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PreDoodle - The Chopping Block 8

by Jason Harrison Fri, 02 Mar 2012 6:30 pm EST


PreDoodle - The Chopping Block

Talking about cutting WebOS staff in half!



Maybe I'm buggin out but these things always seem so negative. I hope things turn out well for webOS.

It's time for a very telling PreDoodle.

The reaper with an HP logo on his vestments. Finger extended towards his next victim moments from a fateful touch. As a long line of abandoned/destroyed products stretches across the background, and a servers, PC's, laptops and printers tremble in the foreground with anticipation. Jot in Meg next Reaper with a clipboard and a pencil stating "We are re-evaluating your pending death" with a big smile on her face, "we may have under estimated your potential....pick it up Reap, my mani/pedi is at 2:30!"

We can only hope, though I'm almost on empty.

It's just you - there a few one man-band operators turning out stuff but really unless someone announces fresh hardware and a billion dollar commitment for product development and marketing, you aren't going to see anything major going forward. As it is the current user base (because WebOS is not open sourced until sept) is capped at the number of devices in use and that will decrease every month because of churn and breakages.

Actually - and I am sure this is an innocent mistake on your part - the reverse is true. The "influx" or frequency/rate of apps has done nothing but decrease.

To illustrate what I mean, consider that it took roughly 18 months after launch for webOS to reach 6,000 apps (counting official US, international, and homebrew):

But now, 15 months after that, we've barely limped to 7,100 apps total, which includes abandonware like the Time Inc. app, barely functional pap like Zinio and Kindle that will never be updated, and duplicate after duplicate. Effectively, it's dead unless something major happens when it is fully open-sourced.

The doodle should read "Ouch that hurts, next time unmount from desktop"

I was just about to say that! :D