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Prevent autodial with No Call patches 4

by Adam Marks Wed, 27 Mar 2013 5:15 pm EDT

This tip is only for webOS phones running webOS 2.1 and higher

No Auto call PatchesWhenever you tap a phone number within webOS, be it from a contact record, a missed call notification or the call log, the phone app will automatically load up and dial that number for you. While this may be a convenient feature to quickly dial that number, it can also lead to some accidental (and potentially awkward) situations for when you didn't intent to call that person.  Luckily, homebrew developer Herrie has created a trio of patches that will interrupt this process and instead of actually dialing the number, it will just prefill the number into the dialer.  You will still need to press the big dial button in the Phone app to initiate the call, and you can even edit the number before calling if you need to. 

Just install any or all of the "No AutoDial from Contacts", "No Missed Call Callback" or "No Autodial from Call Log" patches from Preware or webOS Quick Install and you should be good to go. Just remember that any time you try to dial a number, even if it's from a Just Type search or by using speed dial, you will still need to press that call button. That extra step takes some getting used to, as you will find yourself immediately putting the phone up to your ear after tapping a phone number and realize that your ear or cheek has continued to dial additional numbers.

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I wish that I had this a few weeks ago!! GRRRRRRR THANKS!!

well, these patches have been around for need to check preware more often! :-)

I once had them installed as well until I noticed that I could no longer initiate a call from my car's bluetooth interface because the phone only pre-filled the phone number into the phone application but did not do the actual dialing. Removing the patches made bluetooth dialing from the car working again. Otherwise a very helpful patch, I just can't use it because of that.

Very useful patches. One never want to dial by mistake, always seems can't hang up fast enough. Thanks to developer