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Pre Plus and Pixi Plus arriving at Best Buy stores 52

by Derek Kessler Fri, 22 Jan 2010 7:05 pm EST

Palm Pixi at Best Buy

The Palm Pre Plus and Palm Pixi Plus may not be launching on Verizon until Monday, but don’t let that lead you to believe that they’re not already out there. Engadget has noted that the two refreshed webOS handsets are landing in stores across the United States in preparation for the release, including purveyor of all things electronic: Best Buy.

Of course, they’re not for sale at Best Buy just yet, but they are showing up in stock rooms (which should be little surprise, considering that weekend shipping costs more than weekday). Anybody feel like moseying on down to their local big blue box and convincing a hapless Best Buy employee that they need to sell you the phone now?

Thanks to Complex Pants for the tip!


what a great ad campaign that Verizon & Palm are doing... people will have to get out early!

You being funny? Aside from a few new print ads and radio commercials I havent seen anything. That includes Verizon website. Not getting love of Droid, which is still on front page of website.

yea. I was being sarcastic. We'll see what happens though

Not getting love of Droid, which is still on front page of website.
Honestly, I thot you were going to say: Not gettin the love? Droid does.

I got mine earlier.. Just wanted to test side by side fore myself the differnces.. Verizon is fuckin expensive I rock it until 28 days then return it. If anyone in NY wants it just go to bestbuy in mountvernon. They sold me my mogul touch pro and palm pre earlly. They don't give a fuck about release dates..

Watch the freaking cursing on here!

Nice...profanity is the attempt of a weak mind trying to express itself in strong terms.

People still believe this crap eh?

@Young HoV 718,

You are not a very nice man. Why would you pickup a phone with the intent of returning it. You are costing both Verizon and Palm money by returning an item that cannot be resold as new.

God forbid we prevent big companies from making even more money from us.

There is no justification for stealing or acting unethically.

The concept of a big company does not exist outside of the concept of a lot of people. People justify their actions (or lack of ethics) by presenting all types of justifications. The ultimate test of whether our rationalizations are justified is to ask the question, will we be proud of our actions if the whole world knows it - my spouse, parents, employer, and friends? The quickest way to damage your self esteem is to act unethically. It is always better in the long run, to do the right thing.

Ethical or not, it's well within the law to act in such a manner. Though it may not jive with you, there is no commonality of ethics, nor is there a universal standard with which we are held. Some people believe that eating meat is a enormously unethical act, yet I would imagine you've eaten a burger or two. Who's to say who's right?

Regardless, they don't teach ethics in business school because as far as our country is concerned, the only agreed upon basis of standards in our society is the law. Business for the most part act within the law, not within ethics, and that's a generally accepted notion in a Free Market society. While you may not agree with his actions, he is certainly acting within his rights (which I might point out are within yours too) so there isn't any real basis to chastise him for using a phone for the agreed upon timeframe that one has to audition a device.

So relax, mind your own business, and put more effort into the stuff that's going on in this world that really needs your efforts.

And keep this in mind too: Corporations do not have your best interest in mind as that would be antithetical to the notion of making as much money for shareholders as possible. You must then ask yourself: do you become the moral, upstanding citizen who looks out for the best interests of an imaginary construct or do you simply reciprocate and act in your own best interest?

The previous two comments were two of the most well written, well thought out posts of differing opinions I have read on-line in a long, long time.

Read and learn folks. :-) ....great examples of how to treat your fellow humans.

I agree, but I just wish people would stop saying "jive" with. It's "jibe", meaning to be in agreement, not "jive", meaning to trick or deceive.

OK, done with my pet peeve rant of the day.

I have replied to the response to my post on "the ethics of buying a cellphone with the intent of returning it". You showed an interest in the topic. Thanks.

i agree with you, plus verizon sucks big floppy donkey


It is wrong and unethical to pick up a $550 device with the intent to return it!

There are some fundamental flaws in your reasoning about law and ethics. You are wrong to assume that our society is governed by laws to the exclusion of ethics. There is a difference between ethics and law. As an American citizen (assumption), you should know the difference. All Americans are expected to be knowledgeable about the subject of both law and ethics, and yet you fain ignorance. I don

oh yea...I'm a have to check that out. I been to that best buy I can believe that

I'm calling BS on this post. Dude has no idea what he is talking about.

