebrew news this morning. The first is that WebOS Internals has released Govnah 0.5 into the public feeds. Govnah is the app that's used to manage custom kernels, which are subsequently used to overclock the processor. The new version brings support for the Palm Pixi, although we're not in overclock land just yet. It does bring hope that the little webOS phone that could can soon get overclocked and get the speed boost it so desperately needs.

More exciting for Pre users is the experimental series of Alpha kernels from unixpsycho and WebOS Internals, specifically the very experimental and not for the casual hacker F105 Thunderchief (alpha) kernel. Thunderchief is able to boost the Palm Pre up over the magical 1Ghz mark. Additionally, the kernels enable Compache, which brings compressed RAM swapping to the Pre - which will either mystify you or cause you to salivate, either way you should be impressed. 

Check out the video of F105 Thunderchief in action after the break by BeeRad!


first.already got warthog

1ghz?!!?! OMG that's bloody fast; I need a new pair of underwear. ;)

Actually, I would like to see unixpsycho make another video and compare the different clock speeds within govnah. This will show folks not familiar with the device and its native speed how much faster this really is (500mhz vs 800 mhz vs 1005 mhz sort of comparison). And isn't it "1.005" ghz, not "1.05 ghz" (or with rounding, 1.01 ghz)?

Thanks for this. It brightened my day!

this no sprint pre in that video...

I love to hear more love for the pixi is coming, and yes govnah rocks.

I got a Pixi because I love the form factor (not sure I'm a fan of sliders), and am very anxious for an overclock patch to come this way.

Very anxious.

That is awesome that they are testing the 1Ghz Overlock.

I am currently running F102 as I didn't want to use the Govnah at this time.
Good clean straight forward 500/800 screenstate with Compache.
Been running great on my Sprint Pre and took care of the Too Many Cards error entirely. I can even run 2 3D games while running other programs.

LOVE IT! Keep it Up! Thank You!


iPhone 4 has been out for like 4 days, and that fast, pre users can say they still have the faster phone!
Any known bugs or to-dos left to bring this out of the alpha stage?

im one of the alpha testers, and have been using the F105 for a couple of weeks now, and must say it has been very very good. The speed is just as fast if not faster then a EVO (clock times I have certain websites open faster on my Sprint pre then the Evo, as well as opening certain applications) The tempature has been between 32-45 well under any serious marks. GOV has it clocked at 1007ghz, so for pre users I would only suggest to apply this kernal, scrolling is amazing, and I have not got any TMC errors at all.

hows battery life? I assume it isn't set to 1007Mhz all the time. Is it compatible with the same governors like screenstate and powersave?

Whats the top speed for pixi?

If I want the screenstate to revert to 500MHZ while on touchstone or being charged (and the phone being used), which Kernal/settings should I use (to prevent overheating).

The 105 kernel only comes with Screenstate as the governor, which means that when the screen is off(including when the clock is up while on the Touchstone), it clocks down to 500MHz, but when the screen is on, it goes to the 1GHz speed.

Plugging in AC power will also cut the speed to 500MHz(after a screen state toggle), but the Touchstone state still doesn't cut it to 500MHz at this point(the -60 build).

That is just amazing.

I thought the video was sped up by the way he was flicking his finger.

I'd love to do this, but just lost my pre over the weekend. I'm not sure what I'm doing to do now. Replace the pre, but why, it's so outdated, or get an EVO?

If H/Palm would just announce something or give some sort of indication that something else was coming, I'd hold on, but they've let us down big time and are killing this platform.

Nobody can talk specifics unti the buyout is completely done, but if you follow this site at all or read back a few articles you'll see that individuals within HP have made statements about new hardware.

I follow this site religously, but seemed to have missed that unless you're talking about the pointless talk of the HP ceo.

they don't even have to say anything, just leak something already :)

I noticed that the battery went from 89 to 84 in just the 9.5 minutes of the video... so it's apparently using a lot of juice. Not sure if it's worth it for me. I need my phone to work for 12+hrs daily without a charge in the middle. Barely making it now, so guess I'll have to hold off on this until a decent standard sized battery is available.

get the Seidio extended battery. If touchstone is the reason you haven't yet, check out

extended battery makes ur phone look like a fat kid.. no thanks

Does anyone know the link to the Weather Underground page that he opens at 1:19??? I use but it definitely doesn't look like that.

OOOOH so much better! THANK YOU

All of that magic... while in his left hand ! Tons of bars of reception;-)
very impressive. Im running govnah , compache. I will be loading this week fo sho.

does anyone know how he got his launcher page to look that way? Ive never seen it look like that b4...

