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Pre-licious Rumors Still Circulating 23

by Jennifer Chappell Wed, 28 Jan 2009 10:06 am EST

Don't ya just love "silly season"? I sure do!  The rumor mills continue to spin regarding the Palm Pre's launch date.  TreoCentral forum member Vyruz Reaper posted early this morning that he got some more info on the Pre.

Vyruz Reaper tells us a couple of things.  First, he says that per his source:

So it seems that 2/15 is still the date they WANT to release the phone. From other sources it looks like best buy will have them 2/15 before sprint, but i dont think that is correct, but who knows?

And secondly, he heard that the 8GB Pre will eventually be $150-200 (maybe even at launch) and palm will introduce bigger storage devices like Apple did with the iPhone.  Seems that a 16GB Pre model is already in the works, and the bigger storage models will be priced significantly higher. 

Vyruz Reaper adds:

This isn't set in stone, but palm is considering following this model which makes sense given the omission of the miscrSD slot to make people pay more if they want more space.

I've been reading similar rumors regarding the possibility of larger storage model Pre's and also grumbling about this because people feel that Palm is just trying to make more money by making people upgrade to the larger storage models.  And you know that there will be those of us who will certainly want to upgrade to a Pre with more storage.  I bought my first iPhone when it was first released, a 4GB model, and of course an 8GB model was released soon afterwards.  I held on to my 4GB though and then eventually gave it to my Mom.  Then I got a 16GB iPhone 3G.

Now, back to that launch date rumor stuff.  There was an interesting comment posted under our "Palm Confident That Pre Will Launch On Time" article:

I was on the phone with Sprint support last night activating a replacement Centro I received in the mail (insurance claim for a cracked screen). When we finished up getting it activated, the guy mentioned my eligibility to get $150 off a new phone if I was interested. I told him I was waiting for the Pre and he said, quite offhandedly, "yes that will be available February 15th.." and rattled on with the rest of his script about have I taken care of all your concerns today on this call, blah blah.. I said, "whoaaaa partner, back up there.. Pre WILL be available February 15th?" His reply was affirmative.
I hope these guys are right.

Heck, I hope these guys are right too!  That would be sooooo great if the Pre really was available on February 15th!  I'd better get ready to head over to a Sprint store and get signed up to be a new customer. ;-) 

Of course these are all "Rumors", but we sure do hope that they pan out.





Between all the waiting we've already done, waiting on the Pre to be released (since it's announcement), and waiting on my contract to expire, I'm becoming less and less enthused about Palm's new hotness. Instead I keep thinking about how I won't have to pay an additional $50 just to sync my current phone (755p) with Palm Desktop.

I'm still very, very interested in the Pre, but the idea that Palm will be following Apple's model... just turns me off more and more.

I just got off the phone with a Sprint rep in telesales, I asked about the availability of the Pro or the Pre, she never even mentioned the Pro she just zoomed in on the Pre and said that she would check to see if it had been loaded into the system yet. She placed me on hold and several minutes later informed me that the Pre would be availalbe the first week of February. Needless to say, I almost dropped the phone. I verified this again along with the name of the phone going as far to spell out P-r-e so that there would be no mistakes. She verified again and offered to take my number so that I could purchase it from her.

2/15, huh?

i can hardly contain my excitement. especially if this thing is anywhere below $300.

I've not followed phone release dates for very long but it seems odd that they would release a new phone on a Sunday.

The Centro was launched on a Sunday: October 14, 2007.

I guess that does sound a lil odd, but a weekend release means more people will be free to go get it on the first day. You'd think Saturday would be better, but I dunno. Valentine's Day? I suppose they could market it as a gift device?

Anyway, a lot of times, new sales/deals begin on Sundays.

All that said, I don't have my hopes up too high that the Pre will be released on 2.15.9.

Even if the Pre does resemble Apple's iPhone in many aspect, it is completely different. What Palm is bringing out is and will be the future of smart phones and, for that matter, mobile phones in general. Of course, it's not going to satisfy everyone. Nothing does. However, phone manufacturers will use webOS, if not the Pre, as the new building block. Apple is probably kicking their butts for not coming up with this first. That's probably why they are being sore losers and talking about lawsuit.

I am optimistic and I know Pre wont have 10% of iPhone's market in a full year.
Apple is not a sore loser. They aren't sore, and aren't a loser by any definition. If you mean patents, everyone including Palm, has vigorously used their patents.
The "future of smart phones" is rapid change and marketing power. If Palm's unreleased, unfinished, device is "hot" today, it will be as fresh as yesterday's fish when Apple, with 100 times the resources, comes out with their next hot iPhone.

I am pumped for this phone! 2/15 can't come soon enough!!!

I really wanna know more about the 16GB model. May need to post-pone my Pre 8GB purchase for the 16GB model, lol

I'd like to see the Pre by 2-15 as much as most (though my tax refund won't yet be here to pay for it), but I wonder about how realistic that date could be.
2-15 is five weeks after CES. How complete was the software at CES? Some sites refer to it as alpha. Even if it were beta, is 5 weeks enough time to get it finished? Could the CES demo have been set up with old software?
How easy is it to update/re-flash all the Pres with the latest build? I'd think that could be hundreds of thousands of units needing an update prior to sale. Don't tell me Best Buy is going to flash these things before handing them out. I don't believe that for an instant.
And what about testing on the Sprint network? I know Sprint needs this device, and they are faster to market than Verizon (ha!), but wouldn't they need time with the final build before the device launched?

