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PreDoodle - Disappearing Over the Verizon 15

by Jason Harrison Fri, 24 Sep 2010 10:26 am EDT

So this is what it's like when GPS doesn't work...



not surprising...

Sorry but thats a poorly executed matte painting!

Isn't version end-of-life-ing the pre soon too?

yes, so the next cartoon will show the 'splat' when it hits the bottom. LOL

Isn't that the same Pre that was in bed with the other (dressed in drag) Pre? I can understand why he's jumping off a cliff if that's the case.

RIP my fellow plus friend. Maybe verizon will prevent this in the future.

Cute. Needs two email Notifies on the bottom:

"Your Verizon Invoice is Ready"
"Great new droid offer"

Am I the only one who finds every one of these really un-funny, or insightful for that matter?

this how it looks in general for palm without the promised flash... It's my decission if it effects my battery...then it was our decission to buy it with the promise of flash over a freaking year ago...
we lost our trust in palm...

The only real reason to have flash is so that YOU can download porn on your phone. Stay home & jack off on your pc. Maybe Palm is protecting us from raging pedophiles that have to touch themselves 24/7. TRUST is in the PALM of my hand. PALM PRE RULES.

@knobbysideup - Yes you are the only one who find them unfunny or insightful. Thanks 4 asking.

Actually, I'm not. Every reply to my original post has been moderated away. It's sad when we cannot actually discuss things here. Forums are becoming just as bad.

this site is ridiculous, you shouldn't be able to censor me for expressing my opinion! this is america jackass I can say whatever I want, and if i wanna say predoodles are gay then by God I will.

Aaaaahhhh. Gotta love the Android Trolls...under their bridges with Verizon tattoed to their butts.

I don't find them very funny, but then again I couldn't make anything better so...

Also, if you want a mobile device that does flash, they have been making them for years. They're called laptops.