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by Jappus Mon, 07 Feb 2011 5:44 pm EST
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This is the native beta release of the pReader eBook reading software.

It's a radical rewrite of the Javascript pReader found in the AppCatalog and uses the new capabilities offered by the WebOS PDK.


Like the old version, it supports ePub, eReader, MobiPocket, PalmDOC, plaintext and HTML files, but some features of the GUI might not work yet and it also might randomly crash your device. It shouldn't cause any data loss, but as it's a beta release there can be no guarantee for that. Furthermore, since this version is under active devopment, you might lose any books you have added to your library if you install a later update to this alpha version.


In a nutshell: If you want reliability, use the pReader found in the App Catalog. If you want to live on the bleeding edge of development, use this version. Or you can simply install both, since both versions can coexist peacefully on the same device and will use different book libraries.


GPL v3 Open Source - Learn More


Free forever

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how do I download and open this app?
The mime file won't open.

jrbrayshaw, if you got that message it means the download completed. Good job. Now open preader and hit "add book" then select the file type you just downloaded. Your book should be listed there for import.

also got the mime file message and only find the original preader app from the app store that won't open my epub file. Do I need to uninstall 1st? How?

I down loaded this app to the tablet and ran it and it gave me "the mime file won't open". What am I doing wrong?

can not import any book to the library, it starts loading and in 30 sec. Going back to initial screen.

can you tell us what was update in the latest release? Thanks.


it's working perfectly on my TouchPad. Not the same as iBook but to be honest the most important for me is to be able to read the content ;-) (epub files).
Thank You Very Much

best regards,

How can I delete book from library? It seems even if delete the file, the book still in the library.

Do I download this onto the touchpad or do I download it onto my PC and then transfer it?

If you've got Preware on your Touchpad, just use it to get PReader.

Otherwise you can download the ipk to your PC and then use WebOS Quick Install to load it.

Really, go get WebOS Quick Install and use it to load Preware on your Touchpad. After that it's just like using the app catalog, only a little less shiny but with more Patches and Themes.

Another crapy product that does not work...

Did you not see the part about this being an alpha release and "if you want reliablility, use the pReader found in the App Catalog" ?

Which, by the way is also free, so it's not like you're out anything at all.

I have both pReader versions installed, and both are not working. The one from the app Catalog won't read ePubs and the Alpha version just won't start. Any help anyone?

I have just pushed an update, that should restore compatibility to all WebOS 1.4.5 devices. :)

Works great. Initial versions had a few bugs, but last couple of updates took care of those. It works seamlessly with my phone and I use it all the time.

Works for me with epubs. I can't seem to change pages with a swipe, but tapping works and is probably preferable anyway.

Works great for me.
Some issues in formatting with epubs with many pictures apart from that is is great!!

I installed P Reader. I dragged a book from the PC to a folder I created on the Touchpad called Epub Books. I also put a copy of the book in the P Reader folder and the Download folder. It doesn't find any books. What am I doing Wrong?

There are lot of softwares right now that are so useful like this one. I will try to download this and check if it works right for me. Thanks!