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PreDoodle - You're Still Holding it Wrong 28

by Jason Harrison Fri, 23 Jul 2010 7:39 pm EDT

PreDoodle - You

What, you thought we'd let AntennaGate go so easily?



"We are not perfect". Ok but they do know how to market and sell a wiget. I do love my pre, if I ever give up web OS I will go back to BB.

jay jay you dummy!!!
He told you were holding it wrong!!!!

Now.. put some tape on it and shut yo mouf.

Steve Jobs lied. We're holding it just fine. That the bumper fixes it proves Apple designed it wrong.

BTW, what's a "mouf."

slang for mouth.
thank sj for free rubbers

Time to let it go. Everyone has moved on from antennagate. People will still flock to the iPhone 4 in droves (it is a good phone, don't hate) and it will continue to out sell its peers.

Doesn't mean it isn't funny! :P

Great to see Apple can still get away with murder (slightly indulgent I know)

They still did not fix the actual problem. There is a design/hardware flaw that they will not fully admit to. They have provided a band-aid and everyone is happy as "Pigs in @#S!"

All of the phones have some sort of glitch now and then but it is HILARIOUS to see the Pre bitch-slapping 'mr. perfect phone' don't you think?

It is a good phone, that's what makes the antenna flaw so disappointing. I'm not hating on the phone, just Steve Jobs' lame excuse, which people may have bought.

Who's hating? It's the finest phone ever developed and tested in a bar. Seagram's is giving it several technical awards.

its funny that you say to "let it go, everyone has moved on." because obviously apple hasn't moved on and is continuing to try to make their major design flaw, that they spent sooooo much money on, look like it isn't a problem. they continue to try to discredit their competition, which has a possibility of being a pretty good marketing strategy. they just put out their own tests about the droid x supposedly losing bars but what it doesn't seem apple is doing in any of this antennagate is showing these phones DROP CALLS like his precious does.

go tell steve and the apple bunch to drop it if you're going to tell anyone. oh wait they did drop it (phone calls).

and you're right in that people will still flock, key word there flock, to the inherently flawed iphone.

Time to let it go? Don't think so...

Ok all phones will drop signal if you hug them. I have managed to drop the Palm Pre signal too. But I had to cover it all the way round using both hands. Still I had 2 bars and really I have no idea who would hold it like that...

The problem here is that they did a major fcuk up and I just not tired to rub it in to all my colleagues and friends who bought one. They have sooooo annoyed me about their fruit phone over the last few months with stupid examples ot prove their fruit phone is better than my Pre.

So NO I will not let it go....till fruit phone 5 is out...
I need my sanity back and I need to be amused by someone.

It's looking at the design that gun can't shoot anyway.

I was thinking the same thing.

ohh the design..
that is the "genius" iphone 4 killer.
its a vaporizer.. masked as a gun.
The good news.. is apple didn't spend a year designing it!
so.. you can hold it how ever you want.
joking people... obviously precentral hasnt gotten over it ;-)

Haha Just do IT!

Am wondering,what's make the IPhone better than any smartphone? Most the people I have
Seen they have or had the IPhone they'r unhappy! To me no smartphones better than the other
As long as it serve my purpose...I bet anyone has smartphone on any network from VZW to Sprint to AT&T or T-Mobile, NEVER NOTICED WHAT KIND SERVICE THEY HAVE! It was 3G OR 4G
The thing when all of us using the cellphones we wants to make sure we can receive calls and we can makes call,and so on...we don't care about anything else...

"It comes with a double antenna design. The kind that allows you to hold the phone any way you like and use it just about anywhere to make crystal clear calls." would be the add above.

Pretty funny!

Humm, Apple seems to have release a bunch of these videos like this one (one that even shows the iPhone, which kept a bar ha lol) and even went as far disabling comments. WOW the power of the evil Apple.

This is a fantastic comic. Amen.


Its sad that the iPhone is so superior to WebOS phones that Palm cant even take advantage of antennagate and rack up a few sales because of it.

Yes the iPhone hardware is better than Palm's hardware.


iOS is far from being superior to WebOS!
iOS just has an existing multi-million userbase that is highly invested in the Apple Eco-System (iTunes, App Catalog, Etc...)

If we were to use the "reset button" and iOS and WebOS came out at the same time. I believe WebOS would be the clear winner in use and design.

I disagree, while WebOS has many powerful UI metaphors, the cards, gestures, etc., Apple beats it hands down on polish. If you use an apple phone for a length of time you'd notice the difference between the two when it comes to little things. However, I will say that WebOS 1.4 really doesn't look awful compared to iOS4, which is an achievement considering that there hasn't really been much added to WebOS since it's initial release. There are a lot of things HP will have to get right with WebOS2's launch though, touchscreen keyboards are difficult to do well, Palm needs one. Video Chat program is probably on the list now as well. The hardware has to put to rest a lot of complaints about the Pre and Pixi, has to be sturdy, slightly larger screen. I personally would love something the same size as the pre with an even smaller bezel all around that makes the screen more like 3.5 inches. I think the Pre has an excellent feel in the hand compared to most slates. Battery life is another concern of mine, I simply can't stand how bad it is on my Pre, I need something that can use the stock battery can get through a day of moderate use without being at 15% when I get home. I would love to see WebOS2 with omap 4, glass screen, gyroscope, digital compass, API that allows access to these things, and some more powerful productivity programs built in, including printing (come on HP).

As you hinted at, iOS *should* have more polish than webOS 1.4

Yeah, I think 1300mAh would be more than sufficient so long as they work on the software side of things and maybe gain some efficiency from updated hardware (amoled screen, etc). I think the screen size on the pre wouldn't bother me as much if the pre was faster and the device felt sturdier. The keyboard certainly needs to improve for me to tolerate one on a new device. The double keys and missed presses are ridiculous at times. I almost think a wider pixi, think blackberry, with a snappy processor and ample ram would be a great device.

The real need though is software. Don't just give us a better operating system, give us better software! I want better note taking, office apps, etc out of the box. I can't stand the fact that there is so little in the way of real productive apps for the pre.

iPhone User: Oh no I don't have signal...
iPhone Advert Voice: Oh no there is no app for that !!!