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PreDoodle - WebOS 2.0 in The Making Sneak Peek 48

by Jason Harrison Fri, 17 Sep 2010 10:07 am EDT

WebOS 2.0 in the making

So that's how they do it?!



A little disturbing. lol

That is why they don't say much. It would be pervy.

That's not the same female pre that came out of the update box is it? If it is, I think he could do better.

goddammit this site has asolutely no news whatsoever. All I see is articles for apps that suck, tips that any dumbass knows how to do already, and worst of all these stupid predoodles.

Then go somewhere else...

+1 You need to verbally assault the one that forced you to come to Precentral, wait....

a lot of people don't know about those tips, there IS not much news to report right now, & you need to get the freak out of this board if this is the childish d-bag existence you are going to bring to it!!!




Suck it.

- JohnnyPre

I kinda agree, maybe not in such hatred, but I miss the good articles. Lets make our own topic. Whats there to talk about? Hmmmm. Whats with all the jumping games for the Pre? Why is Angry birds so addicting? Who else hates everything Apple?

^^^ This post should be downranked to oblivion. Don't bother clicking to view.

You forgot to mention the short-bussed, basement dwelling, impotent, webos bashing trolls that make their daily visits here despite the lack of content.

Hold still. (re-pins dkm's mittens to his cardigan sleeves) Ok, now put your posting helmet on and move on to the next thread!

well, I gotta news for you... Ur a dumba55! Now get busy with that while them precentral dudes can find you importantant enough news eh?

I got some advice for you dkmrules... Go to a different site then!

I know it's not precentral's fault, but the man does have a point. It hasn't been a damn thing on here worth checking out lately. However, I like the staff and I think they are doing the best they can while we wait on Palm.

Careful, you're going to lose your PG-13 rating and you'll need to restrict access to the site.

Is this a new definition of phone sex?

Hey dkmrules, I WILL NOT say to go and hang yourself... I will be wasting my time, instead I will say that you are entitled to your opinion and that if you don't have anything good to say don't say it at all.

the male one does not look like a pre,edges are more square then round.

That's what happens when a male Pre is aroused. Didn't they teach about that in health class lol!

Gestures, Slider, and USB port in full glory!

Mommy and daddy, where do babies come from? Lol

Both you and your sister were downloaded from the App Store

Hopefully when you get older you will attend Palm University where you will learn critical thinking and become a robust OS like your parents. Make us proud 2.0. Your grandparents are watching over you. :)

Doesn't 1.4 + 1.4 = 2.9 so shouldn't we be getting 3.0?

I love that logic. Awesome!!!

What am I missing here?

1.4 + 1.4 = 2.8.

Maybe it's 1.4.5...?
1.45 + 1.45 = 2.9


Thats really cute. I hope they get crackin and push junior out soon!

hopefully ot don't take 9 months to produce a baby

It will take MUCH longer than nine months if Verizon is the midwife.

There Getting it in via bluetooth !!!!

9 women can't make a baby in one month, so let's hope gestation follow moore's law or perhaps dog years.

and now we see why HP chose adoption, cuz those will be really cute kids.

Pre-mature delivery nearly killed the brand last year.

Since Adam was made first, then Eve was made after...

He should be a Pre, and she should be named Pixi!

The Tablet will be a really big baby, Mom will have to deliver it Cesearean.

all these comments and not one single sexting joke... Disappointing everyone

Sorry, but the girl looks like a post-op tranny: she's WAY too masculine in appearance! Get out of there, Mr. Pre!!

You know what THAT means is going to come out...

i would rub my fingers all over her screen.

Don't you watch Futurama?! Love between a human and a machine is an abomination! Robosexuality is forbidden!

There is something wrong about two Pres getting together to make a baby. One of those Pres should cheat on the other.

There is also something very disturbing about seeing a Pre in drag. *shudder*

ya that's right, lay her on the touchstone.. Forward swipe, backswipe, slide it in and out, plug her usb port


Predoodles suck on so many levels

Thanks for the comments everyone! Good, bad, etc helps me no matter what so keep 'em coming.

Remember to use the tip us link and suggest a PreDoodle idea!

hahaha 'hopefully it don't take 9 months to produce a baby' good stuff