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PreDoodle - Phone Alone?! 14

by Jason Harrison Thu, 18 Aug 2011 9:53 pm EDT

HP did what?! Aaaaahhhh! I've never been left behind like this before!



Alone is right. webOS Roundup is reporting the Pre3 has been cancelled for the U.S.... what an awful 24 hours.

I laughed without reading the title of the post. Classic scene.

can we have the phone attacking leo?

Cut Leo's head off with the SHARP EDGE OF THE KEYBOARD!

I thought that he'd be a little older than that :P

And now no US launch for pre 3 has been all but confirmed.

Actually This Is My Next talked to DeWitt yesterday, but at the time he most likely didn't know what the **** was going on any more than we did.

It is the most frustrating interview ever! Warning, you will want to punch your monitor.

Ya he is a douche burger.

"I'll try to use See Spot Run-type metaphors through all of this."

Comments like this make me happy that they are tanking today.

I took my TouchPad back to the store yesterday.....Do I still get to keep my free 50GB account?

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