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by Derek Kessler Mon, 20 Dec 2010 8:16 pm EST Best of 2010 Awards

There’s lots of goodness going around in the Palm world, and we feel like making sure it all gets recognized. Thus, the Best of 2010 Awards were born. Think of it as the Emmys, but for webOS apps. Unlike the award shows of Hollywood, we want your participation in the Best of 2010 Awards. So we’re opening the awards to nominations - your nominations.

After the break you’ll find a list of the categories in which we are seeking your input. We want to know what apps you think are worthy of consideration for a Best of 2010 award. To make it even better, once we’ve got all the nominations in, the balloting will again be done by you, the loyal webOS community. Nominations will be open until Friday, December 10th, midnight Eastern time. Voting will begin on Monday, December 13th and will run until midnight Eastern on December 17th.

Here’s how it works: As mentioned above, below you’ll find a list of all of the categories for which we will be awarding a Best of 2010 award. If you think you have something worthy of consideration for an award, punch it into the survey below (or go and take the survey here).

You don’t have to submit an entry for every category, and you may submit multiple apps for consideration in a single category. So, with that in mind, the categories open for nomination are...

As reminder, all nominations for Best of 2010 awards must be submitted by midnight Eastern time on December 10th for your picks to be considered. The comments are open for nominations - get to it!


lets not count angry birds... if it were up to me id say lets not count games altogether


PowerNap for best Utility!

i LOOOOOOOOOOVE powernap lmao it makes my life so much better. lol

mission completed!

I'm not even going to bother.
I'm more interested in stats on how many people will leave webOS if a new device is not introduced at CES.

I'd also like to know how many people have $150 lying around just waiting to be spent on a new phone as soon as CES ends.

I'll let you know after x-mas shopping for my 3 kids is completed. :-)

I've been saving up since i purchased my Pre 17 months ago.

Late Christmas present.

I have 150.00 lying around for a new phone after CES.. Been eligible for an upgrade since March at Sprint seeing I'm a premier customer I get full upgrades every 12months. So I put money aside for a new phone. Had a chance to get the EVO 4G when it came up... Passed on that.. Epic 4G.. Yup passed on that too.. I'm holding out for a new WebOS smartphone.. Looks like I'll be waiting for CES and see what's announced.

Sorry if you don't have the 150.00+ set aside for a new device.. I like to be prepared so I learned 20years ago this thing called saving.. Even if it's only 10.00 here or 20.00 there...

I will have $150 waiting to bounce from AT&T straight into the loving arms of T-Mobile, who's giving me all the come hither advances necessary to cause me to divorce AT&T. For me, it's no longer about the device. It's about the carrier. I need unlimited everything and only two vendors offer that in affordable packages (and neither of them is AT&T or Verizon). Of the two left, only T-Mobile can unlock a phone so that when I tour in Europe, my wallet won't get raped by roaming charges. So unless T-Mobile releases a WebOS phone at CES, I won't be dropping $150 or anything else on a new one. The only thing left is, can apps from the app catalog be downloaded to my Pre Plus over WiFi, so I can give this thing to my kid?

yeah. AT&T sucks. I paid their early termination fee and left them for Sprint. I was paying AT&T $90 a month for data, 450 min, nights starting at 9pm and 200 text messages. With sprint i am paying $70 for data, unlimted to any cell phone, 450 min to land lines, nights start at 7pm, unlimted texting, turn by turn navigation, sprint t.v., better customer service.
... it's a no brainer. Leave AT&T

No "Best of the Forums"? I was so expecting a "Best Troll of the Year" award since I have several nominations...

No one would win that since PC is swarming with trolls.

*shrugs* mostly because the mods here aren't fanboys and don't autoban anyone who has a different opinion. I don't enjoy the people who probably shouldn't post but I do enjoy the benevolent dictatorship here :-P

Meh, you don't have to be a fanboy to eventually get sick of it. Different opinions are fine, but not trolling.

@ janter,

Well at least we don't need to wait to see how many posts it would take before some totally unrelated snark would appear.

I lose. I thought we would get at least 7 intelligent posts first.

The count would have been shorter if you posted before me. Also, you should learn how to use the reply button.
... you always lose.

Do you think I WANT to be this closely associated with you?
Some of your wit might rub off on me :-(

My wits of telling you to use the reply link seemed to rub off on you just fine.
Take a note C-Note; I'll rub off on you as much as I want. Ohh yeahhh.

Mode Switcher! Best App

Beat Box Best Music App

think Beat Box would fall under games, think musica app would refer to something like music remix, pandora, etc...

Music Player (Remix) isn't eligible since it's not in the official catalog yet. However, I think any music-related app (in the catalog) is eligible. So basically, if you go to the "Music" category in the app catalog, anything listed there would be eligible. This includes the app that I voted for which is Multitouch Piano. While this is app is not used for playing music, it creates music.

think Beat Box would fall under games, think musica app would refer to something like music remix, pandora, etc...

@ janter,

Well at least we don't need to wait to see how many posts it would take before some totally unrelated snark would appear.

I lose. I thought we would get at least 7 intelligent posts first.

Stop double posting and wasting space. Ass.

We should have a Best of 2010 Homebrew Awards!

