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Pre Plus, Pixi Plus coming to O2 UK May 28th 21

by Dieter Bohn Wed, 19 May 2010 10:08 am EDT


Palm and O2 have made it official: the Pre Plus and Pixi Plus are both coming to the UK on May 28th. Pricing isn't great - the cheapest monthly tariff is £25 for a paltry 100 minutes and you'll need to drop £99 on the Pre at purchase. More likely you'll want to go with a tariff £35 or higher to get the phone free and get a minute plan you can, you know, talk on. On the bright side, all plans include unlimited text and data.

Press releases: Palm and O2. Thanks to everybody who sent this in!



Canada, your turn.

This is GREAT NEWS, my brothers been wanting a pixi ever since i got a pre, and he didn't want the same phone as me. He's going to be sooo happy!

I wonder if 6 months is too early to upgrade from a pre, to pre plus? :D

I don't live in the UK, but 100 minutes would be perfect for me, especially if it meant my plan was cheaper. I've consistantly used less than 15 minutes a month for the last few now. But good news, just the same.

100 min wouldbe perfect 4 me 2 cuz i rarely talk on my phone, i tweet text email and blog all the time, but rarely talk

35 GBP is something like $70. That's a lot better than AT&T plans, and I would love to have a $50 a month, 100 minute plan with unlimited text and data. Now what I really want is a Pixi Plus on Sprint, at least announced in the next few weeks, since my yearly phone switch opportunity is coming up.

70 US dollars?
Maybe before the economic crisis and bank bailouts.
Nowadays, it's more like

that's fantastic news!!

I really want a pre plus as an upgrade from my pre!! I wonder if o2 will allow an early uprade but i doubt it will happen!!

wonder how much it will be to buy outright?!?!

I was thinking the same thing, I might go the sim free route to avoid taking out another contract

Come on SPRINT... WE ARE ALL WAITING WITH OUR ORIGNAL PREs held together with chewing gum, bailing wire & OREO cookie filling....

I loled. +1

Lets hope they push it better than they did with the Pre so that we get some better apps!!!!

On the O2 website you have to look hard to even find the Pre so there are hardly pushing the device at the best of times and still no mention of the Pre plus. I would love up upgrade my pre to the plus but then again might be worth waiting for the next device.....

Does anybody know if it will have simlock? It would be great users outside UK could buy it without rebelsim ;)

And another question - I heard that Market won't work if you are in country that isn't selling plm devices(Poland in my cause) Have anybody some info about that?

Nice to see them arrive, but O2 will continue to push the iPhone & webos still won't take off in the UK. Anyone but O2!!!

what about ireland ?

fully agree re o2 marketing of palm ... Almost non existent !

what's it like migrating from pre to pre plus , can you copy/restore data from one to the other ?

C'mon Vodafone, when are you releasing your Pres and Pixis?

Flora Graham is CNET UK's mobile expert on their Crave podcast. Last week she ran a poll to see which kind of phone people preferred: 12 keys, touchscreens, OR qwerty keyboards. She seemed to say form feature choices were only: feature phone, BB qwerty type, or iPhone slate type. Maybe folks in the UK should tell her about the Palms with both keyboard and touchscreen. It would be nice to get a mention on Crave UK.

I went in to my local O2 store in Dublin to ask when the Palm Pre Plus would be available, as the UK date was set for 28th May. The guy told me he had never heard of the pre plus!

thanks to you he's earned a week to learn everything about it. o2 still probably haven't added pre+ to their 'coming soon' website section whilst some androiclones sit there for months before being available to buy.

I've had my Pre since launch day and love it, much better than the 3 iPhones i've had and the two nexus ones and only last week the Blackberry 9700. I just keep going back to the Pre its just such a good OS. Still get frustrated with the keyboard so I've ordered a Pixi Plus unlocked for