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PreDoodle: Through the desert 8

by Jason Harrison Fri, 13 Apr 2012 10:55 pm EDT

PreDoodle: Through the desert

Working our way through the desert... still.




Almost brought a tear to my eye. The story of webOS is the saddest tech story I've ever experienced since I was old enough to know or care. But hope reigns with my Sprint Pre... hoping I can get a Pre3 soon with my tax refund.

Hope it doesn't last 40 years though. And by the way, who plays Moses?! ...I don't know about that, but Leo (Apothaker off course) has got to be the devil! HP could be Egypt? Yes? No? But Leo has got to be (tech) Satan!
LONG WILL LIVE webOS!!!... Leo!

Great... Ten Commandments allusions: who's the Egyptians in this? HP, mainstream tech users (Platform Fanbois), or ourselves? :P

To the author of Carbon: It has a problem on a Sprint Pre. Consistent error on startup, something about an ID tag and a code 400. Also I haven't seen any "mentions" in over a month. List is empty.

Note that there are no vultures in this image.

Nope, just a giant sandstorm of indiscernible duration.

Coherent happening on start something almost an ID tag and a write Also I harbor's seen any mentions