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Pre Plus taking on Nexus One in Laptop Magazine's March Madness [UPDATE: Pre Plus wins!] 49

by Derek Kessler Tue, 23 Mar 2010 10:54 am EDT

Palm Pre Plus smackdown  

UPDATE: The Palm Pre Plus has felled the Nexus One with 56% of the vote. 4317 votes were cast for the flagship webOS device vs. 3397 for the flagship Android phone. The next victim: the BlackBerry Bold 9700 on T-Mobile. Bring it!

While the Sprint Palm Pixi understandably fell to the BlackBerry Bold in the second match of the first round of Laptop Magazine’s 2010 March Madness smartphone showdown, this week is a new week (week #6, to be specific), and we’ve got another Palm webOS phone in the mix. This week, it’s the Palm Pre Plus (on Verizon, naturally) up against Google’s Nexus One, the powerhouse Android phone hailing from the T-Mobile camp.

Does the Pre Plus have what it takes to handle the Nexus One? We like to think so, but the only way to prove it (and show our frienemies at sister site Android Central who’s the boss (hint: us)) is for the voters (you) to put in a ballot in favor of the Pre Plus.

As of this writing the Pre Plus is in the lead, but just barely, with only a few hundred votes cast so far. Added bonus: if the Pre Plus wins, we get the chance to take on the Bold in the semi-semi-finals and avenge the Pixi’s defeat. And the right to gloat over trouncing the flagship Android phone in an all-important online poll (don't judge; these days we'll take whatever victories we can get).

Thanks to everybody that sent this in!


where do we vote?

Go Vote: vote

also, you can vote once, per machine/smart phone, btw. I think it tracks your mac address. So vote once from your phone and once/twice/thrice from you other computers.

Poll Daddy can track by IP or cookie. Default (and most likely setting) is cookie.

Did you read the article on the blog? Jeesh...essentially says we thing the Nexus is a better phone. They had a "what we don't like" about the Pre but nothing about the Nexus. Even the compliments about the Pre were essentially saying the old Pre was shit and the Plus simply fixed those problems.

So much for journalistic that an oxymoron?

When Google ends up running the world, a lot of us are going to be slapping our foreheads and apologizing to our great-grandkids.

I'm sorry but when I hold my friend's nexus one in one hand and my Pre in the other, the Pre does feel cheap by comparison. Not to mention how smooth the nexus one runs. I love my Pre, but I may even vote Nexus One on this poll.

I don't understand why the Bold beat the Pixi when the Pixi garnered more votes.

i def vote for the pre i would be lost without this thing. its kinda funny how i voted and went back 10min later, the pre had 100 plus more votes the nexus had 3 more..

wait, the site says pixi won?? 409-355 54% winner. Did i miss something?

Yes it does.
Is the voting only part of the deciding factor? Or did the Pixi win and that did not fit in with the blogger's agenda, so the Blackberry was declared the winner?

Here is what the website says relating to the Pixi issue:

# Marc Flores Says:
March 18th, 2010 at 10:17 am

Votes were counted at 9 a.m. EST and at that time, the Bold 9700 was far ahead. There was also a glitch in the poll that caused it to go past the 9 a.m. time and we saw several people voting for the Pixi over and over again.

Fact or Fiction?

Mar.22nd - 17:00 hrs Mexico Time... Palm Pre Plus (VZW) 65% (1,462 votes) vs Google Nexus One 35% (796 votes)... great response guys !

@Derek: once again your graphics are awesome and really compliment the post!

In the interest of fairness the Pixi poll at least should have been redone. That looks absolutely UNprofessional, bias, and shady at best. They just needed one blackberry to advance beyond the 16. Also Marc Flores seems to take offensive at several people voting for the pixi where nowhere states you can only vote once. Do better Laptop mag! Do better! Not to mention they deleted this comment when I tried to post it there.

Not only that. But they havent proved that people didn't vote for the blackberry multiple times as well. I'm calling BS in that entire poll. Plus they do almost nothing to tell the BB's shortcomings and every time they talk about the palm phones. Its negative.

And why the pixi and not the pixi plus?

Laptop's got no integrity. Spread the word.

