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PreCentral community raises $16,699.26 for WebOS Internals! 41

by Derek Kessler Sat, 03 Sep 2011 10:48 pm EDT

You people. Are. Awesome.

As we mentioned just a week ago, the PreCentral community had organized a “web-a-thon” for WebOS Internals, seeking to raise $8,000 for the homebrew development team. At the time, the total sat at a little over $7,000 before we at PreCentral kicked in an extra Grover Cleveland.

After letting the fundraising roll on for another week, the community managed to double the initial goal, clocking in at a whopping $16,699.26 in donations!

Said WebOS Internals chief Rod Whitby:

WebOS Internals is humbled by and grateful for this show of appreciation and support from the webOS community.

Whilst HP may be changing direction on webOS hardware, WebOS Internals remains steadfast and true to our original goals of openly exploring and documenting the internals of webOS and providing the best open source webOS homebrew applications and ecosystem for users of webOS devices.

Thanks to everyone who has donated in this web-a-thon (and in previous events) and special thanks to PreCentral and HelloNNNewman for organising it.

The webOS homebrew community is stronger than ever, and we will continue to produce things that will blow your socks off.

Our thanks to everybody that participated, and don’t think that if you missed the web-a-thon that it’s too late to donate to WebOS Internals. These funds will enable the group to continue and expand their work, but there will always be space to show your appreciation.


Wow, impressive!

Just for that, I'm going to donate another $10...

Good job, everyone!

how awesome is that? very good. hoping to use my pre plus and pre 2 and touchpad for another year or more until hp gets their head out of their but so we can move on.

That is truly amazing. What a great community. WebOS internals definitely deserves this. If it wasn't for them I believe this platform would not have survived. Thank you very much for your hard work and dedication to this great community and fabulous OS.

Thanks so much to all who are a part of WebOS Internals, and for all you've done for the platform. We all owe you deep gratitude for taking a great operating system and making it truly awesome.

I'm very pleased to hear that WebOS Internals will be keeping up their work!

Its an honor to be able to help support a great group of developers!

its a shame that so many people commenting on this site have become so negative so when there's a positive story to tell there are only a few comments (5 at the time of this comment).

This is a great community. It's nice to hear some good news for a change. I noticed the posting pattern lately too. I think there's a great deal of justified frustration and disappointment, and unfortunately some trolling too.

purple, I can't see how long you've been a member from this comment page, but if you've just joined us, take my word that things are MUCH better since the TP fire sale.

Haterz gonna hate.

Hi all,

I'm very pleased and proud...I'm not at all suprised....from the very beginning the Home brew community has been completely dedicated to the rest of us...I tip my hat to all of you.

Take care,


Enough to buy WebOS yet?

There's nothing like sticking with a platform that everybody says is dead. I credit that to webOS internals. Due to my frustration on sprint with my pre- (I STILL WANT A PRE3!) and the recent firesale ( I got mine!), I switched to Verizon to get my full webOS with a Pre2. Until HP gets their act in gear or some other company comes up to plate, I know webOS Internals is there to keep my platform afloat and keep my spirits and hope alive. Thank you webOS internals and I am proud to be a part of this community.

Well earned, well deserved, incredibly well timed, and I'm so lucky to bebefit from their efforts.

We need them now more than ever, and it's good to see such a good show of support to recognize that!

Love this, and love the community. =)

Now that I donated, more patches for webOS 3 please! :D

Love you guys and keep up the good work! :)


Agreed, more Pre 3 patches, especially Ubercalendar! But already donated anyway :-)

who is shipping me a Pre3?

You guys truly are the best! Keep making webOS better and better. WebOS Internals has never given up. And that means I won't either.


Awesome news, I'm a new supporter of WebOS, I'm looking forward to helping it stay alive and see it grow. Good job WebOS internals.

Will pay for a heck of a funeral!

Wow that is FANTASTIC and no one is dieing today!

Congratulations and wish I had more to give. Big thumbs up to the Precentral and all the contributors helping keep their efforts going!

BTW, my wife mentioned "I don't wear socks!" :)


This is really great news and I wish HP would match dollar for dollar, but I need to be honest. I haven't donated because I'm concerned that there is no new hardware coming out with webOS on it. I have a 27 month old pre. I am happily soon getting rid of it and getting either a Samsung Galaxy S2 or HTC EVO 3D. (waiting for the S2 to be released to compare in hand)

If this money goes towards developing a doctor to make WebOS work on different hardware such as; Iphone, Galaxy S2, EVO 4G, or EVO 3D, then I will easily & happily throw in money.