It is an app launcher patch called lite list launcher by Owen Bickford.

I think this is a patch called "Lite List Launcher".

This little magic rock that is the Pr?ciousss just keeps getting better and better, the Chief is here and it's bringing the Thunder!!!

To those with a Sprint Pre, you have to use the new kernel's with Compcache support. To not have to restart the phone to open up a PDK game enhances the experience of the Pre 100%. I'm still at 800MHz, but the new compcache support is the ish!!!

I have the Uber Kernel 800/500 and I've been looking for compcache, where do i find it to install??? i cant seem to find it

Just update Govnah and UberKernel to the latest version that recently came out using Preware. It is automatically enabled. It was evident for me because I could never open PDK games after having a couple of apps open!

And how is photo flicking in Photo App? I hate that I have to wait until the photo is completely proccesed in order to change to the next. (Although this is more like an OS bug)

I assure you I did not speed up any finger flicks through the launcher pages. Really no reason for me to lie. Besides, if I was worried about lying to make this all seem better then I wouldn't have shown the couple hang ups I had when launching apps. ;)

And for the battery observation, it does take a hit but I honestly haven't seen it much worse than 800MHz was. Screenstate helps preserve battery. I too am testing Warthog Kernel currently with 250/1,050 screnstate.


i have the uber kernel set @ 800/500 and was wondering when charging on the touchstone it it idleing @ 500mhz even though technically the screen is on? or is it @ 800mhz

Also where do i find the compcache patch/install????

+1 I have been looking for compcache also where is it and how do I install it???

Holy Sh*t!!!
This is the "phone", I've been waiting for!!!!
Why hasnt palm picked this guy up and give him a $250k salary!?!?!? Seriously if the Pre launched with this capability, WE would of had that "HUGE" 4G lauch phone! I hope this HP acquistion brings things like this!
Nice Work!!!

The IMAP CPU wasn't trusted to make two years at 600mhz, thus the downclock to 500. Palm wont sanction it because intensive use will burn the chip/phone. But, if you're only keeping the phone for a year and dont mind replacing it, have at it.

(thinks gsonspre would have bought a 300 hp Ford Escort)

You mean something like the Ford Escort RS Cosworth with 4WD and a turbo?

FYI, webosinternals just corrected this article on Twitter, "@precentral There are no overclocking solutions available for the Pixi processor, and there is no forseeable solution to that limitation."

So Pixi people, it's good to see custom kernel support, and maybe things will get a little bit streamlined, but don't plan on seeing overclocking for your phone.

I have UberKernel (Pre) and Govnah. Where are these F10x series overlocks, and is Compcache the same as the one that can be enabled through Govnah?

Thank you.

Has anyone run any benchmarks like the SunSpider JavaScript benchmark with this kernel?

is it needed to uninstall uberkernel to install these new ones? i am getting an install error when trying to install the warthog kernel

I could've sworn I'd read over and over again (on these forums, from these devs) how overclocking above 800 Mhz was pointless on the pre because some other part of the os couldn't handle all that speed anyway. So what's changed?

I believe Compcache is already included in the UberKernel, but you have to get Govnah 0.5.0 to see it or use it. I think. I'm probably wrong. The F10x kernels are Alpha still, not Beta, so you have to have access to the Alpha feed. Not sure if you can use PreWare for it or if you have to use the PC program to access them...

Please someone tell me where to find the compcache (F102/F104) patch/install I cant seem to find it and I keep hearing about it I'm currently running Uber Kernel 800/500

also does anyone know if when charging your phone on the touchstone is the phone running @ 500mhz or 800mhz??? I wonder because technically the screen is on so i dont know if its considered idle or not?

The latest uberkernel that just came out today has compcache (1.4.1-58). You can just install it with PreWare from the standard WebOS Kernels feed, no need to go messing with kernels from testing feeds.

yes morningisbad, MUST uninstall old custom kernel before installing new one.

broy83, the UberKernel thread says 500MHz when on Touchstone regardless of screen on or off...

I got an idea... new hardware?? My friend tried to put a SuperCharger in his 77' Plymouth Valiant. Wasn't Pretty what the car did to him. At least we're admitting that the Pre needs some Viagra.

I am confused about all these different kernals, compache, uberkernals, thunderchief, 500/800, etc. Where do I go, and what are all the patches needed to get max output, etc with this 1Ghz.

