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Pre lands on "Best of 2009" lists galore 30

by Derek Kessler Fri, 01 Jan 2010 8:50 pm EST

Palm Pre Obviously we’re going to be the types to tell you that the Palm Pre is one of - if not the - best smartphones of 2009. This is PreCentral, after all. But we’re not alone in out praise of the first webOS phone, as it has landed on several of those year-end “best of” lists that every website is obligated to put out. Since we only have two phones to choose from, our best webOS smartphones of 2009 list would be awfully short, so instead we’re going to give you an overview of how the Pre has landed on best of lists elsewhere on the web. We've got the round-up, waiting for you after the break.

Brian Lam, Gizmodo: “We like the iPhone, the Motorola Droid because it runs Android 2.0 operating system, and the Palm Pre for people who have stuck with Sprint. We do not like anything Symbian or Windows Mobile 6.5, for the time being. (But are excited for Windows Mobile 7.)”

David Pogue, New York Times: “Palm’s latest app phones, the Palm Pre and Palm Pixi, offer a software trick that’s satisfying both in concept and execution: it consolidates the different sources of your life’s information... Simple is a good thing; we like simple.”

Edward C. Baig, USA Today: “For a time early in 2009 the Palm Pre from Sprint was the most anticipated new pocket computer since Apple's iPhone - it was the product to keep beleaguered Palm in the game.”

Ernest Doku, Omio: “The combination of cute pebble-shaped design, slide-out Qwerty keyboard and the debut of Palm's smooth new ‘Web OS’ operating system makes the Pre a worthy alternative to Apple’s iPhone.”

Ginny Miles, PC World: “The Pre's webOS software is touch-friendly and fun, but the cramped QWERTY keyboard detracts from the phone's usability.”

Harry McCracken, Fox News: “Palm bravely scrapped the old software that powered landmark gadgets such as its PalmPilot PDAs and Treo smartphones and built WebOS, a highly original new operating system that's fast and fun to use, with one of the best mobile Web browsers yet.”

Jason Notte, The “With Wi-fi, Bluetooth, an airplane mode, Microsoft and Mac compatibility and voice quality that reminds you it's a phone, why didn't user excitement soar with Palm's stock price this year?”

Lance Ulanoff, PC Magazine: “I think 2009's action was sparked by the remarkable Palm Pre. Palm produced the best product rollout I have ever seen. Every single journalist I spoke to at the event was wowed, and we all wanted one.”

Liane Cassavoy, “The webOS software is fun to use (I love tossing apps off the screen to close them) and offers some impressive features, like true multi-tasking, so you can get more done. And it does so in the Pre's cool curved slider-style handset.”

Linsey Fryatt, Fonehome: “Biggest surprise - Palm Pre: We were practically reading Palm’s death rites when out of nowhere it produced the stunning Pre at the Consumer Electronics Show in January. It was the definition of ’stealing the show’.”

Marin Perez, Information Week: “Expectations weren't very high when Palm said it would announce a new OS and smartphone during January's Consumer Electronics Show, but the company wowed the press with the introduction of webOS and the Palm Pre.”

Michelle Maisto, eWeek: “The June arrival of the Pre started a new chapter for Palm. Designed by an ex-Apple team, the Pre was touted as being everything the iPhone is, plus having the one thing it lacks: a physical keyboard.”
webOS also made eWeek’s top products list (the only OS, mobile or otherwise, on the list): “The Palm webOS is a thoughtful and well-designed mobile platform.”
Strangely, eWeek also included the Pre on their ‘10 Products That Must Be Killed in 2010’ list...

PC Magazine: “The Pre is the start of something genuinely new: Palm's webOS, an innovative operating system that's benefited a lot by what the company has learned from Apple's smartphone successes.”

Popular Mechanics: “The Palm Pre’s features read like a gadget geek’s wish list: optional inductive charging, a full keyboard, the ability to sync with iTunes—and it can run multiple applications at once. Sometimes more is more.”

Wireless and Mobile News: “Announced at CES, last year, the Palm Pre has almost physic-social networking and calendaring features. The Palm Pre received good reviews, and was called the “sexiest phone since the iPhone.” ”

UPDATE: Some late Engadget lists honored the Pre as well...

Michael Gartenberg, Engadget: "At this point last year many had written Palm off entirely. Instead of fading away, Palm came back on strong with webOS, a new way of integrating diverse content called Synergy and two devices launched across the globe. Along the way, the Pre garnered much mindshare from consumers, and Palm showed that you don't need to clone the iPhone to drive the state of the art forward."

Ross Rubin, Engadget: " "Phone So Good It's Smart" ... The hardware still needs to match the software with larger screens and a faster processor, but in many ways webOS feels like what the iPhone OS wants to be when it grows up."

Engadget's Top Posts, 2009: Engadget's Palm Pre guide was their #7 most-trafficked post of the year, while the Palm Pre review clocked in at #11, and their live coverage of Palm's CES 2009 event landed the #20 spot (PreCentral will be at CES 2010 next week to cover Palm's presentation for this year).


I concurr.

Ok now they need to keep things going by adding new features and OS improvements. 2010 should be a big year for Palm if they do the right thing.

The Pre is on my Best of 2009 for sure, and to be honest, I am more than happy just knowing that.

