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Presenting Talk Mobile 2013! 28

by Derek Kessler Wed, 29 May 2013 9:30 am EDT

Come June 3, we're changing the smartphone conversation

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. Mobile Nations is proud to present Talk Mobile 2013! Yes, the almighty #tm13 finally gets a name. And a few faces. And, more important, a voice. Several voices, in fact. Actually, millions of voices. Our voices. Your voices. We're going to do this together.

Talk Mobile has been a long time coming, and for good reason. Just watch the trailer above, this post'll still be here when you're done.

Born out of the old Smartphone Round Robin, in which we'd borrow each other's smartphones and write about our experiences, Talk Mobile expands on the principle that there's so much more beyond any one phone or tablet -- or beyond any one platform, for that matter. And so for the next several months, we're going to change the conversation a bit. You'll be hearing from the fine folks at our sister sites Android Central, CrackBerry, iMore and WPCentral. You'll be hearing from our peers, our colleagues, and other industry experts. 

And, yes. We'll be hearing from you. Come next week -- June 3, actually -- when we roll out the first of the weekly discussions, you'll be as much a part of the conversation as we are. We've built a new commenting system for Talk Mobile that will span all of our sites and promote and recognize the best comments, so your voice will be heard across the entire Mobile Nations network.

So stay tuned. Next week, it begins. Point your browser to any of our four sister sites for posts each day for great conversation on the things in mobile that really matter. Hint: it's not specs.

And we're kicking things off with a launch party in New York City, open to the public, on June 6. Be sure to swing by to sign up, as we're giving away one trip to the Big Apple to hang with us for the night. (If you've already signed up, you're good to go.) And be sure to follow @TalkMobile on Twitter. And we've got a fancy press release if that's your thing.

Let's get the conversation started!

Mobile Nations launches Talk Mobile 2013, presented by BlackBerry

An industry-first online event that brings together the top smartphone experts and fans in meaningful conversations about mobile technology and how it affects our lives

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- (Marketwire - May 29, 2013) -- Mobile Nations, the leading online mobile news and community network -- Android CentralCrackBerryiMore, and Windows Phone Central -- announced today that Talk Mobile, an online event spanning all of the Mobile Nations sites and presented by BlackBerry®, will launch on June 3, 2013.

Talk Mobile will bring together mobile industry experts, influencers, pundits, enthusiasts, and fans from around the world to engage in meaningful conversations about important topics in mobile today. A total of 50 Talk Mobile features will be published over the next several months. Each day's feature will simultaneously reach each Mobile Nations site, with Android, BlackBerry, iOS and Windows Phone communities each having an equal voice in the conversation.

“We have the largest, most knowledgeable, most passionate communities in mobile, but for most of the year we’re all focused on our own, specific platforms,” said Kevin Michaluk, Chief Media Officer of Mobile Nations. “Talk Mobile lets us take off those platform-specific hats and engage in real, in-depth, industry-wide discussion. That’s why only Mobile Nations could do an event like Talk Mobile -- our sites are all biased by definition, but when we come together, the biases balance out, and we end up with the most amazing debates.”

Covering ten highly relevant topics, Talk Mobile will address the issues facing modern platform makers and manufacturers, carriers and service providers, developers and designers, and power users and casual users alike. Topics range from mobile gaming to photography to social to security.

“Over the last decade, smartphones have grown from niche technology to mainstream reality,” said Marcus Adolfsson, CEO of Mobile Nations. “We see that in our communities every day. It’s not just about tech specs anymore, but about health, family, entertainment, creativity, and connectivity. There’s a deeper conversation to be had about mobile and how it influences, enables, and affects our lives. That’s why we’re launching Talk Mobile.”

Each Talk Mobile feature will start with a roundtable discussion moderated by Cali Lewis and John Pozadzides of GeekBeat.TV, with Mobile Nations’ site editors Phil Nickinson, Kevin Michaluk, Rene Ritchie, and Daniel Rubino as panelists. The conversation will then be turned over to the community, where anyone and everyone can have their say, and the very best contributions will be featured.
Talk Mobile 2013 begins on June, 3, 2013. The first week will cover mobile gaming, its threat to consoles, its social implications, its ability to scale, and its future. Readers can join in the conversation by visiting their favorite Mobile Nations site.

