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PreDoodle - The Goatee 10

by Jason Harrison Fri, 20 Apr 2012 2:24 pm EDT


Spock was still Spock. Just collected his W2 from the bad guys.

Not a funny joke, and kinda offensive TBH

i don't get it. you're offended by a beard? Am i missing something?

The link text

that doesn't explain anything. i read that days ago. it's an old article. i still don't get what you're offended by. are you trying to be humorous saying the thought of Oracle buying Palm offends you? or is it something specific in the article. Sorry i just didn't follow.

He was trying on Larry Ellison's goat. So what?

the link text i mean

What's offensive about a Star Trek reference?

Maybe he's a Star Wars fan?

Perhaps he's offended because it wasn't a Next Generation reference (Picard > Kirk) ? LOL