I have an Atrix that I am no longer using since I snagged a Veer on eBay. I think I'll see about slapping webOS on it

or you could switch from Sprint to a GSM carrier and be able to have newer hardware, and support webosinternals that I am guessing you have been using for a chunk of the 27 months... Just saying, don't make excuses

Switching to GSM would mean i have to switch to AT&T. I've had AT&T before and man do they suck at service and customer service. They also charge $40 more than I am paying Sprint and they offer less.
Also "Newer" hardware? Oh you mean the pre2 with a 3.1" screen, short fat phone with no auto focus camera? or the veer with an even smaller screen?
The veer is too small for me, the pre 2 is fat and doesn't even have auto focus camera and AT&T costs more, gives you less. So why the heck would I switch?

The problem with WebOS is that it has always been put on crappy hardware people do not desire.

Having watched the progress of this campaign since that $7,000 posting, it's been a real boost to the spirits seeing that total grow so far beyond expectation. Thank you to all who still believe in this wonderful platform. I sure do!

Woo hoo!! That's why this community is the BEST!

That's Great!! Congratulations to the webOS Community and to WebOS Intenals!! This helps Keep Hope Alive!! Long Live webOS!!

left webOS for an epic 4g about three months ago...had fun with the hardware but I just sold and ordered a Pre 2 to sprintify and I am currently back to my pre minus until it arrives! Galaxy S hardware was great but webOS is 10 times better and I am so happy to back! I donated to webOS internals to keep the platform I love alive and kicking. I can't wait to get my touchpad and get lost in the glory that is webOS!!!! Thank you Rod and everyone over at webOS internals!!!

Thats like saying you'd rather not live in the projects, and went back to your custom made homeless cardboard box. I don't get it.

You folks at WebOS Internals have given us so much for so long that this support is well deserved and overdue! You have kept my original Pre "classic" running for a long time now and have already added to the TouchPad experience. Thanks for all you do.

At least those of us who support our great devs are awesome.

With webOS supposedly "dead" you have to wonder two things: one, will this support show it's not really dead, and two, is that the reason the trolls haven't left yet?

Stay classy folks.

First: the community is AWESOME. Not only users, for rising such a sum of money, but also devs, who "donate" their own manhours, which actually are worth orders of magnitude more than these collection money.

Now the "troll" part, or as I would like to call it, "putting things into perspective" for you, rsanchez1:

Community is alive and wonderful. But platform IS dead, dead as a rock. Where's the perspective, you ask? Here: $16K is about as much as ONE reasonably experienced, reasonably good developer, working professionally, makes in about one QUARTER of a year. Some make more, some make less.

So, multiply it by four (quarters a year), and than by couple of hundreds (engineers), and you will get the YEARLY figure that likes of Microsoft, Google, RIM, Apple (and until recently, HP) are spending, to move their platforms forward. ANd this is ONLY manhours cost, not including anything else - marketing, prototyping, advertising, evangelisation, relationships, blahblahblah... list goes on and on

While this collection is admirable, and as Rob said, humbling and great effort, and I have no doubts that will be put into a great use by webOS Internals folks - it is hardly a sign of health & well being of the platform.

That also needs to be said, that webOS is NOT an open platform, so there's only so much reverse engineering and tinkering around the corners, that Internals folks can do. After two years of their efforts, I do not see a port of webOS to another hardware, nor community-driven builds, like Android community can enjoy. HPalm still owns the sources.


I really feel for the WebOS enthusiast. But even Pontiac owners finally got the point.

Listening to Kim Komando on talk radio just now. A caller by the name of Philip called saying he purchased an HP Touch Pad for his wife and they love it but were concerned when the news came out about HP discontinuing them. Kim laughed at him, telling him it was basically dead, a brick. She told him there would be no support for it, no more apps, no updates and he should get his money back and go buy an ipad. Shame on YOU Kim Komando for not doing your home work!!! I used to like her...but NOT any more !!!

Cool... Now these guys can move on from WebOS and buy themselves some Android phones with the money.

Dang, I knew I forgot to do something yesterday. Will donate now!

Well internalz is the only reason this platform is still "alive".... if that's what you want to call it. I mean if it wasn't for them webOS would have died shortly after it was released. it would have been like a still born child or something. I had a pre- from the launch, and i kept it 100% stock and it was unbearable. 2-5 min boot times, lag. That was just the software part, the hardware failed shortly after. Maybe if I had patched my pre- i would have kept it longer but the real people who kept webOS alive is internalz. Good job guys! good luck with webOS because your going to need it!

I'm in!
Between my pre+ and TP, I've certainly got more than $10 worth of goodies from the group but its what I can spare for now.
Thanks to everyone for their great work.. I hope this cool platform doesn't go by the wayside

haha, what a joke. By "joke"... i'm talking about all the idiots that donated.

WebOS Internals rocks and I look forward to getting my TP in the next wave so that I can get back to using the best mobile OS EVER!!!

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Are you guys planning on another fundraising?