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PreDoodle - Nothing to See Here 24

by Jason Harrison Fri, 20 Jan 2012 4:40 pm EST

Mr. Veghte, If I could get you to direct your attention in that direction please...



The WebOS ecosystem, in ruins.

Sometimes I feel like the guy who still thinks the BetaMax was just never understood.

The BetaMax was understood just fine. Contrary to the popular myth, it was not the better technology. It simply had better image quality. It's recording capacity was extremely short compared to VHS (something like 1 hour compared to VHS' 2-4 hours) and it was always a few steps behind.

Over the years, BetaMax's "better image quality" somehow got shortened to "better" and we wound up with this myth that "the better product lost". The fact is, "the better product overall" won. And it won because it did what was important to the consumer and its weak points were not considered "show stoppers" by said consumers.

How were movies over one hour released on BetaMax if that is true?

That's the "few steps behind" part. By the time BetaMax got up to 2-5 hours VHS was pushing closer to 10. Sony simply gambled and lost because they were out of touch with what consumers wanted at the time. They thought image quality was all that mattered. It wasn't.

VHS was also Sony's but they licensed it away for next to nothing. Beta had the better picture and stereo sound, but the machines cost three times as much, if not more.
It was interesting to see the Beta format still being used in broadcasting long after it was gone from the consumer market.

Hey, I worked for JVC, and VHS was not Sony's. It was created and developed by JVC. BTW, JVC also produced most of the physcial tapes and cds of the world regardless of whos name was on it(well, did before Matsushita sold them out to a private equity firm). Unfortunately, JVC is pretty much done these days.

JVC invented VHS, not Sony.

Sony couldn't license something they didn't make....JVC invented VHS.

I have the same feeling, but on a different technology battle. OS/2 vs Windows. Boy do these days feel like the waning days of OS/2.
Used OS/2 for as long as it was a viable platform, and such is what I hope to do with webOS.

Nothing to see here.... yep that pretty much sums it up but i keep coming back anyways.

To bad Nokia didn't grab it back when Hp bought it then destroyed it.Windows 7 really to many company's being ruined by people with no common sense.Oh well rip Palm you will not be forgotten.The little Palm Centro was my first touch screen phone then the Pre minus oh how i loved that phone it was better then any Android phone at the time if only they would have made some better phones right after that and giving people a choice might not be were we are today

ah!! Love it. Clever on so many level

The WebOS system isn't even in flames anymore.. Its more like the smouldering rubble a few days after the crash & burn. :-(
I'll keep my fingers crossed that something good will come from open-sourcing. Such a cool system deserves to be rebuilt and put on some rocking hardware

How were movies that were over one hour released on betamax then?

Duh, 2 tapes... I remember when they first came out with DVD, many studios only begrudgingly released their new movies. When I bought Goodfellas on DVD the first time, you actually had to flip the disk over half way through the movie, to prevent illegal copying.

Yep. But BetaMax's recording length did increase over time. It's just that it was always way behind what was available on VHS.

Indeed, the 4-hr recording format of VHS was clutch for selling the technology to those that wanted to record NFL games unattended and it opened the market more for the VHS platform.

P o r n was released on VHS, bingo, VHS took off. Just like ecommerce. It all started with skin.

The original L-750 beta tapes recorded 1.5 hr at beta 1, 3 hr at beta 2, and 4.5 hr at beta 3 speeds. Betamax heads rotated at 22 feet per second compared to VHS's 18 feet per second. The extra bandwidth provided by this speed difference gave beta a sharper picture. The higher speed also allowed beta recorders to add hi-fi ( near cd quality ) audio track using the unused remaining bandwidth on the video track. VHS had to add a second set of "depth multiplexed" heads to the video drum to add hi-fi audio. Depth multiplex heads recorded audio by focusing their energy in the oxide layer beneath the surface of the tape which carried the video track. To answer the question Beta could always record more than an hour, but it is not as convenient as the original VHS 2,4,6 hour tape. The main failure of the Beta format was Sony's failure to grant Beta license agreements to manufacturers in an effort to push their 8mm video tape format.

I like webOS, but the only hardware it runs on are defunct HP/Palm products. Unless some other OEM steps into the arena, I don't see any future for webOS, and I don't see any reason to invest my time and energy on it.

The TouchPad is actually pretty good hardware. Just saying.

Site won't accept my comments as a reply. In any case, to clear up the misconception above....Sony did not invent or license VHS. VHS was created by JVC.