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PreDoodle - One Step Closer 8

by Jason Harrison Fri, 23 Mar 2012 5:26 pm EDT


Can you imagine all the cool things we could print via WebOS?!



Derek you should smile :) Awesome doodle :)

It looks like the Pre's trying to s**t out Derek and is having a hard time...

yep all i can think about is constipation when i see this. lol.

should of drawn it printing out the bottom with a face like that!

"You know that way you laugh when you think something's really, really funny?"
---Brian Griffin

That toasted bread looks like Jesus, or is that Derek?

Should it read "imagine" or is "imaging" a play on words some how??

I already print via WebOs, so what's the fuzz? Got a wireless Printer from HP and printing works fine from my Touchpad via home network and WiFi Router.
Not from the Pre3 though... but that's ok. I can always send interesting things to my Touchpad and print it from there :P