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Prepopulate Calendar Events with Just Type and UberCalender 5

by Adam Marks Wed, 06 Mar 2013 7:17 pm EST

Just Type UbercalendarUberCalendar is an extremely powerful patch in Preware for both webOS phones and the TouchPad that will greatly enhance the capabilities of stock calendar app. Among those enhancements is the ability to configure a new calendar entry but using the Just Type functionality of webOS. For those that remember Quick Event for webOS 1.x devices, UberCalendar works very similarly. Just by entering text in the format of "Subject ; Date/Time ; Location" and then tapping the "New Calendar Event" Quick Action in Just Type, an new calendar event card will appear for you to add any additional details before saving. Note that you need to use a semi-colon (";") between the three options, and the date/time and the location are optional.

It is important that you know exactly how to enter a proper Date/Time format in to the Just Type event. It is based off the Datejs format, which is an open-source JavaScript Date Library, and offers a lot of flexibility for you. In addition to include specific dates and times like "3/14 1:59pm" or "2013.3.13 13:59", you can also use keywords like today, tomorrow, Monday, and last Wedneday, next April, +5days or +1month.  If you want to try some dates out or get more details, you can check out and enter some sample text under the "Mad Skillz…" box. 

Note that if you enter a date or time incorrectly, the entire input text will just be entered as the subject of the calendar entry and you will need to manually set it in the entry.

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Here is a list what should work:

In newer versions of the patch frantid even implemented different date formats like 25.12.2013 but you should put a comma before time to have it always correctly parsed: 13.3.2013 , 13:00

There are even different languages possible like

Very powerful and great to have it mentioned here.
This is webOS awsomness...

Thank you, Adam and gizmo21, for the tip and the additional comments. This is really a useful feature for me.

some more examples with short names and local language

howto and costumization explained by frantid:

Great tip. Every time I learn something new about the software on the best phone I have owned, I think how much harder it will be to switch platforms when the inevitable comes.

That's cool.

I just added an appointment with "+25 days" and it did the right thing without me having to figure out what 25 days from now is.