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by raudi85 Wed, 11 Jan 2012 5:18 pm EST
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PreFuel is an app, that searches for actual fuelprices for any place in Germany and any type of fuel avalible in Germany. It shows all prices, that have been up-to-date within the last 24 hours.
The app is in German, because it's only usable in Germany.


2.0.2 (20.12.2013)
- Hotfix by Patty21 to change the the used backend after I stopped running my own backend.
2.0.1 (23.04.2012)
- Made settings page scrollable, so that it can be completely viewed on the veer and phones with smaller displays
2.0.0 (23.03.2012)
- Added GPS-Search (based on PLZ from GPS-Reverselookup)
- Added up to 5 favorite search locations
- Added restore of last (non favorite) search at startup
1.1.2 (18.02.2012)
- Changed method to start maps application. This MIGHT resolv some issues on older phones running 1.4.5
- Back gesture is now avalible
1.1.1 (29.01.2012)
- Made help page scrollable, so that it can be completely viewed on the veer and phones with smaller displays
1.1.0 (21.01.2012)
- Linking addresses to maps application
- "Scrim" display during selection of fuel type, in order to avoid misalignment
- minor changes like correcting spelling mistakes
1.0.0 (11.01.2012)
- Initial release


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Nice App, thanks a lot

This is nice! Where are the data from?

Would it be possible to
a) open maps with the address of a site
b) use the own location for search
c) sort the found sites optionally by the distance to the own location?
d)after sorting by distance: do some coloring: color all sites green who are distinctly below the meridian and color all sites red who are distinct above meridian

Please keep on working!

thanks for this App.

i agree with the requests above.
additional a form to send actual data to the site where this app gets its data from.
This keeps it more up to date.

Thanks again

hello all