Talk Mobile launch party

To celebrate the kickoff, Mobile Nations will be hosting a Talk Mobile 2013 launch party on Thursday, June 6, 2013, in New York City. Admission will be free, but venue space is limited. For more information and to RSVP, visit

Mobile Nations is also running a contest, in which readers can enter for the chance to win a free trip to New York City and guaranteed admission to the Talk Mobile 2013 launch party. For contest information, see and follow

About Mobile Nations

Mobile Nations is the leading network of mobile-focused online communities with more than 15 million readers and 55 million page views per month. Android Central, CrackBerry, iMore, and Windows Phone Central form the core of Mobile Nations.

For more information, please visit

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Press Contact:
Derek Kessler, Managing Editor, Talk Mobile



This is great! Would watch again!

The end of webOS nation as a 'central' part of mobilenations?

Let us hope not. It's a bastion of hope for all webOS users out there. I got my BB10. Now I hope all of you get some Open webOS to play with!

- Diego Nei, CrackBerry Ambassador

We just got Leo'd

I guess that means no more WebOS Nation?? :( Bye Bye mobile nations or whatever you are calling it now.

webOS Nation isn't going anywhere, don't worry.

Really? The clip specifically says "covering all 4 of our sites". With WebOS Nation I count 5.

Because webOS is no longer a mainstream (so-to-say) OS, the site is being removed from the list of MN sites. :(  The site itself isn't going anywhere and the forums will stay open for help, conversation, etc... but we won't be an officially recognized part of the Mobile Nations group unless something happens to bring webOS out of the HP induced coma/feeding tube state.

As long as Nokia isn't making any profit and sales are stagnating in their already tiny Windows Phone world, I wouldn't call Windows Phone mainstream either. But maybe that's just me.

Probably just you. There are multiple companies making new Windows devices, there are multiple networks supporting them, and Microsoft stands committed to continuing support. HP made more unfulfilled promises than actual devices. Really hard to compare that with WebOS, it's kind of embarrassing to hear a statement as misguided as that.

Interesting? This looks like a good initiative. I wonder about the motivation behind it, especially with Blackberry sponsoring. That suggests they're looking to stimulate interest in their brand, especially with this "platform-independent" mobile discussion. It does them a favor to be put on equal footing right now.

That said, the elephant in the room for me is - what gives with webOS Nation going quiet for more than two weeks then the first post after that gap doesn't even mention webOS? I understand the platform isn't exactly viable right now and it could be seen as undermining the credibility of this talk initiative to include a platform that was essentially abandoned by its own maker, but man. Stings a bit.

Working conspiracy theory: webOS isn't being mentioned but the undercurrent of the discussion is the need for cross-platform compatibility to enhance the mobile space by ending fragmentation, which gives webOS an in-road?

Derek couldn't even get a cameo as the guy walking by in the background? Oh, how far we have fallen!

I still hope he takes the role of the outsider, device-less, platform-less and bias-less!

Like... "You all, convince me why I should like YOUR platform".

That would be interesting.

Yes, indeed a shame no cameo. Gotta get a better agent.

That was absolutely wonderfully meh. Nice deceiving title too lol. Ought to be renamed 'Mobile Lemmings Popularity Contest Talk!' OrlandoAlex brings up great points especially with this being sponsored by Blackberry LMFAO.

If talking 'mobile' is truly the meat of the ongoing discussion, then there's all sorts of significant and relevant data outside of just The Big 4 OS's that one would thing would have to be brought up. Right? We'll see...

So sad indeed. Our beloved webOS Nation receives yet another swift kick in the proverbial groin by not only being omitted from talks by mobile nations but apparently having the top bar button banished.

*sigh* Welp,....It is what it is, I guess. Good stuff, mobile nations.

That was nice... I'm going to go "double down" now.

I see what you did there

Wow, sour grapes all over the place here.

Soon to become raisins...


I miss the Old WebOS Nation.

LG please save us!!!

Got my tickets! Hope to meet you, Derek. I'll be there with my Pre-, Touchpad, Nexus, and Blackberry.

Wow! Aren't you the prescient one?

People still use it and enjoy it. A more important question is why you continue to hang around a 'non-existent' platform 3 years after you figured it out?

cause is the best dude webos is never gon die its like see every one buys a toyota or nissan even mercedes cause they are popular blah but not just anyone has a ferrary and thats what webos is ;-) owners of a pre 3 will never wana get any other phone

I hope someone from webos speaks out here man it is a good oportunity for webos to gain some attention



This is really great and amazing! We indeed come that far when it comes to technology. I must agree that this something unique and new because Talk Mobile 2013 expands on the principle that there's more beyond any one phone or tablet .