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PreDoodle - Twas the Night before Christmas 8

by Jason Harrison Fri, 16 Dec 2011 5:05 pm EST

A Visit from St. Meg



Awesome..all it needs is Leo in the background as the grinch! :)

LOL, epic!

Swell, a nice flashback to last year's Twas teaser that was gonna complete our Pre's "for no cash".

The beginning of the end.

Are we beyond "Think Beyond" yet?


like it :-P

I had a dream the other night that I was shopping for a new phone at Verizon. I found a slab that I liked, picked it up and look at the back to see a sticker that read: "Compatible with WP7, webOS and Android let your sales associate know which system you would like activated at time of sale."

you my friend are a mobile computing prophet - wouldn't that be just awesome? Yep I'll have that device, with this call and data plan, and let me see, that snazzy OS with the cards, no not icecream sandwich, the other one, webOS 4.0.0 - And wouldn't it be cool if it was chosen because it did everything you wanted, but was free (as in beer), when all the other OS choices bumped the price up because of licences, or were not available because they only came on specific devices (iOS).

How cool would that be if manufacturers sold phones like that. One phone design for 3 different operating systems and customer make the choice.

Then the homebrew community sets the up for Tri-boot. (yes I would like that simply cause I am geeky)