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Pre landing Down Under in August 18

by Derek Kessler Wed, 06 May 2009 9:29 am EDT

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According to Australia-based Smarthouse, that same country/continent will be getting the Pre in August, and on Australia’s largest wireless provider - Telstra. While obviously, Palm and Telstra would not comment specifically, Palm Australia manager Brett Murray did confirm that the Pre would be coming to Australia in the second half of 2009 (coinciding with the anticipated launch of the GSM Pre for the world outside of North America). Interestingly, in a reflection of other recent rumors, Smarthouse claims that Telstra will limit the supply of the Pre at launch. Additionally, they expect that Palm will sell the Pre to Telstra for AU$400 (~US$300), and they in turn will sell the Pre on contract for AU$299 (US$225) and off contract for AU$899 (US$670).

Thanks to jbg7474 for the tip!


I doubt Telstra are going to sell this phone outright, and combine that with their pricing of mobile data and this is bad news for Australian Pre fans.

I bet they will sell it.

That's interesting... That would pretty solidly debunk the dual-band UMTS rumour, if true, as Vodafone runs 2100/900 (and they're rumoured to be one carrier) while Telstra runs ?/850 (2100/850?). So unless this is false or Telstra is intending to sell a phone that only works in the cities, I'd say there'll either be two different UMTS versions, or it'll be a 2100/900/850 version, somehow.

This is very interesting as it is the first sign that the GSM version is tri band UMTS (3G). Telstra's NextG (3G) network runs off the 850mhz band and they only sell 3G phones that work off this band. There is a number of "so called" 3G phones that Telstra don't support (read BlackBerry Storm) as they only operate on the 1900/2100mhz UMTS bands, and not the 850mhz band.

I'm ready to sell off my 1st gen unlocked iphone if it really hits at that price, but someone first tell me how music synching is going to work -- drag and drop?

The second thing is, I really don't want to switch to telstra, and the off contract price (if true) isn't too bad.

US$670 would be really over prized IMHO

Not for Australia/New Zealand, to be honest. That'd be NZ$1160, or NZ$140 cheaper than the Treo Pro. Yes, the Treo Pro was being sold by Vodafone for NZ$1300, or US$750. Give or take.

I guess Telestra cares more about their customers than Sprint does. A one month window would be nice as opposed to the two month window we in the US are still living with.

So Australia gets a release date (not an exact date, but saying "August" is more exact than "first half of 2009") & prices? Why can't Sprint & Palm just give out solid NA info already?

I would have to agree with the posters before me. I think most of us really dont care about 'the date'... We just want one.

When is it coming to Canada then?? My Telus Rep told me not before September, I just hope he's wrong!!

When will Elbonians get one?

So, what the australian price of an iphone?

That should give us a solid window of the palm pre's pricing.

iphone 8GB is AUD$70 per month on the 24 month plane including 1GB data and $520 calls.

you can buy the iphone outright for $899 in Optus shop.

I certainly hope Palm Pre will be sold less than $899..... I think maybe $699 is a good start but Telstra has a habit selling phone more expensive than others.
only time will tell.

oh, and comparing iphone price isnt a good idea, i think anyone from Australia would agree that when telstra/optus has a chance, they make the price as high as they can

Telstra will kill this the same way they killed the Centro. Telstra has a tainted image and is mainly for:
- old folk
- business
- rural
- people who want to pay more than anyone else

Hope there isn't an exclusive arrangement or it lasts 7 days.

I agree with the previous comment. Not happy at the fact that it's gonna go in Telstra's hands. People who bother comparing the prices will refuse to be locked to a contract with Telstra. I'm also not happy about the time it's taking them to launch Pre in Aus. Pre is becoming less and less impressive as time goes, and running into the risk of clashing with other more advanced phones. Maybe Palm deserves to go up in flames.

well that was a shank of a prediction