What I am not happy is that here in Canada I am still waiting for 1.3.5

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!

What does that mean "stuck with sprint" ????

I don't understand why people don't see Sprint is the best network to choose from...
-Cheaper than Verizon/ATT
-More coverage than ATT
-Faster 3G in more areas than Verizon/ATT
-First to release 4G

I agree with you. I've had Sprint for years and I've always loved their service. I've always had good coverage and good customer support. The prices are excellent and now with the Pre finally they have a phone I like (even though I liked my Centro and Treo before it also).

I don't get it either...I've been with sprint long enough to be a premier member and have never had a problem. Seems like they keep getting better while the top two keep slipping. All my buddies with att have the WORST signals and they seem to fall into the marketing machine and think it the least my bill is damn near 50 bones a month cheaper and my 3g blows theirs away!

HAPPY 2010!!

I think it might be a regional difference. I can tell you that in my neck of the woods in New Jersey, Sprint's coverage is less than optimal. I get a lot more dropped calls than I did with AT&T. It's tolerable, because it still doesn't add up to a lot of dropped calls overall, but there does seem to be a difference, as rare as it is.

I wish everyone everywhere a Happy New Year!

Special thanks to PreCentral staff for giving us things to love and fight about... in 2009!

happy new year!!! PALM 2010 is all about palm!!!! 1.3.5 is the best

eWeek is an oxymoron.

When they are good, they are really good. When they are bad, they are really bad. Go figure!

No kidding. I just looked at the rest of their

I was pretty confused about this "10 things that need to die" article, too. Especially since some of the stuff that was mentioned was not at all part of the problems with the Pre ("the touchscreen isn't so nice," what?? No one has said that). Nevermind that it's coming out on Verizon in 2010. Clearly the writer doesn't know what he's talking about.

So I checked, and it's because the article is written by Don Reisinger. I saw him when he started writing for CNET and quickly realized there (and this confirms it) that the guy is plain-and-simple a link-bait troll.

It is quite obvious that the writer is an iPhone/Apple lover and hates anything not made by that company.

The Pre should definitely NOT die in 2010! Happy new year!

Palm introduced webOS with the Palm Pre in 2009 to great acclaim. webOS is revolutionary, and the Palm Pre is innovative. But version 1.3.5 of webOS shows us that the technical team at Palm is top notch.

All of the accomplishments in 2009 also gives us confidence that Palm has the technical expertise and competency to push webOS into whatsoever direction they wish. Battery management - no problem! Performance - no problem! Features and Functionality - no problem! I now hope that we will stop doubting team Palm. I hope in 2010 we will stop making statements like - they better deliver or else I am going to get on a kite and flyaway! Flyaway if you want, just don't tell us (we will try to survive without you).

At this point, I don't want to do too much thinking - except a little bit of speculating just for the fun of it. What will Palm's announcement (a little over a week from today) at CES (Computer Electronics Show) be about?

I love my Pre...i have seen the hero, i have an iPod touch, there is NOTHING like the Pre. The keyboard, the multitasking and speed had held my attention. I have no reason to stray to another provider or phone. Waiting on flash, high end apps and more memory on the Pre Plus to hit Sprint. Other than that, I am a happy TeckieGirl.

Still not 12 oh in Cali, Happy N-Years! Pre is kewl

i would love my Pre even more if we had a good Facebook app. Pleaseee come out with a better one. BEAT THE SH*T out of the iphone!!

check out the new engadget app. very nice.

I'm sure someone has already pointed it out somewhere, but that engadget app brings the catalog to a nice round 1000.

First of I would like to say F**K Don Risinger, he is the jackass that said the pre should die in 2010. Everything he says is either biased towards apple when it comes to smartphones, or microsoft and the failbox 360. Every article i have read that he wrote on left me hating him more and more. F**K him he should be the one to die in 2010...... Maybe then he can be replaced with an unbiased journalist....

While not quite as strong, I agree fully with the sentiment you express here. Don Reisinger is a really annoying troll of a writer. It seems odd to me that someone that blatantly terrible at it gets paid to do this.

Seriously. This comment expressed just how I feel about that piece of shit Risinger. That dude needs to move to a new career market for his journalism because anything tech-related is just out of his brain comprehension. Reading his articles feel the way it would be if we were to read someone like Martha Stewart writing articles on how to fix cars. Shit just makes no sense.

Stuck with Sprint ? Wow...Ive been with them for 5 years now...never had any problems,service gets better all the time, yes, cheaper and better Data Packs than the other guys !!

Ive tried an iphone out, Ive tried the HTC Hero W/Android (way to complex for the every day Joe I feel). The Pre has been problem free !! Its not to BIG, not too small, fast, VERY VERY user friendly, does all sorts of things. I feel it IS in the Top 5 of 2009 !!
Palm is gaining ground and becoming a main player in the Smartphone arena ! Pre is every bit as good as an iphone....give it a few more months, and it will surpass it !

Keep up the great work Palm......and PreCentral is absolutely an AWESOME place for Info, news, and 'How To' !!!! Keep up the great work in 2010....HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!

the Pre won the "Best Smartphone of 2009" in the Engadget Switchies. If that means anything.

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