1) Come on guys, this is not being launched on the 15th.

2) Whenever the 16gb Pre comes out, I'm getting it. 8gb isn't enough, especially when 16 is just around the corner. I can't wait to get rid of AT&T; I'd even pay the ETF to pick up the 16gb. (In fact, Palm could get a boost over Apple if they're the first to release a 32gb phone. I probably don't need that space, but they'd get some good press for it)

By the way, I'm surprised no one's ever proposed that having a microsd card could pose "UI problems" with the Pre. The Pre is supposed to be able to search the entire phone for anything you type. That would mean that each time you put in a new sd card the phone would have to index it, and I don't think more casual users would appreciate having to sit through that.

Excellent point about indexing.

Anon, Do not get me wrong. I like Apple, for that matter, I have both iPhones (original and 3G) and still use them as well. I'm just saying Apple shouldn't show off their muscles when a competitor shows up at their door. As you said, Palm have their own patents and have vigorously used them, if so, the iPhone would not be able to have half the things on the iPhone (this is from the researches of the people of this forum - I haven't done my own research). I don't remember or ever hearing Palm call foul to Apple. Yes, I stated the future of smart phones, because the new webOS, if it works as Palm has described is far different and better than any OS of the smart phones out there including the iPhone. I'm sure all phone manfactures will eventually make something similar. Oh, when the new iPhone comes out, I would definitely buy it. It is one of my weakness (mobile phones). Lastly, if the Pre is a success, it will most likely take more than 10% of iPhone's market. I'm thinking closer to 30 to 40% on the first year and continue to grow, if and only if, Apple doesn't come up a new iPhone and OS that awes people as the first iPhone did two years ago.

you can index in background and not search through that index until the indexing operation is finished.

Note that you'd also have to re-index each time the sd card is removed (even if another card is not put in), so as not to obtain search results that are no longer on the phone.

Overall, it just seems like a hassle, and if it weren't for limiting the launch Pre to 8gb, I doubt it would be as much of an issue as it currently is.

Below is the response I got from****

Thank you for your interest in our Palm Pre. This is going to be a
wonderful phone. Unfortunately, at this time we do not have an exact
release date for the device. Please visit to sign up
to receive notification of when the phone will be available. If you
have further questions please feel free to contact me at 757-223-3397 or

sending a new email to

Thank you again for contacting SprintHere is response I got back from

I've actually SEEN the Palm Pre in Europe. Some american businessman was plating with it on the train. I didn't make any pictures (that would be akward), but am pretty confident it was the Pre...

I've actually SEEN the Palm Pre in America. Some american businessman was plating with it on the floor of CES. I didn't make any pictures (that would be akward), but am pretty confident it was the Pre...

OK, this is something that everyone can ponder on. If Palm and Sprint decide to advertise the Pre during the Superbowl, it WILL come out within a month tops. Americans, in general, are, "here and now" type. Meaning if they want something, they want it now - not two or five months down the road. The Superbowl is the biggest advertising event here in the US. What better way to bring out a product than this? Now, if they advertise and don't bring it out soon after, people will tend to forget. It doesn't matter if they keep on advertising afterwards. Furthermore, there's nothing hotter than the Pre right now that's coming to the market; however, there's a pretty good chance something might come out within the next five months that might steal some of the spotlight of the Pre. So, look out for the Pre in the Superbowl.

After reading the comments posted about a Sprint rep saying that the Pre will be out on the 15th of next month, I decided to call Sprint my self to see what I can get out of them.
I took the approach of wanting to see what my contract status is as to elude that I might cancel my service if I don't get a good deal on a new phone. I argued for a minute with the first rep about the status of one of my lines and then asked to be transferred to the cancellation dept. as I've found in my ten years with Sprint that they are the most helpful reps (sometimes the regular ones are too).
I told the lady my concern about the status as I did not believe that any of my lines were under contract but was more interested in getting a good deal on a new phone and that it did not matter to me the current status. I told the lady I was interested in the new Palm Pre and she then said that this particular phone would not be out until February 15th. I said "WHAT did you just say?" and she then confirmed again that Feb 15th is the date it will be released. I asked her if she meant the Pro because I was not interested in the Pro but the PRE. She then again said that YES the Pre will be available on the 15th of Feb.
I tried to get more info from her as how much it would be and where I would be able to get one. She didn't know either however made it seem as though the should be available at the Sprint store!
I was so excited that I asked her AGAIN, just to make sure. She laughed a bit and AGAIN said yes, it will be out the 15th of Feb.
I then said thank you for the info and will be getting the phone when it comes out!!!!

I would like to see the Pre come out on 2/15, but I would rather them have a great launch then just a good launch.

If it does launch on 2/15, cost less than $299, have decent battery life, a good keyboard, then Palm might just have a winner on their hands.

For 8gb of storage it better be a lot less than $299, or all the reviews are going to mention that it's "$X more than the iPhone, and the iPhone has a 16gb option." It has to be $199 or less. And then they need to release the 16gb (or 32gb) before the next iPhone, which will likely have a 32gb option. Once the new iPhone is announced they're the only game in town. Palm's got at least 4 months to make a big splash.