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PreDoodle - A Gazillion webOS 2.0 Stories 14

by Jason Harrison Fri, 22 Oct 2010 10:13 am EDT

Saluting the entire PreCentral Team for all the sweet webOS 2.0 Updates!



hahahaha this ones actually funny. Dieter should get that hand checked out lol

that happens when you only have 3 finges.

You forgot to put Dieter's vikings helmet in background. But still hilarious

Haha Dieter was wired in Tuesday's Palm Cast!

dumber than dumb

You people that keep posting negative replies to these lighthearted doodles really should seek help.

Or you can let them express their opinion just as you did and move on.

Thanks again for all the great coverage this week.

How come it's a coffee?

Fun to watch!

For the geeks among us, would you list the hardware and software you are using?

Do you use a Cintiq? Wacom tablet other than Cintiq? Are you just Superman with a mouse??

Thanks for sharing!

OK, so if he is working his right hand to the bone, what is his left hand doing? ;-)

this picture reminds me a little of Elton John

Funny. Pre 2 is awesome :)
Can't wait for Pre 3. =P

nice work man