They have zero integrity, and the "matchup" blurb about Pre/Nexus is a joke. Can no one in the blogsphere even *attempt* to be unbiased journalists? The sad thing is, *real* reporters comb these tech blogs for "news". Sorry folks, but all this so so much yellow journalistic crap.

That article is ridiculous. I'm sorry but I don't have a "navigation ball" on my Sprint Pre. I have a button. And what's with the negativity toward Palm phones but the Nexus One is apparently the holy grail?

Laptop Magazine needs to be a little less biased.

Man you gotta love the palm webOS community.... We sure love our phones/ platform... its like two thirds of the votes are in the pre's favor :)

the pixi got it's 'cute' from them.. And if they don't want people voting more than once than fix your crappy poll

People, relax. No point in getting all worked up over a poll. It's not like anybody's going to care about - or remember - this in a week. Or even tomorrow, for that matter.

Also: Wow. This poll has netted more votes than any of the other Smartphone March Madness polls thus far. :D

I know I've seen that photoshop before but man... I'd love for Palm to come out with an ad where the Pre has big arms, camo pants, and is laying the smack down on other phones.

Anybody else notice how this bracket was set up...The Pixi could have potentially faced the Pre in the next bracket! No other phone maker was set up in this tournament to cannibalize its own. Talk about stacking the deck against Palm.

Who put this bracket together? You don't put two of the best smartphones up against each other in the very first round. And the iPhone is set up to make it to the final four guaranteed.

thats an insult to the palm pre. with brackets it goes by best vs worst. we know the nexus 1 is not in the worst category. which also kind of means the saamsung moment and motorola cliq are better than the palm pre? palm pre stands the chance of losing in the first round and 1 of those make it to the 2nd round?

Hey. Don't forget, you can vote from your home computer AND once from the pre...>)

Woops, refresh caused double post.

Agh! Again! See below.

Palm Pre up by almost 1,000 votes now! webOS is clearly the winner here.

LOL @ the picture XD

curious how many people viewed this article and then went to that sight to vote for Pre. Bet the number would be practically identical.... But for the record, it probably evened the playing field from their normal readers.

I voted for Pre btw.

Eh it's just a popularity contest. the iPhone is going to win x.x

I loved how leading the article was for the Nexus One. Pre is still coming out on top though! Hope it wins

"Palm Pre Plus does away with the little navigation ball on the face of the phone for a sleecer look" some cind of tec magazine, they make it sound like the original Pre had a trackball like the HTC devices and losing functionality. Makes one wonder if they relly understand how the Pre works?


"Palm Pre Plus does away with the little navigation ball on the face of the phone for a sleecer look" some cind of tec magazine, they make it sound like the original Pre had a trackball like the HTC devices and losing functionality. Makes one wonder if they relly understand how the Pre works?


Just voted twice for Palm. Come on lets all get behind them. I am sick to death of all the negative press they are receiving.

And now this poll has more votes than every other March Madness poll combined. :D

The Pre is such a crappy phone. If you say the OS is nice I will friggin slap you. I probably got more "Too Many Cards" with just 1 friggin card open than I do Force Closes (especially now with 2.1 on my Hero). The only reason the Pre is winning is because of more users, not because of the device is better. The Pre is a year older (announced at CES 2009), has crappy hardware to match its crappy software. Absolute joke.
video sender

The OS is nice.


If you hate the Pre and webOS so much, why are you still on this site? Fine, you don't like the phone. Get a different one or look at the forums and you will see how the the "too many cards" error has been address.

If you have a Hero now - go play on their site.

(the Hero isn't anything special btw.)

Enjoy your other phone.

Just went to the site and they say polling was closed. I hope so, the Pre was kicking some Nexus booty to the tune of nearly 1000 votes!

aliahlewis: It sounds to me like you didn't update your Pre. Anyway, going from the Pre to the Hero tells us that you don't know a lot about phones, anyway. So, we consider the source.

Can't vote...but with Pre ahead by 56% to 44% (4317 votes to 3397 votes), I won't complain. Love my pre, Love (and Loved) my palms (started with the original Palm pilot and gone all the way through the 755p to...THE PRE!). GO PALM! GO!

Hey, accoridng to the site, we won!

Yeah Palm, and WebOS!!

hey, we are NOW in the second round and plz update this news!
We need your votes.