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PreDoodle - Potential pitfalls of open source 6

by Jason Harrison Sat, 10 Dec 2011 8:41 pm EST

Here's hoping webOS going open source doesn't lead to the sort of "l33t hakorz" stuff you get with Android...



Hilarity! Love it and very much agree :)

Pimp my Pre!

Cant believe that was actually a thing.

Heh, that's not necessarily an Android thing. Quality simply tends to be lacking when it comes to open source, homebrew or "Johnny can develop apps too!" platforms. Its mainly a people problem. Strong monetary ambitions and/or a real passion to make something great is what will guide an open sourced webOS around the potential pitfalls.

Oh come on... no VTEC stickers?

We know those add horsepowaz....

I'm reminded of a certain XKCD comic:

I can only imagine what a similar comic for webOS might look like:

It took a lot of work but I finally recompiled webOS from HP's source code to run on my EVO 3D. Plus, I was able to patch it to take advantage of the EVO's dual cores by running Android apps in a card under webOS.

But do you have a decent, up to date native Google Voice client yet?

No, but who uses that?