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PreCentral webOS App Gallery brings the App Catalog to your desktop browser 28

by Derek Kessler Thu, 07 Jan 2010 5:44 pm EST

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One of the complaints we’ve heard often from Pre and Pixi owners is that the only way to browse the App Catalog is on their devices. Today we’re pleased to announce that those complaints can be set to the side, as we at PreCentral have partnered with the good folks at Palm to bring you the PreCentral webOS App Gallery.

Palm has been gracious enough to provide us with a free and open feed to the App Catalog, and that just makes them pretty much awesome. We’ve taken that feed and converted it into something that you can easily browse on your desktop machine, as well as in the webOS web browser. Right now you can check out the latest updates, search for apps, browse the various categories, and check out screenshots. This is in beta from both ourselves and Palm, so don’t be surprised to see more exciting additions in the days and weeks ahead (once we recover from the excitement that is CES). [Note from Dieter: Very beta, we're working on improvements, thanks to everybody who has sent in suggestions!]

Want to check it out? Of course you do. Just point your browser to




The data on my GeoStrings app page is completely wrong including the download count, app catalog rating, and price. Is this a known issue with some of the apps in your gallery?

You're not alone... the page for Fuel is incorrect as well. If I search for the app, I get two different pages... and Neither of which is completely accurate. If I look through the gallery ( the Last Update field is missing a value... so you have to click the header on that column to reverse the order and scroll down a bit to find it. You'll also notice several other apps missing dates along the way.

WOW! Congratulations, guys!

Congrats!!! I couldn't happen to a more deserving Group.

You couldn't? That's a little pompous.

it's ok for this time,they deserved it.

i'm just glad we have a way to talk about apps without buying them... i feel like spamming brighthouse's app pages... lol the irony

Holy cow! Way to go, all. Couldn't think of a better group to get stuck with the duty! Hope they're giving you a small cut of purchases for the labor. ;-)

Not to mention the hosting and bandwidth needs!

This shows that Palm is very supportive of it's customer and developer base! Congrats to the PreCentral team!

Congrats guys! I love how palm embraces the developer community instead of shunning it like some other companies.....

you know who? bad to the Core!get the hint? or take a big bite!

That is so nice of PALM, other companies (APPLE) would never do such a thing

Looks GREAT!

For CL USB Sync, it's pulling our description from the Spanish App Catalog when I view it. It would be better to post the English description. I notice on another app also it is pulling Spanish images and not English.

Can you guys look into this? For App Catalog there are four descriptions; English, French, Spanish and German.

I'm noticing that when you sort by last updated there are some apps at the top of the list that show Dec or Oct dates for last update and they are mixed in with the January updates.

it doesn't appear to be accurate at all. Download counts, not all apps. Would be nice if there was an easy category navigation like on the Pre. While I love the idea, I find it very lacking.

The other app catalog site ( seems to have accurate download counts, and it allows you to browse by category.

Closer, but still not quite accurate. Fuel v0.8.47 posted to the catalog on the 5th... House of Palm indicates v0.8.43. The review count in the app catalog on my device is 49, House of Palm indicates 39. That being said, I'm not sure which side of the equation that inconsistency sits on... The app catalog has had its own series of problems lately, with users not being able to download or install some apps (which of course developers have no control over) causing some frustrated users to leave zero star reviews on the app (that are more appropriately aimed toward Palm) which unfortunately are negatively impacting the overall rating of that app (though we're told it shouldn't). My point is, although it isn't accurate... its hard to say who deserves the credit. The up side is, at least there is work being done to provide more exposure to developers!

It looks like credit goes to Palm... is showing the same thing.

I'm pretty sure Precentral's inaccuracies are Precentral issues. All the other catalog sites have the correct price, download count (well pretty close), and rating for my app. I hope Precentral fixes it because I think most people will come to this site and I don't want people thinking I have a rating of 0 stars and that my price is what is listed.

I wonder if the Precentral guys are even aware of the problem. Is there a way to reach them? The "Contact Us" link on the site brings you to a page that indicates they may not respond to every message.

Uh...this is really great and a shows the true dedication of the P|C team but I just watched the Palm CES video and uh....Palm just released an online app website with It seems poor timing but I guess they couldn't tell you guys so they could keep it a secret?

Great going Precentral! Glad to see a nob to the homebrew community and you too as well! Just tried out that appetitie page and just a great way to install apps. They should have named that their app store because I'll be craving apps now :D

Hey guys. I appreciate all that you do. There seems to be some disconnect between the apps that populate when I search for "shop" on your site and "shop" on the Pre's app catalog.

Can you do some testing on your own to determine what the glitch is? I'm sure it's something simple.

Ideally, I'd like to see the same search results on your site that I would find when using the Pre.

Are you sure you are still "in no way affiliated with Palm, Inc?"

I am just becoming more impressed and love watching the Palm Pre grow into a world class smart phone. Every person I tryed convincing that, in the world of smartphones,Palm would be leading in the newest and latest tecnolgy among smart phones.

I had my first palm smart phone, the palm treo 600. Since i entered the world of these,amazing phones then. I wanted to understand more of studing as much of the more cooler user friendly programs. Witch speed up office producttivity and made it easer to carry large documents,calender meetings internet,picture mail MSN media also and the
wonderful touch screens that started with only using a styles type of device du to the area one could only enter desisions. I could go on for ever. I know own a pre and the lates, more arcade aps shch as "Need For Speed" "lets Golf" "x plane. Its realy late and my brains feel like mush so forgive me if there is ALOT of typos. After I downloaded the latest up date im pumped about the world to come.

Good Moorning!

Is anyone having problems downloading TweeFree? Cuz i download it and it says its done but i go to my app launcher and it has a blue circle and wen i tap on it, it take me back to the App Catalog..please help!

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