Best Patch - Advanced Configuration for App Launcher. I am gonna miss it soooooo much!

great patch,very sad to see it go... ;-(

I'm really going to miss the Launcher Patch, and Classic, when 2.0 comes out. But I don't expect to see 2.0 on Sprint until March, so there's time.

Viva Ampache Mobile!

(Psst. Don't feed trolls.)

I should have read the instructions before completing the survey. I didn't know you could submit multiple apps per category. I would have done this for a few of the categories.

You're all over mine.


good thing i read your post cause, i myself had only selected only one choice per category(took me a good while to decide on just one for a few of them)...phew! that was close..

2010 isn't even over yet.

Yeah I agree. I think they should have waited until New Year's to post the 2010 awards.

This reminds me of some of my neighbors who put up their Christmas decorations 2 weeks before Thanksgiving.

I don't think we'll see any new, really good apps in December. This is the time when most people work less or don't work at all.

Also, that's nothing, I have a friend who put up Christmas decorations the second week of October just because he was bored.

You never know... What if webOS 2.0 was released in December? I bet you there would be several new apps that would be worthy contenders. I'd like to think my app, Music Player (Remix), would be one of them. It's ready to go once webOS 2.0 is released. And I know other people are working on some cool webOS 2.0 apps.

I'll be one of the first to purchase your app.


trust me nobody is in a hurry to release 2.0 to us loyalist.......

also you don't have a version for france or canada?

EDIT: Gah, stupid double post.

My neighbors beat yours to the punch, I guess... About 10 started decorating the week of Halloween...

I know of at least one who even did theirs in October, but I don't know exactly when..

Some people are just... odd...

Oh, and I agree P|C should have waited until New Years Eve to show the results, and they should have waited until at least December 6 to start the nominations (that way nominations would start on the first Monday of December and provide 14 days for nominations and 11 days for voting..

But those same neighbors in my neighborhood already had their houses decked out for Halloween at that time.

My neighborhood (well the one next door to mine) really goes all out for holidays. It's lit up like Time Square at night. My favorite house has all these lights that are synced with music that they broadcast on an FM channel.

Wow.. I live next to this retired couple (probably 60's) and the guy literally spends a month decorating his house and yard. He has about 15 trees in his yard and every tree has 3+ strands of lights. The entire walkway is lit up with candy canes, and he puts up 5 or 6 reindeer and a couple of Santas. But I can understand why he does it: His wife is annoying :D

Um, this survey is kind of jacked up. Categories only allow for Official Apps. There is no separate Category section for Homebrew/Unofficial Apps. There's only 4 little sections for those. There should be categories for those as well, most of the USEFUL music, productivity, and utility apps are not in the catalog.

scroll down. There are homebrew app categories, themes, etc.

No, there aren't. I already submitted the survey, so I saw all the questions.

These are the categories official apps can be nominated in:

Best Game
Best Music App
Best Location/Mapping App
Best Social Networking App
Best Twitter App
Best News App
Best Productivity App
Best Education App
Best Health App
Best Business/Finance App
Best Sports App
Best Utilities App

These are the categories for Homebrew, Beta, and Patches:

Best Homebrew / Beta / Web-feed App
Best Patch
Best Theme
Best Homebrew Developer

What about things like Navit, NaNplayer, Save/Restore, Mode Switcher, UberCalendar? You're forced to choose from all those for basically two categories: Best Homebrew / Beta / Web-feed App and Best Patch, ignoring that even those apps and patches have categories.

'you may submit multiple apps for consideration in a single category'

Nominate all of them. It'd be silly to create additional categories since many of those apps are in a category of their own.

Well yes, you can submit multiple apps, but at the end of the day, I'm sure one will win, limiting the recognition other apps will receive, which is the entire point.

They will probably do an honorable mention like they did with the mockups contest.

You guys should really make use of "11:59pm" or "12:01am" instead of "midnight"... sometimes it's hard to tell if you mean midnight as in the beginning of the date given or midnight "at night", or the end of the date given, like it is commonly used in speaking.

I would err on the side of the earlier deadline, i.e., 11:59pm on the date given.

insted of kissing ass why dont we talk about THE WORST APPS OF 2010 like the PDF VIEWER. Maybe doing so we can all accomplish something??

Worst app. PDF viewer. Worst patch? 1.4.5 . For breaking the distiller 5.5-7.0 support. IE full zoom now broken again with 1.4.5 .

Side note: Nothing from the community mattered when it came to the pdf viewer. it still sucks. Was broken with 1.4.5 and is a waste of breath for 2.0... i would expect.....

Hit enter by mistake while in the survey and now I can not submit anything.

webos1337 is the best dev :D! I brought you guys your first glimpse at webos 2.0 and have one of thet largest YouTube support channel for webos.

best of 2010? More like worst of 2010.... Palm has 30 days to give us 2.0

or the world will end?

"Tune Your Guitar Pro" is my pick. It comes in handy while at Guitar center checking out guitars. It tunes to standard as well as dropped tunings (D, E minor, C). My favorite app!!

several categories they need to add:

worst spammer (tie between brighthouse, digit, and appible)

generates most user traffic to precentral: dbdoinit

Nicest Mod: Pogey and Newman are tied

whiniest member: too many to list (palm I need new hardware!

most helpful member:

etc etc etc.

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