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PreDoodle - webOS Update Surprise 22

by Jason Harrison Fri, 13 Aug 2010 11:31 am EDT

Not the prettiest update, but we'll take it.



I think i just threw up slightly in my mouth.


that's nasty.

hehehe, awesome! I love PreDoodle.

Fix Your Grill!

Update with free syphilis! YAY!

On second thought, she kinda looks like someone I work with.

These doddles make me smile every time. Keep spreading the good humor my friend, we all could use a laugh now and then. Great work!


Awesome...I love PreDoodle..this is one of the funniest by far :-)

+1... This is definitely one of the funnier ones. Thanks for the laugh!

Funny Stuff! Although I didn't see the comment until my second time pulling it up.

My suggestion in the future would be to make the accompanying text larger and probably above the image.

- OR -

Similar to the FarSide comics, put it below but in a box/part of the drawing.

Keep up the good work! and Thanks!

Awesome...I love PreDoodle..this is one of the funniest by far :-)

Yeah this is funny. But, oh, so disgusting lol.

does that phone come with the new herpagonasyphalaids app?

PreDoodle Theme!!!!!

I'd buy it. Seriously. Anyone else?

I know I would!!!

I don't know what you guys are talking about. She's hot!


just creepy!

Run Away! Run Away!!!

I think she needs a shave...