Forward me the money and I'll go get one on behalf of

maybe google or motorola paid verizon not to advertise it on TV & online

That crossed my mind too. maybe not paid per se, but said, hey, 1 million more units at $200 if you keep us in the prime time another month, hint hint.

@sonso, the publicity the phone is getting is creating a lot of buzz. But you are right, that is not sufficient. Knowing Verizon, I expect them to come strong.

Illegal under US Federal Laws and would get them in BIG TROUBLE with CONGRESS.. Heard of the ANTI-TRUST laws?

Are they still going to make the original Pre? If mine gets "damaged", can I use my insurance to get a Pre Plus?

Considering that the Pre is only on Sprint and the Pre Plus only on and exclusive to Verizon, I don't think your Sprint insurance stands a snowball's chance in hell of getting you a Pre Plus.

think it was meant are they still producing O.P's or they switch all production to Pluses. I think they factored in how many O.P's they need to fulfill any and all problems they may hve and most the time they give ya a refurbished phone if damage is your fault, new only if manufacturing error.

astark, you do realize that is unethical, don't you? It amazes me how selfish and immoral so many people are.... they ruin everything for everyone else.

Anyway, no, the Pre+ is a Verizon-only phone, for now. Period.

I work for best buy...these are dummy units we got today for display. Working ones are not in stores yet. sorry guys.

is there buzz about the pre plus for the general public??? I'm not talking engadget, cnet (where there actually is no buzz & it's not a popular topic),, or I know of absolutely no buzz.

Look, you're not going to find a lot of buzz around the Pre this time around, but that doesn't mean it's not going to sell.

There was NO buzz around the Centro and it was one of the best selling phones Palm has ever had. (there was actually anti-buzz)

Closer to release, Verizon and Palm will pull out new commercials, but if your looking for buzz, Palm is going to have to pull out whatever new form factor they're working on. We've had hints that they will release a new form factor, we just have to see it, and know where we can buy it.

The next phone has to have - faster processor, better screen, better keyboard, more apps, more features, if they want buzz.

They know this, and depending on their resources they will deliver on some combination of all of the above.

Or they can go the other route, become the low cost iPhone/BB/Google alternative. You pay less, but you get less. You can still sell a lot of phones if your a really solid iPhone/BB/Google alternative, but you don't make as much money.

Ok, we know the battery (and performance) is already significantly better with webOS 1.3.5. And webOS 1.4 is expected to deliver further battery and performance enhancements. So as far as battery goes, it is currently mostly a function of two things: (1) optimization via webOS, and (2) putting a larger capacity battery in the Palm Pre and Palm Pixi smart phones. One factor that can affect battery life for any new device is actually the capability and electronics of the device. And for that, Palm will have to tune webOS so that it optimizes battery life for the device.

As far a buzz is concerned, we have three things coming up: (1) webOS 1.4, (2) Camcorder video recording and (2) Flash 10.1. These are all things we will be discussing in February 2010. And also, do not forget the buzz in December 2009 when it was revealed with the release of webOS 1.3.5 that webOS now had built-in support for OpenGL graphics to author 3D games. And of course, CES (Computer Electronics Show) 2010 created a lot of buzz this January 2010 with the unveiling of the awesome

Hey listen, I'm a super Pre fanboy, but the big buzz at the end of the month will be the legendary Apple Tablet, and the next iPhone.

If the rumours are correct and the next iPhone is available on Verizon this summer, than Palm would be smart to position the Pre as the less expensive iPhone replacement.

Personally I would never chose an iPhone over a Pre for very personal reasons, but for the first time smartphone buyer, they will only know the iPhone brand and that's it.

I think Palm will sell quite a few phones on Verizon, but they will have to pull out the big guns for the next release.

Right now they are working feverishly on webos 2.0. We don't know what's going to be in it because THEY don't know what's going to be in it, but whatever it is, it is going to HAVE to take webos to the next level, and the next phone will have to have improved hardware.

I actually have a lot of faith in Jon Rubenstein. He took Apple from a very similar situation and was instrumental in guiding them to where they are today. I'm not even an Apple fan, but he's a really smart guy who gets a lot of things right. It will be fascinating to see what the next phone Palm comes up with.

And yes, it will be faster and cooler than the phone you have in your hand right now. That's just the way the cookie crumbles.

