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PreDoodle - New Years Resolutions 21

by Jason Harrison Fri, 30 Dec 2011 4:40 pm EST

Ok. So, what else is missing from the list?  That should be it...right?



Nice! I especially like the cancel webOS again and hire 2 new CEOs. It wouldn't surprise me.


* Make more "coming months" promises.
* Win another Laptop Magazine poll.
* Stick it to our customers, again.
* Make things right, again.
* Sit out another marathon.

that picture will come back to haunt us when it all comes true.

For 2012:
Open, honest, and often. We need constant communication if this is to have a chance... PR is more important now than ever.

* Hire Ocean Marketing to do webOS PR.

Classic! Seems like they've been using Ocean Marketing all long. What a bunch of loser(s).

Pre4 on Sprint.

Veer 2 on Verizon. In honor of Leo.

they need to hire me!...forreal


Bring the "PAAAAAAAALM boy" back

lol, that one was my favorite. the single best moment is the look he gives the camera after he watches the chick leaving to go buy a pre.

the really sad thing is that the "super device" he keeps referring to was the Pre 2.

he has a iphone 4s now so he no longer cares what webos has to offer anymore.......

Be Cool

Phones, phones, phones, and oh yes,PHONES!!!!
And Touchpads would be nice.

add the point:
- find some more touchpads, again and get them out in the 1000th fire sale

Unlocked Pre3 for $199 from please

How about another "FIRE SALE"! :)

start a fire

: Reintroduce Touchpad as the "Slate2" and gear it towards the Business enviroment (now running MS Windows).

Sell more WebOS products!