I am still running the old super kernal and want to doctor and start over with this, so for us simple users, but risk takers can someone start a one-stop shop thread...please help, thanks

I'm most interested in the 'compressed RAM swapping' and wonder why it isn't included in the default kernel?

I would like to hear more specific information from the alpha testers on the type of load they are putting this under and its correlation to the increase in the units temperature. I have a major concern with a literal "core meltdown". The 32-45 degree span seems a safe range from what I've read, but how much is going on (i.e., how many apps are open when it starts hitting that upper range of temperature, etc.)?

I got UK 1.41-47 running at 800mhz with compcache and screenstate and it is the most awesome phone. Any of the pre's flaws are bought upto market leading levels and now my phone is just unbeatable. More speed is always welcome though, its like getting a new phone for free :p

Another thought for the "patch makers": does WebOS/its cpu have out of order execution that might take greater advantage of the newly found clock cycles?

Nope, no OoO execution until the Cortex A9s. I'm hoping to the universe that the Pre successor will use a dual core A9, preferably Tegra 2, or else it'll be outdated at launch, just like every phone coming out now.

just installed F105 on my Pre Plus. Upgraded from F102. So far, very stable. Battery temp is consistently at 91*F with constant texting, internet usage. I'm happy. Definitely a bit quicker - especially the camera and switching between conversations.

Thanks a lot! Keep up the great work!

great research guys keep leaving the tips!!

google maps is so much faster and smoother thanks a ton guys

unclekeg said it right. This is the pre plus. What will this do for the Pre?

Just got this kernel running on my Sprint Pre (with Govnah for CPU temp checking). Everything is running fine, with temps under 45 so far. It is easily installed using Preware (or WOSQI) if you have the correct feed URL. The entire device is running the way many wish it would have out of the box. If not for potential meltdowns, and severe battery drag, it would be perfect. However, for the time being, the cons do not outweigh the single most important pro: incredible loading speeds.

Been running the first 800mhz kernel since it came out. Decided to install this beast. But I had to downgrade to stock and let me tell you ... s . l . o . w . at 500mhz :)

Here's to hoping a nice fast stable 1ghz!

I have the new Uberkernal and Govnah on my Pixi. Here are my settings:

Profile: Performance
Min MHz: 122
Max Mhz: 600
Compcache: Enabled
Compcache size: 16mb

There is a huge difference in performance. Even without an actual overclock, the phone flies now. I recommend every Pixi owner install it.

Battery life when using the phone is a little worse, but my standby seems to have improved (I believe the min mhz is 400 stock).

Is it at all possible (or has someone already) to have an "overclocking for dummies" class/lecture/post? This is something that I would love to do but am not a developer and I'm getting jargoned into oblivion.

i agree. none of this "if you cant find it, you cant have it" $hit. i have preware, webos quickinstall,100 patches..blah blah blah... could someone please just post the url so i can manually enter the alpha feed into my preware. that would be fantasic.

Can som1 please tell me how I can install th 1GHZ kernel on the Sprint Pre.

if you have preware, just go into 'available patches' and then kernal' then 'stable', install the appropriate kernal. now just search for the govah app and bam. want anyone to help you accross the street or into some pj's with the footsies? lol, compache memlimit only sets at 16mb :( what's the deal?

*1ghz is soon to come be patient kids.

I like that my phone is faster now that I have overclocked it to 800mhz, but the fact is that the battery is worst now before and isnt worth it. I can't image how bad my phone will be being overclocked at 1ghz... I can just see it now, im stranded some where and I have no juice in my phone becasue I wanted my phone to be faster. WebOS really needs to use the capability of the pre's processor correctly, it doesnt. It has 1900 ghz processer. and its defaulted with 600 mhz.. lol I hope the webOS can speed up the processor and not use as much of the battery with the new udpdate.... well see.

ih ave the uberkernetl 1.4.1-58 . the latest version. but it only goes up to 800 mhz. and i have govnah. i went to preware, searched for updates, and nothing. is there another kernel or something?

alight so i added the testing feeds to preware i added gov. and uber and im stuck how do i find the ighz install, am im missing something

Follow the instructions on the bottom of this page:

Can someone please make a video showing how to overclock a pixi plus?

Hi all, I have a question for the more experienced ones:

I've read in another post that battery life is affected by 2-4% with CPU running at 800MHz ( What about when it runs at 1GHz? have you got a number?

Also, do you guys (those already using overclocked CPU) safely keep it always on 1GHz (except 500MHz during standby of course) or do you manually switch back and forth when u need more power? (I'd like to know whether it's actually a "good practice" to leave it on 1GHz and forget about it.