The Apple Tablet is a completely different device and should not compete with the Palm Pre because the Tablet is not a phone. As far as the next iPhone is concerned, it is going to continue to be a closed platform in which Apple tries to control everything. What Palm has built is actually quite awesome. The Palm Pre smart phone would easily appeal to the 4 million Adobe Flash and Dreamweaver developers out there because it supports standard web technologies such as JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and Flash 10.1. Even the next iPhone would not support any of these technologies. When I talk about JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, I am not talking about building web pages. I am talking about using these technologies and skills to build native webOS applications using features such as gestures by accessing the webOS API. These are applications that a developer can then sell in the App Catalog. The development model for the iPhone is restricted to only the Objective C programming language. But in contrast, webOS will also support C and C++ based applications. And in addition, your Palm Pre phone updates its operating system (webOS) wirelessly from the cloud. In contrast, the iPhone needs to be connected to a PC (via a cable) for it to receive an operating system update. My point is Palm has already achieved so much, including multitasking (which the iPhone does not support for developer apps), that Apple will have a lot of work to do in order to catch up to webOS. So it is quite significant, the fact that Palm, with webOS and the infrastructure surrounding its new technologies has already established a big lead over Apple

Very perceptive post. Apple's whole business model is based on advertising hype. Yet they still put out relatively consumer unfriendly devices. Give me thousands of developers doing all sorts of things over a reclusive exclusive Apple system anyday.

Excellent post! This post should be featured on the front page of p|c as an example of the tremendous insight shown by palm in developing WebOS. My thanks to Thinker.

It is best to buy a mobile phone, so I think it is very useful! I use it to play game of Gaia online at outdoors, I think this is my New Year's best gift!

derek/dieter: can you guys please figure out how to block this spam posts from gamey! Thanx

derek/dieter: can you guys please figure out how to block this spam posts from gamey! Thanx

Oh, and Gamey: you are a douche bag and no one is gonna click on your links. Try another smartphone blog

derek/dieter: can you guys please figure out how to block this spam posts from gamey! Thanx

Things Palm needs to do for new users:

What Palm needs to do is put up some video overview of the phone on their home page showcasing all of its exciting features. They also need to do what PreCentral is doing, give the first time smart phone user a nice video step-by-step guide to using the phone.

Palm, we need a tutorial on using the keyboard with its many wonderful features:

And while they are at it, the keyboard has a lot of nice features for using it effectively. But Palm provided no help in this area. I wish they will prepare a set of video tutorials on how to effectively use the keyboard. And while they are at it, show new users how to remove the back cover. It took me (and I am an electrical engineer) about fifteen minutes fiddling with my Palm Pre phone to figure it out.

Palm needs to run ads like the one for the new myTouch, Fender guitar edition, with Eric Clapton. (and Buddy Guy!)

...made me want to run out and grab one, (on T-Moble, even! = )

...and I'm a drummer! ;-)

Ummm, isn't that just a display (i.e., fake) phone in the picture? At least it looks like one.

They had them out for sale at the Best Buy I was at today (I got a replacement Pre). Of course, someone was there and the activation didn't go through (I was waiting in line a while to get my replacement Pre) and the Best Buy employee didn't know why.. Of course, I guess the sign on the Verizon display saying "Available January 25th" didn't help them to figure it out.

meez want palm pre 2 on sprint this summer so I can upgrade on my sprint premier account, I think 1.4 will hold me over til then

Me on Sprint, me want to welcome the folks buying their new Verizon Palm Pre Plus phones on Monday. They can now join the party :)

Still not out at my Best Buy and the reps were too busy to talk!

spoke with a vzw personnel last friday who's been trying to activate their display pre plus, she can't go beyond the security question.. told her to login to to provide an answer then key-in on the pre.. voila! she now has a working pre plus display, even taught her how to search faster...

cant stand best buy

Can't believe Sprint yet again gets hosed and is behind the 8ball. The Pre should have launched with the "plus". Almost seems like verizon knew what they were doing in waiting. Sprint plays the guinea pig again

Can't believe Sprint yet again gets hosed and is behind the 8ball. The Pre should have launched with the "plus". Almost seems like verizon knew what they were doing in waiting. Sprint plays the guinea pig again. Vert frustrating

This is a generally accepted notion in a Free Market society.
Thanks for the information..........