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Prepaid Palm phones coming to Verizon? 5

by Robert Werlinger Tue, 31 Aug 2010 4:06 pm EDT

According to the internal screenshot pictured above originating from deep within the bowels of Verizon, it's looking like Big Red is looking to bring more advanced devices, such as 3G smartphones like the Palm Pre and Pixi and even the Motorola Droid, into the prepaid fold.  There's no word on what these devices would be priced at, but a $45 monthly voice plan and $30 unlimited data add-on could make this a very attractive option indeed, so long as handset pricing isn't exorbitant.

So does this put a damper on those rumors that the Palm Pre Plus would be end-of-life'd on on October 21st?

Via: Engadget; Source: Android Does; Thanks to everybody who sent this in!



How come they are still calling the OS, Palm OS, instead of webOS? Verizon really isn't making any effort to learn more about Palm. Oh well, the more devices the merrier.

am I the only one who noticed that the watermarks on Verizon documents are littered with Android icons? Why doesn't Verizon just buy Android and get it over with already. It's sad because no other phone company is this bad. Not even AT&T does this and they have the iPhone.

Those are the watermarks of the site that originally reported this news.

ahh. thanks for the clarification. I was beginning to not like that...

Hm, I wonder if the plan might be to EOL the Pre+ and Pixi+ for their 2-year subscribers, making room there for whatever the new generation of webOS phones will be, and then just shifting the Pre+ and Pixi+ over into their pre-paid line-up?

Is there any mention of a date for when the pre-paid availability of the Pre+ and Pixi+ might start? 'Cause if it's right around or soon after October 21st (when the EOL'ing is supposed to happen, according to that other screenshot), we could have a very suggestive pair of rumors...